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Hickman County News
Centreville, Hickman Co., Tenn.
Thurs. Dec. 11, 1924

     The four-year-old son of Herman DANIELS of near Swan, was brought here on Friday of last week for surgical treatment for the removal of an obstruction of the nasal passage.  The operation removed a shoe-button from the nose and the patient was returned to the family home.


     Miss Mark Katherine YANCEY, of Owenton, Ky., came Monday night for a visit with her sister, Mrs. J. P. RICKETTS, during the absence of Mr. RICKETTS who is attending a convention of agricultural agents at Knoxville.

     Sheriff and Mrs. W. T. WEBB were at Leatherwood last week, attending the bedside of Mrs. WEBB's father, Chas. S. WEBB, who has been dangerously ill.

     Mrs. J. S. BEASLEY and Miss Lorraine BEASLEY returned on Sunday afternoon from (a) shopping trip to Nashville, and a visit with their only son and brother, Earl BEASLEY.

     Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. BURNS and C. S. BURNS of Mt. Pleasant, spent Sunday with Mrs. BURNS' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam NALL.


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