Cemetery List

List of Known Cemeteries in Marion County, TN

The highlighted cemeteries below have a list of burials.  Just click on one of them for that list.

Aetna, Anderson, Anderson-2, Ayers or Thomas, Baptist Hill, Barker, Beene, Beene-Raulston, Bible, Brock-Pickett, Burkett Chapel, Burnett-1, Burnett-2, Burns, Burrell Lee, Cabe, Caroline Chapel, Chaudoin, Cheekville, City, Clouse, Condra, Coppinger, Cumberland View, Davis, Duncan, Echoles-Long, Ellis-1, Ellis-2, Ellis-3, Ford, Francis, Gilliam, Glover Hill, Gordon, Gott, Graham-1, Graham-2, Griffith (Jasper), Griffith Creek, Griffith or Price, Hale-1, Hale-2, Hales Chapel, Hall, Hargis, Havron Chapel, Hoge-1, Hoge-2, Hoodenpyle, Hornbeck, Houts, Hudson, Jumpoff, Kellys Ferry, Ketner, Kilgore, Ladd, Lappin, Lasater, Layne (Pockett), Layne or Turner, Layne's Chapel, Lee or Lees, Levan, Lewis, Little White Church, Long-1, Long-2, Lusk, Martin Springs Baptist Church, Martin-1, Martin-2 or Jones, Martin-3, McDaniel-Moore, McNabb-1, McNabb-2, McWilliams, Monteagle, Mt Olivet, Mt Zion, Myers, New Hope, No Name, Oak Grove-1, Oak Grove-2, Oates, Old County, Old Havron Chapel, Old Soldiers, Old Union Grove, Orme Mt, Owen Church, Patten, Patten (annex), Pickett, Pigeon MT, Pine Grove, Pine Hill, Pleasant Grove, Pope, Pot, Presnell, Price-1, Price-2, Pryor (Whitwell), Pryor Ridge Methodist Church, Pryor-2, Pryor-3, Puckett, Rankin, Raulston, Red Hill, Richards, Richie, Sardis, Sequatchie Valley Memorial, Shelton, Shiloh, Shropshire, Smith-1, Smith-2, Spangler, St Johns Mission, State Line, Tate-1, Tate-2, Teague, Trussell, Turner, Walden, Walker, White, Whitwell Memorial, Wynne, Wyrick.

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