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TNMARION Mailing List or Query/Contact list is available to anyone who has a genealogical interest in Marion County, Tennessee. The list can be used to find information on your Marion County roots from others who are also searching for their ancestors.

The mailing list is another way of finding information and is generally more active than submitting a query to the web page. You can and should use both methods or techniques in your research.

The E-Mail address for posting is

To subscribe send the word SUBSCRIBE as the only text in the BODY of the message to for the single message mode (receiving each e-mail as a separate message) or for the grouped message or digest mode (receiving several postings as one e-mail message.

If your e-mail program requires a subject, you can also put the word "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.

Note: You MUST be a subscriber to the TNMARION Mailing List before you can post a query. This move has been made necessary because of the large amounts of unwanted, non-genealogy related material {SPAM} that is being sent to the mailing list. Follow the above directions to subscribe to the mailing list.

Your Marion County Coordinator is

Betty McBee

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May 18, 2003