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Obituary for Mrs. Lydia Hester SANFORD

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) obituary from The Dickson County Herald of Dickson, TN, dated Friday, January 22, 1909:


Was a Good Woman Whose Death Is an Irreparable Loss to the Entire Community.

     Mrs. Lydia Hester Sanford, wife of J. C. Sanford, of this place, died at her home on North Main Street, Saturday morning at 3 o'clock.
     Mrs. Sanford was born at Frankfort, Ky., Oct. 6, 1847, and for the past fourteen years made Dickson her home.  She joined the First Baptist Church at the early age of eleven years, and remained faithful to her vows until death.  She was not only loyal to her church, but just as faithful in believing that it was her duty as a Christian to do the will of her Master at all times.  The beautifying influences of a pure religion were spread over a life and character as spotless and charming as was ever posessed by any of the noble women who have lived and died during the ages that have gone. As such a life was a blessing and a benefaction to all within the sphere of its influence, so is the death of such a one a public misfortune, as well as an irreparable loss to the home circle made desolate by her departure.  It is difficult to pay a fitting tribute to the memory of so noble a woman.
     Mrs. Sanford lingered for months on a bed of pain, and finally died of the disease--cancer--which had so long and stealthily encroached upon her life.   Through all her suffering she maintained a sweet and patient spirit, and was ready for the Master's call to come up higher.  After the last word had been spoken, the last sign of recognition was gone, a look of peace settled on her face which proclaimed victory, and her loved ones knew she was resting on a Mighty Arm.
     She was laid to rest in Union Cemetery Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, after a beautiful and tender ceremony, conducted by Revs. Brinklev(?) and Baker at the First Baptist Church.
     The pallbearers were: A. D. English, J. M. Gossett, D. E. Beasley, W. T. Rogers, John Reed and L. M. Sensing.
     Mrs. Sanford is survived by her husband and seven living children,who are: Mrs. W. T. Anderson, Madison, Tenn.; Mrs. J. M. C.(?) Young, Johnsonville; Mrs. G. L. Harrison, Denver, Tenn; Mrs. C. F. Negley, Nashville; Mrs. Edgar Taylor, Memphis; Chas. V. and J. P. Sanford, Dickson.  All were present at the funeral services, also a large number of relatives and friends from Plant and Denver, Tenn, were present.

Initial transcription by Stan Magnesen.  Verified and prepared for the Web by Vanessa Slea.

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