Descendancy of Irish Jim MULLINS,

History of the Mullins family of Newman's Ridge

Descendancy of "Irish" Jim MULLINS,

of Newman's Ridge, Hancock Co., TN


James MULLINS, also known as "Irish Jim", or "Harelip Jim", was the progenitor of the

Newman's Ridge Mullins clan. He was supposedly born in England, ca.1780, though there are some who believe that he was born in NC, and is part of the other Mullins families in the VA, NC, TN, and KY area in the late 1700's. It is not certain how Irish Jim's family fit in with the other Mullins families, but all appear to be associated with the mysterious Melungeons, which, seemingly, would make them related somehow. But, as far as I know, no link has been found between Jim and other Mullins', such as Booker Mullins, and Flower Mullins.

Tradition states that Jim migrated to America in the last years of the 18th century,

became a trader, and migrated to Hancock Co., TN, where he bought land on Newman's Ridge. He supposedly married a Melungeon woman, named Clara MARTIN (some researchers think she was a COLLINS, or GIBSON). It is not certain whether they were married before he came to TN, or after.

Most of the following info came from the Will Grohse Files, with a little help from Rev.Arthur Hamilton Taylor, the De Marce Files, census records, and family tradition.

Rev. Taylor said this in 1927; "All the Mullins I know show the dark skin of Indian blood, but the older people tell me the older Mullins' were fair of skin, which might well be expected of originally pure Irish stock".


Key to chart: this chart uses a number system, such as the following example;

1,1,1)Margaret MULLINS, The first number indicates the first generation, (in this case James MULLINS), the second number indicates the next generation, this being the first son or daughter of #1 (Samuel MULLINS), and the third being the 1st son or daughter (Margaret MULLINS) of the 1st son or daughter of #1, and so on. So, Margaret MULLINS would be the first daughter of the first son of James MULLINS.

(*) asterisk usually signifies a correction has been made, and the explanation can be found at the bottom of that specific chart.


1) James MULLINS (also spelled MULLENS)- 1780 in England(?). Migrated to Hancock Co., TN ca. 1805 (at that time, Hancock Co was part of Hawkins Co). In the Hancock Co. census of 1880, his surviving children listed their father as being born in Eng. As far as I know, that is the only documentation that states this.

According to the Grohse Files, he had a 'hair-lip' and "couldn't hardly smoke a pipe" (quotations unknown). He married Clara MARTIN, who may have been the daughter of James Martin, ca.1805. Some researchers, such as De Marce, and Dromgoole, believe Clara was a COLLINS. They settled on Newman's Ridge and had the following children:

1.Samuel TN. Married 1. Morning GIBSON, b. in VA, dau. of Fisher and Sookey GIBSON. 2. Mary GIBSON, Morning's sister.

2.Prudence MULLINS-b.1810 TN. Married, ca.1839 in Hawkins Co., TN, George MISER.

3. Betsy (Elizabeth) in TN. Around 1831, she married Alfred COLLINS, son of Vardy COLLINS and his wife Peggy GIBSON Collins.

4. Zerah (also known as Isiah, or Wilson Zere) 1813 TN. He married 1.Prude MISER, ca. 1834. Prudence was believed to be the sister of George MISER, Prude Mullins' husband. 2. Lydia BIRD, believed to be the dau. of Levi and Sarah BIRD.

5.James MULLINS-b. ca.1815 TN. Married 1. ca.1834, Lindy GIBSON, dau. of Jonathan and Frankie GIBSON. 2. Nancy COLLINS.

6. John MULLINS-b. ca.1823 TN. Married Mahala COLLINS, dau. of Solomon and Gincie (GOINS) COLLINS.

7. Nancy 1825 KY. (m.Harrison GIBSON?)

More detail will be given on each child in the following pages.



1, 1) Samuel MULLINS, son of "Irish Jim", in TN (probably Hawkins/Hancock Co). He married 1. Morning GIBSON, dau of Fisher and Sookey GIBSON. They had one child, who died. After Morning died, Sam married her sister, Mary GIBSON, who was widow of Dotson GIBSON, who himself was killed by Confederate raiders during the Civil War. In one tax list, the household of Samuel MULLINS was listed as having 2 'fpc' (free persons of color). Morning and her sister, both born in VA, are buried in neighboring burial plots, with Sam beside them, atop Newman's Ridge.The children of Sam and Mary (Gibson) MULLINS * were:

1,1,1) Margaret MULLINS, Married her 1st cousin, Wallace MULLINS, in 1871, when she was 11 yrs.old. Wallace was the son of Jimmy and Nance Mullins. They lived on Powell's Mt. Wallace was Constable for 11 terms in the 11th Civil Dist. of Hancock Co.,TN. He was Deputy Sheriff 3 times. Their children:

1,1,1,1) Hesta (or Vesta) MULLINS, b.1872 TN. (more info below)

1,1,1,2) Wayman MULLINS, b.1876 TN. m. 1.cousin Hesta MULLINS (not his sister).2. Narcy (or Nancy) COLLINS (more info below)

1,1,1,3) Thomas MULLINS, b.1878 m.1.Em ANDERSON.2. Francis COLLINS. 3. Celia DELP

1,1,2) Doc MULLINS, killed when he was a young man. He was squirrel hunting, cut a tree, it split and hit him. He was badly injured, and died a few weeks later.

* Judging by census records, Margaret and Doc seem to be Mary's children through her first husband, Dotson GIBSON. Thanks to Sharon Patterson for pointing this out.


1,1,1,1) Hesta (or Vesta) MULLINS,, m., on 2 Nov 1888, Willie MULLINS, son of Elbe and Eliza (Seals) MULLINS. Elbe was the son of John and Mahala MULLINS. Hesta and Willie seperated, and Hesta married 3 more times. Her 2nd husband was a man named Phillip (or Phillips), her 3rd; George MISER, son of Wilson Miser, 4th; Charlie MULLINS, son of Jerry Mullins, and grandson of "Old Jimmy" Mullins (#1,5). Hesta only had children with Willie. They were:

1,1,1,1,1). Maud MULLINS, dau. of m. Coff (or Croff) COLLINS, lived near Pennington Gap, In Lee Co, VA. They had several children. Croff was shot and killed, after drunkingly throwing rocks at a man's house. The man ordered him away, but he refused, so he shot him. This happened in 1925.

1,1,1,1,2). Quinney MULLINS (poss. Queenie)

Hesta and Willie had 1 other child that died.


1,1,1,2) Wayman MULLINS, b.3 Jun 1876, d. 21 Mar 1953, son of Sam and Margaret Mullins, m. Narcy COLLINS, dau of 'Puss" Collins of Indian Ridge, Hancock Co., TN. They lived near Rose Hill, in Lee Co., VA. Wayman lived with a B.M. Mullins, in the 1930's, early 40's in Blackwater, Lee Co., VA. He's buried in Silverleaf Baptist Church yard in Lee Co., VA. Their children were:

1,1,1,2,1).Eddie (or Edna) MULLINS (f)- m. Ed MOORE

1,1,1,2,2).Quinnie MULLINS- m.Ode WARD. Lived near Kyle's Ford, Hancock Co, TN

1,1,1,2,3).Broden MULLINS- lived near Rose Hill, VA

1,1,1,2,4).Fred MULLINS

1,1,1,2,5).Bee MULLINS (m)

1,1,1,2,6)Carson MULLINS

1,1,1,2,7).Cleveland MULLINS-may have been the oldest boy. Lived near Rose Hill, VA


1,2) Prudence MULLINS, dau. of "Irish Jim" and Clara (Martin) Mullins-b. ca.1810 TN m. George MISER. George came from a German family that came to America in the early 1800's, from around Zweibrucken, (I believe Bavaria). The Misers lived in PA, immigrated, and bought land in Knoxville, TN, then bought land on Newman's Ridge in Hancock Co., TN, where they (this branch of Misers) assimilated into the Melungeon families. After Prude died, George married Pheobe Lawson.

1,2,1) John MISER-b.1824 Hawkins (poss. Hancock) Co., TN. He married Amanda MYERS, b.1824-d.1912 Hancock Co., TN. John died in 1910, Hancock Co., TN

1,2,2) Thomas MISER-b.1826 Hawkins Co., TN. m.1. Eura GIBSON, ca.1841. 2.Rena COLLINS, dau of Jackson and Mariah Collins. Rena and Tom had 2 children

1,2,2,1)Peter MISER

1,2,2,2)Mary Ann MISER

I'm not sure if Tom had any children with Eura.

1,2,3)Wilson MISER- b.1829 Hawkins Co., TN m. Peggy 'Nudge' COLLINS ca.1849


1,3) Betsy MULLINS- TN. She married Alfred COLLINS, son of Vardy and "Peggy" Margaret (GIBSON) COLLINS. Don't have much on this family yet.


1, 4) Zerah (aka/ Isiah, or Wilson Zere) MULLINS- b.1813 TN. m. 1st. Prude MISER, supposedly the sister of George Miser (see # 1,2). I have read where someone stated that she was a Gibson, but it gives no basis for that conclusion. Prude died sometime in the mid-1800's. After Prude died, Zerah married Lydia BIRD (or BYRD), probably the dau of Levi and Sarah BIRD. Levi was a veteran of the War of 1812, and owned land in Hawkins Co., TN (probably in the part that became Hancock Co). Lydia was said to have had 10 children with her first husband, James JOHNSON. Among these were Loyd, Sarah Bird, and Columbus JOHNSON, who all lived with Lydia and Zerah after they were married. Her other kids include; Hila Ann (Johnson) GIBSON, ( wife of Whitten GIBSON, who was killed in Mulberry Gap.), Betty (Johnson) BOLDEN (wife of George BOLDEN), Polly (Johnson) COLLINS, son of Vardy COLLINS (Armstead Collins' son), and Viana (Johnson) MULLINS, who married her step-brother (see below). One source says Zerah and Lydia moved to near Hyden, KY, but they were in Hancock Co at least until 1880, where they were listed in the census. Zerah lived next to his brother John and his wife, Mahala, the famous moonshiners, and may have been involved in their 'profession'. The children of Zerah and Prude are:

1,4,1)Loucinda Hawkins/Hancock Co., TN?

1,4,2)Solomon Hawkins/Hancock Co., TN

1,4,3)Clara Hawkins/Hancock Co., TN

1,4,4)William Hawkins/Hancock Co., TN

1,4,5)Cinderella MULLINS- ?. Blind and lived her life in a poor house

1,4,6)James Hancock co

1,4,7)Mack MULLINS-b.1845. m. Polly BELL. Also married Rachel CATHEE, or CHRISTIAN?. Don't know who he married first. Lived in Rogersville, TN (See below)

1,4,8)Alford MULLINS-b.1847

1,4,9)Wilson MULLINS-b.1851 m. Viana JOHNSON, his step-sister, in KY on 25 Oct 1873. (See below)



1,4,7)Mack MULLINS, son of Zerah and Prude (MISER)MULLINS, was born ca.1845 in Hancock Co., TN. He married at least twice, to Polly BELL, and Rachel (CATHEE? or CHRISTIAN?). May have been married 3 times. His children with Rachel were: 1,4,7,1)John Henry MULLINS (Sr)-b.4 Dec 1883 in Hawkins Co., TN. He married Mary Katherine PEAK. John died in 1928 in Tazewell Co, VA. John and Mary's children were:

1,4,7,1,1)Maude Gray MULLINS-b.1903-d.1986

1,4,7,1,2)Lee Roy MULLINS-b.1906-d.1975

1,4,7,1,3)Willie Edward MULLINS-b.1908-d.1976

1,4,7,1,4)James Lowery MULLINS-b.1914-d.1981

1,4,7,1,5)John Henry MULLINS, Jr-b.1922-d.1991

All were born in Burkes Garden, Tazewell Co., VA

1,4,7,2)Frank MULLINS-b. in Hawkins Co., TN. d.1946

1,4,7,3)Hiram MULLINS-b.1875 in Hawkins Co., TN. d.1966

1,4,7,4)Theona MULLINS-b. in Hawkins Co., TN

1,4,7,5)Laura MULLINS-b. in Hawkins Co., TN

1,4,7,6)Mary MULLINS-b. in Hawkins Co., TN. She m. Samuel BURKETT, moved to Tazewell Co., VA, then back to Rogersville, Hawkins Co., TN.

Thanks to Terry Mullins of Tazewell Co., VA for the info on this family.


1,4,9) Wilson MULLINS, son of Zerah and Prude (MISER) MULLINS, was born in Hancock Co., TN in 1851. Wilson married Viana JOHNSON, his step-sister on 25 Oct 1873 in KY. Viana's mother was Lydia BIRD (JOHNSON), who married Zerah Mullins, after seperating from her 1st husband, James Johnson. But married life was not for Wilson, and he soon ran off. One source says he went to Memphis, where he lived and died, while another says he moved to Rogersville, in neighboring Hawkins Co., TN. Viana later married Alfred COLLINS*, and after Alfred died, she drew a pension from his Civil War service. She was said to have lived to be a pretty good age, and was still living on Newman's Ridge in 1933, on the Panther Creek side. As far as I know, Wilson and Viana had only one child (there may be others that I don't know about);

1,4,9,1)Landon C. MULLINS-b.7 May 1874 in Hancock Co (grave says 1870, with no exact date). Lan was described as "tall, spare, looked as if he had poor eyes" (he did go blind). He was said to be an avid hunter, and was listed as being a 'Tanner' in a later census (1900 or 1910). Lan m. Mary COLLINS ca.1896. Mary died in 1910. Mary was said to be the daughter of "Old" George BELL, and Sally COLLINS, and was apparently illegitimate. George and Sally were also said to have had a child named Tivis. Not much is known about Mary and Sally, though I believe George was the son of Simeon BELL. These Bells, I believe, were from a family of Bells that were listed as 'Mu' (mulatto) on censuses from Hancock Co. According to Grohse, "Old George" Bell killed his nephew, "Young" George Bell, over an argument over a woman. Elsewhere, Grohse mentions that George Bell was "waylaid and murdered", but I don't know which George he was refering to. After Mary's death, Lan married Margie Stewart, dau. of John and Causby Stewart. I believe Lan lived on Walden's Ridge, near the TN/VA border, as that is where he's buried. Lan and Mary had the following children:

1,4,9,1,1)Alfred MULLINS

1,4,9,1,2)Isaac MULLINS

1,4,9,1,3)Robert MULLINS

1,4,9,1,4)Pearly MULLINS

1,4,9,1,5)Burley MULLINS

1,4,9,1,6)Shirley MULLINS

1,4,9,1,7)Bertha MULLINS

1,4,9,1,8)Mack Henley MULLINS

1,4,9,1,9)Nancy (or Melvina) MULLINS

More on this family below

*I was informed by Johnnie Rhea, through Hallie Garner, that Viana married Alfred GOINS, not COLLINS. She drew from Alfred GOINS' war pension.


Children of Landon and Mary (COLLINS) MULLINS:

1,4,9,1,1)Alfred MULLINS-b.14 Jan 1897 in Hancock Co., TN, d.11 Feb 1961 from TB. m.1.Patsy GIBSON, b.7 Apr 1904, 40's, also from TB. Alfred then married Docia (GIBSON?) COLLINS, dau. of Lizzie COLLINS and Aleck GIBSON (I'm not sure whether they were married or not). Docia was married first to Jessee COLLINS. Alfred's hand was chopped off with a hoe. Alfred is buried in Gollihon Cem. in Vardy, Hancock Co., TN. Ike and Patsy had the following children:

1,4,9,1,1,1) Nora MULLINS deceased

1,4,9,1,1,2) Campbell MULLINS living in Baltimore, MD married second Mary Teal

1,4,9,1,1,3) Eula MULLINS living in Baltimore, MD married Elmer Collins

1,4,9,1,1,4) Jessee MULLINS living at Pleasant Hill, IL married first to Audrey Collins. Married second to Dorothy.

1,4,9,1,1,5) Allie MULLINS living in Baltimore, MD married Ward Rankin Roberts, son of Cornelius and Mary (COLLINS) ROBERTS.

1,4,9,1,1,6) Jimmy MULLINS living in West Lafayette, IN, married first Georgie Bradley Fields. Then December 1980 married Eileen Mae Livingston, dau of Nellie Nichols and Charles C. Livingston.

1,4,9,1,1,7) Howard MULLINS living in West Lafayette, IN, a security guard at Home Hospital, married Elizabeth Geraldine Livingston Seaman, dau of Nellie Nichols and Charles C. Livingston in November 197x.

1,4,9,1,1,8) Albert Ray MULLINS died of Whooping cough.

1,4,9,1,1,9) Junior MULLINS married to Petie Bunch living in Morristown, TN

1,4,9,1,2)Isaac MULLINS-b.24 Feb 1898 in Hancock Co., TN, d.5 Dec 1968. Ike had a severed hand, and wore a leather strap on that arm. Earlier, I had stated that Ike's hand was chopped off with a hoe by his brother, Alfred. Jim and Eillen Mullins (Alfred's son and dau-in-law) informed me that it was Ike who chopped Alfred's hand off (all of the Mullins brothers loved to fight) after an argument. About 20 years later, Ike was fox hunting. he laid his gun up against a tree, it fell over and blew his arm off. He had to carry his arm back home to bury it. In photos, Ike always had his hand behind his back. Ike m.1.Minnie GIBSON,b.19 Apr 1906, and had the following children;*

1,4,9,1,2,1)Edward MULLINS

1,4,9,1,2,2)Esther MULLINS

Ike m.2. Ruth ROBERTS, dau of Sam ROBERTS. Don't know if they had children. Ike supposedly fathered several children with his sister-in-law, Causby STEWART, presumably Margie Stewarts' dau. Ike is buried in Gollihon Cem. in Vardy, Hancock Co., TN

*According to Johnie Rhea via Hallie Gardner, Edward and Esther Mullins were the children of Isaac with Causby Stewart, not Minnie Gibson, as Will Grohse stated.

1,4,9,1,3)Robert MULLINS-born and died in 1899.

1,4,9,1,4)Pearly MULLINS-b. 6 Sep 1900 in Hancock Co., TN, d.22 Apr 1966. m. Charlie MOORE,, d.1950's. Charlie served in the Army ca.1925. He later became blind. They lived near Mulberry Gap in Hancock Co., TN. Charlie is buried there. Pearlie is buried in Gollihon Cem. Their children were;

1,4,9,1,4,1)Isomae MOORE, m.Don BELL, son of Wint and Virgie (COLLINS) BELL. Virgie was dau. of Jesse and Sarah (Brewer) COLLINS. Isomae may have remarried. She lives in Sneedville, Hancock Co., TN.

1,4,9,1,4,2)Mollie Marie MOORE, m. Milton "Pig" MOORE, son of George and Fannie (GOINS) MOORE.

1,4,9,1,4,3)Goldie Lee MOORE, m. Alverty "Pig" ROBERTS, son of Cornelius and Mary (COLLINS) ROBERTS. Earlier, I had stated that Goldie was m. to Ward Rankin Roberts, but according to Jim and Eileen Mullins, Ward m. Allie Mullins (1,4,9,1,1,5), Goldie's cousin.

1,4,9,1,4,4)Bernice MOORE, m. Alvin MULLINS, son of Burkett and Francis (COLLINS) MULLINS.

1,4,9,1,4,5)Christin "Crick" MOORE (male), m. Lorene COLLINS, dau. of Docia COLLINS and Bob MISER. Christin was killed in Maryland in a fight in the 50's. He's buried on Walden's Ridge, near Lan Mullins.

1,4,9,1,4,6)Wayland MOORE, killed in car wreck at Hanegan Seal curve in Hancock Co (?) ca.1950's.

1,4,9,1,4,7)Pauline MOORE,, m. Riley HARRIS, b.21 Jun 1929. In an argument, Riley shot and killed Pauline, and then himself on 7 Sep 1961 in Maryland. Riley's father, Owen HARRIS was shot and killed by his brother-in-law, Sheriff Verlin MAXEY, in his own home. Owen's wife was Louise (Maxey?) Harris. Pauline is buried next to her brother on Walden's Ridge, I believe Riley is buried in Gollihon Cem.

1,4,9,1,5)Burley MULLINS-b.16 Jun 1902 in Hancock Co., TN, d.13 May 1962 in Lee (or Wise) Co., VA. Burl m. Virginia Mae CARROLL, on 19 Dec 1924 in Imboden, Wise Co., VA. Burl moved to Wise Co., VA in the 1920's, to work in the coal mines. He had to wear a gun to work every day. He got injured in a mine, and used money he recieved in a settlement to buy a house and land. He was a preacher for a time, as well as a car salesman, taxi cab driver, and newspaper district manager. His wife, Mae, was the dau. of Sterling and Clementine (FISHER) CARROLL. The Carrolls were originally from Hancock Co, but I haven't found any Melungeon lines in that family. The Fishers were from S.E. KY, living in Knox and Bell Cos., before moving to Wise Co. The family tradition is that the Fishers were Cherokee, but I haven't found anything for sure. I'm wondering if they weren't part of a Melungeon Fisher family that once lived in Hancock Co. Clementine was married first to a man named Philpot, who may have died in the coal mines. It is said that Sterling Carroll also died in the mines. After Burl died, Mae lived in TX with her son, Ralph, where she died a few years later. Burl and Mae had the following children;

1,4,9,1,5,1)Jim MULLINS-m. Betty Wiggs, lived in FL. Deceased. Died within week of brother Ralph, just as father Burl died a week from his brother, Shirley.

1,4,9,1,5,2)Eugene MULLINS-m. Kay Francis WOODS. Live in Knoxville TN (my parents!)

1,4,9,1,5,3)Robert MULLINS- Lived in Hollywood, CA. Deceased

1,4,9,1,5,4)Ralph MULLINS-m. Neta DANIELS, lived in Mesquite, TX, near Dallas. Deceased

1,4,9,1,5,5)Edwin MULLINS-m.Dorothy ?, live in AZ (Tuscon?)

1,4,9,1,5,6)Marvin MULLINS-m.1.Ann ? 2.Carol ? Lived in TX. Deceased.

1,4,9,1,5,7)George MULLINJS-m. Barbera ? Lived in TX. Deceased

1,4,9,1,5,8)Donald Ray MULLINS-m.Karen ?. Lives in TX. Country music singer.

1,4,9,1,6)Shirley MULLINS-b.29 Jan 1905 Hancock Co, TN. d.4 May 1962, 9 days before his brother Burl. After Shirley died, no one wanted to tell Burley, because he had had a stroke, and was not doing well. Shirley m.Lizzie MOORE, sister of his sister's husband, Charlie Moore. Shirley also had a child with Fanny MOORE , Lizzie and Charlie's sister.

1,4,9,1,6,1)Glen MULLINS

1,4,9,1,6,2)Agnes MOORE- Shirly's child with his sister-in-law Fanny MOORE

1,4,9,1,6,3)Daniel MULLINS

1,4,9,1,6,4)Geneva MULLINS

1,4,9,1,6,5)Willard MULLINS

1,4,9,1,7)Bertha Emma MULLINS-b.15 Jun 1906, m.Jim SEABOLT in Lee Co., VA, near Jonesville.

1,4,9,1,8)Mack Henley (Mackinley?) MULLINS-b. 1907. m.1.Sarah SEABOLT (?), in Lee Co., VA. m.2.or3.Rachel BOLDEN.. Mack Henley may have drowned. His children with Rachel Bolden are;

1,4,9,1,8,1)Hassie MULLINS

1,4,9,1,8,2)Thenie MULLINS

1,4,9,1,8,3)Frank MULLINS-lived in Rogersville, TN

1,4,9,1,9)Melvina (or Nancy) MULLINS-b.6 Apr 1909. Described as "light, almost tow-haired, light eyes, quiet". m. Lewis COLLINS, son of Landon and Rosie (MOORE) COLLINS. Rosie was the sister of Bob Moore , father of Charlie and Lizzie Moore. Nancy and Lewis' children were:

1,4,9,1,9,1)Annie Lee COLLINS-b.17 Apr 1926

1,4,9,1,9,2)Bennie Mae COLLINS-b.8 May 1932


1,5)'Old Jimmy MULLINS-son of 'Irish Jim' and Clara (Martin) MULLINS, b.1815. m. Lindy GIBSON, dau of Jonathan GIBSON. Jimmy may have been in the Civil War. If the information on Jimmy is right, then Jimmy was fathering children on up into his 60's! Jimmy and Lindy had these children:

*1,5,1)Wayman, According to Grohse, Wayman was in the Civil War with his father, Old Jimmy. While home on furlough, they were hiding out for fear of bushwhackers from VA. But one night, while camping on the ground, covered with brush, on Newman's Ridge, east of Boyd's Gap, they were surrounded by VA raiders. They started shooting their way out. Wayman was killed, but Jimmy escaped. Two of the 15 raiders were shot and died the next day. One of the raiders was Old Dave MARTIN, who lived in Lee Co., VA. After Lee's surrender, the Tennesseeans made a raid back into VA. They came upon Old Dave, sitting grinding cane. One of the TN raiders, allegedly Duncan COLLINS, shot him. Grohse says that Wayman was the leader of the TN raiders before he was killed. Most of these raiders were not soldiers. The raiding continued long after the war ended.

1,5,2)Jerry (Jeremiah) MULLINS-, m. Nance GIBSON, sister to Old Boone and Richard GIBSON. After Nance died, he m. Olive MISER. Olive's first husband, Ollie MULLINS, was killed in a shoot-out with sheriff Grant Jarvis on the main street of Sneedville, TN, in Sep 1882. Jerry was a Pvt. with Co. B., 50th VA Conf. Inf., during the Civil War (if this info is right then these two brothers fought on opposite sides of the war). Jerry had no children with Nance. His children with Olive were:

1,5,2,1)Charlie MULLINS

1,5,2,2)Robert MULLINS

1,5,2,3)Grover MULLINS

1,5,2,4)Fred MULLINS

1,5,2,5)Alice MULLINS

After Olive died ca.1895, Jerry m. Alice (Allie) COLLINS, dau. of Elizabeth "Presh" COLLINS. The children of Jerry and Allie were:

1,5,2,6)Rosa MULLINS-b.2 Mar 1898. Went to Pesbyterian School at Hot Springs, NC for 2 years. She m. the school teacher, Lewis ADLER (ALDER?), in Vardy, Hancock Co., TN. Lewis later became a mail carrier, for 14 years. They lived just below the VA line.

1,5,2,7)Eva MULLINS-b.30 Sep 1900. Went to Presbyterian School at Hot Springs for 4 years. She taught school for 2 years. She graduated from Hot Springs and Sneedville schools. She worked in Cincinatti and Ft. Thomas, KY. She m.Elmer GORDON.Lived in Cincinatti.

1,5,2,8)Rhoda MULLINS-b.11 Oct 1902, went 4 years to Hot Springs Presbyterian School. m. Curtis TRUITT. Children of Rhoda and Curtis were:

1,5,2,8,1)Jimmy TRUITT-b.11 May 1928

1,5,2,8,2)Laurence TRUITT-b.28 Aug 1930. m. Barbara TRENT

1,5,2,9)Julia MULLINS-b.5 Nov 1904. m. Loyd SIZEMORE Nov 1929. (Loyd may have been a PARKS). Issue:

1,5,2,9,1)Jean SIZEMORE-b.10 Jan 1931,m. Earl BURCHETT

1,5,2,10)Elizabeth Faye MULLINS-b.13 Aug 1908., Albert Mullins, b.10 Apr 1915. He died of diabetes on 23 Jun 1969.

1,5,2,11)Russell MULLINS-b.9 Aug 1911, d.1918.

1,5,2,12)Roy d. about 2 mo. of age.

1,5,2,13)Blanche d. in 2 weeks


After Lindy died, 'Old Jimmy ' MULLINS m.Nancy COLLINS, half sister to Jim "Kate" COLLINS. Their children were:

1,5,3)Jane MULLINS-b.1846. Had a child with Billie SEAL, named Ezra MULLINS. Jane later m. Bill COLLINS on 5 May 1879.

1,5,4)Ellen MULLINS-b.1848. m.Carter LIVESAY on 2 Nov 1885

1,5,5)Madison MULLINS-b.1849. m. Nance GIBSON MULLINS on 15 Jul 1888

1,5,6)Persia MULLINS-b.1853. Also called "Presh",or Elizabeth. m.Newt COLLINS, a good fiddle player. He was the son of Bill COLLINS.

1,5,7)Wallace MULLINS-b.1854, m. Margaret MULLINS, his cousin, on 6 Jun 1872.

1,5,8)Rebecca MULLINS-b.1858.

1,5,9)James MULLINS-b.1859

1,5,10)Alcie MULLINS-b.1842 (?)(female) (may have been Jimmy's 2nd child with Lindy)

Jimmy and Nance may have also had 2 children named Martha, and Aleck. After Nance died, Jimmy m. Polly Jane GIBSON. Jimmy and Polly were both Deacons of the Panther Creek Baptist Church when old. In his younger days, Jimmy "distilled liquor". Jimmy and Polly Jane's children were:

1,5,11)Wesley MULLINS-b.1872, m.1.Lane CODY. 2.Catherine DELP

1,5,12)Mollie MULLINS-b.1875, m.1. Arch COLLINS, son of "Puss" COLLINS

*Wayman was not on one list that I saw, which, I believe, was written by Rev. Arthur H. Taylor. I saw this information on a list that Grohse compiled.


1,6) John MULLINS- son of 'Irish Jim' and Clara (MARTIN) MULLINS,b.1823 in Hawkins/Hancock Co., TN. m. Mahala COLLINS, dau. od Solomon and Gincie (GOINGS) COLLINS, ca.1840. They lived on Newman's Ridge above Vardy, in Hancock Co., TN. Mahala is probably the most famous Melungeon individual. She was extremely obese, as a result of Elephantiasis, and was considered the best bootlegger in the Appalachians, though it is said that family members actually made the liquor (apple and peach brandy were their specialties), and she only sold it. One humorous event, that was actually documented, was when a judge sent a sheriff up the Ridge to arrest 'Haley'. Well, he could arrest her, but, because of her size, there was no way they could get her down the treacherous ridge. After giving up, the sheriff went back to the judge. When the judge asked him where she was, the sheriff replied, "She's catchable, but not fetchable".

Many stories and tales have been made up about Mahala, many of them far-fetched and untrue. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish truth from fiction. When Haley died, it is said that they had to build a coffin around her bed (or out of her bed), and take her out of a space in the wall, where they were about to build a chimney. I've heard that this was untrue, but I'm not sure. She's buried in a family plot near their cabin, which still stands today, up on Newman's Ridge. This is not their original house. They had a house that was burnt down by Confederate raiders, ca.1863, who came looking for 2 of her sons, probably Larkin and Jim, and 1 son-in-law, Howard Collins, Union soldiers that were home on leave. The story goes as follows:

Howard Collins' wife, Jane Mullins, saw the bushwackers coming up the Ridge, and screamed to her husband, who picked up his gun and took a shot at them. They fell back a little to size up the situation. Meanwhile, Haley's boys escaped over a low bluff. The raiders came to the bluff, but didn't get to get a shot off. Howard Collins sprained or broke a finger while escaping, but they got a shot off at the raiders, and got safely away.The sons escaped, but the house was burned, along with most of their possesions. They let the family take their burning bed clothes, but fire broke out in them again. A light blanket of snow was on the ground, and the children were barefooted. Old John was so mad, he loaded up a muzzle with about all it could hold. Then, as the raiders were leaving through the Blackwater Valley below them, he fired at them from the bluff. But, in his anger, he left the ramrod in the gun, and loaded it so heavily, it burst at the end of the muzzle. The ramrod, however, flew all the way accross the valley, and stuck in a rail fence, near where the Becky Hurley house was, a short distance west of Vardy Church.

I've also read somewhere (unfortunately, I cannot find these notes) that John Mullins was something of a 'Johnny Appleseed', and planted many apple trees in the areas surrounding the Cumberland Gap (VA, TN, KY, poss. NC), but I don't know how true that is, as I've only read that once. John and Mahala had 20 children, 4 of who died in infancy. Those children are:

1,6,1)Jane MULLINS-b.1841, m. Howard COLLINS (more on family below)

1,6,2)Sally, m. Gib (or Gilbert) DAVIDSON (more on this family below)

1,6,3)Millie MULLINS-b.1846, described as "queer", never married. Died around the age of 20.

1,6,4)Larkin MULLINS-b.1844, m.Sarah "Aunt Toney" COLLINS. (more on this family below)

1,6,5)Jim MULLINS-b.1846, Union soldier, moved to middle TN (Stewart Co.?) One source (IGI) says he m.Susan KENNEDY.

1,6,6)Burton MULLINS-b.1847, Union soldier, died at Camp Nelson, KY.

1,6,7)Eli (Elbe) MULLINS-b.1848, m. Eliza SEALS, dau. of John SEALS. (more on this family below)

1,6,8)Richard MULLINS-b.1850, Lived with Nance (LAWSON) DULIN (DALEN?). He was murdered somewhere out west (poss. Oklahoma)

1,6,9)Jeremiah (Jerry) MULLINS-b.1853, m.Lydia CANTOR, dau. of Tom CANTOR, in TX.

1,6,10)Mary Ann MULLINS-b.1854, m. Haines MISER. (more on this family below)

1,6,11)John MULLINS-b.1855, m.1.Julia Ann GIBSON, 2.Maggie LOVINS (more on this family below)

1,6,12)Reuben MULLINS-b.1856, m.Elizabeth GIBSON (more on this family below)

1,6,13)Ollie, m. Olive MISER (see #1,5,2 above)

1,6,14)Calvin 1860, m.Coose LAWSON, dau. of Rose LAWSON (more on this family below)


1,6,1)Jane MULLINS, dau. of John and Mahala (COLLINS), m. Howard COLLINS, According to census, they had the following children:








*The 1880 Hancock Co. census lists 2 children, one named Carry, the other named Cary, both females.


1,6,2)Sally MULLINS, dau. of John and Mahala (COLLINS), m.Gib (Gilbert) DAVIDSON (also known as Jeb), son of George GOINS. They lived on Newman's Ridge, above Vardy, at the old homeplace of John & Mahala MULLINS. Sally died ca.1924. Gib and Sally's children were:

1,6,2,1)Willie, m.1.Nance GIBSON, dau. of Keener and Betty (?) GIBSON. 2.Lindy MOORE.

1,6,2,2)Sarah, m.Cainey COLLINS, son of Runnel COLLINS, who was the son of Robin COLLINS of Kyle's Ford, Hancock Co., TN. They moved to TX.

1,6,2,3)Laura, m. Richard GIBSON, son of Will and Patsy (WILLIAMS) GIBSON (see below). Moved to TX.

1,6,2,4)Cornelia (Nelia), m. Lemmie GIBSON, brother of Will GIBSON. Both Will and Lemmie were sons of Preston GIBSON of Newman's Ridge, who brought the first cane mill into that section of Hancock Co. Lemmie and Nelia were believed to have moved to Lee Co., VA.

1,6,2,5)Mattie, m. Orvin HORTON, son of Old Tom and Susie (?) HORTON, and brother of Silas S. HORTON. Mattie and Orvin lived on Briar Creek.

1,6,2,6)Eliza, had a son named Dana DAVIDSON, who fought in WWI. She then m. a man named SMITH. They had 1 child, Goldie SMITH. Later, she m. Arthur ROBERTS, son of Holiness Preacher, Rev. George ROBERTS and his wife Francis (COLLINS) ROBERTS. Francis was the dau. of Silas COLLINS.

1,6,2,7)Monroe, m. an unnamed woman in KY, and had one child, Burton DAVIDSON, who fought in WWI.


1,6,4)Larkin MULLINS, son of John and Mahala (COLLINS) Larkin was a Union soldier during the Civil War. He m. Sarah (Aunt Toney) COLLINS, dau. of Frankie (BUNCH) COLLINS, who was the dau. of Old Ben and Mary (DOTSON) BUNCH. "Aunt Toney" was m. 1st to Shepherd GIBSON, who died in the Civil War as a Union soldier (Pvt. Co.E 8th TN Cav.). She had two children with Shepherd; Patton GIBSON, and Becky Ann GIBSON. "Aunt Toney" was very religious, and would easily shout and sing when at church or at meetings at home. She and Larkin were married on 5 May 1884. They lived on the upper part

of Blackwater Valley, near Mulberry Gap Road. Their issue:

1,6,4,1)Andy MULLINS- m. his 1st cousin, Alice MULLINS, dau of Jerry and Olive (MISER) MULLINS.

1,6,4,2)Celia MULLINS- When she was a small girl, she and her brother, Andy, were playing with a revolver and Andy accidentally killed her.


1,6,7)Elbe (Eli) MULLINS, son of John and Mahala (COLLINS) MULLINS-b.1851, m.Eliza SEALS, dau of John SEALS from below Sneedville. They lived on the Panther's Creek side of Newman's Ridge. Their children were:

1,6,7,1)Willie, m. Hesta MULLINS, his 2nd cousin (see #1,1,1,1 )

1,6,7,2)Lath (or Lafe), d.24 Apr 1958, m.1.Eliza MASSENGILL. 2.Sarah GIBSON (no children). Lath lived on Newman's Ridge, until he was too old, then he lived with Howard and Bertha (COLLINS) MULLINS on Blackwater (VA?), where he died. He was described as "a good man", but he had poor eyesight due to cataracts. The children of Lath and Eliza were:

1,6,7,2,1)Frank MULLINS-m.Viola BUTTRY. Lived in MD.

1,6,7,2,2)Drury MULLINS-m.Stella BURDINE, sister of Loyd BURDINE. Lived in MD.

1,6,7,2,3)Oliver MULLINS

1,6,7,2,4)Sarah MULLINS-m.Bob MISER. Sarah left Bob and ran away, No one knows where.

1,6,7,3)Alice, m. "her employer's husband"

1,6,7,4)Charlie (Ely) MULLINS-b.1876

1,6,7,5)Thomas MULLINS-ca.1878

1,6,7,6)Johnny (Ely) MULLINS-ca.1880

1,6,7,7)Rosie (Ely) MULLINS-ca.1882

1,6,7,8)Mahala (Halie) MULLINS-ca.1884

Don't know why three of them were known as Ely. Middle names?


1,6,10) Mary Ann MULLINS, dau. of John and Mahala (COLLINS) MULLINS-,b.1854, m. Haines MISER. Mary Ann had at least 1 child before she m. Haines (She may have been m. to Rev. George ROBERTS, according to IGI archives, and possibly m. a third time):

1,6,10,1) George MULLINS- George was drinking and tried to take a girl from Tony MITCHELL near Clinch River, when they were coming from Church. He stepped on Tony's heels, and Tony turned around and shot and killed him.

Mary Ann also helped raise her niece, Hattie MULLINS (see #1,6,14,1)


1,6,11)John MULLINS, son of John and Mahala (COLLINS) MULLINS-b.1855, m.1.Julia Ann GIBSON, dau. of Old Sam RHEA and Sally GIBSON, who was dau. of Jordan GIBSON. After Julie died, John m.2.Maggie LOVINS. Their child:

1,6,11,1)John Wayman MULLINS


1,6,12)Reuben MULLINS, son of John and Mahala (COLLINS) MULLINS-b.1856 , d.13 Jun 1930 in Muskogee, OK., m. Elizabeth (Liz) GIBSON, dau. of Keener and Hettie GIBSON. They lived on Newman's Ridge, but later moved west, (Colorado, then Muskogee, OK). Their children were:

1,6,12,1)Lonzo MULLINS

1,6,12,2)Jerome MULLINS

1,6,12,3)Mamie MULLINS

1,6,12,4)Dora MULLINS

1,6,12,5)Went MULLINS

1,6,12,6)Daugherty MULLINS

1,6,12,7)Isaac MULLINS-m.Sara BUSBY in Muskogee, OK


1,6,14)Calvin MULLINS, son of John and Mahala (COLLINS), described as 'A fine looking man with resolute look, regular features, slight beard.' m.1.Francis MARTIN on 8 Oct 1883. I don't think they were married very long, because I think he was married to 2.Coose MARTIN by 1886. I believe all of Calvin's children were with Coose. Calvin is buried in Mullins cemetary (Little Black Cemetary) "on the old George Swiney place on Newman's Ridge".

1,6,14,1)Hattie MULLINS-b.18 Feb 1887, d.30 Sep 1970, m. Robert BALES, son of Morgon and Alice (LOVINS) BALES. If I understand Grohse's correctly, Morgon was the son of Steve BALES, and was born on 27 Oct 1860. Hattie and Bob lived on Blackwater. Bob was a merchant. He served in the 2nd Inf. in the Phillipines during the Spanish American War period. Apparently, he and Hattie split, Bob moving to Medora or Clear Springs, Indiana, where he died, and Hattie ending up in Fla. As of 1968, Hattie was still living. Hattie was raised mostly by her Aunt Mary Ann (MULLINS) MISER.(see #1,6,10)


1,7)Nancy MULLINS, dau. of "Irish Jim" and Clara (MARTIN) MULLINS-b.1825 KY. Don't know much about Nancy. If she was born in KY, does this mean that Jim and Clara moved to KY?


Some of this info may not be accurate. I will try to update this periodically. Input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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