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Obituary Abstract for Mrs. Vinnie Jones SWIFT

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Possibly from a Robertson county newspaper

Name: Mrs. Vinnie Jones SWIFT
Date of Death: 03-08-1950                     Age: 62 years
Place of Death: her home near Greenbrier, Robertson Co., Tenn.
Survived by...
Sons: James SWIFT, Greenbrier, Tenn.
             Ralph SWIFT, Greenbrier, Tenn.
             Mack SWIFT, Greenbrier, Tenn.
eight grandchildren
Sisters: Mrs. Everrett KELLY, Greenbrier, Tenn.
                Mrs. Herman WARREN, Greenbrier, Tenn.
                Miss Virgie JONES, Nashville, Davidson Co., Tenn.
Brothers: Herschel Carlton JONES, Greenbrier, Tenn.
                   Willie JONES, Greenbrier, Tenn.
                   Clendening JONES, Greenbrier, Tenn.
Buried at: Swift Cemetery, Robertson Co., Tenn.
Funeral Home: Cole & Garrett

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