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This Surname Registration List is available to anyone who has a genealogical interest in Marion County, Tennessee. The list can be used to find information on your Marion County roots from others who are also searching for their ancestors and is generally easier than submitting a query to the web page since these individuals are looking for the same family groupings that you might be.

If you wish to drop a note to an individual listed below, just click on their name and an e-mail form will pop up for you to put your note on.

Remember, when requesting information from the list or individuals, be as specific as you can. Include full names, dates and locations. You are more likely to get a response if you do. Requesting information on names that you don't have narrowed down to at least a time period are not very useful, will not bring you the results you desire, and generally are ignored. If you don't have dates, be sure to indicate that and include as much information as you can so that others might be able to narrow your request down with the information they have.

If you wish the Marion County surnames that you are researching to be added to this list, or if you need to change your listing, just drop me a note and let me know.

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Betty McBee

Please indicate that the Surnames are for the Marion County, TN, Surname List.

In addition to the researchers listed below, the Whitwell Library has files containing information on many surnames. To see a list of the available surname files click here.


ABBOTT Linda G Reid ADAMS Dorothy Tudor AKINS Sandra Arledge Turner AKINS Charles E. Austin
Alley Judy Russell ALLISON Ron McCandless ALLISON Marilyn Burnett Garner ALLISON Gil Allison
ALMANY/ALMONY Dawn Alison Smith ANDERSON Charles E. Austin ANDERSON Tony Anderson ANDERSON Delbert & Patricia Ladd
ANDERSON Donna O'Brien ARLEDGE Sandra Arledge Turner ASHBURN Sandie Huffstutler ATTERTON Lloyd A. TATE
AUSTIN Charles E. Austin      


BAILEY Tina Brown BARBEE/BARBA/BARBE Dave Barbee BARLEW/BARLOW Gloria Hursey BARNES Joanne Parmley
BARNES Kay in PA BARNES Frank and Betty McBee BARNETT Judi Miniard BEENE/BEAN Lynda Hamill Johnson
BELCHER/BELSHER Kenneth B Belsher BIBLE Terri Bible Strotman BICE/BYCE/BIAS Vicki BLAKE Judy K. Wilson
BLEVINS Charles E. Austin BLEVINS Sandie Huffstutler BLEVINS Kathy Daly BLEVINS Marilyn Burnett Garner
BLOSS Dick Bloss BOLTON Evelyn Skelton Sell BOLTON Kay Blanton BOLTON Tammy Goodrich
BOOKOUT Martha Bartel BOSTON/BOSTAIN Linda Cassidy Doyle BOYD Barry L Boyd BRADLEY/BRADDLEY Dick Bloss
BRANSON Elvin Haynes BREWER Joyce Mueller Martin BREWER Jerri Thompson BRIDGES Charles E. Austin
 BRIGGS Lindy Sheehan  BRISENDINE Sarah Blalock BROWN Laura Powell Haslacker BROWN Pat Hoffman
BROWN Bobbie Burnette BROWN Marilyn Burnett Garner BROWN Carol Tate Degraff BROWN Bill McConnell
BRUMLEY Evelyn Skelton Sell BRUMLEY Kay Blanton BRYANT Gary L. Eldridge BRYANT Martha Layne
BRYANT Paula Carle-Bosch BRYANT Linda Cassidy Doyle BRYANT Gil Allison BURGESS Debra McCann
BURK Dick Bloss BURNETT Euline Hewitt Harris BURNETTE Pat Hoffman BURNETT Marilyn Burnett Garner
BURNETT/BURNETTE Bobbie Burnette      


CALDWELL Delbert & Patricia Ladd CAMPBELL Linda Levan Roy CANADA Diane P. Green  
 CARGILE Sarah Blalock     CARLTON Ann Carlton Oppenheimer
CARROLL Elvin Haynes CASSIDY Linda Cassidy Doyle CATE  Lynne Acres CHADWICK Linda Cassidy Doyle
CHAPLES Ruth Hannah Kregoski CHAUDOIN David Chaudoin CHRISTIAN Marilyn Burnett Garner CLINE Dawn Alison Smith
  COFFELT Tony Anderson COFFELT Terri Bible Strotman COFFELT Marilyn Burnett Garner
COLLINS Marilyn Burnett Garner COLSTON/COULSTON Gladys Shannon CONLEY Mabel Scott COOPER Marilyn Burnett Garner
COPELAND Linda G Reid COPPINGER Marilyn Burnett Garner COPPINGER Gil Allison COPPINGER Linda Levan Roy
COPPINGER Martha Layne CORNELISON Linda Levan Roy CORNETT/CORNUTT Don Cornutt CORVIN Laura Powell Haslacker
COULSON Gladys Shannon COX Gloria Hursey CRABTREE Nancy Payne CRABTREE Linda Levan Roy
CRAIG Katherine White-Duke CREEK/CREEDS Shirley Kilgore Knight CROWNOVER MCBEE NEWS CRUTCHFIELD Leona Tinsley Shields
CUNNINGHAM Charles E Carroll CURNUTT Don Cornutt CURTIS Al Smith  



DAVENPORT Marilyn Burnett Garner DAVIDSON Paul Davidson DAVIS Linda Levan Roy DAVIS Evelyn Skelton Sell
DAVIS Kay Blanton DAVIS Paul R. L. Vance DAVIS Helen Smith Hoke DAVIS George Davis
DAVIS Teresa Wilson Wiese DEAKINS Helen Smith Hoke  DEARING Nancy A Penn   DEVAULT Marilyn Burnett Garner
 DIXON Delbert & Patricia Ladd  DIXON Martha Layne   DOCKERY Katherine White-Duke  DODSON MCBEE NEWS
 DOGHERTY Barb MacNeil  DOHERTY Sandie Huffstutler    
 DOHERTY/DOHRITY Maureen E. Ryan  DOUGHERTY Marilyn Burnett Garner  DOUGHERTY Maureen E. Ryan  DOUGHERTY Pat Hoffman
 DOVE Robert A Anderson  DOYLE Linda Cassidy Doyle  DRAKE Wanda Casker  
 DRUIN David Chaudoin  DUNCAN James Duncan  DUTTON Shirley Kilgore Knight  DYE Debbie Hampton Drum
 DYE Linda Cassidy Doyle  DYKES Lloyd A. TATE  DYKES Darryl Long  



 EASTERLY Euline Hewitt Harris  ERWIN Linda G Reid  EVERETT Gloria Hursey  



 FARRIS Charles E. Austin  FEATHERS Dora Sanders  FERGUSON Dawn Alison Smith  FINE Ruth Hannah Kregoski
 FLANNIGAN Frank and Betty McBee  FLOYD Donna O'Brien  FORD Sandie Huffstutler  FRANCIS Karen Groce
 FRANCIS Dora Sanders  FRASIER Debbie Barnes  FULFER Robin Dixon  FULFER SANNA



 GRAY Laura Powell Haslacker  GRAYSON Don & Maxine Blair  GRAYSON Euline Hewitt Harris  GRAYSON Helen Smith Hoke
 GRAYSON Teresa Wilson Wiese      
 GREEN Lloyd A. TATE  GRIFFITH Lloyd A. TATE  GRIFFITH Paula Carle-Bosch  GRIMES Cheryl Cook Singleton



 HALE Sandie Huffstutler  HALE Charlotte Hale Matthews HAMILL Lynda Hamill Johnson  HAMPTON Debbie Hampton Drum
 HAMRICK Suzie Rogers Vinson  HANNAH Ruth Hannah Kregoski  HARGIS Donna O'Brien  HARP Lori Stark
 HARRIS Euline Hewitt Harris  HARRIS Donna O'Brien  HART Carolyn Cramer  HASKEW Ida Smith
 HARFIELD Al Smith  HATFIELD Don Cornutt  HATFIELD Al Smith  HAVNER Delbert & Patricia Ladd
 HAVNER Donna O'Brien  HAWK Ruth Hannah Kregoski  HAYNES Dawn Alison Smith  HAYNES Marilyn Burnett Garner
 HAYNES/HAINES Elvin Haynes  HEAD Marilyn Burnett Garner  HENDRIX Helen Smith Hoke  HENSON J. Waites
 HICE/HISE/HEISS Curtis Scholl  HICKS Sandie Huffstutler  HICKS Shirley Kilgore Knight  HICKS Debbie Barnes
 HIGDON Dale Mabee  HIGGINS Wanda Manning  HILBURN Paul R. L. Vance  HILL Terry Gilliam
 HILLIARD Charles E. Austin  HIXSON Teresa Wilson Wiese  HOLLAND Carolyn Cramer  HOLLAND Laura Powell Haslacker
 HOLLAND Bobbie Burnette  HOLLAND Tammy Goodrich  HOLLAND Judy Conrad  HOLLINGSWORTH Helen Smith Hoke
 HOLT Sarah Blalock  HOODENPYLE Lindy Sheehan  HOOPER Cheryl Cook Singleton  HORNSBY David Moore
 HUDSON Euline Hewitt Harris  HUDSON Martha Layne  HUFF Frank and Betty McBee  HUFF Sandie Huffstutler
 HUFFSTUTLER Sandie Huffstutler  HUGHES Don & Maxine Blair  HUGHES Sarah Blalock HUMBLE Lynda Hamill Johnson
 HUNTER Marilyn Burnett Garner  HUNTER Keith Hunter  HYCHE Bob Parker    



 JACKSON Laura Powell Haslacker  JACKSON Marilyn Burnett Garner  JACO Lloyd A. TATE  JACOBS Mabel Scott
 JACOBS Katherine White-Duke  JAMES Robin Dixon  JAMES Reita Kelley  JARRETT Judy K. Wilson
 JENKINS Sarah Blalock      
 JOHNS Delores L. Crews  JORDAN Cheryl Cook Singleton  JORDAN Shannon Junker  



 KEITH Sandie Huffstutler    KELLY Meg Stevenson-Scaringe  KELLY Euline Hewitt Harris
 KELLY Ron McCandless  KELLY Wanda Casker  KELLY Charles E Carroll  KELLY Kathleen Brown
 KENNEDY/KENNEDAY Diane P. Green  KENNEMORE Judy Conrad  KEY Debbie Barnes  KILGORE Dorothy Tudor
 KILGORE Cheryl Cook Singleton  KILGORE Paula Carle-Bosch  KILGORE Shirley Kilgore Knight  KILGORE Wanda Manning
 KING Cheryl Cook Singleton  KIRKPATRICK James Duncan  KNIGHT Sarah Blalock  
 KOGER Helen Smith Hoke  KUYKENDAL Bob Parker    



 LADD James Duncan  LADD Delbert & Patricia Ladd  LAMB Wanda Casker  LAMBERT Wayne Lambert
 LANCASTER Paul R. L. Vance  LANKFORD MCBEE NEWS  LASATER Randy Lasater  LASTER Delores L. Crews
 LAWSON Barb MacNeil      LAYNE Cheryl Cook Singleton
 LAYNE/LANE Keith Hunter  LAYNE Joyce Mueller Martin  LAYNE Martha Layne  LAYNE Marilyn Burnett Garner
 LAYNE Wanda Manning  LAYNE/LANE Paula Carle-Bosch  LEDGERWOOD Sandie Huffstutler  LEE Dave Barbee
 LEVAN Linda Levan Roy  LEVAN William Link Levan  LEVAN Robin Dixon  LEVAN SANNA
 LEWIS Don & Maxine Blair  LEWIS Marilyn Burnett Garner  LINDER Judy K. Wilson  LINDSEY Katherine White-Duke
 LOFTY Sandie Huffstutler  LOGGINS MCBEE NEWS  LONG Joyce Mueller Martin  LONG Francis Cox
 LONG Darryl Long  LOVEDAY/LOVEDY/LOVELY Joe Ward  LUCAS Sarah Blalock  LUSK Marilyn Burnett Garner



 MABEE Dale Mabee  MANKIN Dale Mabee  MANNING Parker  MARTIN Ida Smith
 MASON Marilyn Burnett Garner  MASSENGALE Marilyn Burnett Garner  MASSENGALE Pat Hoffman  MATTHEWS Charlotte  Hale Matthews
 MAUGHAN Cheryl Cook Singleton  MAXWELL Karen Groce  MCBEE Delbert & Patricia Ladd  MCBEE Frank and Betty McBee
 MCBEE MCBEE NEWS  MCBEE Debbie Hampton Drum  MCBEE Karen Groce  MCBRIDE Meg Stevenson-Scaringe
 MCCAMPBELL Sarah Blalock      
 MCCANDLESS Ron McCandless  MCCLENDON Laura Powell Haslacker  MCCONNELL Bill McConnell  MCCOY Nancy A Penn
 McCoy LARRY WILLIAMS      MCCURRY Wanda Manning
 MCDANIELS Wanda Casker  MCFARLAND Linda (Levan) Roy  MCFARLAND Dawn Alison Smith  MCINTOSH Lillian
 MCMAHAN Debbie Hampton Drum  MCMURRY Charles E Carroll  MCNABB Charlotte  Hale Matthews  MCNABB Ruth Hannah Kregoski
 MINTON Kathy Daly  MITCHELL Kathleen Brown  MITCHELL J. Waites  MOATS Charlotte Hale Matthews
 MOORE David Moore MOORE Teresa Wilson Wiese  MOOREE Joyce Mueller Martin  
 MOREE Marty Wells Hampton  MOREE Connie Baumann  MORGAN Delbert & Patricia Ladd  MOSELY/MOSLEY Bill McConnell
 MOUNT Martha Bartel  MULLINS MCBEE NEWS  MURPHY Linda Cassidy Doyle  MURRAY Donna O'Brien
 MYERS/MYRES Linda Cassidy Doyle      



 NEWBORN Dora Sanders  NEWSOME Debbie Barnes  NICHOLS Ed Sellers  NICHOLS Paul R. L. Vance
 NOLAN David A. Meeks      



 O'NEAL J. Waites  O'NEAL William Link Levan  O'NEAL William E. O'Neal  OWEN Marilyn Burnett Garner
 OWENSBY Ruth Hannah Kregoski  OWENSBY Vicki    



 PAGE Paul R. L. Vance  PAINE Nancy Payne  PAINTER Delbert & Patricia Ladd  PARKER Parker
 PARKER Judi Miniard  PAYNE Debbie Hampton Drum  PAYNE Ruth Hannah Kregoski  PEACOCK Judy K. Wilson
 PENNINGTON Joyce Mueller Martin  PERKINS Evelyn Skelton Sell  PERKINS Kay Blanton  PERKINS Rhonda
 PHILLIPS Frank and Betty McBee      
 PICKETT Martha Layne  PICKETT Wanda Lee Powell  PORTER Dawn Alison Smith  PORTER Marilyn Burnett Garner
 POTTS Sarah Blalock      
 POWELL Laura  Powell Haslacker  POWELL Wanda Lee Powell  PRESNELL Lloyd A. TATE  PRICE Martha Bartel
   PRIGMORE Meg Stevenson-Scaringe  PRIGMORE Kathleen Brown  
 PRYOR Dawn Alison Smith  PYBURN Tony Anderson    



 QUARLES Brooks Nelson      



 RAGSDALE Marilyn Burnett Garner  RAGSDALE Joyce Mueller Martin  RALEIGH Lillian  RAMSEY Dawn Alison Smith
 RANKIN Cheryl Cook Singleton  RANKIN Ron Rankin  RAULSTON Delbert & Patricia Ladd  RAWLINGS/ROLLINS Donna O'Brien
 RECTOR Delbert & Patricia Ladd  REED MCBEE NEWS  REED Sarah Blalock  
 REEVES Parker  REYNOLDS Tammy Goodrich  Rice LARRY WILLIAMS  
 RICHIE Pat Hoffman  RICHIE/RICHEY Sandie Huffstutler  RICHIE Wayne Lambert  RIDGE Bobbie Burnette
 RIDINGS Linda G Reid  ROBERTS Katherine White-Duke  ROBERTS Tony Anderson  ROBERTSON Tony Anderson
 ROBERTSON/ROBERSON Donna O'Brien  ROBINSON Judi Miniard  RODDY Euline Hewitt Harris  Roehrig LARRY WILLIAMS
 ROGERS Wayne Lambert  ROGERS Suzie Rogers Vinson  ROLLINS MCBEE NEWS  ROSS Bill McConnell
 ROSS Carol Tate Degraff  RUBLE Laura Powell Haslacker  RUTH Veronica  RUSSELL Jerri Thompson
 RUSSELL Sarah Blalock      



 SCISSOM Lloyd A. TATE  SCOTT Linda Scott  SCOTT Mabel Scott  SCOTT Barb MacNeil
 SELMON Mabel Scott    SEXTON Rhonda  
   SHADRICK Jerri Thompson  SHADWICK Linda Cassidy Doyle  SHELTON Kathleen Brown
   SHERMAN Terry Gilliam    SHOCKLEY Lindy Sheehan
 SHOLL Bobbie Burnette  SHRUM John L Shrum  SISSON Shannon Junker  SKINNER Bobbie Burnette
 SMEDLEY George Davis  SMEDLEY Linda Cassidy Doyle  SMITH Debra McCann  SMITH Judi Miniard
 SMITH Donna O'Brien  SMITH Helen Smith Hoke  SMITH Judy K. Wilson  SMITH Al Smith
 SMITH Charles E. Austin  SMITH Marilyn Burnett Garner  SMITH Wanda Casker  SNOW Paul Davidson
 SOUTHERLAND Debbie Barnes  SPARKS Maureen E. Ryan  SPENCE Frank and Betty McBee  STEEL Charles E. Austin
 STEEL/STEELE Michaele Swiderski  STEPHENS Mabel Scott  STEWART Helen Smith Hoke  STILES Frank and Betty McBee
 STINNETT Carol Lee  STONE Euline Hewitt Harris  SWEETON Lloyd A. TATE  



 TABOR Carol Tate Degraff  TANNER SANNA  TATE Lloyd A. TATE  TATE Martha Layne
 TATE Shirley Kilgore Knight  TATE Carol Tate Degraff  TATUM Judy K. Wilson  TAYLOR Debbie Barnes
 TAYLOR Kay Blanton  TEAGUE Curtis Scholl  TEAGUE William Link Levan  TEAGUE Helen Smith Hoke
 TEETER Debbie Barnes  TERRY Dona Terry  TEMPLETON Tony Anderson  THOMAS Wanda Casker
 THOMPSON Donna O'Brien  TROXELL/TROXEL Charles E. Austin  TROY MCBEE NEWS  TROY Donna O'Brien
 TURNER Lillian  TURNEY Delores L. Crews  TUSSEY Marilyn Burnett Garner  



 VAUGHN Robin Dixon  VICK James Duncan  VINSON Sarah Blalock  



 WALDEN Joyce Mueller Martin  WALKER Lawana Walker Kamulda    
 WARD Frank and Betty McBee  WATSON Jerri Thompson  WEDDLE Dianne Weddle Beams  
 WELLS Marty Wells Hampton  WHEELER Ron McCandless  WHITE Delbert & Patricia Ladd  WHITE Lloyd A. TATE
 WHITE Frank and Betty McBee  WHITE Donna O'Brien  WHITE Katherine White-Duke  WHITEAKER Michaele Swiderski
 WILSON Sarah Blalock    WOLFINBARGER Marilyn Burnett Garner  WOOTEN MCBEE NEWS
 WRIGHT Delores L. Crews  WRIGHT Joyce Mueller Martin  WRIGHT Judy K. Wilson  WYMON SANNA



 YARLWORTH MCBEE NEWS   YOUNG Michaele Swiderski  


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