Hardeman County Tennessee

County Tax Hardeman Co., TN. July 3 1924

By: Charlotte Holloway

February 5, 2006


Avent, J.M.                          Martindale, L.

Harvey, Sidney                    Jackson, Lula

Jones, J.R.                           Pipkin, A.S.

Middleton, Town of               Lasser, J.D.

Rogers, W.Y.                        Smith, Jim K.

Simpson, F.S.                       Waldrop, Chas.

Simpson, F.S.                       Wauhouse, F.U.

State                                    Jones, Henry

State                                     Dutton, Will

State                                     Howard, Jo

State                                     Young, J.G.

State                                     Hullm Henry

State                                     Anderson, Buck

State                                     Puryear, L.

State                                     Parham, Jim

State                                     Newburn, John H.

State                                     Jones, Sydney

State                                     Johnson, Jessie

State                                     Rush, Jim

State                                     Rush, Leonard

State                                     Roger, Will

State                                     Rush, Dewey

State                                     Buford, M.

State                                     Estes, Tom


Hardeman County Tennessee
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