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Obituary for John Jasper HORN

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) obituary from The Weekly Record of Dover, TN, dated July 21, 1876:

     On the 17th, at the residence of his brother, J. N. Horn, Mr. John Jasper Horn, aged twenty-three years, three months and eighteen days, of Consumption.
     Poor JAP, from the cradle to the grave, he has been more or less afflicted.  Years ago, when but a boy, we saw him going on crutches afflicted with rheumatism, which broke the boy to be crushed in budding manhood by that all to be dreaded disease consumption.  We have seen his kind father, a loving mother, and a sister and brother pass away, and now Jap has passed away to join those of his kindred that have gone before.  He for death had no fears, it was a welcome visitor, and was reconciled to the will of the Allwise Providence.  The sufferings of his last days were alleviated by the loving and watchful care of a devoted sister, Kate, who smoothed his dying pillow and sacrificed all self, in ministering to her suffering brother.  Her reward is in Heaven.
     In the departure of our young friend Jap, society as well as kindred have occasion to sorely regret, in our human weakness, the will of the Allwise.   Sisters and brother have lost a kind and affectionate brother, while society an honest, affable, courteous, and genial member; one who had just ascended the ladder of manhood, and began his career of usefulness, but the monster, death, with his iron grip laid hold upon him determined in his intent and destruction of the one so promising, so young, and so beloved by everyone who knew him, but "His will not ours be done."
     We have every evidence that our loss is his gain, his suffering, which nearly two years has attended him, have ceased and in its stead an everlasting peace and comfort given, and while his lifeless body reposes in the cold grave by the side of his father and brother his soul dwells with their respective spirits in "a land of pure delight where saints immortal reign."
     To the saddened friends our heart's sympathy is extended in condolence, and to his sister Kate, who with all the conceived affection of a good and dear sister, who so faithfully and tirelessly watched over her brother from the time of his prostrated condition to his exit from this life to the realms above, let us present our love and commendation for her nobleness and greatness of spirit so manifested.                                                                                                ADDIE.

Initial transcription by Stan Magnesen.  Verified and prepared for the Web by Vanessa Slea.

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