Civil War - Tn Cavalry Regiment, Co. K

11th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, CSA
Holmans - Company K

Roster of Company K, 11th Tennessee Cavalry
(compiled from the goverment Civil War Soldiers and
Sailors System Search at

NameRankHome Town
Abernathy, C. C. Private Lynville
Abernathy, E. S. Private District #4
Adams, G. W. Private Hammonds Store
Anderson, G. F. Private Campbellville
Andrews, W. T. Private Bunker Hill
Baugh J. 1st. Lt. Elkton
Baugh, William H. 1st. Lt. Bethal 2
Braly, E. T. Private Bodenham
Braly, J. D. Private Bodenham
Braly, John M. Private Oakflat
Brown, R. P. Ord. Sgt. Lynville
Buford, L. C. Private Vale Mills
Bumpass, James R. Corporal Lynville
Burch, B. M. Private Lynville
Cox, Jasper Private Campbellville
Crabb, Free Private Hammonds Store
Crowder, Bluford A. Private Hammonds Store
Douglass, John H. Private Bodenham
Frazier, Robert T. Sargent Lynville
Furline, William Private Campbellville
Harris, D. C. Private Bunker Hill
Harwell, S. S. Private Bradshaw
Harwell, T. P. Private Bradshaw
Harwell, W. S. Private Bradshaw
Ingram, William W. Private Pisgah
Jackson, J. M. Private Oakflat
Johnson, James A. Private Campbellville
Johnson, Robert H. Private Lynville
Jones, A. J. Private Oakflat
Jones. W. R. Private Oakflat
Lawrence, Thomas Private Hammonds Store
Lindsey, J. Joe 1st. Sgt. Bodenham
Marks, Alonzo Private Pulaski
Martin, W. M. Private Lynville
McCracken, L. Private Bradshaw
McNairy, Marc Sergeant Lynville
McNairy, Robert 2nd. Lt. Pulaski 3
McNairy, William J. 1st. Sgt. Lynville
Nelson, J. P. Private Elkton
Newton, Jefferson A. Private Lynville (Pulaski)
Newton, Jerome P. Private Lynville (Pulaski)
Newton, Robert G. Private Lynville (Pulaski)
Reed, R. C. Private Lynville (Campbellville)
Riggs, T. J. Private Lynville (Pulaski)
Rivers, James W. Captain Elkton
Rolland, J. C. Private Vale Mills
Russell, David Private Bunker Hill
Sills, William C. Private Hammonds Store
Smith, C. W. Private Lynville (Pulaski)
Smith, J. C. Private Vale Mills
Smith, Zack Private Bradshaw
Stewart, John Private Lynville (Campbellville)
Stovall, Thomas Private Bunker Hill
Tarpley, Jerome B. Private Bodenham
Tennery, J. M. Private Bunker Hill
Tucker, Levi Private Pisgah
Walker, L. H. Private Hammonds Store
Watson, Joe Private Oakflat 3
Watson, John H. Private Bunker Hill
Wells, William Sergeant Elkmont Springs
West, D. K. Private Lynville (Pulaski)
Wood, C. N. Corporal Lynville (Campbellville)
Woodard, Milton J. Private Midbridge
Wright W. H. Private Bunker Hill
Zigler, I. C. Private Bodenham
Zuccarello, Joe 3rd. Lt. Lynville (Pulaski)

Submitted by Dorothy Koons