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Marion County, TN

Listed on this page are people that are willing to volunteer their time to look up certain items from Marion County, Tennessee. Listed is the resource and the name of the volunteer who is willing to do the search for you. Please do not overload these volunteers! They are also researching on their own families. Please be sure to put a reference to what you are looking for in the SUBJECT line of your message. For example; if you are sending a message for an 1850 Marion County Census look up, put in the SUBJECT line--1850 Marion CO Census look up. That way, the volunteers will see that it is a look-up related message, and be able to answer you quicker.

If you have any resources at home, and you would like to be involved with this part of our project...send us an email to Betty McBee with what you are willing to look up and I will post it here!

Thank you.

Area Books
Helen L. Smith Hoke at has copies of the following Books:
1830 & 1840 Sequatchie Valley census (includes Marion & Bledsoe)
Marion County, Tennessee Biographies
Sequatchie County, Tennessee Marriages 1858-1881
Sequatchie Families - Bios of Early Sequatchie Valley Settlers
Sequatchie Valley Rev War Sol
Sequatchie Valley Bible Records

Please specify name and source in which you are requesting the lookup.
*Limit one name per request please*

Census Records
Donna O'Brien at will do look-up's in the following:
1860 Marion County Census.
1870 Marion County Census.
1910 Marion County Census.
1920 Marion County Census.
1930 Marion County Census.
Please specify name and the census in which you are requesting the lookup.
*Limit one name per request please*

If you have resources that you would like to do lookups for other researchers
please let us know and we will add you to this list.

Your Marion County Coordinator is

Betty McBee

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Updated: January 24, 2004