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Maury County, Tennessee
Early Settlers and Revolutionary Soldiers

  • Signers of Petition to Form Maury County, Presented to the General Assembly of Tennessee, August 1807

  • Purchasers of the First Lots Sold in Columbia, beginning April 1, 1808

  • Some Families Associated With Early Communities of Maury County

  • Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Maury County

  • Revolutionary Soldiers Who Once Resided in Maury County

    Signers of Petition to Form Maury County, Presented to the General Assembly of Tennessee, August 1807

    ADAIR, Isaac
    AKIN, John
    AKIN, Samuel
    AKIN, William
    ALEXANDER, William
    ALLEN, Thomas
    ALLEN, William
    ANDERSON, John
    (Two other John ANDERSONs are listed)
    ANDREWS, Lazer
    ARMSTRONG, William
    AYDELOTT, Thomas
    AYRES, Joseph

    B_____, Joel
    BALLANCE, Joshua
    BAUGUS, Bryan
    BAUGUS, Henry
    BAXTER, Robert
    BEASLEY, John W.
    BELL, James
    BELL, Sterling
    BELL, Stinson
    BELL, Thomas
    BILLS, Isaac
    BLACKGRAVES, Harrison
    BONDS, Richard
    BOOKER, John
    BOYD, Elijah
    BOYD, Laird/Lard
    BOYD, Robert
    BOYKIN, William
    BRITTAIN, Joseph
    BROWN, Joseph
    BROWN, Robert
    BURCHAM, David
    BURNS, Charles
    BURNS, John
    BURNS, Miles

    CALDWELL, Amos
    CALDWELL, William
    CAMPBELL, James
    CAMPBELL, William
    CARR, John
    CARR, Robert
    CATHEY, Griffith
    CHAMBERS, John
    CHAMBERS, Samuel
    CHOATE, Joseph
    CHOATE, Squire
    CHURCHWELL, Ephraim
    CHURCHWELL, Richard
    CHURCHWELL, William, Sr.
    CHURCHWELL, William, Jr.
    CLIFF, Daniel
    COCKE, Richard
    COLE, Abraham
    COLE, William
    COLLINS, Stephen
    CONDOR, George
    COTTON, Charles
    COUGHRON, Samuel
    COUGHRAN, William
    COWSON, John F.
    CRAIG, William
    CRAWFORD, Samuel
    CRAWFORD, William
    CUNNINGHAM, Matthew
    CURTIS, Joel
    CUTBIRTH, Benjamin

    DAVIDSON, George
    DAVIS, John
    DENTON, Benjamin
    DEVER, Charles
    DOBBINS, David
    DOBBINS, David
    DODSON, Elisha
    DODSON, George
    DODSON, Greenham
    DODSON, Hightower
    DODSON, Thomas
    DODSON, Willis
    DOIL, Joseph
    DONOHOE, John
    DOUGLASS, Daniel
    DOUGLASS, David
    DOUGLASS, John
    DUNTON, William

    ERWIN, William
    EVANS, Daniel

    FARIS, Isaac
    FARIS, William
    FARISS, John
    FARRIS, James
    FARRIS, Samuel
    FIELDS, Daniel
    FRY, Truman

    GEMMERSON, Samuel
    GIBSON, Jacob
    GIBSON, Randolph
    GILLESPIE, Alexander
    GOFF, John
    GOFORTH, Josiah
    GOODNIGHT, Henry
    GREGORY, John
    GRIFFIN, Samuel
    GRIFFIN, Spencer
    GWIN, John

    HAM, Robert
    HARDIN, Burgess
    HARDIN, Mark
    HARDIN, Martin
    HARDIN, Martin, Jr.
    HARDIN, Thomas H.
    HARRELSON, Abner
    HARRELSON, Ezekiel
    HARRALSON, William
    HARRIS, John
    HARRIS, Richard
    HARRISON, William
    HAY, James
    HAYES, Jonathan
    HAYS, George
    HAYS, Jesse
    HILL, Robert
    HOGARD, John
    HODGE, George
    HOLLIS, Isaac
    HOOD, John
    HOUSTON, Archibald
    HOUSTON, John, Sr.
    HOUSTON, John, Jr.
    HOUSTON, William
    HUDSON, Adam
    HUEY, James
    HUMPHRIES, William
    HUNTER, Elijah
    HUTCHISON, James

    ISOM, George
    ISOM, James
    ISOM, Jonathan
    IVEY, James

    JACKS, John
    JAMESON, Henry
    JOBE, Jesse
    JOHNSON, Isham
    JOHNSON, James
    JOHNSON, Martha
    JOHNSON, Matthew
    JO(H)NSTONE, John
    JOHNSTON, Joseph
    JOHNSTON, Robert
    JONES, John
    JONES, Joseph
    JONES, Stephen
    JONES, William

    KENNEDY, Andrew
    KENNEDY, John
    KILCREASE, William
    KING, Jonathan

    LANGSTON, Isaac
    LEATH, James
    LEE, Simpson
    LEMASTER, Joseph
    LEWIS, Andrew
    LEWISTON, Henry
    LINDSEY, Edward
    LINDSEY, Jacob
    LINDSEY, John
    LINDSEY, John, Jr.
    LINDSEY, William
    LOGAN, David
    LONG, James
    LONG, Joseph
    LONG, Samuel
    LOVE (LONG?), Samuel
    LUSK, James
    LUSK, Robert

    McCAFFERTY, Edward
    McLAIN, James
    McDANIEL, John
    McDANIEL, Robert
    McGAUGHEY, George W.
    McGEE, William
    McKNIGHT, John
    McLANE, Charles
    McLANE, Samuel
    McLEAN, Ephraim, Sr.
    McLEAN, Ephraim, Jr.
    McLEAN, James
    McLEAN, William
    McNEAL, Thomas
    McNEIL, James

    MAYFIELD, James
    MILLER, James
    MILROY, John
    MONTGOMERY, John, Sr.
    MOORE, Joseph
    MORRIS, Hugh
    MORRIS, William

    NEILL, William
    NOWLIN, Bryan W.
    NOWLIN, Jabus

    ORTON, David

    PAINE, George
    PARKS, Reuben
    PECK, Jodiah
    PETIGUAL, William
    PEYTON, Joseph
    PHILLIPS, Joel
    PICKENS, John
    PICKENS, Jonathan
    POLK, John
    POLK, Samuel
    POLK, William
    PORTER, Joseph B.
    PREWITT, Lemuel

    RAGSDALE, Peter
    RAGSDALE, Thomas
    RANKIN, David
    RANKIN, James
    RANKIN, Mary
    RAY, John
    READ, Hugh
    READ, Thomas
    RENFRO, James
    RENFRO, Joshua
    RHOADES, William
    RODES, Isaac
    RHODES, Joseph
    RILEY, Andrew
    ROBERTS, Isaac
    ROBINSON, John
    ROCH, Sesenith
    ROSE, Francis
    ROSS, George
    ROSS, William
    RUSH, John
    RUSH, William

    SCOTT, John
    SEGRIST, James
    SELF, Lokley
    SELLARS, Isaac
    SELLARS, James
    SELLARS, Laird/Lard
    SELLARS, Robert
    SHARP, William
    SIMMONS, Nathaniel
    SISON, John
    SISSON, James
    SMITH, Ebenezer
    SMITH, Matthias
    SMITH, Thomas
    SMITH, William
    STALLINGS, Thomas
    STEELE, James

    TALLEY, William
    TAIDE, David
    TAIT, Jesse
    TAILOR, William
    TAYLOR, Elher
    THOMAS, Benjamin
    TOLLEY, William
    TRACY, Erasmus
    TUTTEL, Solomon

    WATTERS, George
    WELLS, Samuel
    WELLS, Thomas
    WELSH, George
    WELSH, James
    WHITE, Lemuel
    WHITESIDE, Robert
    WHITESIDE, Samuel
    WHITESIDE, Thomas
    WHITESITT, Joseph
    WILLIAMS, Benjamin
    WILLIAMS, Jacob
    WILLIAMS, Joshua
    WILLIAMS, Samuel H.
    WILLIAMS, Sherrod
    WILLIAMS, Thomas
    WILKINS, Alexander
    WILSON, John
    WILSON, Joseph
    WILSON, Nathaniel
    WITHERO, James
    WISSEHER, Reuben

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    Purchasers of the First Lots Sold in Columbia, beginning April 1, 1808

    Peter Bass, John Caruthers, Lawrence Thompson, William Daniel, Kavanaugh and Berry, John Williams, Lucy White, Joseph Brown, Peter Cheatham, Hezekiah Almond, James Bruce, John and F.B. Spencer, Nelson and Kannon, Stump and Johnson, J.B. Porter, Richard Garrett, Joseph LeMaster, John Bell, Robert Weakley, William Frierson, Britton Bridges, John Lynn, Nicholas Cabler, Henderson and Rutledge, Perry Cohea, Samuel Taylor, William and Abner Pillow, McPhail and McGilsey, Bird Hurt, thomas Hardin, J. Nowlin, Nocholas and Goodloe, Gabriel Benson, A.C. Yates, James Gullett, Moses Chaffin, George Cockburn, Alred Balch, Isaac Roberts, John Keenan, McGee and King, Thomas Deadrick, Edward McGafferty, David Nolan, Samuel Polk, L.B. and Edward Mangrum, John Lindsey, E.W. Dale, H. DePriest, Patrick Maguire, William Wallace, William Anderson, E.B. Littlefield, William Wood, M. Helm, W.T. Lewis, S.P. Maxwell, R.D. Shackleford, J.W. Egnew, Jethro Brown, John Woodruff, Elisha Uzzell, John Wormley, W.A. Johnson, Isaac Bills, James Huey, Abram Whitlock, Richard Hanks, Joseph Love, and W.R. Alexander.
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    Some Families Associated With Early Communities of Maury County

    Mt. Pleasant

    Hunter, McGee, Ridley, Griffin, Smith, Lindsey (Sandy Hook), Craigs, Beckham, Jennings, Hoge, Mitchell, Stockard, Barnes, Hart, Grimes, Hill, Granberry, Cecil, Jackson, Goodloe, Newsom, Pickard, Elliott, Sims, Jones, English, Nixon, Penn, Cooper, Bell, Forgey and Fleming

    Spring Hill

    Bond, Bunch, Campbell, Black, Sandford, Brown, Blackburn, Williford, Hardin, Cheairs, Russell, Hammond, Porter, Nicholson, Winters, Brewster, Parham, Perkins, Peters, McKissack, Blair, Dunlap, Caperton, Alexander, Pointer, Crawford, Chapman and Yancey


    Brown, Love, Hill, Prewett (Cave Spring), Tooms, Bradshaw, Porter, Lindsey, Erwins, Kincade, Thomas, Moore, Harris, Holland, Rieves, Whittaker, Daniel, Lumpkin, Myrick, Wilkes, Bill, Kannon, Amis, Lancaster, Gillespie, Breckenridge, Scribner, Caruthers, Renfro, Redding, and Gill


    Polk, Frierson, McVey, Dever, Armstrong, Stephenson, Ridley, Woodard, Watkins, Thompson, and Martin

    Campbell's Station

    Henderson, Bradshaw, Montgomery, Davidson, Gracey, Kerr, Paxton, Campbell, Coffey, Hobbs, Martin, Marshall, and Robinson

    Carter's Creek

    Carter, Campbell, Polk, Woldridge, Hunter, Witherspoon, Rolland, and Smith


    Cox, McConico, Ragsdale, and Priest

    Santa Fe

    Caughron, Brooks, McLean, Neeley, Cinder, Griffin, Mitchell, Fitzgerald, Doty, Lockhart, Aydelotte, Pigg, Ayers, Baker, Hill, Ladd, Seagraves, Bullock, Crane and McCracken

    Water Valley

    Forgey, Walter, Houser, Rountree, Sewell, Williams and Alderson


    Hudson, McKee, Boyd, Harper, Galbreath, Ramsey, Kerr, Reece, Stockard, Alexander and Zollicoffer


    Akin, Love, Lusk, Whiteside, Fariss, Williams, Erwin, Alexander, Peyton, Bell, Isom, Biffle, and Burns

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    Revolutionary Soldiers

    Buried in Maury County

    This list of Revolutionary soldiers who were
    buried in Maury County is taken from a
    plaque, which once hung at the Federal Court
    and Post Office Building in Columbia. The
    plaque was donated sometime in the 1940's
    by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

    Who Once Resided in Maury County

    Source: July 3, 1976 Bicentennial edition of The Daily Herald

    ALEXANDER, Charles
    ALEXANDER, William, Lieutenant
    ANDERSON, William, Captain
    ARMSTRONG, James, Captain

    ABERNATHY, David
    AKERS, Peter
    AKIN, John, Re.
    ALEXANDER, Charles
    ALEXANDER, Elijah
    ALEXANDER, William
    ALLEN, James
    ALLISON, Hugh
    ANDERSON, William, Capt.
    ARMSTRONG, James
    ATKINSON, John

    BARKER, George
    BENDERMAN, William
    BIFFLE, Jacob
    BOYD, Andrew, Captain
    BROWN, Hugh, Colonel
    BUTLER, Zachariah

    BAKER, John
    BANKSTON, Abner
    BARKER, George
    BENDERMAN, William
    BIFFLE, Jacob
    BILLS, Daniel
    BLACKBURN, Ambrose
    BLAIR, Thomas
    BOWDEN, William
    BOYD, Andrew
    BRATCHER, William
    BRAWLEY, William
    BROWN, Hugh
    BUTLER, Zachariah

    CANNON, Pugh
    CARUTHERS, Robert
    COLEMAN, Thomas
    CRAWFORD, Alexander
    CRANFORD, Robert

    CAMPBELL, David
    CANNON, Pugh
    CARR, John F.
    CARTER, Daniel
    CARTHEL, Josiah
    CARUTHERS, Robert
    CHUNN, Sylvester
    CLINTON, Richard
    COPELAND, Benjamin
    COPELAND, David, Sr.
    CRAFFORD, Alexander
    CRAWFORD, Robert
    CUTBIRTH, Benjamin
    CUTBIRTH, Daniel

    DALE, Adam
    DAVIDSON, Ephraim
    DAVIDSON, John
    DOBBINS, David
    DOOLEY, James S.

    DALE, Adam
    DAVIDSON, John
    DAVIS, Asa
    DIXON, George
    DOBBINS, David
    DOBBINS, James
    DODSON, Elisha
    DOOLEY, James

    EPHLAND, David

    FALL, John W.
    FITZGERALD, Nathaniel K.
    FRIERSON, Joshua, Dr.
    FRIERSON, Robert
    FRIERSON, William

    FAGG, Joel
    FERIS, Caleb
    FERIS, Isaac
    FISHER, Frederick
    FREELAND, James
    FRIERSON, Joshua
    FRIERSON, Robert

    GILLIAM, Isaac
    GILLIAM, Jacob
    GORDON, William
    GRIFFIN, John, Captain

    GHOLSON, Francis
    GILLHAM, Jacob
    GINGER, Henry
    GOODRUM, Thomas
    GORDON, William
    GRAY, William
    GREENFIELD, Thomas T.
    GRIFFIN, John, Capt.

    HARDISON, James
    HARPER, Benjamin
    HAYNES, Joseph
    HENDERSON, William
    HERNDON, Berry, Lt. Colonel
    HILL, James
    HOLLAND, James, Major
    HUCHISON, James
    HUNT, James
    HUNTER, John

    HADLEY, Ambrose
    HANKS, Moses
    HARDISON, James
    HAWTHORN, John
    HAYNES, Joseph
    HEADLEE, Elisha
    HENDERSON, William
    HILL, Francis
    HILL, James
    HILLIS, Samuel
    HOLLAND, James
    HOUSTON, Christopher
    HUGHES, James
    HUDSPETH, Thomas
    HURT, James
    HUDE, Irvine

    JACKSON, Mark
    JOHNSON, Abner
    JOHNSON, John
    JONES, Samuel

    JACKSON, Mark
    JOHNSON, Abner
    JOHNSON, John, Capt.
    JOHNSON, William
    JONES, John
    JONES, Samuel

    KELSEY, Samuel
    KING, Hugh

    LUNN, Joseph
    LINN, William
    LITTLEFIELD, William, Captain
    LONG, David
    LOVE, David
    LOVE, James

    LAIRD, Nathaniel
    LANGLEY, John
    LAWHORN, William
    LEMASTER, Joseph
    LEWIS, James Martin
    LINDSAY, John
    LINGO, William
    LINN, William
    LITTLEFIELD, William
    LOCKRIDGE, James
    LONG, David
    LOVE, David
    LOVE, James
    LOWRANCE, Jacob
    LYNN, James

    MACK, John
    MACON, John, Major
    McBRIDE, Jared
    McBRIDE, ?, Captain
    McCLAIN, John
    McCORMACK, John
    McFADDEN, Edward
    McGIMPSEY, John W.P., Colonel
    MATTHEWS, David
    MATTHEWS, James
    MATTHEWS, John, Major
    MAYES, Samuel, Dr.
    MAY, Edmund
    MITCHELL, James
    MOORE, Nathaniel

    MACK, John
    MACON, John
    MATTHEWS, David
    MATTHEWS, James
    MAY, Edmund
    MAYES, Sanuel
    McBRIDE, Isaiah
    McBRIDE, Jared
    McBRIDE, John
    McCABE, Hugh
    McCANDLESS, John
    McCONNELL, John
    McCONNELL, Manuel
    McCORD, David
    McCORMACK, John
    McCRORY, John
    McCRACKEN, John
    McFADDEN, Edward
    McFALL, John
    McGAUGHEY, William
    McGIMSEY, John
    McGUIRE, John
    McKIE, Daniel
    McLEAN, Ephraim, Sr.
    MITCHELL, Andrew
    MITCHELL, James
    MITCHELL, John
    MOODY, Francis
    MOORE, James
    MOORE, Nathaniel
    MOORE, Samuel
    MOREHEAD, Joseph

    OSBORNE, Adrian

    PARKER, Abraham
    PARTEE, Charles, Colonel
    PEYTON, Joseph, Rev.
    PULLIN, Elisha

    NEWSUM, William

    O'STEEN, David

    PARHAM, William
    PARKER, Abraham
    PARTEE, Charles
    PARTEE, Edmund
    PATTERSON, James
    PICKENS, William
    PILLOW, William
    PISTOLE, Charles
    POLK, Ezekiel
    POLK, John

    REECE, James
    RIEVES, Reuben
    RENFRO, William
    REYNOLDS, Aaron

    RAINEY, Isaac
    RADEN, Samuel
    REED, Isaiah
    REESE, James
    RENFRO, William
    REYNOLDS, Aaron
    RICE, Ebenezer
    ROBERTS, Isaac
    ROSE, Roberson
    ROYAL, John
    RUSSELL, Albert
    RUTLEDGE, William

    SEAGRAVES, Jacob
    SCOTT, Samuel
    STEPHENSON, James White, Rev.
    STOCKARD, James

    SAGE, John
    SCOTT, Samuel
    SEAGRAVES, Jacob
    SIMS, William, Colonel
    SKIPPER, Nathan
    SMITH, James T.
    SMITH, Nathaniel
    SOWELL, John
    SPENCER, Moses
    STEELE, Samuel
    STEPHENSON, James W.
    STOCKARD, James

    TATE, John
    TATE, Martin True

    WALSTON, William
    WATKINS, William
    WATTS, Robert
    WEBSTER, Jonathan, III
    WILLIAMS, Elisha
    WILLIS, Francis, Hon.
    WINN, Richard, General
    WREN, Thomas

    YOUNG, Jacob

    THROOP, William
    TRUE, Martin
    TURNER, James

    WALLIS, Matthew
    WALSTON, William
    WATTS, Robert
    WEAVER, Shadrach
    WEBB, Samuel
    WEBSTER, Jonathan
    WHITE, Benjamin
    WHITE, James
    WHITESIDE, William
    WILKES, David
    WILLIAMS, Elisha
    WILLIS, Francis
    WILLIS, Meshach, Sr
    WILSON, Cornelius
    WINN, Richard, General
    WRENN, Thomas

    YOUNG, Jacob W.

    In addition, the following men buried in Maury County
    have been indicated as Revolutionary soldiers by their
    gravestones or mention in cemetery records and/or
    various histories:

    ALLEN, James
    ALLEN, William

    BALLANFANT, Joseph
    BROWN, Joseph

    CLINTON, Richard

    GOODRUM, Thomas
    GREENFIELD, Thomas

    HADLEY, Ambrose

    JOHNSON, William

    LEWIS, James Martin, Major

    POLK, John
    POLK, Samuel

    RAMSEY, William
    ROBERTS, Isaac

    TINDELL, R.W., Colonel

    Any corrections or additions with proof will be gratefully accepted.

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