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Hickman County News
Centreville, Hickman Co., Tenn.
Thurs. Dec. 18, 1924

     Mrs. James L. SULLIVAN of Memphis, formerly Miss Elise BARNHILL of this place, came on Tuesday evening for a short visit with her mother, Mrs. Sina INGRAM and her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. HUDDLESTON.



     Miss Eura LADD, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis LADD, has returned from a visit with relatives near Dickson.



     Mrs. Herbert HOOVER and son Joe, of Rome, Tenn., are guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo ANDERSON.  Mr. HOOVER will join them for the Christmas holidays.
     Mr. and Mrs. V. L. CHANDLER, Ramon HOOVER and Ramon HALL spent the past week-end with Mrs. CHANDLER's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. BURCHARD at Only.



     Mr. and Mrs. T. W. YATES and son and daughter, Lloyd and Miss Adele YATES have returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. T. H. EDNEY near Bon Aqua.
     Mr. and Mrs. Carlos NEELY and son Brady, have returned from a visit with the former's brother and sister, H. S. NEELY and Mrs. H. E. TARKINGTON on Swan.
     Jessie LAWSON of West Tennessee is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Shade LAWSON.


Bon Aqua, Route 1

     Mrs. Blanche SPANN of Humphreys County, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley WINTERS.


     Muncie M. REEVES, successful young farmer of Garner's Creek, purchased a Poland-China hog from John HALEY of the above community, on Tuesday of this week, which weighed 940 pounds.  The animal was bred and raised by Mr. HALEY, who has been remarkably successful in that line of work.


     Mr. and Mrs. John L. EASLEY left the first of the week for Nashville, where they will make their future home at 2010 White ave.  They share this residence with their daughter Mrs. Glenn BRYAN and Mr. BRYAN, and will later be joined by Miss Frances Wade EASLEY who will continue study during the present term of the county high school here.


     A personal letter from Mrs. Dudley TURNER of Bradentown, Fla., announces the safe arrival of Mrs. TURNER and sons, Dudley TURNER Jr. and Yates TURNER, and the delight of the family with their newly constructed home and the natural advantages of their surroundings.  Situated forty miles south of Tampa, the thriving city of Bradentown has had a remarkable growth during the past few months, including the building of a railway station and city ticket office of the Atlantic Coast Line Railway.  Mr. TURNER was recently promoted to the position of general manager of the latter line of work in Bradentown, leaving here in August.


Dear Santa:
Please bring me a little tea set, a little stove and lots of good things to eat.
     Bring little James a little wagon.
                  Lucille MARTIN.


  Centreville, Tenn.
          Dec. 17, 1924
  Dear Santa Claus:--
     I am a little girl five years old and I want you to bring me a bugle, doll bed, little wash-tub and board, little stove, and lots of apples, oranges and candy and everything nice to eat.
     And remember my little cousin John Noless BARBER.  Bring him a little rubber doll and lots of other toys.
                Your Little Girl,
                     Mary Ruth HARRISON,
            Route 1, Centreville, Tenn.


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