1812 Cemetery Sketch
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In March, 1814, General Andrew Jackson mobilized the Tennessee Militia, made up of Volunteers from th East and West Tennessee Militia and the Thirty-Ninth U.S. Infantry for a full-scale campaign against the Red Sticks. General Jackson's army totaled about 3,000 men. Jackson's army left Fort Williams on the Coosa River (Mississippi Territory) and marched 52 miles through the forest in three days. They made camp six miles north of Horseshoe Bend. The Red Stick's had built a barricade on the river, which eventually trapped them once Jackson's soldiers surrounded them. Over 800 Red Sticks died as a result of the battle. General Jackson's dead and wounded were taken back to Fort Williams. The following is a listing of the soldiers who were buried at Fort Williams.

The original site of Fort Williams is now under Lay Lake in Coosa County, Alabama. The headstones and the monument to the soldiers were moved to a new location 57 miles north of Horseshoe Bend Military Park. The cemetery has been badly vandalized. The site is NOT part of the Military Park and is on private property. Unfortunately, the cemetery cannot be maintained by the Military Park Rangers as they have no jurisdiction over the site. Anyone who might know to whom we might write so we can get this area cleaned and maintained, please Email me. I will be happy to "start the ball rolling." Janet Piccola

The following list of those buried at the Indian War of 1812 Cemetery. There is a corresponding map. The list and map were done in March 1978 by Mr. Paul Ghioto, Park Historian, Horseshoe Bend Military Park. The headstones are numbered 1 through 78.

1. Panky, Riley Pvt40. Rice, Rowling Pvt
2. Duncan, Allen Sgt.41. Cloud, William Pvt
3. Austin, John Pvt.42. Usher, John Pvt
4. Laton, Joshua Pvt 43. Ritchey, Thomas Pvt
5. Sharper, Jacob, Pvt44. Rector, Enoch Pvt
6. Watson, George Pvt45. Nail, Archibald Pvt
7. Abbot, Samuel Pvt46. Harden, William P. Pvt
8. Tracy, Paris Pvt47. Waddle, Elias 2nd Lt
9. Sawry, Henry Pvt48. King, Edward lst Lt
10. Jones, John Pvt49. Smith, Briant Pvt
11. Ellis, James Pvt50. Sims, Alfred Sgt
12. Bright, Elijah Pvt51. Cahoon, Andrew Pvt
13. Pursell, William, lst Sgt.52. Cox, Gale Q.M.
14. Brooks, George Pvt53. Bruner, Jacob Pvt
15. O'Neal, Isom Pvt54. Gross, George Pvt
16. Beeler, Joseph Pvt55. Johnson, Thomas J. lst Lt
17. Stubbs, Everett Pvt56. Bunch, William Pvt.
18. Magill, William Pvt57. Huffman, John Pvt.
19. Summers, Johnston Pvt58. Crumley, Jacob, Sr. Pvt
20. Bray, Solomon, lst Corp.59. Marshall, Joseph Pvt
21. Bell, Phillips, Pvt60. Masoner, Peter Pvt
22. Hamblen, Thomas Pvt61. Horton, Caleb Pvt
23. Hamilton, James Pvt62. Hill, Richard Pvt
24. McCoy, James Pvt63. McConka, Samuel Corp
25. Dawson, Thomas Pvt64. Rogers, Spencer Pvt
26. Meants, David Pvt65. Boaz, James Pvt
27. Robertson, Joseph Pvt66. Yount, Jacob Pvt
28. Smiley, Sawyer Pvt67. Hellums, George Pvt
29. Hutchinson, Reuben Pvt68. Dockrey, Able Pvt
30. Glasco, Robert Pvt69. Leeper, John Pvt
31. Gibbs, Nicholas Capt70. Rankin, David lst Lt

32. Miltonberger, William Pvt

71. Thompson, Moses Pvt
33. Reffew, Jeffrey Pvt72. Kathcart, Joseph Pvt
34. Pankey, Stephen Pvt73. Rice, Able (Musician)
35. Ford, Thomas Pvt74. Moiers, Williams Pvt
36. Yates, Robert Pvt75. French, John Pvt
37. Freeman, Moses Pvt76. Homes, Joseph Pvt
38. Payne, William Pvt77. Fields, David Pvt
39. Hill, Spencer Pvt78. Alstadt, Nicholas, Pvt

Location of the Cemetery: The Cemetery is near the town of Sylacuaga, Ala., about 13.2 miles off of U.S. Highway 280, approximately 57 North of Horseshoe Bend Military Park. The Site is marked on Alabama Maps as "Indian War of 1812 Cemetery".

Submitted by Janet Piccola