Foster Falls School

Foster Falls School

First row (left to right): Dewitt Dee Caldwell, Marvin Tate, Benton Foster, Elmer Price, John Foster, Arthur Foster, George Tate, Raymond Tate, Emma Dyer, Mary Dadee Caldwell, Gladys Price, Ethel Nolan, Mary Tate, Rowena Tate and Myrtle Nolan

Second row (left to right): Fred Smith (teacher), Mable Price, Lizzie Caldwell, Margaret Dyer, Ruth Foster, Ethel Caldwell, Robert Foster, Charles Foster, Foster Price, Will Foster and Paul Almany.

Lizzie Caldwell married Mel Dixon and Ethel Caldwell married John Morgan.

 Date of photo 1910.

Photo submitted by Delbert Ladd

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