Communities of Meigs County

Like many places in the Ridge and Valley region of the Appalachian Mountains, Meigs County communities evolved in the small valleys. Each community occupied a separate cove, hollow or valley and was separated from its neighbors by mountains or ridges. Land ownership patterns usually terminated at the ridge top, reinforcing the community's identity and independence. But, due to the small size of these valleys, the communities never grew very large.

Decatur is the county seat of Meigs County and the only incorporated town in the county. It is situated precisely in the center of the approximately 30 mile long and 10 mile wide rectangular county and was named in honor of Commodore Stephen Decatur, who had distinguished himself in the War of 1812.

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Historical Schools of Meigs County

The concept of universal, free education was an invention of the 1820s and 30s. Before then, children were taught at home or in church. As in most rural communities Meigs County had its share of one room school houses that no longer exist. To view the location of these schools click the link below.

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