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Baggett Cemetery Page 4

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Baggett Cemetery Listing--Montgomery County, TN

Recorded and Transcribed by Stan Magnesen and Vanessa Slea on 3/27/1999.

Note: See conditions for use at end of listing.

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Baggett Cemetery--numeric listing--continued


041 YARBROUGH Inf. 3/26/1931 3/26/1931  
Other Info: (broken stone--name was broken off)  son of Mr. & Mrs. D. L. YARBROUGH
(Last name, birth date, and parent info came from Dickson County, TN Cemetery Records by Jill K. Garrett and Iris H. McClain--these are no longer visible on the damaged stone.)
042 YARBROUGH Oscar A. 8/23/1888 10/29/1902  
Other Info: son of C. & Atlanta YARBROUGH
043 YARBROUGH Charlie 1858 1926  
Other Info: Father
044 YARBROUGH Ada Atlanta 1864 1946  
Other Info: Mother
045 RYE John W. 1865 1942  
Fannie L. 1865 1941  
Epitaph: Gone but not forgotten
046 RYE Wm. Arthur 1885 1933  
Other Info: Father of Frances and Irene
047 RYE Caryle 12/21/1897 10/16/1899  
Other Info: (Dickson County, TN Cemetery Records by Jill K. Garrett and Iris H. McClain have the first name as Carlyle, but it is spelled Caryle on the stone there now.)
048 MIXON Lizzie J., Mrs. 1892 1980  
Funeral Home Marker: Nave Funeral Home
049 SWIFT Mary A. 1864 19..  
William T. 1854 1928  
Epitaph: Gone but not forgotten    Other Info: (last 2 digits of death year left blank)
Other Info for Mary: Mother     Other Info for William: Father     (Note: there is someone buried on Mary's side, even though the death date is not completed on the stone.)
050 UNDERWOOD William B. none none  
Military Marker: CO A 50 TENN INF C.S.A.     Other Info:  (We found a roughly carved stone for this man nearby that had dates on it--b. 7/1839  d. 2/1927)
051 TAYLOR Cathren E. 4/23/1866 none  
James W. 10/23/1857 11/20/1914  
Other Info: (Dickson County, TN Cemetery Records has her name spelled as Cathrine TAYLOR, but the stone there now says Cathren E. TAYLOR.   Also, that same listing had the birth date as 8/23/1866, but the stone there now says 4/23/1866.)
052 TAYLOR Myrtle I. 7/9/1891 2/5/1903  
Epitaph: Sweetly sleeping
053 TAYLOR Calvert T. 10/7/1894 9/25/1899  
Epitaph: Safe in the arms of Jesus
054 BAGGETT Eliza 1874 1950  
055 BAGGETT John 1856 1938`  
056 JACKSON Charlie 1900 1989  
Funeral Home Marker: Nave Funeral Home
057 BAGGETT Mary 1844 1931 87y
Josiah 1820 1908 88y
Other Info for Mary: Mother       Other Info for Josiah: Father
058 JACKSON Belle Baggett 1896 1948  
059 JACKSON James Charlie 1900 1989  
060 DAVIDSON Finis M. 1888 1948  
061 DAVIDSON Martha S. 1858 1936  
062 DAVIDSON Effie A. 1883 1898  
063 DAVIDSON William R. 1848 1892  
064 SMITH Nancy 9/24/1823 6/17/1907  
Epitaph: Tis hard to break the tender cord, when love has bound the heart.
              Tis hard, so hard to speak the word, to Mother we must forever part.
Other Info: wife of Joe Smith
065 SMITH Parthenia 5/7/1889 4/22/1891  
Epitaph: The little crib is empty now, the little clothes laid by,
              a mother's hope, a father's joy, in Jesus' arms doth lie.
Other Info: dau. of W. F. & Eliza SMITH
066 BAGGETT Rebecca A. Smith 8/9/1842 4/23/1894  
Epitaph: Again we hope to meet thee, when the day of life is fled,
              and in heaven with joy to greet thee, where no farewell tears are shed.
Other Info: wife of J. B. BAGGETT
067 BAGGETT James B. 2/4/1838 12/26/1926  
Epitaph: God in His wisdom has recalled,  The boon His love had given,
              And though the body slumbers here,  The soul is safe in Heaven.
068 VAUGHN Alma Mae Baggett 9/14/1902 9/8/1982  
Vanaw 7/10/1904 1/23/1952  
Epitaph: Together Always      At Rest
Other Info:    Alma's Footstone: Mama     Vanaw's Footstone: Daddy
069 MIXON Boyd none none  
Other Info:  (Note--this funeral home marker is no longer there as of our return visit in August 1999.  From the looks of things, it may have been a mower accident, although I cannot say for sure.)
070 MIXON Raymond 8/27/1885 5/11/1961  
Funeral Home Marker: Nave Funeral Home
071 SANDERS Matthew 1876 1931  
072 SANDERS Hettie E. 1882 1943  
Other Info: wife of Matthew SANDERS
073 SANDERS Roy 1906 1929  
074 BITER Parthenia Underwood 11/22/1869 1/29/1891  
Other Info: wife of R. L. BITER
075 BITER Robert Lee 9/8/1865 4/4/1941  
Epitaph: Asleep in Jesus            Other Info: Father
076 BITER Annie Parker 5/30/1874 8/8/1943  
Epitaph: Asleep In Jesus             Other Info: Mother
077 HALL Lena B. 1904 1992  
Homer L. 1900 1953  
Epitaph: Loves last tribute
078 EADS Fannie M. 8888 1946  
Russell S. 1887 1938  
Epitaph: Gone but not forgotten
079 TUBERVILLE Albert L., Jr. 4/1/1918 7/30/1961  
080 TUBERVILLE Francis D. 10/15/1940 5/29/1942  
Epitaph: Our Darling      Other Info: (Dickson County, TN Cemetery Records by Jill K. Garrett and Iris H. McClain has her name as Francis A. TUBERVILLE, but the stone there now says Francis D. TUBERVILLE.)

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