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Edwards Cemetery # 2 Page 3

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Edwards Cemetery # 2 Listing--Dickson County, TN

Note: There are numerous fieldstones and possibly unmarked graves in this cemetery.

Recorded and Transcribed by Vanessa Slea and Stan Magnesen on 8/23/1999.  Verified 6/30/2000.

Note: See conditions for use at end of listing.

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Edwards Cemetery # 2--numeric listing continued

(Note:  When you see the code DCTCR in the listing below, that is an abbreviation for the book titled Dickson County, Tennessee Cemetery Records Parts I and II by Jill K. Garrett and Iris H. McClain.  We carefully reviewed any discrepancies between the older cemetery listings in that book and our own listings to give you the most accurate information possible.)


026 GARTON Martha Lucinda 3/27/1888 2/5/1962  
027 DUNN Meeks 3/10/1903 12/3/1984  
Bessie May Hargrove 10/7/1910 4/23/1983  
Other Info: Married 1/6/1929    Epitaph: At Rest
028 BEELES Lena May 1/13/1898 6/2/1975  
029 BEELES Robert Harrison 2/15/1894 4/6/1957  
Military Marker (only): TENNESSEE PVT BTRY B 321 FIELD ARTY WWI
030 FORTNER Sam 10/30/1860 11/4/1949  
Mary (Sis) 12/16/1868 none  
Epitaph: Gone but not forgotten    Other Info: Mary's grave appears to be filled.
Other Info:  According to the older listing of this cemetery in DCTCR, Sam's full name was William Samuel FORTNER, and Mary's full (maiden) name was Mary Margaret Anne LEMASTUS.  Also according to DCTCR, they married in 1893, and Mary's death date was 10/6/1950.
----- ROEDER/
This is a large stone marking a family plot area.  There are fieldstones in the area (possibly five or six graves??)
031 ROEDER Albert, Dr. 1845 1905  
032 ROEDER Ernest C. 4/29/1895 12/3/1921  
----- There is a tall concrete monument here, but if it had anything written on it, we cannot read it now.  There is even a large stone which could be its footstone, but we could not see any writing on it either.
033 HARGROVE Geneva Fay 7/29/1946 none  
William H. 3/20/1913 none  
Wanda R. Hardesty 2/22/1926 none  
Epitaph: Together Forever      Other Info for William H.: This grave was filled between 8/23/1999 and 6/30/2000, but there is no marker yet. 
William's Footstone: Dad             William's Funeral Marker: Dickson Funeral Home
034 HARGROVE William David 1877 1955  
Mary Ettie Mathis 1883 1965  
Epitaph: Gone but not forgotten        
Mary Ettie's Footstone: Mama         William David's Footstone: Daddy
Funeral Home Marker for W. D. HARGROVE: Dickson--Service
Other Info: The older listing of this cemetery in DCTCR indicated (from obituary) that Mrs. Etta HARGROVE, the daughter of John B. MATHIS, died on 12/26/1965.
035 HARGROVE Pearly F. 10/13/1918 11/26/1926  
Epitaph: In Heaven there is one angel more.
036 HARGROVE Ramie T. 9/27/1909 10/9/1909  
Epitaph: Sleep on sweet babe, and take thy rest.  God called thee home, he thought it best.
Other Info: The older listing of this cemetery in DCTCR said the death date was 10/8/1909, but the stone there now says 10/9/1909.
037 HARGROVE Edgar B. 8/23/1906 4/6/1955  
Epitaph: At Rest Forever
038 HARGROVE Stella May 3/19/1910 3/20/1910  
Epitaph: At Rest
039 HARGROVE Carl 11/26/1930 11/26/1930  
040 HARGROVE Lizzie Mathis 1894 1983  
Thomas Walter 1887 1956  
Epitaph: Gone but not forgotten       
Lizzie's Footstone: Mom    Thomas Walter's Footstone: Pop
041 BROWN Bridgie Ann 1/8/1894 3/19/1976  
Epitaph: At Rest            Footstone: Mother
042 BROWN Edgar Lester 4/6/1917 8/23/1984  
Epitaph: At Rest            Footstone: Son
043 HURT Bessie 1883 1907  
044 HURT Sanford 10/10/1862 7/27/1904  
Matilda Holland none none  
Other Info for Matilda: First wife of Sanford HURT
045 HURT Callie 1881 1907  
046 MATHIS John B. 8/4/1859 5/4/1926  
Elizebeth Holland 9/26/1857 12/28/1934  
Other Info: (yes spelled Elizebeth)
047 CRAFT Alley 7/24/1869 10/27/1921  
Epitaph: Rest, Mother, rest in quiet sleep.   While friends in sorrow o'er thee weep.
Other Info: (See marker # 905)
048 WHITNEY ? (Julia F. ?) 10/1/1856 1/29/1908 51y 3m 28d
Epitaph: A loving wife, a mother dear
              Lies buried here.                  Other Info: Wife of J. R. WHITNEY
The older listing of this cemetery in DCTCR indicated that her name was Julia F. WHITNEY.   Her first name & middle initial are not on the stone, though.
Click HERE to view her obituary.
049 HODGE Sudie Edwards 6/24/1903 2/19/1987  
Footstone: Aunt
050 ? ? ? ?  
Other Info: This is a grave covered in concrete, raised off the ground.
051 EDWARDS Polly Hargrove 6/29/1913 3/11/1976  
Howard Lee 9/1/1909 2/25/1966  
Epitaph: Thy kingdom come thy will be done               HOLY BIBLE
Other Info for Polly: Mother              Other Info for Howard Lee: Father
Polly's Footstone: Wife          Howard Lee's Footstone: Husband
052 EDWARDS George W. 4/2/1881 8/26/1966  
Evie A. 12/18/1883 2/19/1975  
George's Footstone: Husband         Evie's Footstone: Wife
053 EDWARDS J. J. 4/10/1907 2/2/1934  
Other Info: This is a very old concrete-covered grave.        
Note: On the birth date the day could be 10 16 or 18, but we interpreted it as 10.
054 WYNN William T. 1863 1946  
Jennie A. 1879 1944  
Epitaph: We will meet again
055 EDWARDS John 1852 1918  
Mary E. 1853 1917  
John's Epitaph: At Rest     Other Info for John: Father
Mary's Epitaph: At Rest     Other Info for Mary: Mother
Other Info for John: The older listing of this cemetery in DCTCR had John's middle initial as F, but his middle initial is not on the stone there now.


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