Welcome to the American Local History Network of Meigs County Tennessee.

Purpose and Philosophy of this Site

The intent of this website is to not only explore the lives of the people of Meigs County, but also to examine the historical events, the topography of the land that influenced how they lived, and how they organized their communities for their mutual benefit. In other words our philosophy is that one should not only search for the names and vital statistics of our ancestors, but to learn about and understand the cultural issues of the times that provided a context for their lives.

If you are only interested in finding only the names of your ancestors we hope to provide as much information as possible that will help you in that research. But unless you attempt to understand how your distant relatives lived and died on their land then you are missing an emotional connection to them.

If a major branch of your family is from Meigs County, we urge you to visit, walk the land, visit cemeteries and historical sites, and try to picture how your relatives might have lived during the time they were alive here.

Our website is just beginning and will have more content as we research and develop resources for the site, so please check back often to view the new material and updates.




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