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Obituary for Rev. J. W. HENSLEY

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) obituary from the Robertson County Times, Springfield, Robertson Co., TN, dated 01/08/1925:

Death Claims Rev. J. W. HENSLEY
End Comes Shortly After Wife's Death.

     Friends have received message of the death of the Rev. J. W. HENSLEY of Washington City, which occurred suddenly Tuesday in that city.
     He had joined his wife some months ago, who had been there with her daughter, Mrs. Addie Hensley THOMPSON, under treatment of a specialist.  Mrs. HENSLEY passed away unexpectedly just a few days preceeding the death of her husband.
     The funeral of husband and wife was held at the Tyson Funeral Parlors in Washington City, Thursday.
     Brother HENSLEY, as he was familiarly called here was pastor on the Red River Circuit for a number of years and had many close, personal friends in this city and throughout the county where he was well known.  He joined the conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South when a very young man.  He was one of the old time circuit riders, who unfortunately are fast passing away.  He loved everybody.  Everybody's troubles and sorrows were his.  No (one) went to him for comfort and kindness but felt better for coming into contact with so kind and gentle a spirit.
     A man of strong convictions he entered heart and soul into the fight against liquor and as long as he lived continued the fight.
     Mrs. HENSLEY was a cultured woman and was indeed a help(mate) for her husband.  She was closely related to Miss Will Allen DROMGOOLE.  Three sons, a daughter and a number of grandchildren survive them.



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