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Obituary for Annie Lilian LAWRENCE

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) obituary from the Springfield Record, Springfield, Robertson Co., TN, dated 1/26/1888:

Little Lillian at Rest.

Died of whooping cough on Tuesday, Jan. 10, Annie Lilian, daughter of G. C. and A. V. LAWRENCE, Lilian was a family pet--but she is no longer ours.  Her life was of short duration.  Only three brief summers and she was called from this world to join the happy little bond above.  While we sadly miss her we know she has gone to a home where sickness and sorrow cannot enter.  Oh, how sweet to die in infancy--but how sad it is to part from our little ones.  Lilian's sweet manners and affectionate disposition won for her the love of everyone; We deeply sympathize with her heart-broken parents in the loss of their darling babe.  Yes, the idol of their home.  Let them remember that dear Lilian is not dead, but only sleeping a calm and peaceful sleep; and now may they strive to meet her in her beautiful home.  We know they now feel that this new year has brought to their hearts sorrow and sadness, though it may yet end with as much joy and gladness.  Dear Lilian, with bowed hearts we lay aside your little playthings, wet with mother's pearly tears, and wash from the window pane your little finger print and fold your golden curls away in some sacred book as a token of remembrance of her we loved so dearly.
Farewell dear Lilian, a long Farewell,
Your troubles and cares are o'er,
Mama and Papa will join you at last,
On that bright and beautiful shore,
Cousin Dora.



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