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Obituary for Henry TRUETT

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Hickman County News
Centreville, Hickman Co., Tenn.
Thurs. Nov. 13, 1924

Tragic Death of Henry TRUETT

Citizen of Wrigley Instantly Killed by Locomotive Engine; Burial Follows Funeral at Dickson

     Henry TRUETT, 70 years of age and a citizen of Wrigley in the Fifth civil district, was instantly killed by a locomotive engine said to belong to the Bon Air interests, at Lyles last Saturday morning.  Details of the accident indicate that the accident was unavoidable.  It is said that Jack RICE, veteran engineer in charge of the locomotive, saw the victim's approach but expected him to board the engine which was said to be moving slowly.  Instead, the mutilated body of the unfortunate man was found after massive wheels of the locomotive had passed across the chest, completely severing the upper part of the body.
     The remains were taken in charge by undertakers and were held at offices of the Bon Air Coal & Iron Corporation offices at Wrigley until Monday when they were taken to Dickson for funeral services at the Dickson Baptist church, and for interment at Union cemetery.  The Rev. Mr. Puckett was in charge of the services.
     Deceased was well known, having served as conductor on the Centreville branch of the N. C. & St. L. Railway many years ago when it was a narrow-gauge railway, and since then having lived in various sections of the county.   He was married early in life to Miss Cora MCCOY, who died several years ago.   They were parents of a number of children, who live in various sections of the state.  He was later married to Mrs. Walter EDWARDS, whose former husband was killed in a similar accident and who died seven years ago.  They were parents of several children, including Miss Edith TRUETT, employed by the Bon Air company in office work at Wrigley and who lived with her late father.



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