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Obituary for Edward S. Shanks

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) obituary from the  Dickson County Herald dated Fri. Jan. 31, 1908:

     "The death of Mr. Edward S. Shanks occurred on the 18th of Jan. 1908 near Beaulah, Tenn. while here for his health.  Since last fall he received such benefit from the mild climate, being relieved of rheumatism, he expressed a desire to remain in this delightful climate rather than return to Ohio, his former home.  Mrs. Shanks had recovered from pneumonia a short while ago, and while in an improveing condition relapsed and died of a long trouble on the 15th, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mosier.  He was born in Feb. 1837 in Penn.  At the age of 19 he confessed faith in Christ as his Saviour, became identified with the Lutheran Church and lived a faithful follower of Jesus until his death.  He was united in matrimony to Miss C. L. Shriner in Dec. 1908.  He leaves his companion, three brothers and two sisters, with many friends to mourn his loss.  The funeral was conducted at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mosiers on the 29th.  The body was laid to rest in the Frazier Cemetery near the Bear Creek Church in Dickson Co.  The bereft companion desires to thank all those who assisted and were present at the burial.  The writer conducted the funeral services being assisted by Rev. An N. Kelley, of Beaulah, Tenn.  Let us all live to sympathize with the bereft and to meet the ones gone on before, and the Lord in his mercies direct us all.
                                                                         Medford N. De?per??"

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Note from Vanessa Slea:  There are inconsistencies in the above article.  For example, in the first part it says he died on the 18th, while further down it seems to say he died on the 15th.  Also, his death was in Jan. 1908, and it indicates he married Miss C. L. Shriner in Dec. 1908, and this obituary was published in Jan. 1908.  I have quoted it here as it was, to let you interpret the meaning.