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Maury County, Tennessee
Confederate Units Formed in Maury County

1st (Maney's) Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Companies "G" and "H"

2nd (Bates') Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Company "B."

3rd (Brown's) Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Companies "D," "E," and "F."

23rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment, 1st Company "A."

24th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, 1st Company "G."

48th (Voorhies') Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Companies A," "B," "E," "F," "H," and "K."

54th Tennessee Infantry Regiment (Capt. Dooley's Company became Co. "C" of the 48th (Nixon's) Regiment.

2nd (Biffle's) Tennessee Cavalry Battalion (Companies "A," "D," and "E," became Companies "E," "A," and "F," 6th (Wheeler's) Tennessee Cavalry Regiment.

9th (Gantt's) Tennessee Cavalry Battalion, Companies "A," "B," "C," and "E."

19th (Biffle's) Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, Companies "C," "E," and "G."

Capt. J.M. Sparkman's Tennessee Battery

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Roster of Co. B, 9th TN Cavalry Battalion


John B. Galloway, Captain
John J. Stephenson, 1st Lieutenant
Thomas J. Perry, 2nd Lieutenant
Jasper Horne, 3rd Lieutenant
John R.D. Williams, Orderly Sergeant


Ab Adkisson
James H. Adkisson
Thomas Y. Adkisson

M.L. Barnett
G.B. Brown

Thomas J. Caldwell
W.J. Caldwell
Richard Compton

Thomas Davidson
W.N. Demastus
J.E. Dixon, Dr.
Thomas Dugger

Joseph Ervin
Robert Ervin
Henry Estes

James Fain

James Gillespie
Benjamin T. Goodrum
John H. Grisham

James R. Hanna
Thomas J. Hanna
James C. Hickman
P.A. Huckaby

Thomas N. Jones
W.C. Jones

J.N. King

Isaac B. Lietch
John B. Logue
George C. London
J.N. London

John E. McCain
Thomas B. McCandless
W.S. McCandless
Crif McConnell
John B. McConnell
W.H. McFall
Lee McKennon
David McKissack
D.A. McKnight, Dr.
George McKnight
S.H. McKnight
Monroe McLane
Robert McMinis

Henry C. Mack
James Mack
James Matthews
Joseph Matthews
Joseph A. Matthews
W.D. Matthews
W.R.H. Matthews
Robert H. Maxwell
James Montgomery
Frank Moore
Robert N. Moore
Nathan W. Motherel

A.C. Neeley
G.W. Norton

Robert C. Perry
William Perry
Pone Pillow
Thomas L. Porter
William Porter
James Pullen

John Sealey
Frank Sims
J.T. Sims
Thomas Sims
Parham Smith
Stephen Smith
Frank Starks
Libenus Stewart
James Stockard

James W.B. Thomas, Sr.
John Thomas
Cuff Thomason
Abb Thompson
James A. Thompson
Jeff Thompson
James Thurman

Charles Watson
J.E. Weatherford
Richard Weatherford
William Weatherford
J.H. Wiley
W.Y. Wiley
W.A. Wilson

George Zollicoffer

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Duck River Riflemen - Co. G, 24th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry
This roster of officers and men of Co. G, 24th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, "Duck River Rifles," was taken largely from an original report, on pieces of Confederate paper written with Confederate ink, which was faded by 1904. The roster was made at the close of the war and so does not include all the names of the soldiers who served in Co. G. I have added other names when discovered. The roster was, in 1904, in the hands of Capt. R. W. Tindall of the Leftwich Community and was made accessible to Judge Frank H. Smith, who published it in The Daily Herald.

Capt. J. M. Billington's company was made up from men from the eastern part of Maury County and the western part of Marshall County. The company was organized at the old Napier Hole on Flat Creek, just north of Bear Creek Pike. After drilling at Napier Hole, they traveled to Columbia, by rail to Nashville and then to Murfreesboro, where they went into quarters at Camp Anderson, three miles from town. The Duck River Riflemen became Co., G, 24 TN Volunteer Infantry when the 24th was officially organized on 24 August 1861. At Shiloh, Co. G lost nine men killed by the first fire from the Federal soldiers before they could return fire. Despite nine slain and 16 wounded in this devastating start, the company, under Gen. Cleburne, Capt. Billington and Col. Peebles, moved forward and took the Federal emcampment.

Officers Capt. James M. BILLINGTON ( 5 Sep 1827 - 30 Aug 1885), resigned April 1862 (Capt. Billington commanded the company at Shiloh with great credit to himself and his men. He resigned at Tupelo when his health began to fail. A reunion of the company was planned for his birthday on 5 Sept 1885 at his family home near Rally Hill; the men gathered that day for the reunion, but Billington died and his funeral was held instead. He was buried in Billington Cemetery.)
1st Lt. J. Lon SECREST, killed at Perryville on 8 Oct 1862
2nd Lt. William M. SHIRES (1841 - 1916), resigned April 1862, living near Old Lasea in 1904. He is buried in Shires Memorial Cemetery.
2nd Lt. Joel L. HARDISON, born 2 Aug 1835, was killed at Murfreesboro on 31 Dec 1862. He is buried in Morton Cemetery.
2nd Lt. (Brevet) B. Frank ROWLETT, discharged 1862
1st Sgt. David M. HARDISON, living near Old Berlin in 1904
2nd Sgt. Robert W. TINDALL, living at Leftwich in 1904
3rd Sgt. John E. HARDEMAN, living in Texas in 1904
4th Sgt. Jasper W. DILLEHAY (dead in 1904)
5th Sgt. Sam W. DAIMWOOD (living near Columbia in 1904)
1st Cpl. James A. DOUGHERTY (living near Chapel Hill in 1904)
3rd Cpl. William A. COLLINS (living near Franklin in 1904)

Privates ALDRIDGE, Sam Booker (Samuel Brooks?), 11 May 1839 - 5 Dec 1914), was living near Caney Springs in 1904

BAIN, Franklin M., discharged for disability, went to Arkansas
BARHAM, died at Fulton, KY
BENNETT, Jacob, wounded at Shiloh, living in Arkansas in 1904
BIGGERS, John L., wounded at Shiloh, captured at Nashville, died in Texas about 1883
BLACK, David S., living near Columbia in 1904
BLACK, Sidney, died in Maury County
BROWN, Robert, living near Kedron in 1904

CHEEK, Calvin Modrell, mortally wounded at Resaca, 15 May 1864
CLARK, James, wounded at Shiloh, living in Marshall County in 1904
CLARK, Joseph, died in Maury County
CLARK, Robert D., living in Hickman County in 1904
CLARK, Thomas, died in Maury County
COLLINS, William A., wounded at Shiloh, not on Smith's list

DAIMWOOD, George C., wounded at Shiloh, living near Columbia in 1904
DAIMWOOD, Sam W., Sgt., wounded at Shiloh, not on Smith's list
DANIEL, T. Anderson, wounded at Shiloh, living near Bethesda in 1904
DAVIS, John (or John ORVIS), on detached service as Divison Teamster, living near Smyrna in 1904
DEAN, Joseph, lost in retreat from Bowling Green, KY, 1862
DERRYBERRY, Andrew Jackson, killed at Shiloh at the first fire; he was "shot through the heart."
DERRYBERRY, John H., died on way home to Maury Co. in 1864. He was so ill from dysentery that he could not continue the trip. His comrades saw to it that he had a decent burial in an orchard in East Tennessee. They robbed a supply train for money to pay a kind lady who had taken care of him and provided his coffin and declared it "the last official act of the Duck River Riflemen."
DERRYBERRY, Joseph L., living near Caney Springs in 1904
DOUGHTERY, James A., Capt., wounded at Shiloh, not on Smith's list
DOUGHTERY, Thomas N., living near Chapel Hill in 1904
DOUGHTERY, William L., wounded at Shiloh, living in West Tennessee in 1904
DOWELL, Major E., Jr., killed at Shiloh at the first fire; "shot through the breast."
DOWELL, Major E., Sr. (may be Major B.F. Dowell), 3 Apr 1822 - 20 Sep 1884, discharged for disability, buried in Williams Cemetery (no Confederate marker)

EDWARDS, Edom, discharged for wounds at Shiloh, died on Bear Creek
EDWARDS, William, discharged for disability, living at Chapel Hill in 1904
EVANS, Sid, wounded at Shiloh, captured, and died in prison two months later
ERWIN, William, moved to Obion County
EVINS, James, killed at Shiloh at the first fire, "shot throught the brain"
EVINS, Joseph Dean, lost in retreat from Bowling Green, KY, 1862

FITZGERALD, E., killed at Shiloh, at the first fire; "shot in the head"
FULLER, James, killed at Shiloh

GRAHAM, William, living in Lamar Co., Texas in 1904

HARDISON, David M., wounded at Shiloh, not on Smith's list
HARDISON, George W., wounded at Franklin, died at Hillsboro, TN
HARDISON, James, died from measles at Camp Trousdale, Oct 1861
HARDISON, Martin V., wounded three times, once at Shiloh, living near Hardison's Mill 1904
HARDISON, Sam T., Dr., inclined to Cavalry 1865; banker in Lewisburg 1904
HARDISON, William Duncan ( 31 Jan 1839 - 7 Aug 1932), captured twice, living near Rock Springs 1904, buried Charles Hardison Cemetery
HARDISON, William Joshua (17 Jul 1842 - 14 Oct 1861), contracted measles, sent home to die, buried Joshua Hardison Cemetery, not on Smith's list
HARMON, Holland, discharged for disability Jan 1862
HARMON, Tom, wounded at Shiloh, living at Dabbletown in 1904
HARRIS, Edmond, discharged 1862, died at Hardison's Mill
HINSON, Merrill, died from wounds at Shiloh
HOSFORD, Thomas, killed at Shiloh; Thomas took his oath standing in a creek so the enlister Dr. Parks would not take note of how short he was (and young). He was the last man sworn in and one of the first to die on the field at Shiloh.
HOSFORD, William, died in Hickman County (Gen. Cheatham remarked "he was the best soldier in the Army.")

JACKSON, David A., Jr., wounded at Shiloh, killed at Pulaski, Dec 1864 (Pvt William A. Derryberry, his boyhood best friend and relative, said David, who had already lost the use of one leg at Shiloh, was shot dead by Federal soldiers searching the battlefield near Pulaski, killing all the wounded who moved. William was lying wounded beside his friend and saw David shot in the head when he moved in his semi-consciousness.)
JACKSON, David A., Sr., discharged 1862, died in 25th District, Maury County
JOHNSON, John, discharged for wounds at Shiloh (shot through both hips)
JONES, Davy Crockett, living in the Tugas Bend in 1904
JONES, Robert, discharged for disability, living near New Lasea in 1904
JONES, Samuel, died from measles at Camp Trousdale, Oct 1861
JONES, Thomas H., a boy discharged 1861, living near Sowell's Mill in 1904
JONES, Willis A., killed at Murfreesboro, placed on Confederate Roll of Honor at Richmond

KING, Pole, wounded at Shiloh

LEE, William T., wounded at Murfreesboro, dead in 1904
LOVETT, William J., wounded at Shiloh, not on Smith's list

MACKAY, A. B. (Wood), born abt 1947, teamster, discharged for disability, died at Beechland in 1903
McFADDEN, wounded at Shiloh, went to Lamar Co., Texas
MARTIN, John, discharged for disability
MAYFIELD, Porter, wounded at Shiloh, died in Marshall County
MOORE, Austin, died at Flat Creek about 1890

NEATHERLY, Jeff, killed at Shiloh (This was Jeff Weatherly)
NICHOLSON, Charles G., killed at Franklin
NICHOLSON, John M., died in Maury County

ORR, Thomas Addison, killed at Shiloh at the first fire, "shot through the breast"

PINKLETON, George W., wounded at Shiloh, lost at Missionary Ridge

REED, Newton, killed at Shiloh at the first fire, "shot in the head"
RUMMAGE, George W., Sgt., wounded at Shiloh, killed at Atlanta

SECREST, Sam, died from measles at Camp Trousdale, 9 Oct 1861
SECREST, W. H., living near South Berlin in 1904
SHARP, Thomas A., wounded at Shiloh, died in Maury County
SHARP, William A., living near Old Lasea in 1904
SHIRES, Christian N., living in Obion County in 1904
SHIRES, Ira, Sgt., wounded at Shiloh, killed at Perryville
SHIRES, Jacob, captured at Missionary Ridge, living near Match in 1904
SHIRES, Peter, went to Washington Territory
SHIRES, William M., (Feb 1841 - 1916), captured at Missionary Ridge, living near Rally Hill 1904, buried Shires Memorial Cemetery

TINDALL, Hazard Cappon, wounded at Missionary Ridge, died 20 Feb 1864
TINDELL, William Henry Harrison (26 Mar 1841 - 12 May 1921), buried Jackson Cemetery #2, not on Smith's list

UNDERWOOD, George W., discharged Oct 1861, living near Match 1904

WEATHERLY, Jeff, killed at Shiloh at the first fire, "shot in the breast"
WILLIAMS, Hiram M., lost at Shiloh, never heard of again?
WRIGHT, Franklin J., wounded at Shiloh, went to Texas
WRIGHT, Hanson M., died at Madison, GA Hospital July 1864

Source: The Civil War in Maury County, Jill K. Garrett and Marise P. Lightfoot
Notes of Judge Frank H. Smith
Notes of Joseph R. Derryberry taken from grandfather, Pvt William A. Derryberry
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Maury County Braves

Roster of Co. F, 1st TN Calvary Regiment/Co. B, 6th TN (Gordon's) Cavalry Battalion

This unit was originally mustered in as Company F of the First Tennessee Calvary Regiment of Confederate Volunteer Soldiers. Company F was organized at the home of Captain Andrew J. Polk of Ashwood July 5th 1861 and sworn into service by Rev. Captain John B. Hamilton.


Andrew J. Polk, Captain - Left Company in KY
F. B. Turner, 1st LT. - Commanded until discharged prior to reorganization.
T. A. Harris, 2nd LT. - Resigned
William Arnell, 3rd LT. - Killed in action.
Levi King, 1st SGT.
J.A. Cochran 2nd SGT.
Walter Parker 3rd SGT.
W. H. Mitchell, 4th SGT.
R. C. Hardison, 1st CPL.
Henry Graham, 2nd CPL.
? Cook, 3rd CPL.
J. D. Mitchell, 4th CPL.
Sam Craig, Bugler


Alderson, W. H.
Aldridge, Jack
Anderson, M. P.
Anderson, William
Bryant, J. B.
Bryant, Rolin
Branch, R. E.
Bradshaw, J. N.
Burnett, R. D.
Caskey, G. M.
Caskey, J. H.
Calhoun, J. N.
Chapman, Bunk
Chapman, William
Chapman, James
Collier, J. A.
Davidson, Andrew
Dungan, D. H.
Dalay, Martin
Dillehay, C.W.
Dooley, Leslie
Denham, A. E.
Edwards, T. M.
Freeman, A. G.
Freelan, J. S.
Freelan, J. M.
Freelan, J. E.
Faris, W. H.
Fry, Henry
Frierson, J. H.
Frierson, W. B.
Gilliam, J. M.
Gilliam, N. C.
Gilliam, W. C.
Gracey, J. R.
Gracey, W. B.
Grimes, J. A.
Glass, R. W. L.
Goodloe, L. K.
Grissom, W. R.
Gist, W. R.
Hardison, W. A.
Hardison, W. T.
Hill, George
Harris, Will
Henderson, N.
Houser, Alonso
Jennings, G. W.
Hurt, Lewis
Kerr, Robert
Kirkland, John
Langford, William
Leneave, D. W.
Lowery, B. A.
Murphy, J. C.
Murphy, J. H.
Murphy, M. P.
McDonald, A. W.
Morton, W. T.
McRea, D.
Park, G. W.
Perkins, C. C.
Pennington, J. D.
Pollard, James
Pierson, Waverly
Pinkston, J. T.
Richardson, E. D.
Riddle, Joe
Redmond, J. C.
Shell, Tobe
Stephens, J. A.
Stephens, Tom
Sowell, N. B.
Sowell, P. H.
Smith, W. J.
Scribner, L. S.
Tate, G. S.
Thompson. Jere
Thompson, Scipio
Turner, Newt
Voss, Lucius
Warfield, A. W.
Watkins, D. F.
Watson, Charles
Welch, James
Westmoreland, R. W.
White, J. L.
Williams, Host
Yates, Charles

The Company was reorganized after service in Kentucky and became the First Tennessee Calvary Regiment in Gordon's Battalion. New officers were elected.


A. G. Freeman, Captain
J. A. Cochran, 1st LT.
W. H. Alderson, 2nd LT.
J. D. Bryant, 3rd LT.
A. W. McDonald, 1st SGT. - Detailed to supervise a saddle factory.
W. H. Mitchell, 1st SGT.
J. R. Gracy, 2nd SGT.
W. R. Gresham, 3rd SGT.
J. A. Collier, 4th SGT.
Scipio Thompson, 5th SGT.

By the end of the fighting only four of the original members were still in active service.

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Frank D. "Denny" Thomas, Volunteer for Maury County

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