Rootwalker--Obituary for Alice Belle GRAY, 7-21-1876

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Obituary for Alice Belle GRAY

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Following is a transcription of the above person's (TN) obituary from The Weekly Record, of Dover, TN, dated July 21, 1876:

"On June 28th, Alice Belle, infant daughter of James H. and Mary G. Gray.

Sweet flower of eternal youth,
Thou wert a joy given,
To only live a moment here,
Then die and go to heaven.

Why should we weep to know that thou
To angel hands art given.
Or that around thy cherub brow
Are wreathed the smiles of heaven?

                                                                THE PARENTS.

We extend our sympathy to our friends in the loss of their first-born.  Though hard to part, thy infant babe has but been loaned to Him, who will restore it when thy feet treads the streets of the New Jerusalem.  How happy a meeting that will be."

Initial transcription by Stan Magnesen.  Verified and Prepared for the Web by Vanessa Slea.

2000 Vanessa Slea