Compiled Data on Cherokee Genealogy

Compiled Data on Cherokee Genealogy


This data is by no means 'confirmed' data.  It is a series of reasonable assumptions taken from seven sources.  Those sources are listed.   It is being offered for the use of researchers of the Overhill and Chickamauga Cherokee cultures.  Joyce G. Reece, May 21, 2003



(unconfirmed data denoted with an asterisk *)


Information taken from

Journal of Cherokee Studies…different volume’s

Cherokee’s and their Chief’s by Stanley Hoig

The Cherokee’s by Grace Steel Woodward

History of the Cherokee Indians by Emmett Starr

Historical Notes on the Cherokee People by Linda Fulmer

The Cherokee Frontier, Conflict and Survival by David Corkan

Colonial Records of South Carolina, Capt. Raymond Demere’s letter to Gov. Lyttelton of South Carolina


***Some data is repeated.  This is to emphasize the fact that the info was taken from different sources



  1. *Born 1635-45
  2. Son was Old Hop or Kanagatoga
  3. Ammonscossittee was his son
  4. (Not to be confused with Young Chief Moytoy who was chief from 1730 to 1741)




Old Tassel


Aka:  George Tassel, George Watts; Corn Tassel, Kahyanteechee


  1. Sister was Wurtah
  2. Chief Corn Tassel killed in 1788 by Kirk of John Seviers militia unit
  3. Corn Tassle (or Old Tassle as he is also known on record)
  4. Gist allowed to settle on the Great Island (across from Fort Henry) was married, in Cherokee terms, to Tassel’s sister, Wurtuh, Mother of Sequoyah.
  5. Pumpkin Boy Old Tassel’s brother
  6. *Son was Little Tassle, Kunnesseei, or Green Corn Top or John Watts
  7. Died 1808
  8. “Watts had such a close attachment to Corn Tassel that he was known as Young Tassel
  9. Watts was the son of a sister of Corn Tassle
  10. Hoig said Young Tassle was a blood relative of Old Tassle
  11. John Watts son of a sister of Corn Tassle, quite likely his father was John Watts who served as interpreter at the Cherokee treaty with the British at Augusta Georgia in 1763
  12. Corn Tassel was Doubleheads brother
  13. John Watts his nephew.
  14.  Dtr. Married Bob Benge






  1. Old Tassels sister
  2. *Old Tassels Daughter


Old Abram

  1. Fought with General George Washington in Virginia
  2. AKA Ooskia
  3. *Son of Attakullakulla
  4. Killed in 1788 at Chilhowee by Kirk
  5. AKA, Old Abraham, Abraham of Chilhowee
  6. Brother to Hanging Maw who was Chief in 1788


Hanging Maw


  1. *Tassel and Hanging Maw visited  Col Joseph Martin in 1773 in Sullivan Co TN
  2. Signed Treaty at Holsten in 1790
  3. Died 1795



Old Hop


  1. Kanagatoga, Fire King of Chota
  2. Was son of Amatoya Moytoy of Chota
  3. Died 1700
  4. Uncle to Attakullakulla
  5. Doublehead was his brother




  1. Sister of Old Tassel
  2. *Sister of CornTassel


Standing Turkey


  1. Wife was Sarah Caroline Bell




  1. AKA;  The Little Carpenter, White Owl and others
  2. Old Hop’s Son (Journal of Cherokee Studies)
  3. Died 1781
  4. Born c1700
  5. *Raven of Hiwassee said to be his brother
  6. Old Hop his uncle
  7. Nancy Ward, Nanyi-hi his neice
  8. Dragging Canoe his son
  9. Born on Big Island on French Broad River
  10. Nephew of Old Hop
  11. Nionee was his wife
  12. Nionee Ollie dtr of Oconostota
  13. His mother was daughter of Amatoa Moytoy
  14. *Mother was sister of Connecorte
  15. * Old Hop Attakullakulla’s mother’s brother
  16. Tame Doe his sister
  17. * Moytoy his father
  18.  Mother was sister of Standing Turkey


Bob Benge


  1. Blood relative of Corn Tassel
  2. *Chief Benge was son of trader Benge.  His mother was sister of Dragging Canoe.




  1. Brother to Old Tassel
  2. John Watts was nephew
  3. Doublehead was a blood-thirsty chief who served under Dragging Canoe and jointly with John Watts. 
  4. Commanded expedition against Knoxville in 1793
  5. Killed by Major Ridge
  6. Blood relative of Corn Tassel




  1. Blood relative of Corn Tassel
  2. Close friend of Creek leader William Bowles
  3. Signed Treaty of Holsten in 1790
  4. Also known as the Common disturber or Upsetter.  He and Doublehead were fierce Chickamauga warriors
  5. Blood relation of Corn Tassel
  6. William Blount said he was nephew of Corn Tassel (William Blount letter of Sept 26, 1792, American State Papers, Indian Affairs, cpt 1 page 291)
  7. *Married to Dragging Canoe’s sister
  8. *Nephew of John Watts
  9. *Brother in law of Doublehead

      10  Brother to John Jolly

  1. Black Fox, nephew of Dragging Canoe, on the occasion of Dragging Canoe’s death said…….”Another person I also nominate as a head man, Taloteeskie, who is to be considered in place of Old Tassel.



Dragging Canoe


  1. Son of Attakullakulla
  2. Died at Lookout Tower March 1, 1792
  3. Young Dragging Canoe was his son
  4. *Born 1753
  5. Named his son White Owl after his brother of the same name




  1. AKA:  The Great Warrior and others
  2. Chief 1763-1788
  3. Mother was Quatsis or Quatie   *Born 1683.  Married to James Beamer 1699
  4. Father was James Beamer
  5. Shallelocke is his brother
  6. Married 3 times.  1. Creek woman , child was Terrapin.  2.  Lucy Ward, their dtr was also Lucy Ward.  3.  Unknown
  7. Kenoteta or Small Pox Conjuror of Settico was his brother (see Lyttleton Papers at
  8. His daughter married John Brown


NOTE:  Oconostota was said in one place to have died in 1773.  In yet another he is charted to be chief in 1788


The younger Lucy Ward was said to have raised Nanyi-Hi (aka Nancy Ward)….the dtr of Tame Doe, Attakullakulla’s sister and Fivekiller.



















Compiled Data

Reasonable Conclusions



Born circa 1635




Nettle Carrier




Daughter—Mother of Attakullakulla


Old Hop


Old Tassle aka Corn Tassle














Grandchildren of Moytoy








Daughter—mother of John Watts


Young Chief Moytoy (died 1741)




Tame Doe


Corn Tassle


Doublehead??  (many questions remain)





Born circa 1700-10/died 1781


Wife:  Nionee Ollie dtr of Oconostota or Old Hop

His Mother was sister of Standing Turkey



Turtle At Home

Whiteman Killer

Dragging Canoe (son of a Shawnee woman)

Daughter married Bob Benge

Daughter married Tahlonteeskee

White Owl or Ockoonaka










  1. In all actuality there was at least two men called Corn Tassel or Old Tassle.  These are quite often confused.  The first was in the same generation as Old Hop and was probably a brother.  The other was in the next generation….a grandson of Moytoy.