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Mrs. Eliza Jane Moore HOLLAND

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Possibly from a Robertson county newspaper

Name: Mrs. Eliza Jane Moore HOLLAND
Date of Death: 12-05-1950              Age at Death: 90
Place of Death: her home in Springfield, Robertson, Co., Tenn.
Daughter of: the (late) Alfred and Martha Hulsey MOORE
Survived by...
Son: Clarence HOLLAND, Springfield, Tenn.
Sister: Mrs. _ollie ROBERTSON
15 grandchildren
25 great grandchildren
Burial: Rock Springs Cemetery, Robertson Co., Tenn.
Funeral Home: The Associated Funeral Home, Robertson Co., Tenn.

Family history from contributor's research: She died 12-05-1950 and was buried 12-07-1950.  She has no visible tombstone.  She was the second wife of James M. HOLLAND of Cannon Co., TN then Robertson Co., TN.  They married 01-24-1883 in Sumner Co., TN.

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