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Obituary for Mrs. Ann SMALL

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) obituary from The Tennessee Watchman, Clarksville, Montgomery Co., TN, dated 08/10/1821:

     Died--On the 5th inst. Mrs. ANN SMALL, consort of M Joe Henry SMALL, of this vicinity.  Blessed with an ardent and cheerful heart, her disposition was naturally benevolent, and enlivened with all the affections of mother, christian and friend.  Thus, when all that makes human nature excellent expires; when the grave suddenly and forever shuts from our eyes those whom the bonds of affinity have inseparably linked unto us; whose tenderness and solicitudes have become incorporated with our feelings; whose percept and example have stimulated us to good resolutions and confirmed us in our faith, the pangs of separation are sharpened within us, whilst busy memory, pondering o'er the past, lingers with aching recollections on the virtues that have ceased to be--the tomb, however, cannot devour the righteous--the memory of the pious will not perish in the grave, though it be a dark yet to them, we feel it to be a sure passage to eternal happiness.



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