Deeds of Marion County
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Land Records of Marion County


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Deeds of Marion County
Deeds recorded from 1821 through 1826

Marion County Deed Book A
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William Henry to William Anderson
To Samuel Anderson
Commissioners to James Chaudoin
Samuel N. Pryor to John R. Nelms
Frederick Oyler to James Chaudoin
Anderson Smith to Matthew Pryor
William Rankin to Bartlet Wilson
C. B. Raines to Jackson Pryor
Edward Forrester to David Rankin
Michael Burkhalter to Thomas M. Smith
Layton K. Smith Deeds
Wm. Onam F. McKee to Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith to B. F. Smith
Samuel Sitton to Elijah Scott
Anderson Smith to Abbott Smith
R.E.C.Davis to Thomas Smith
Elsebury Coggin to Tyrse D. Smith
Thomas Smith to Edwin Duke
Thomas Smith to E.A.Teague
W.F.Smith to Reuben Smith
J. E. Teague to J. N. Smith
William Anderson to A.F.Anderson & Patton Anderson
William Anderson to A.F.Anderson & Albert (Bird) S.Anderson
Thomas Smith to Gerry Holloway
Alfred M.Smith to Edward D.Pickett
E.K.Hamilton to B.F.Smith
Eligah Scott to Haggard & Durham
Thomas Smith to Mary V.Frizell
Commissioners to Elmas Smith
J.E.Teague to J.N.Smith
George Jackson to Benjamin F. Smith
E. D. Pickett to Alfred M. Smith
G.S.Deakins to Hyde, Smith, & Wright
Charles Foster to James Anderson
Teague & Smith to George & Martha Jane Smith
J.M.Jones & Mary Jones
to Robert Smith & Z.M.Long
Thos.M.Smith to B.F.Smith
Henry Kelly to Geo.D.Smith
Benjamin F. Smith to Samuel Harris
J.B.Deakins to G.E.Deakins
Heirs of Charles R. Collins to William Collins
Hannah Ray to Aaron Wilson
John Overturf to David Standfield
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Samuel Jackson to Hannah Ray

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