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Maury County, Tennessee
Mule Day Celebration

Maury County has been famous for many things - James Knox Polk for one, "Pop" Geers for another and most of all mules. During the period from it's inception around 1840 until this very day, Maury County has been noted for it mule raising, trading and training. So much so that for the past 64 years, the first weekend in April has been devoted to the beloved equine.

Mule Day began as Market Day in Columbia in 1934. During that day, all the mule traders would drive their mules through the streets of town to market and to show off their prized wares for the potential buyers that would line the streets. In fact, the 1939 celebration was titled "1,000 girls on 1,000 mules" and they made it too!

The Mule Day of modern times has become more of a celebration of the heritage of Maury County with bands and parades, but they still remember why they celebrate each year...the mules parade just as they did so many years ago. The modern event is laced with home tours and the normal trappings of heritage celebrations to coincide with the Mule Day parade and festivity.

While modes of transportation have changed, and the south's sense of values have changed, mule day remains fairly constant throughout the many years - Maury Countians showing off what they do best.

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Frank D. "Denny" Thomas, Volunteer for Maury County

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