Ebenezer Cemetery ALSO KNOWN AS McFall Cemetery

Tombstone Readings

The listing of stones is in the order that I read them, row by row (instead
of alphabetical).  There are about 3 rows of graves.  This is all the graves
that were standing in 1993 when I last visited the cemetery-gg.

Joseph McFall (1869-1872)
Joseph C. / son of / W. M. W. & C. A. / McFall / Mar. 5, 1869 / May 31, 1872
/ Aged [couldn't read the rest]

William W. McFall (1837-1904)
Saviour Lead Me. / Wm. W. McFall / Mar. 29, 1837 / Dec. 4, 1904 / Aged / 67
ys. 7 ms. / 11 ds.

Cornelia A. McFall (Mrs. William W.) (1843-1877?)
Cornelia A. / Wife of / M. W. M. McFall / Dec. 24[?], 1843 / Sep. 28, 187[9
or 7?] / 33 yrs. 9 mos. / 4 ds.
[Note:  I believe the stone really does say M. W. M instead of W. M. W.
This must have been a mistake on the stonecutter's part-gg]

Elizabeth Jones (1792-1874)
[Picture of dove on top] / Elizabeth / Mother of / A. B. & Jessie / Jones /
Born / Feb. 5, 1792 / Died / Oct. 26, 1874. / Rest mother __________ sleep /
[hard to read] / [hard to read]

Tempy Scott (1843-1858)
Tempey L. / Daughter of Jas. & Sarah Scott / Born / Mar. 4, 1843 / Died /
May 5, 1858
[Daughter of James and Sarah (Williams) Scott; granddaughter of Robert and
Elizabeth (Hanks) Williams]

Nancy Finger (Mrs. J. H.)
Nancy P. / Wife of / J. H. / Finger [rest unreadable]

W. W. Jones (1863-1864)
W.  W. / Son of / C. W. & S. S. / Jones / Born / July 2, 1863 / Died / Mar.
5, 1864 / 7 mo. 10 da's.

Clarisa Mills (Mrs. Andrew) (1782-1856)
In Memory / Clarisa / wife of / Andrew Mills / Born / Feb. 22, 1782 / Died /
July 7, 1856

C. M. [footstone for Clarisa Mills]

J. E. Musser (1866-1868)
J. E. / Son of / W. & E. Musser / Born / Dec. 20, 1866 / Died / Sept. 6,
1868 / Aged / 1 Yr 8 Mo's 16 Da's.

Temperance Williams (1852-1856)
Temperance / Daughter of / R. J. & Ann / Williams / Born / May 3, 1852 /
Died / Oct. 6, 1856
[Daughter of Robert J. and Ann (Curtis) Williams; granddaughter of Robert
and Elizabeth (Hanks) Williams]

Rebecca T. Williams (1849-1859)
Rebecca T. / Daughter of / R. J. & Ann / Williams / Born / July 29, 1849 /
Died / Oct. 22, 1859
[Daughter of Robert J. and Ann (Curtis) Williams; granddaughter of Robert
and Elizabeth (Hanks) Williams]

J. H. Williams (1841-1866)
J. H. Williams / Born / Nov. 16, 1841 / Died / Feb. 2, 1866 / Aged 24 y's 2
ms. 16 d's.
[John H. Williams, son of Robert J. and Ann (Curtis) Williams; grandson of
Robert and Elizabeth (Hanks) Williams]

Houston D. Williams (1824-1860)
Houston D. / Williams / Born / Sept __ 1824 / Died / Sept. 6, 1860
[Son of Robert and Elizabeth (Hanks) Williams]

H. D. W. [footstone for Houston D. Williams]

H. W. F. [footstone for ?..(possibly a Farris?)]

C. F. F. [footstone for ?...(possibly a Farris?)]

Eliza A. Farris (Mrs. John L.) (1826-1891)
Eliza A. / Wife of / John L. Fariss [sic] / Born / Nov. 22, 1826 / Died /
Feb. 17, 1891

E. A. F. [footstone for Eliza A. Farris]

John L. Farris
[Spot where J. L. Farris marker once was]

J. L. F. [footstone for John L. Fariss]

Nancy Holman (Mrs. James M.) (1824-1866)
Nancy / Wife of / Jas. M. Holman / Born Oct. 24, 1824 / Died Nov. 25, 1866 /
In life beloved in death lamented / She is not dead but sleepeth

James C. McFall (1879-1879)
James C. / Son of / W. M. W. & C. A. / McFall / Aug. 28, 1879 / Oct. 11,
[Son of Wm. W. and Cornelia A. McFall]

The Ebenezer Cemetery is about 3 miles northwest of Adamsville, Tennessee. It is located on the same little one-lane road where the Woolverton Cemetery is located, but it is further south and on the west side (right side) of the road. The gravel road dead ends at the cemetery.

Go north from Adamsville on Highway 22 (also known as Maple Street) and go about a mile and a half north until you reach Winding Ridge road. (This road was not clearly marked last time I visited Adamsville, but it is a paved road that heads in a northwesterly direction.) Turn left onto Winding Ridge road and go one and a half miles until the road becomes a gravel road. Continue on Winding Ridge road for one more mile. Then on the left will be a small, one-lane dirt/gravel road with a small gate at the entrance. (If you see the building for the Fox Hunters Association, you have gone too far.) Take this small gravel road south exactly one mile to the Woolverton Cemetery. (If the road is muddy, you may have to walk about half of the way on foot as this road is not used very much anymore.) The Woolverton Cemetery is on the left about 20 feet from the gravel road. It only has a few stones, and most of them are fallen over.

If you find the Woolverton Cemetery, then continue on down this gravel road for about a half mile until it dead ends. The Ebenezer Cemetery is there on the right. Approximately 30 graves are on this cemetery. Some of these include Houston D. Williams (son of Robert J. Williams) and members of the Williams, McFall, and Farris families. (I think some people have also called this the Farris Cemetery as well.). Robert J. Williams was a brother of Agatha (Williams) Woolverton.

Submitted by - Glenn Gohr
[email protected]

Additional information

The Ebenezer Cemetery adjoins Leonard Copeland's property on the SW corner
of his land.  At one time Jim Monroe Copeland (Leonard's grandfather),
Luther Rice Littlefield, and Marcus Walker owned all of the property that
surrounds this cemetery.  Grandpa Jim Monroe Copeland bought the Farris farm
and had all but 1 acre (for the cemetery).

The Westvaco Timber Corporation (they have an office at Bethel Springs, Tennessee) bought what was the old Luther Rice Littlefield place that borders the Ebenezer and Woolverton Cemeteries on the west side. The original Jim Monroe Copeland land was east of the Woolverton Cemetery and across Winding Ridge Road up to what is now N. Maple or Highway 22. The Marcus Walker land was due east of the Ebenezer Cemetery and extended also to what is now N. Maple or Highway 22 and was south of the Jim Monroe Copeland property. Leonard Copeland now owns what was the Jim Monroe Copeland land and the Marcus Walker land. If anybody owns the land now where the cemetery is, Leonard Copeland does, although the Westvaco Timber Corporation owns much of the land close to the cemetery. Leonard Copeland lives on Maple St. (Highway 22) north of Adamsville (2002).

Glenn Gohr
[email protected]

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