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Obituary for Caroline CROMWELL

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) obituary from the Fentress County Gazette, Jamestown, Fentress Co., TN, dated 10/29/1896:

Gone to Rest.

     Sister Caroline CROMWELL, the wife of William CROMWELL and daughter of James and Rachel PETERS, deceased, was born June 16th, 1837, and died at her home October 4th, 1896.  Her sufferings were great but she bore them Christ-like.   She had something to say to all who came to see her, begging them to meet her in heaven.  Death to her was the gate to endless joy and she had no dread to enter there.  Her life was a model of purity; her character was unspotted; in her was no guile, blessed life, a glorious life, a life hid with Christ in God.  She was a faithful wife and a loving mother.  She bore the burdens of others that they might have ease.  She has left a dear husband, two sons and one daughter and a host of kindred and friends to mourn her loss.  She said, "I want you all to remember this verse and don't forget it:
" 'Jesus can make a dying bed
Feel soft as downy pillows are,
While on his breast I lean my head,
And breathe my life out sweetly there." '
     Loving hands did all they could for her, but death came and she went sweeping through the gates, washed in the blood of the Lamb.  Loving friends bore her body to its last resting place, and Rev. L. B. Clark preached an appropriate sermon in memory of her beautiful life.  She sleeps in the cemetery at Mt. Vernon.   Sleep on, dear sister; the romping and laughing of school children will not disturb your rest, and the thunders rolling above you will not shake your bed.  We will often go and bow over your grave and shed tears, mingled with grief and joy, and when the roses come we will gather the prettiest and sweetest and softly lay them over you and think of your girlhood days when you were a beautiful rose.  Sleep on until Jesus comes and you will get up and put on your beautiful robe of immortality and we will shake hands again and be forever with the Lord.
     Farewell, dear sister, but not forever.




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