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Edwards Cemetery # 2 Page 2

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Edwards Cemetery # 2 Listing--Dickson County, TN

Directions:  From Yellow Creek Rd. (also called Hwy. 46) turn east onto Fannie Branch Rd.  Go .45 miles and look to your right.  You will see a gate across a gravel road.  Enter the gate.  The cemetery is up the hill on the right. 

Note: There are numerous fieldstones and possibly unmarked graves in this cemetery.

Recorded and Transcribed by Vanessa Slea and Stan Magnesen on 8/23/1999.  Verified 6/30/2000.

Note: See conditions for use at end of listing.

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Edwards Cemetery # 2--numeric listing

(Note:  When you see the code DCTCR in the listing below, that is an abbreviation for the book titled Dickson County, Tennessee Cemetery Records Parts I and II by Jill K. Garrett and Iris H. McClain.  We carefully reviewed any discrepancies between the older cemetery listings in that book and our own listings to give you the most accurate information possible.)


001 CARR Alfonso 7/26/1903 2/23/1980  
Footstone: Father
002 CARR Sadie Louise 7/30/1924 8/31/1976  
Footstone: Mother
003 ROBERTS Jack Allen 10/27/1919 11/20/1995  
Footstone: Father
004 ROBERTS Gary M. 7/14/1949 5/14/1994  
Epitaph: In God's Care          Footstone: Son
Funeral Home Marker: Buckner's Dickson Funeral Home
005 FORTNER Less, Rev. 8/25/1904 5/22/1980  
Funeral Home Marker: Wallace Funeral Home
006 SPRINGER Lillie Mae 1914 1993  
Funeral Home Marker (only): Buckner's Dickson Funeral Home
Other Info: Click HERE for more information on this person
007 FORTNER Leamon L. 4/17/1894 6/8/1967  
Mary J. 10/26/1904 8/2/1971  
Leamon's Footstone: Daddy         Mary's Footstone: Mother
008 FORTNER James E. 3/20/1933 8/23/1992  
Footstone: Daddy           Funeral Home Marker: Buckner's Dickson Funeral Home
Epitaph: Always loving you,  Angela, Melva, Hermon, Catherine       (yes spelled Hermon)
009 FORTNER Herman none none  
Other Info: This information is actually on two small stones.   At the head it says FORTNER and at the foot it says Herman.
010 OWENS Dana Miles, Jr. 4/15/1965 4/30/1965  
Other Info: The stone actually says Dana M., while the footstone says Miles.
011 FORTNER Sandra D. 7/16/1970 8/31/1970  
Epitaph: At Rest       Funeral Home Marker: Dickson Funeral Home
012 FORTNER Deborah Annette 10/30/1960 3/6/1961  
Epitaph: At Rest      Funeral Home Marker: Dickson Funeral Home
Other Info: The stone actually says D. Annette, while the funeral marker says Deborah.
013 FORTNER Clayton Junior 10/10/1940 Sat.  7/18/1998 57y 9m 8d
Geneva O. 8/1/1941 none  
Other Info: There is a footstone not yet placed in the ground here which says Debbie.
Other Info: The stone actually says Clayton J., while the footstone says Junior.
Funeral Home Marker: Taylor Funeral Home, Dickson, TN
(Sat. and his age came from the funeral marker)
Other Info: There looks to be a child's poem by the grave titled "The River," by Deborah Hargrove.   Because of copyright laws, I cannot reproduce it here without permission.  If Deborah Hargrove (or her parents?) will please contact me with permission, I will include it on our web site.  You may email me at
Other info: There is also a crucifix,various religious items, and a miniature boat here at the grave.
014 LAMASTUS Carmon M. 6/21/1909 8/13/1981  
William Thomas 1/1/1912 12/15/1955  
Epitaph: Resting in Peace         Thomas's Funeral Marker: Dickson--Service
Other Info: The stone actually said William T. LAMASTUS, while his funeral marker said Thomas LAMASTUS.
015 LAMASTUS William C. 1/22/1871 2/20/1960  
Lula F. 10/15/1885 12/5/1943  
Lula's Footstone: Mother
016 LAMASTUS Herman 12/29/1916 3/1/1937  
Epitaph: At Rest
017 ? ? ? ?  
Other Info:  At both the head and foot of this grave is a metal stake with a fieldstone.  There is no other information.
018 ? ? ? ?  
Other Info:  At both the head and foot of this grave is a metal stake with a fieldstone.  There is no other information.
019 ? ? ? ?  
Other Info:  At both the head and foot of this grave is a metal stake with a fieldstone.  There is no other information.
020 LAMSTUS (LAMASTUS?) M. E. 11/21/1882 1/5/1924  
Other Info: Actually on the rough concrete marker this is run all together like this: MELAMSTUS.  We interpreted this to be M. E. LAMASTUS.
021 LAMASTUS George 1885 1965  
Other Info: This is a funeral marker only.         According to DCTCR, referring to an obituary, George's death date was 3/17/1965, at 79 years.
022 LAMASTUS Johnie 7/31/1908 2/5/1947  
Other Info: This is a deteriorating concrete marker also.   There was something painted at the bottom of this marker, but it was so difficult to read, we almost had to give up on it.  Then finally we made it out:     Gone but not forgotten
023 HARGROVE Ernest M. none 10/28/1948  
Other Info: Inf. son of Mr. & Mrs. Ernest HARGROVE
024 HARGROVE Pauline G. 7/16/1920 none  
Elmer L. 4/27/1911 6/27/1989  
Elmer's Footstone: Daddy
025 HARGROVE Nina Ruth 8/16/1940 12/14/1940  
Epitaph: A bud so sweet to us was given
              but the Lord called her home to bloom in Heaven


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