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Tidbits from The Democrat,
Dickson, TN  Fri. August 1, 1900

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Capt. Ed. Brown visited friends in Chattanooga last week.  The Captain seems to have fully recovered his health and says he will be on hand to vote for Cleveland in 1892.
J. A. Thomas will have a beautiful assortment of fall prints and ginghams this week.   Come and examine before you buy elsewhere.
E. E. Miller started Monday morning for Illinois, where he expects to buy a large amount of shelled(?) corn and ship the same to this place.
Drs. Lovell(?), Henslee and Cullum were summoned to render expert testimony in the Talley case on trial in Charlotte last week.
Mrs. R. J. Easley received a telegram Tuesday morning announcing the severe illness of her mother, Mrs. Rand, at Mayfield, Ky.
A birthday party was given in favor of Master Robert Martin at his mother's residence last Tuesday night.  It was a very enjoyable affair.
The ice cream supper to have been given by the Dickson Enterprise(?) Co., to-night, has been postponed.  Notice will be given in the future as to _____ date.
Mr. Clayton(?) Smith returned last Saturday from Port Limon, Costa Rica, Central America, where he has been engaged at railroading for some time.
J. L. Ankeny keeps constantly on hand a choice lot of everything in the grocery line.   Vegetables and fruits of all kinds are a specialty.  Call and inspect his stock.
     Dr. L. D. Wright makes artificial teeth from $3 to $6 and upwards per set, gold fillings from 25 cents upwards, amalgam fillings from 10 cents upwards, alloys and cement fillings- no charge.  Dr. Wright is permanently located here and his patrons know where to find him should it be that his work would not be entirely satisfactory.
     Families not already supplied should lose no time in procuring a bottle of Chamberlain's Cold, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy.  It is the only remedy that can always be depended upon for bowel complaint in all its forms.  25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by Henslee & Myatt.
     Capt. John Roberts, conductor on the accommodation train from Nashville to Dickson, is suffering with a severe carbuncle.  The Captain has not been able to be on his run for the past few days, and is stopping with his family at the Thomas House.
     A brand new moulding machine that will make any kind of moulding from the smallest size up to ten inches has just been placed in the West Dickson plaining mill.  The enterprising management of Messrs. Brickhart(?), Crosby & McFarland is greatly appreciated by the public, judging from the work they turn out and the patronage they receive.  They can duplicate any city work below any city prices.
     Will Vinson, a young man living near Bon Air, fell from the steps of a car near water tank at this place Tuesday morning and it was thought for a while that he would die from the effects.  He was attended by Dr. B. Z. Henslee, who pronounced his injuries very serious.  He was taken home Tuesday evening and at last accounts was living.
     Parties wishing to go from Dickson to Tullahoma, Estell Springs, Sewanee, Monteagle, McMinnville, Tracy City, or Huntsville, can procure round trip tickets at reduced rates, good until Oct. 31, by calling at the depot.
     Prof. Wade, principle of Edgewood Academy, paid us a pleasant visit last Saturday.  The Professor has just returned from a visit to his old home in Virginia, where he has been resting up during the summer vacation.


Jottings from Abiff.

     The postmaster at Abiff has many visitors, especially on Sunday during the hot, dusty weather, and who get very thirsty while attending services at Irvin's Chapel.  We are glad we can supply their wants so call often and if you prefer it, we will get some one of our peaceful neighbors to supply us with scalded or parboiled dog to serve up as a delicacy.  Only give us timely warning with your orders.
     On Sunday 27th, Rev. Harrison of Pinewood, held forth in Irvin's Chapel to a large and attentive congregation in a lengthy, Interesting, and practical sermon.  His appointment for the same place is the 4th Sunday in August.
     Yes, the hum of the thresher is heard in the land again, but like the devil shearing hogs, more noise than wool, (i.e.) grain.  We heartily wish it were otherwise.  The yield does not pay the farmer nor the threshermen to go around from place to place, lose time, wear and tear of machinery, horse flesh, hire of hands, and other expenses, for so little they realize for their labor and sweat.  It is not one of the most pleasant jobs going.  We have been there and know how it is ourself.
     Robert Lyan, of Maury County, has been here on a visit to his friends, the Irwins.  Call again, Bob, and we will try and reserve a dish of the flesh spoken of in another item for you.  But we cannot promise to let you wash it down with "Boo-Yaw".  The process of manufacturing this nectar we told you of is prepared by the Indians.
     The gatherers of sumac leaves are putting in full time stripping the bushes.

     Jas. Davidson and wife, who were recently married, have been, and are yet, suffering from bilious intermittent fever.

Transcribed by Stan Magnesen.  Verified and Prepared for the Web by Vanessa Slea

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