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Baggett Cemetery Page 7

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Baggett Cemetery Listing--Montgomery County, TN

Recorded and Transcribed by Stan Magnesen and Vanessa Slea on 3/27/1999.

Note: See conditions for use at end of listing.

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Baggett Cemetery--numeric listing continued


141 BAGGETT Nancy ? ?  
Other Info: (roughly carved, the N's are backwards--can't read well)
142 SUGGS W. H. 1/27/1861 5/11/1902  
Epitaph: Father's dear hands, I miss them so, I go all through the day where e'er, all through the night how lonely the hours, now no father's hands to wake me.
143 SUGG O. G. 11/12/1843 10/1/1875  
Other Info: (roughly carved stone)
144 EADS Dilly A. Suggs 1/2/1876 10/11/1951  
James W. 12/29/1879 10/23/1976  
Other Info: (difficult to read)
145 EADES Dora Lynn 12/15/1962 4/12/1964  
Other Info: Baby
146 EADES Hubert Eugene 11/20/1941 4/8/1995  
Other Info: Daddy              Papa
147 EADS Lee 7/16/1930 1/12/1994  
Epitaph: In God's Care     On earth 7/16/1930, In heaven 1/12/1994
Other Info: (There is a square carved in an upper corner of the stone with 4 names--possibly children's names?: Brenda, Jerry, Shirley, Cindy)
Other Info:     Footstone: Daddy
148 EADS Etha Jane 4/10/1909 1/1/1983  
Percy William 5/21/1906 12/15/1988  
Epitaph: Keep looking up            Other Info for Percy: Dad
Other Info for Etha Jane: Mom 
Funeral Home Marker for Etha Jane: Nave Funeral Home
149 (SUGGS ?) Edith none none  
Other Info:  (no stone, a wooden sign with the name Edith painted on it)
150 SUGGS Mary none none  
Other Info: (Dickson County, TN Cemetery Records by Jill Garrett and Iris H. McClain have this last name as SUGG, although the stone now says SUGGS.  They have the death date as 7/6/1949  age 74y 4m 5d.)
151 (SUGGS ?) Roy none none  
Other Info:  (Marker is the same as Mary's, marker # 150, but just has the first name of Roy on it.)
152 BLACK Lillian 6/29/1896 6/14/1974  
Other Info: (see marker # 183)
153 BLACK Mattie none none  
Other Info: (rough stone, painted, very close to Mattie Bell Maple's new marker)
(could be the same person as Mattie Bell Maples??)   (see marker # 183)
154 MAPLES Mattie Bell 9/19/1918 5/10/1995  
Other Info: Donated By Your Bar Family
155 WILKINS   none none  
156 WILKINS   none none  
157 WILKINS   none none  
158 WHITFIELD Salina 10/3/1894 10/23/1894  
Epitaph: He carries the lambs in his bosom.
159 EADS Joann 3/17/1905 12/28/1970  
George 5/11/1895 2/11/1968  
160 EADS Daisy J. 10/7/1909 7/23/1980  
Joseph Marion 7/24/1903 4/23/1975  
Other Info: Married 7/20/1929
Funeral Home Marker for Marion EADS  Nave Funeral Home
161 EADS Grady 5/28/1930 9/16/1949  
Epitaph: We will meet again    Other Info:   (Dickson County, TN Cemetery Records has the death year as 1945, but the stone there now has 1949.)
162 MIXON J. J. 1/13/1832 11/8/1921 89y 9m 25d
Epitaph: Asleep in the arms of Jesus  (broken stone)
Other Info: (yes, dates and age disagree)
163 EADS Josie B. 9/13/1866 2/23/1944  
Joseph 6/18/1856 6/3/1932  
Other Info for Josie: Mom        Other Info for Joseph: Dad
164 BECKE? (BECKER??) B. B. (?) none 5/6/1912  
Other Info: (very roughly carved stone)
165 DAWSON Samantha, Mrs. 3/12/1881 8/31/1910  
Epitaph: God gave, He took, He will restore, He doeth all things well.
Other Info:  (Note: the stone actually says Scmantha, but it seems like an error, and the previous listing, Dickson County, TN Cemetery Records  by Jill K. Garrett and Iris H. McClain, has her as Samantha.)
166 HUGGINS John 3/4/1880 9/13/1905  
Epitaph: God gave, He took, He will restore, He doeth all things well.
167 HUGGINS Rhada Baggett 3/17/1858 10/12/1935  
Epitaph: At Rest
168 BLACK Bo Joe 3/19/1977 3/21/1977  
169 GIBBONS Arkley Sanford 4/11/1891 6/5/1943  
170 BAGGETT Mary M. 3/25/1879 3/21/1899  
Jenny 3/10/1899 3/18/1899  
Other Info for Mary M.: wife of W. BAGGETT     (stone in very bad shape)
171 EMMIT Elizia A. 5/8/1876 9/6/1883  
Other Info: dau. of J. & H. A. EMMIT  (yes spelled Elizia on stone)
172 UNDERWOOD Dora Ann 3/31/1880 3/12/1929  
E. J. 7/24/1874 2/21/1953  
Epitaph: Gone to a brighter home
173 BAGGETT M. L. 6/29/1873 5/1/1944  
Angeline 4/30/1883 10/20/1932  
Epitaph: Gone but not forgotten
174 UNDERWOOD John R. 9/1/1853 5/8/1870  
Other Info: (on the stone DIED is spelled DIDE)
175 BAGGETT Marion 5/29/1921 3/20/1933  
176 BAGGETT Inf. 7/23/1908 7/23/1908  
Epitaph: Safe in the arms of Jesus
Other Info: Infant of M. L. & Angeline BAGGETT        (repaired stone)
177 TUBERVILLE Henry J. 1963 6/19/1967 3y 11m ?d
Epitaph: Gone to rest but not forgotten
Other Info:  (photo on funeral home marker--deteriorated)
178 TUBERVILLE Weldon 5/1/1920 7/26/1984  
Epitaph: Gone Home           Funeral Home Marker: Nave Funeral Home
179 CHANNEL Minerva 3/8/1827 3/1/1911  
Epitaph: At Rest
180 UNDERWOOD James 10/10/1839 10/6/1883  
Sally Ann 11/8/1850 4/2/1941  

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