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Dickson Cemetery Page

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Dickson Cemetery Listing--Houston County, TN

Directions:  From the Dickson/Houston County line on Hwy. 46, go north into Houston County 1.3 miles.  The cemetery is on the left. 

Recorded and Transcribed by Vanessa Slea and Stan Magnesen on 9/7/1999.  Verified 6/22/2000.

Note: See conditions for use at end of listing.

Below is a list of names in this cemetery in alphabetic order.  Use the marker # from the list of names to look the person up in the numeric listing which follows.

DICKSON Elizabeth M. 009
DICKSON F. Omar 001
DICKSON Fredonia J. 002
DICKSON James C. 002
DICKSON James L. 005
DICKSON Jimmie Clide 003
DICKSON John 009
DICKSON John A. 010
DICKSON Julia 006
DICKSON Maggie 001
DICKSON Margaret E. 008
DICKSON William A. 004

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Dickson Cemetery--numeric listing


001 DICKSON F. Omar 1/19/1884 6/16/1954  
Maggie 8/16/1882 2/23/1965  
Epitaph: The hours part us but they bring us together again
Other Info: Click HERE to view Margaret S. DICKSON's death certificate.
002 DICKSON James C. 10/19/1840 7/26/1921  
Fredonia J. 6/8/1854 1/21/1927  
Epitaph for James: Gone to a bright home     Where grief can not come       
Epitaph: The Lord giveth and                   The Lord taketh away        
Other Info for James: Father               Other Info for Fredonia: Mother
Other Info: (a Masonic symbol at the top of the stone)
                         Click HERE to view the death certificate for James Clark DICKSON.
Click HERE to view the death certificate for Mrs. Fredonia Jackson-Dickson.
003 DICKSON Jimmie Clide 10/16/1890 3/13/1891  
Epitaph: Our darling one hath gone before,   To greet us on the blissful shore.
Other Info: Inf. son of J. C. & F. J. DICKSON               (yes spelled Clide)
004 DICKSON William A. 2/6/1881 11/2/1881  
Epitaph: A little flower of love,   That Blossomed But to Die.
Other Info: Son of J. C. & F. J. DICKSON
005 DICKSON James L. 2/3/1876 10/7/1876  
Epitaph: Happy, infant, early blessed,      Rest, in peaceful slumber, rest.
Other Info: Son of J. C. & F. J. DICKSON
006 DICKSON Julia 10/20/1881 12/9/1926  
Epitaph: Asleep in Jeses        Other Info: (Eastern Star symbol)
Click HERE to view the death certificate for Mrs. Julia DICKSON
007 DICKSON L. A. 8/19/1879 5/3/1923  
Epitaph: Boys trust in Jesus.        Other Info: (a Masonic symbol)
Click HERE to view the death certificate for Luther A. DICKSON
008 DICKSON Margaret E. 1/9/1843 2/1/1910  
Epitaph: Jesus loves the pure and holey           (yes spelled holey)
Click HERE to view the death certificate for Marguerite DICKSON
009 DICKSON Elizabeth M. 5/13/1806 5/6/1863  
John 12/22/1801 10/25/1855  
Elizabeth's Epitaph: Earth has one mortal less,       Heaven an angel more.
Other Info for Elizabeth: Wife of John DICKSON
Epitaph for John: His many virtues form the noblest monument to his memory.
010 DICKSON John A. 7/28/1845 10/27/1880  
Epitaph: As for man, his days are as grass; as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth."
(Note: There were end quotes, but none at the beginning.)
011 DICKSON M. M. 7/4/1830 4/16/1894  
Epitaph: She died as she lived, trusting in God.         Holy Bible


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