Gone to Texas

Gone to Texas

The following are messages from Giles County List Members and others whose ancestors were in Giles County and then settled in Texas and other points west. Perhaps, the story of their migrations will help in our search for our elusive families. Thanks to each person who has submitted information.


Foster Alexander & Margaret Jane THOMPSON BIRDSONG went to Ellis Co., TX ca 1891 and on to Jiba, Kaufman, TX until their deaths.

Isaiah & Mary Ann Birdsong ABERNATHY went to Ellis Co., TX ca 1876.

Samuel & Eleanor Elizabeth BIRDSONG THOMPSON went to Ellis Co., TX ca 1896. All of these Birdsongs are siblings of Freeman Gustavis & Cynthia Cardin Birdsong.

Francis Merritt Birdsong, son of William & Rebecca Abernathy Birdsong, went to Boswell, TX 1897

Submitted by: Rita Birdsong.


The October 28, 1880 edition of The Pulaski Citizen reported, "Mr. S. H. ANDERSON of Shoots (Choates) Creek brushed the ticks off and got himself back to these regions to live." This was in reference to those who had gone to Texas during the original rush for land. He is buried in the Choates Creek Cemetery in Giles County. My grandfather, Joseph Riley ANDERSON moved his family from Giles to Tarrant County, Texas around 1910.

Kenneth W. Anderson
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Although some of his surviving brothers had gone west about 1871 (James M. to Johnson Co., TX; John to Marion Co., AR; and, perhaps later, Oliver to Tarrant Co., TX), Noah APPLETON stayed a couple of decades longer in Giles Co., TN.

Not being inclined to rush into such a drastic move, Noah APPLETON and his younger children went in a covered wagon train to Amarillo, Texas, apparently after his father, Abraham Marshall APPLETON, died in 1890. They bought land there, but except for his daughter Queen Victoria ("Torie/Toey") and son Marshall A. (Waxahatchie, Ellis Co., TX), this family returned to live in Lawrence Co., TN. in 1896. Noah and his oldest son, Madden (Mahlon?) died of typhoid fever in the fall of 1908 in Lawrence Co, near the Giles Co. line.

Noah's brother John, his mother, Mary Hortensy PARR APPLETON and her parents, William PARR, Jr., and Dolly JOHNSON/JOHNSTON PARR, who had all lived in Giles Co., TN, all died in AR (Jopton?, Ouachita Co./?). I guess that this was a branch that didn't make it to Texas!

Submitted by: Macalyne Fristoe. (most information thanks to Sue Davis)


My great-grandmother, Emma Jane Tennessee Ashworth, moved to Texas in the late 1800s. She was born 17 March 1868 in Giles County and died 1952 in Lockesburg, Sevier County Arkansas. She was the daughter of Andrew James Ashworth and Roena E. Brown. She married James Wade Simmons on 4 March 1888 in Giles County. He was born 15 April 1866 and died 1935 in Lockesburg, Sevier County, Arkansas. He was the son of John A. Simmons and Ferritha "Nettie" Sanders.

They lived in Oak, Texas (the Oak Branch community) located in Ellis County, Texas before finally moving to Sevier County, Arkansas, where they are buried at the Belleville Cemetery.

Submitted by: Kim McCarty.


Two of my Giles County families had the good sense to move to Texas. William BAILEY, widow, moved from Giles to Manor, Travis County, Texas with his children aft. 1880 and before November 1893. Nancy A. JOINES, widow of Ruben C. DUNCAN, and new husband John D. HENSON moved to Manor, Travis County, Texas between 1888-November 1893 with her children by both husbands.

Submitted by: Elaine Lewis.


Andrew J. KNIGHT and wife Olivia (Lethy, Letha, Lithy) BECKHAM, and some of their children, including, son DeWitt, moved to Navarro area in Tx. I am not too sure where Andrew died, but it was in 1879, or real close. Lethy died about 20 years later and is buried there. Some of the children stayed in Giles. The information about which children stayed and which migrated is indicated in the dispute over the Knight land in Giles, along Richland creek.

(Thanks, Nita R. in Texas, for helping me to know this.)

Submitted by: Dianna Taplin


I have been watching with interest the notes about families migrating from Giles Co., TN to TX.

A year ago or so there was some activity on the same subject. I read some where in the maylay of information that the railroads were promoting land development and had people getting groups together and going there. My grandfather RODGERS migrated to Collin Co. TX in about 1890. I have a picture of him and his wife Mary Green BELL and their first son born in TX (they had other children in TN). Others that went were some WATKINS, and JORDANS that are connected to the RODGERS family. My father, the last born of my grandfather, will be 95 in December, 2004. He was born in TX in 1909 in Fannin Co., but most of the RODGERS family lived in Collin Co., TX and some went to Bryan Co., OK just across the border of TX. WATKINS, I believe went to Ellis Co., and JORDANS seemed to stay in the Lamar Co. TX area.

Submitted by: Norm Rogers.


STEVENSONS went from Giles to Collin and Fannin and other Texas counties.

General and Governor of Tennessee, John Calvin BROWN of Giles was related to many Giles county families and he became the General Counsel of the Texas Pacific Railroad and I'm supposing he did get many of his kin jobs here in Texas. One of my great uncles, the son of Abner A. STEVENSON of Giles came to Texas and was killed in a railroad accident.

Submitted by: Mary Stevenson Hulsey.


I just wanted to add one more surname of folks from Giles Co., TN and Limestone Co., AL that made the trek to Texas. My HARGROVES also went from those counties to Bell co TX. There is a connection between the Hargroves and CLEMS, will have to get out my files to find out just how. It is not my research , a cousin kindly sent me this. My Hargrove line to TX was Jessie Austin Hargrove m. Sophronia Elizara HOLLAND of Giles Co.

Pat in OK
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In reference to: John T. WHITE, youngest son of James WHITE & Celia CURBO of Shoal Creek, south of Minor Hill almost to the Alabama line, moved with his wife Mary Ann "Kate" CLEMMONS to Hill County Texas in the early 1890's, looking for his uncle Nathan CURBO.

Kate's parents Lewis CLEMMONS & Mary Adeline POWERS, also of Giles Co, apparently came to Texas with them, but I haven't traced that line yet.

Lewis CLEMMONS sure was in Texas. I have just recently run into him researching a branch of the HARWELL family (who also had Giles County origins). Here is the family in Giles County in 1880:

Lewis CLEMMONS Self M Male W 45 VA Laborer VA VA
Mary CLEMMONS Wife M Female W 42 TN Keeping House NC NC
John CLEMMONS Son S Male W 18 TN Laborer VA TN
Benjmin CLEMMONS Son S Male W 12 TN Works On Farm VA TN
Martha L. CLEMMONS Dau S Female W 10 TN At Home VA TN
Mary A. CLEMMONS Dau S Female W 8 TN At Home VA TN
Milton CLEMMONS Son S Male W 6 TN At Home VA TN
Monroe CLEMMONS Son S Male W 4 TN At Home VA TN
Sam W. CLEMMONS Son S Male W 2 TN At Home VA TN
Charles CLEMMONS Son S Male W 3M TN At Home VA TN

Monroe CLEMMONS here married Ruthie HARWELL. Ruthie's father was Jonas Ervin HARWELL who was born in Giles County. Here is that CLEMMONS family in 1910 Kaufman County, Texas:

1910 Kaufman County, Prct #3 , Texas
290 293 Clemmons Monroe Head M W 34 M 16   TN TN TN
  Ruthie Wife F W 34 M 16 5 4 TN TN TN
  Hattie Dau F W 14 S   TN TN TN
  Irvine Son F W 13 S   TN TN TN
  Bertha Dau F W 7 S   TN TN TN
  Florence Dau F W 5 S   TN TN TN
  Harwell Dock Bro-in-law M W 20 S   AR TN TN

As long as I have a Clemmons researcher on the line. Is this Kaufman County Clemmons known to you?

Ida J CLEMMONS married Joseph Shelby RICHARDSON on September 14, 1890, another cousin of mine with Giles County roots in Kaufman County. Ida was born in March of 1872. At a first look, it is not apparent how she might have been related to LEWIS.

Submitted by: Roger Harvell.


John T. WHITE, youngest son of James WHITE & Celia CURBO of Shoal Creek, south of Minor Hill almost to the Alabama line, moved with his wife Mary Ann "Kate" CLEMMONS to Hill County Texas in the early 1890's, looking for his uncle Nathan CURBO. Kate's parents Lewis CLEMMONS & Mary Adeline POWERS, also of Giles Co, apparently went to Texas with them, but I haven't traced that line yet.

Submitted by: Clay Daniels


Three more families that migrated from Giles Co. TN to TX are COLLINS, TERRY and WILLIAMS. The Collins and Terry families went to Wise Co., TN and the Williams brothers went to Wise, Montague, Wichita and Dallas counties Texas.

Submitted by: Julie Williams Coley.


Researching all CRABB, HORN/E, and ROGERS in/from Tn.

My paternal grand-Father, James Moore CRABB, also was on "wagon train" from Tn. to Texas 1879/1880. He came to Texas and remained, died 1929 Hopkins Co. Tx. Thnx.

Submitted by: Mary Ellen Ledford.



The following families came to Texas from Giles Co. in 1893. Most of them settled in Waxahachie, Ellis, Co., Texas or Kaufman Co., Texas. I have additional information on these families and their related lines: HILL, CRAIG, CLEMMONS, POWERS, NEWMAN.

Submitted by: Sharon Tucker.


My grgrandmother, Willie T. VANCE went to Texas from Giles County with the CRUTCHER family between 1876-1878. She settled in Gainesville and then married Wm. Thomas WILSON in 1878 in Gainesville. They homesteaded in Clay County TX. (Bellevue) (Robert CRUTCHER and Susan Malinda VANCE Crutcher who settled in Henrietta)

Submitted by: Vicki Shaffer.


My father Owen Lee EUBANK along with his parents, Tom & Martha Eubank and their children, migrated from Giles County, TN to Texas when my father was a small boy. They settled in Ellis County, Texas.

Submitted by: Linda (Eubank) Parr.


My ggrandmother, Nancy D.E. Swinebroad FREEMAN, moved to Texas about 1890. She was a widow and followed her brother A. J. SWINEBROAD and his family there. She was the wife of Joel Edward FREEMAN of Elkton, Giles Co., TN. She and her children settled in Center, Shelby Co. TX.

Submitted by: Bonnie Miller.


During 1880-1890 several of my family lines moved from Giles County, TN to Ellis County, TX. Later on to Wichita County, TX. The three family lines were : GLASGOW, FRY, and HOPKINS.

Submitted by: Craig Glasgow.


My GGG Grandfather, James LANE, was born in 1795 and migrated with his family from Giles County to Robertson Co., Texas (on the Brazos River), in 1836. He died there in early 1847 with his oldest son, Martin, probably from a yellow fever outbreak. His wife, Mary (Polly) GILL, was born in KY in 1798 and she and James were married in TN in 1817. His family remained in TX and one of his sons (my GG Grandfather), Alfred LANE, who was born 07 Mar 1827 in Giles Co, TN, married Elizabeth Ann GOODNIGHT on 26 June 1851 in McLennan Co, TX. She was the sister of Charles GOODNIGHT, early Texas cattleman and plainsman. They moved to the Black Springs area of present-day Palo Pinto County, TX. "Alf" was killed by indians.

I have more information and am interested in tracing James LANE's ancestors if there are those with such records. I believe he was born in Wake Co, NC, in 1795.

Submitted by: Jim V.


Perhaps the earliest resident of Giles County to go to Texas were John GLADDEN and Mary Permelia (Millie) PARCHMAN KING. Millie was born in Robertson County in 1798 to Philip PARCHMAN (one of the earliest pioneers in Tennessee, having arrived in Robertson county about 1787). She married John Gladden KING in Pulaski in 1817, then went on with her family and the PARCHMANS to Monroe County, Mississippi. John and Millie were early settlers (1831) in Gonzales County, Texas. Their son, William Philip KING, was the youngest defender (15) to die at The Alamo in 1836. King County, Texas was named for him.

Two of Millie's brothers also went to Texas later, after returning to Fayette County, Tennessee from Mississippi. Jesse PARCHMAN went to Marshall (in East Texas) about 1840 and James PARCHMAN went to Marshall about 1846. Jesse's descendants lived in East Texas, and James' descendants lived in the San Antonio region.

Submitted by: Gerry Parchman


Another batch of families were the GORDONS out of Giles Co. that came to Williamson Co., Texas. Others detoured through Alabama then on to Hamilton, Falls, Galveston, and Kaufman Counties, Texas.

Submitted by: Ric Gordon.


Add to the list of Giles Co TN folks that migrated to Texas: GRAGG/GREGG. Early 1870s, Alexander R. and sister Parmelia C. to Wise Co. TX, then to OK, and brother Marshall F. moved first to Parker Co., TX, then Jack Co., then Clay Co., TX. Thomas later (late 1880s) moved to Jack Co., TX to live with son Marshall in Jack Co., TX.
Nancy Jane, Samuel S., William C., Mary E. also came to TX though I don't know the exact counties or timeline for them.

Submitted by: Peggy Lofland.


The Rev. (Thomas) Aaron GRIGSBY born 1809 in the Lynnville area of Giles County, Tennessee came to Texas in 1852. He purchased land at Jefferson Texas. He was the son of George GRIGSBY and grandson to the Revolutionary Patriot, Aaron GRIGSBY who died at Giles County. The Rev.(Thomas)Aaron GRIGSBY died at Jefferson Texas and is buried there.

Submitted by: Bob Christall.


My WORLEY family also moved from Giles Co. to Waxahachie, TX and then on to Tioga. I haven't researched it yet, but I believe the HAMLIN family also migrated at about the same time.

Jan Johnson
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Four known children of John Marshall Hewitt (1818-1878) and Martha Frances Williamson (1826-1892) moved from Giles County to Texas. Martha F Williamson Hewitt died in 1892 at age 66 and is buried in Manor, Travis County, Texas. Of their children: (1) Egbert G. Hewitt moved to Edna, Jackson County, Texas in 1893 where he was post master. His wife, Sarah Foust, had died the previous year. Three of their adult children were living with Egbert 1900 census): Robert, Marshall Leslie, and Cora Pearl. Egbert and his children returned to Giles County in 1898; he died in Nashville in 1925. (2) James K.P. Hewitt, another son, was living in Lee County, Texas in 1923; also a postmaster. (3) Another son, John Marshall Hewitt, Jr. and his two children moved from Giles to Travis County, TX. where they were living in 1900 with (4) his sister, Mildred Hewitt Bailey, and her husband, William and their children.

Submitted by Mary Rimlinger.
Nashville, TN


Other families that migrated to Texas from Giles Co, TN and Lauderdale Co, AL was HILLIS and MARBUT.... to Bowie Co,TX... HILLIS went to Bowie Co., TX first (by 1902), then to Oklahoma, back to Crosby Co., TX by 1909, and finally settling in Nolan Co., TX. by or before 1929. Descendents still live in Bowie Co., TX and Nolan Co., TX.

Submitted by: Minnie Hillis.


Annias (Nae) Hobbs, wife Mattie Randolph and family moved from Giles County to Ellis County, TX between 1880 and 1891. Included were their four children, William Joe, Washington, Stephan Samuel, and Ollie. William Joe was already married and had with him his wife Mary Etta DeFoe and first chlid Claude. They settled mainly around Palmer, TX. Stephan Samuel Hobbs married Mary Frances Murrell in 1891 in Ellis CO., TX., then moved back to Giles CO, TN. between 1900 and 1910 bringing their 3 children, Amos, Ed, and Hattie and his parents. They left one child, Tommie, buried in Texas. They lived all their lives in the Scotts Hill area. The other part of the family, remained in TX.

Submitted by: Charlie Neal.


Two brothers, Jearie and Allen, sons of George W. JONES of Giles County, migrated to Tx. [we think to Waxahachie] between 1890 and 1900. They never returned to Tn and the family lost contact with them. I have been looking for these brothers for years.

Submitted by: Wilma Jones.


My family, William and Nancy Young KENNEDY (William was the son of John and Sarah Britton Kennedy of Giles C. )came to Texas in the 1850's. They were in the Young County, Texas census by 1860. They settled on the very frontier and eventually their whole settlement had to move from Young County , a little to the east, as the Indians were still too dangerous. Eventually, their son, William Young Kennedy moved out west where his son, Josephus Warren Kennedy (Joda) settled in Stonewall county around 1900. Many of his descendants still live in the area.

Submitted by Lisa Kennedy Hicks


Did you have any RUSSELLS from Giles co. moving to Texas? My ggrandmother's family left Florence, AL in the 1890's (day after her marriage to Andrew Ethelbert KERBY) headed to Texas. They ended up in Wichita, TX and were from Giles Co in the 1870-1880's. They lived in Mt Pisgah area.

Submitted by: Kim Rickets.


Andrew Jackson MINATRE born May 6, 1829 in Giles County TN died in Crescent Valley or Victoria, Victoria Co, TX May 13, 1912. He married Mary Abigail CLARK December 15, 1855 in Lincoln County, TN and was a son of David MENETREE (or MINITREE) of Bunker Hill in Giles County.

A.J. was head of household in Giles County for the 1860 Census, and served in the Confederate Army, Co. C, 53rd TN Inf according notes from the Giles County Historical Society, Pulaski TN. If my notes are correct their 11 children were born in Bunker Hill, Giles TN, however, I do not have the date A.J. and Mary migrated to Texas.

Would like to hear about other migrations, especially those relating to the family of A.J.'s father David Minatree who came from VA. Incidentally, Giles County records show the surname spelled at least as many different ways as I have used it in this message.

Submitted by: Julia Savage Minatra.
Rutherford County, TN


I have been reading the Giles County migrations with interest and would like to add some information from the Texas side. If your ancestors left Giles County and disappeared in Texas, you might look in Travis County.

My Giles County ancestors left TN and migrated to Manor in Travis County, Texas. Manor was actually a Tennessee colony and there are many tombstones in the cemetery there that say "Born in Giles County, TN." I am in the process of trying to find out if a cemetery census has been done for the Manor Cemetery and will post any information that I find about it. I tried once before and didn't find any information. I visited the cemetery twice many years ago, but it's an all day trip from where I live just to visit.

The following information is the wording from the Texas State Historical Marker for Manor and inscriptions from tombstones that I happened to copy or photograph. I tried to group some of the families together, but are just in alphabetical order.


In the area first settled by James MANOR (1804-81), who came from Tennessee with Sam HOUSTON in 1832, later returning for his family and a sister and brother, until 1852. The area was subject to Indian raids.

Other pioneers included:
A.F., W. M. and James BOYCE
A. C. and W. H. HILL
Joe, Bill, Sam and Walter VAUGHAN

In 1854 a boy's school was opened and a Methodist Church organized. Isaac WILBAHN (1857) gave site, and Parsons Female Academy (named for a leading contributor) was established, and would become one of the celebrated schools of 19th Century Texas. Its teachers included the Rev. and Mrs. D. H. BITTLE and T. C. BITTLE. Among its students were, T. B. WHEELER (1840-1913), Mayor of Austin, Texas (1872-77), Judge OF 12th District (1880-86), and Lieutenant Governor of Texas (1887-91); and John C. TOWNES (1852-1923), Judge of 33rd District (1882-85), 26th District (1888), and Dean of the University of Texas Law School (1901-02, 1907-23).

In 1871 James MANOR donated right of way for the Houston Texas Central Railroad, the town founded and named for him in 1872 was incorporated in 1912, Cotton King here for years, had been supplanted by cattle raising as base for the lower economy.

See Manor Cemetery for a listing of Manor, Texas burials. Use your browser BACK button to return here.

Submitted by: Carol Sue Gibbs


Pulaski merchant Allen Elias MAY, wife Sallie SCALES MAY, and family moved to the Houston area. Educator Herbert WALKER and family moved to the Dalhart area where he owned newspapers and served as representative to the state legislature.

Submitted by: Patricia May Touw.


Two more family names to add to the list of migration from Giles County to Texas - WALLER and MILLER. Both settled in and around DELTA and HUNT counties. Some descendants found also in LAMAR and FANNIN counties.

Submitted by: Louise Parker.


Zack W. Mitchell and wife Adeline Neal(daughter of William Neal and Harriet Apperson) moved from Giles County., TN to Texas somewhere between 1850's to 1870's. They settled to Erath County, Tx. They where there in 1900. I do not know if they lived in another place in between before finally landing there.

Submitted by:

Charlie Neal.


Edward S. Neal, son of William Neal & Harriet Apperson, and wife Martha C. Tidwell (daughter of Callaway H. Tidwell and Leah Tucker) moved from Giles County to Erath County, TX probably between 1870 and 1880. They lived their entire lives there in the area of Duffau and then Stephenville.They had no children and after they died their estate of over 1000 acres of land, stock and real estate notes was split between many relatives in Giles Co. and Texas at a time in the 1930's when it was surely much needed. Mattie Tidwell Neal had other Tidwell relatives who also moved to Texas. I don't know names but have old pictures taken by my grandfather and great uncle when they visited in early 1900's which are labeled simply "Tidwell House in Texas".

Submitted by: Charlie Neal


My husband's gr grandfather and his family moved from Giles Co shortly before 1900 to Hopkins Co, TX. They were Dock and Rachel (White) Peden family. The name got changed to Peaton and Peton.

Always wondered why Dock got another nickname, Pilgrim stuck in his name. Think it was because he sort of was a pilgrim on a journey to a new place?

Submitted by Virginia Waddle


The RICHEY family migrated to the Waco area, then called Brazos, before the Civil War, about 1855, from Giles Co., Tenn. Robert Trimble Richey and wife Evaline Kennedy Richey; his brothers, Benjamin Franklin Richey, James Richey and their families were included. Also, Robert's son Thomas Coke Richey, and his wife, Fannie Ledbetter.

Submitted by: Janet Piccola.


My RUSSELL family migrated to Waxahachie, Ellis County,TX. My great grandfather, Thomas H. RUSSELL, was born in 1844 in Giles County Tennessee, but he had siblings that were located in Ellis County, TX.

Submitted by: Barbara McAdams.


In a message dated 9/10/2004 3:23:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time, grami-gramps@msn.com (new address) writes:

Two more family names to add to the list of migration from Giles County to Texas - WALLER and MILLER. Both settled in and around Delta and Hunt counties. Some descendants found also in Lamar and Fannin counties.

I am interesting in knowing some of the names of the MILLERS as Millers married SIMMONS in Delta and Lamar. The Simmons were from Giles and Bedford Counties, TN.

My Benjamin Franklin SIMMONS quickly moved his family to Lamar Co, TX in 1835 just before the Texas Revolution to obtain the largest amount of land grant possible. He and his first wife Jean McBRIDE had married in Guildford Co, NC in 1798.

Benjamin's second wife Elizabeth TOLBERSON (sp? - a different way every source) arrived with Benjamin and the children in Texas.

It is not clear if this SIMMONS actually lived in Giles Co, but I have found him in Bedford Co. Some of the children stayed behind in what is now Marshall Co., TN.

Benjamin's son Joseph and his wife Martha COWDEN migrated to Greene Co, Missouri about 1835 and then on to Lamar Co, TX by 1844.

Son James SIMMONS migrated to Holly Springs, Mississippi in the 1830's.

In what is now Delta County in the community of Ben Franklin, there is a historical marker relating that many of its settlers were from Giles Co, TN. You can find the information under the Texas State site.

This is very interesting on the migration of Giles people to Texas. I wonder how many of you have sent the same information to the individual TX counties to go on the county's RootsWeb site. This is a two way trip and the local counties in TX need to hear your version of the migration.

Submitted by: Linda Johnson,
Texas City, TX.


My George Alexander STEPHENSON and his wife Elizbeth Sarah PERRY went from Giles County, TN to Madison County, AL(1870) to Limestone County, AL(1880) then to Lamar County,TX (1885). His brother Silvester Brown STEPHENSON and wife Mary HOLT migrated to Ellis County, TX from Giles County,TN after 1870. Silvester's daughter, Rosa, married W.H. SMITH in Waxahachie, TX. W.H. SMITH lived in Giles Co, TN before moving to Texas. Sister Mary STEPHENSON, age 18, on the 1850 Census of Giles Co, TN is believed to have married James Bluff GOATS of Giles Co, TN. They are buried in Maypearl, Ellis County, TX.

Submitted by: Tom Stephenson


My STONE relatives migrated to TX from Giles County as well. They were William Henley STONE and his sons Isaac, George, and John. They left Giles/Lincoln counties somewhere around 1900 and came to Ellis County, eventually ending up in Callahan County--except for George who was a physician in the Waxahachie area.

Submitted by:

Lana Stone
Austin, TX.


WILLEFORD (WILLIFORD) family members went from Giles County to Upshur County, TX.

Submitted by: Nina Campbell.


The Wood/Rutledge families migrated to Texas around 1870. Thomas M. Wood and his wife, Mary Jane Rutledge Wood, both of Giles County, Tennessee moved to the Waco,Texas area. His brother, David Wood also moved to this area. David Wood was married to Harriet Rutledge Wood and she was a sister to Mary Jane Rutledge Wood. Hellen Rutledge Wood Fort, sister to Harriet and Mary Jane Rutledge, was married to Martin Wood, brother to Thomas and David Wood. Martin was killed during the civil war. After his death, Hellen married Henry Fort and they, too, moved to the Waco, Texas area. The fathers of these two families were Martin Bird Wood and John Boles Rutledge. They both lived and died in Giles County. They have many descendants in Texas.

Submitted by Mary Criswell.


Charles E. Willeford and Wife Frusanna J. McDowell-Hall-Willeford with children: Jesse M. Hall, Charles Homer Willeford, and Daisy V. Willeford left Giles Co. about 1885 and settled in Ellis Co. Texas according to the 1900 Census.

By 1910 they were in Dallas for the duration. Jesse and second wife, Annie, stayed in Dallas. The family lost their daughter, Daisy, between 1900 and 1910. Charles Homer and his family settled in Gregg and Upsher Co, Tx.

Submitted by Lynn Willeford-Gomez.

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