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Moore Cemetery Page 1

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Moore Cemetery Listing--Houston County, TN

Directions:  From the junction of Hwy. 13 and Hwy. 46, take Hwy 46 for .9 miles to Moore Cemetery Lane.   Turn left onto Moore Cemetery Lane.  The total distance from where you turn onto Moore Cemetery Lane to the cemetery itself is .4 miles.  You have to cross a creek, then angle to the right, cross two fields, and eventually there is not much of a road at all--more like a farmer's field road or path.  Near the end of the "path" is a fork.  Take the right fork and go up the hill.  The fenced area is the cemetery. 

Recorded and Transcribed by Vanessa Slea and Stan Magnesen on 9/12/1999.  Verified 7/2/2000.

Note: See conditions for use at end of listing.

Note: CAREFUL!  The cemetery is covered in poison ivy.  There are numerous fieldstones and possibly unmarked graves, and the cemetery is very overgrown, but it is in a fenced area.   (Some fieldstones are outside the fence.)

Below is a list of names in this cemetery in alphabetic order.  Use the marker # from the list of names to look the person up in the numeric listing which follows.

ADAMS Donnie 004
ADAMS Hubert Earl 003
ADAMS James Joe 004
ADAMS John Isaac Johnson 005
ADAMS Nancy "Nannie" Moore 005
ADAMS Nannie A. 006
BEARD Lady Colean 018
BEASON Sarah 009
BEDWELL Calvin 002
BEDWELL James C. 001
BURTON Edna Earl 015
MOORE A. M. 008
MOORE G. R. 011
MOORE Mary Jane Beason 008
MOORE Mary Martha 010
MOORE Melver H. 014
MOORE Nancy S. 013
MOORE Permelia A. 014
MOORE Sarah Elizabeth Beason 008
MOORE T. E. 012
PARKER Little Leck 019
PARKER Tho's E. 020
STANFIL (?) Sallie S. 006


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End of alphabetic listing, for numeric listing, go to Page 2

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CONDITIONS FOR USE:  This work was done as a tribute to our ancestors and as a gesture to bring families closer together, therefore it is for personal use only.  It is not to be used as part of any web site or publication that requires payment to access or obtain, unless you have specific written permission from us.   Use on non-pay web sites requires specific written permission from us also.     This notice must appear wherever the listing does.  You may contact us by email at

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