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Maury County, Tennessee

Chronology of Early Maury County, 1807 - 1850

1807November 24, Maury County formed from Williamson County.
Numerous Maury County families already present
1808County seat of Columbia established
January, First of Zion Church families arrive
August 1, First lots sold in Columbia
September, First marriage in Columbia: Samuel Srygley to Rachel McClus
1809Giles County formed from Maury
October 11, Meriwether Lewis found dead at Grinder's Stand (now in Lewis County)
November, Circuit Court established
November, Woodward Academy plans established
1810First brick courthouse built
First newspaper published, The Western Chronicle
Native Americans continue to trade in Columbia
November, First Circuit Court held in Columbia
1811December 16, New Madrid earthquake began and continued until February 1812
chimneys crumbled, glass panes broke and cracks formed in buildings in Maury County
1812 December, Andrew Jackson brought his men back from New Orleans
over the Natchez Trace to Columbia for dismissal
1813Maury County companies go to Alabama to fight Creek War
Black Tongue epidemic killed several in Maury County
1814 James Johnson given permission to keep ferry across Duck River near Parsons Bend
December, Capt. James McMahon of Maury killed at New Orleans
1815Woodward Academy built, first school in Columbia
January 8, James Moore and James Henry Smith of Maury killed at the Battle of New Orleans
1818First naturalization in court records: Edmund Kelly of Ireland petitioned to become citizen
1819National Depression seriously crippled Middle Tennessee and Maury County
First bank established
October, Columbia Steam Boat Co. incorporated; Duck River still believed to be navigable
November, Williamsport incorporated
November, General Assembly appointed commissioners to build a bridge at Columbia,
with money from sale of lots to finance it
1820Military Road completed, ran from Maury County to Columbus, MS to Madisonville, LA
Population of Maury County: 22,089
June, James Knox Polk admitted to practice law in Maury County
1824Mt. Pleasant incorporated
Spring Hill established
Andrew Johnson lived in Columbia for six months
1825James K. Polk went to Congress
April, French General Lafayette visited Nashville; many Maurians attended
1826First mules seen in Columbia
1828 Columbia College opened
1830Maury County Post Offices listed as:
Williamsport, Isom's Store, Mooresville, Pleasant Grove, Spring Hill,
Cedar Springs, McMurray's Store/Bigby, Hurt's Cross Roads, Mt. Pleasant, Columbia
1834Maury was divided into civil districts for the first time and Justices of the Peace elected
Cholera epidemic occurred southeast of Columbia
Fire destroyed buildings on public square of Columbia and plans for a fire department were made
1835Degraffenreid storm hits western Maury County;
victims were Mrs. Sarah Degraffenreid, five of her children and members of a Lusk family
(Degraffenreids are buried in Zion Church Cemetery)
1836Population of Columbia was 1500
Native Americans on Trail of Tears camped briefly on Lytle and Cathey's Creeks
4000 turn out for visit of Andrew Jackson
1837James K. Polk elected Speaker of House
Line changed between Maury and Hickman Counties;
triangle from Duck River to Fall Branch to Natchez Trace given to Hickman County
1838 Spring classes began at Columbia Institute;
school established by Bishops James H. Otey and Leonidas Polk
1839 Steamboat Madison plied up Duck River to Columbia; first steamer in county
1840 A.O.P. Nicholson appointed Senator by Gov. Polk
1842 Maury County placed in 6th Congressional District
May 7, Former President Martin Van Buren visited Columbia
1843 March 16, 18-20 inches of snow covered Maury County and stayed for six weeks;
all farmwork was suspended
1844 February and March, Black Tongue epidemic killed several in Columbia
James K. Polk elected President
1845 Duck River Slackwater Navigation Co. incorporated to navigate Duck River, failed;
Lily of the West last steamer to come up Duck River
1846 May 13, Mexican War declared;
Tennessee's goal was 2400 men and 30,000 volunteered,
earning the state the nickname of the Volunteer State
1847 Large part of downtown Columbia destroyed by fire
December, Biggest flood since 1811/12 took out bridge at Columbia
1848 December, Last stagecoach robbery in Maury County
1849 First telegraph message received in Columbia for Frank G. Smith, head of Columbia Institute
March, James K. Polk's term ended;
he made his last visit to Maury County and died in 1850

Sources: Notes of Jill K. Garrett
Bi-Centennial Issue of "The Daily Herald," 4 July 1976
Maury County newspapers on microfilm, TSLA
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