A - Goodspeed, History of Tennessee, Haywood County

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Haywood County, TN

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A - Goodspeed, History of Tennessee, Haywood County

Oliver ALEXANDER, an old resident and farmer of the Second District, was born May 26, 1816, in Blount County, Tenn., near Knoxville, on the south side of the Holston River. His father, Benjamin G. Alexander, was of Scotch descent, born in Virginia in 1779, came to Tennessee in 1796, and married in 1799 Ruth Wallace, who was born in North Carolina in 1776, and died in 1851. She was also of Scotch parentage. Mr. Alexander died in 1843. Oliver Alexander was raised on a farm, and remained with his parents until twenty-one. Then being without money and dependent upon his own exertions, he commenced clearing Government land and farming. In 1855 he moved to Dancyville, and engaged in merchandising until the war, and up to that time had accumulated about $60,000. He was colonel of the militia, and was solicited to take his regiment into the service, and started, but received orders to furnish thirty-two men and disband the others. Mr. Alexander was a magistrate in his district for nearly three terms, and in 1877 was elected to fill an unexpired term in the legislature. May 5, 1836, he married Elizabeth Lucas GEE. They had eight children: Sarah V. (Wife of William J. Lyle); George Lucas, Elizabeth Mary (wife of Joseph H. THOMAS; Felix M. and Olivia L. (Wife of Simon N. TUNLY): and three others that died in infancy. Mr. Alexander has now about $6,000, besides over $25,000 he has given to his children. He is a man of influence and fine social standing, and is a member of the Missionary Baptist Church. Politically he is a Henry Clay Democrat, and was elected to the Legislature on the Greenback platform. His wife died February 11, 1873, a devout Christian. In November of the same year he married Mrs. Sarah G. ALLEY, but lived with her only a short time when the separated by mutual consent without any unkind feeling on either side. She being from Arkansas, and her children being there, she was not contented away from them, and he could not leave his business in this State. Mr. Alexander has prepared a history of Haywood County, which has been published. He is widely known and respected.

Littleberry M. ALLEN, one of Haywood County's reliable farmers and citizens, was born in Hanover County, Va., April 17, 1820, and is the son of Ampson and Ann S. (BROWN) Allen, both of them being natives of Virginia. The father was born in Louisa County June 22, 1794, and was a soldier in the war of 1812, and died in Haywood County March 9, 1855. The mother was born in Louisa County, Va., March 24, 1800, and died in 1854. After receiving his education and when still quite young, our subject commenced working at a trade, having some talent for mechanics. Thirty-eight years ago he professed religion, and joined the Missionary Baptist Church, and has since been a useful and active member. September 1, 1852, he married Miss Martha E. GUINN, a native of Culpeper County, Va., born December 22, 1833. Four children were the result of this marriage, all of them boys, but three of them are dead. Ernest, the only surviving son is a very promising young man of about twenty years of age. Mr. and Mrs. Allen are highly esteemed for their many excellent qualities and kindness of heart. They were married in March, 1816. Politically he is a true Democrat.

Dr. Auguston ALSTON, a prominent physician of Haywood County, was born May 26, 1825, in Warren County, N. C., and is the son of Auguston and Martha (Macon) Alston, who were both Natives of North Carolina. The father died in his native State at the age of twenty-seven, and 1829 the mother married Rev. James S. SMITH, a very popular minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and a native of Virginia, and a member of several years of the Virginia Conference. In 1831 Mr. and Mrs. Smith came to Haywood County, and settled ten miles north of Brownsville, where the village of Brooklyn (jnp - this is Tibbs) now stands. Mr. Smith continued to preach, but never entered the itinerant work after coming to this State. He died in 1834, and Mrs. Smith in 1881. Dr. Alston, after receiving a thorough literary education and selecting medicine as his profession, entered the medical university at Louisville; after graduating, he returned to Haywood County and commenced practicing; in 1849 he located at Brownsville and soon established an extensive practice, and for sixteen years was regarded as one of the most able and successful physicians of West Tennessee. In 1865 he went to Memphis, and was appointed clerk and master of the chancery court, which office he filled with credit to himself and satisfaction to the people, for six years. In 1871 he returned to Haywood County and purchased a farm near Brownsville, building a handsome residence on it. A unique summerhouse in the fount yard adds very much to the beauty of the place. He has named his home Haymouret. In is political views Dr. Alston was a Whig before the war and is now a stanch Republican. While not a member of any church, he is a firm believer in the Christian religion and a regular attendant of the Methodist Church. September 15, 1847, he married Mary B. HAY, daughter of David Hay, a native of North Carolina. Dr. Alston has one daughter, who in May, 1870, married Mr. Tiff SMITH, a native of Haywood County, who died August, 1885. Judge W. M. Smith of Memphis is a half-brother of Dr. Alston's.

Robley H. ANDERSON, dealer in hardware, agricultural implements and furniture, at Brownsville, was born in Haywood County, January 10, 1853, being the son of H. Clopton, and Almira A. (CHERRY) Anderson, natives of Virginia and North Carolina. Our subject was raised on a farm, and in early life attended the schools in the county, then graduated at Bryant's and Stratton's Business College, at St. Louis, Mo., and in 1872 accepted a position with Anderson & Jones, at Brownsville, as clerk and book-keeper, when he filled until 1876, when he moved back to the farm and farmed until 1880, when he returned to Brownsville and commenced his present business, which he has managed so successfully, as to justly ranked as one of the enterprising substantial citizens of th town. April 19, 1876, he married Maggie M. GRAY, daughter of Alexander and May Gray, of Haywood County. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson are church members of high standing, and he is a member of the K. of H.; in politics he is a Democrat, and is regarded as an intelligent, honorable gentleman.

Douglas S. ANDERSON, dealer in stoves, tinware, furniture and gas and steam fittings, was born in Haywood County, twelve miles northwest of Brownsville, October 6, 1856, and is the son of Dr. H. Clopton and Almira A. (CHERRY) Anderson, natives respectively of Virginia and North Carolina. Our subject remained on the farm during youth and attended the common schools. In 1874 he finished his education at Bethel College, at Russellville, Ky., and abandoning agricultural pursuits engaged in the merchandise business at Toulon, Tenn., in Haywood County, with his brother, H. C. Anderson, where he remained until 1886, after which he came to Brownsville and engaged in his present business. He is also engaged in farming near Toulon, and has bed with evident success. He is one of the county's most substantial citizens and is a prosperous and successful young man. September 7, 1881, he was married to Betty J. HARVEY, daughter of Col. William P. and Annie M. Harvey, of Haywood County. Our subject is a Democrat and a member of the Missionary Baptist Church. Mrs. Anderson is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

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