Civil War - Battle of Shiloh

Battle of Shiloh

Some Units in Battle of Shiloh mentioned in book below:

Reference, Paperback book, Shiloh in Hell Before Night. By James Lee McDonough, published 1977 by University of TN Press. Just a brief look at the index showed the following:

Alabama (Confederate) Units:

Artillery Regt, p. 199
17th IN Regt, p. 129, 177
19th IN Regt, p. 177
21st IN Regt, p. 198
25th IN Regt p. 198

Tennessee (Confederate) Units:

1st IN Regt, p. 4, 129
2nd IN Regt, p 101, 109
5th IN Regt, p 101
9th IN Regt p. 199
23rd IN Regt, p 100, 101
45th IN Regt p 152

Mississippi (Confederate) Units:

3rd Infantry BN, p 87
6th IN Regt, p 100, 101

Texas (Confederate) Units: p 199

2nd IN Regt, p 177

Kentucky (CSA) Units:

7th KY IN, p 198, 199

Louisiana (CSA) Units:

4th IN Regt, p 109, 148, 203
19th IN Regt p 148

----------Union Stuff -------------

Some of my family names mentioned in index:

Abraham HARE p. 122 "Abraham Hare’s 1st Brigade of McClernand’s Division (USA)…."

Samuel R. CURTIS, p. 6 "General Samuel R. Curtis defeated Confederate General Earl Van Dorn at Pea Ridge, AR in early March 1862…"

USA Unit: Battery H, 5th Arty, USA p. 202

Submitted by Brenda Barfield