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Church History

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Cannon County
Curlees Church History

     The following record was originally furnished by Claud GAITHER, Readyville, Tennessee, Route # 2.
Originally copied by Mrs. Gladys Stacey PITTARD, Woodbury, Tennessee - January 27, 1938.

     The land for the Curlees Church and Cemetery, in the 3rd District of Cannon County, was given by Calvin CURLEE, supposedly before the Civil War.  He preached the first sermon there under a large oak tree, in which he gave the "Faith and Order" of the congregation.  The number of members was lost during the Civil War.  The members disbanded worship during the war, and started again when it was over.
     It seems that after the war the members reorganized, and began meeting in the new building that was built in the early eighties.  In the year 1875, the record shows the decree of "Faith and Order" was reissued.  They decreed to be a congregation whose purpose was to keep the ordinances of  the master wit a watch care for each others spiritual welfare, and to see that the discipline of the church, as recorded in the New Testament, was kept, having no law for the said congregation except the Law of God, as found in the last will and Testament of our Lord and Savior.  This congregation meets at the Curlees Meeting house.
     The record shows that some of the pioneer preachers were SEWELL, supposedly Jesse, ECBAUM, F. B. SCHRGLEY, J. A. DUNN, LOGAN, JOHNSON and Dr. J. P. CURLEE.  Later preachers were J. H. KNOX, Huston MCBROOM, J. D. JONES, R. W. JERNIGAN, Gardner S. HALL, W. C. QUILLEN and others.
     The congregation has continued to meet in the building that was erected in the early eighties.  It has been the aim and desire of the members to keep the decree that was issued in the reorganization made in 1875, and have endeavored to do so.  The work and action of the congregation has been determined and governed by the elders, as the New Testament commanded.
     The congregation continues to meet in this same manner, on each Lord's Day.  The present Elders are C. A. GAITHER, Steve KNOX and Comer HOLLIS.


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