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Mathis Cemetery # 1 Page

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Mathis Cemetery # 1 Listing--Houston County, TN

Directions:  In Erin, from Hwy. 147 and Spring St. (at the traffic light) go north on Spring St. for .45 miles.   At that point Spring St. intersects Denmark Rd. and you have to turn either right or left.  Turn left on Denmark Rd.  (Actually it is still Spring St. when you turn, and in .1 miles it becomes Denmark Rd.)  Go 1.65 miles.  The cemetery is on the left. 

Recorded and Transcribed by Vanessa Slea and Stan Magnesen on 9/16/1999.  Verified 7/2/2000.

Note: There are some fieldstones in this cemetery.

Note: See conditions for use at end of listing.

Below is a list of names in this cemetery in alphabetic order.  Use the marker # from the list of names to look the person up in the numeric listing which follows.

MATHES Charles D. 005
MATHES J. H. 003
MATHES Lee Riley 004
MATHIS Amelia A. 001
MATHIS Clatie 008
MATHIS Henry 002
MATHIS James Robert 009
MATHIS Myrtle H. 007
MATHIS Sam R. 008
MATHIS Tobe E. 001
MATHIS William L. 007
REYNOLDS Joe Orman 006

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Mathis Cemetery # 1--numeric listing

(Note:  When you see the code HCCD in the listing below, that is an abbreviation for the book titled Houston County Cemetery Directory 1810-1988, published by the Houston County Historical Society.  We carefully reviewed any differences between the older listing of this cemetery and our listing to give you the most accurate information possible.)


001 MATHIS Amelia A. 1864 1947  
Tobe E. 1857 1925  
Epitaph: A tender mother and a faithful father            
Amelia's Footstone: Mother          Tobe's Footstone: Father
002 MATHIS Henry 7/29/1886 4/10/1928  
003 MATHES J. H. 1882 1936  
Epitaph: At Rest
004 MATHES Lee Riley 7/4/1902 11/17/1961  
005 MATHES Charles D. 1907 1969  
Epitaph: Rest in Peace
006 REYNOLDS Joe Orman 5/5/1939 2/6/1992  
Epitaph: A loving father           Footstone: Pops
Funeral Marker for Joe O. REYNOLDS: Nave Funeral Home
007 MATHIS Myrtle H. 1/21/1909 none  
William L. 6/16/1921 11/29/1985  
Epitaph: Rest in Peace    Myrtle's Footstone: Mama    William's Footstone: Daddy
Funeral Marker for William L MATHIS: Nave Funeral Home
008 MATHIS Clatie 1902 1989  
Sam R. 1899 7/14/1958  
Other Info: Married 6/27/1920   
Funeral Marker for Mr. Sam R. MATHIS: Milligan-Ridgeway
Other Info for Sam: The stone had his death date as just the year 1958.  The month and day of his death came from his funeral marker.
009 MATHIS James Robert 5/3/1909 4/21/1973 63y 11m 18d
Epitaph: Our beloved father                    Footstone: Father
Funeral Marker for James Robert MATHIS: Naves Funeral Homes, Erin, TN, Clarksville, TN                 
Other Info: The stone had his name as James R. MATHIS.  His middle name Robert came from his funeral marker.      
(Note: The older listing of this cemetery in HCCD had his name as James B. MATHIS, but the markers there now indicate what you see above.)              


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CONDITIONS FOR USE:  This work was done as a tribute to our ancestors and as a gesture to bring families closer together, therefore it is for personal use only.  It is not to be used as part of any web site or publication that requires payment to access or obtain, unless you have specific written permission from us.   Use on non-pay web sites requires specific written permission from us also.     This notice must appear wherever the listing does.  You may contact us by email at

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