Misc. Newspaper Articles of Gibson County, Tennessee


Below is a list of newspapers in Gibson County TN
The Trenton Daily Bulletin 1837-July 1939
Gibson County Herald 1885-1897
Trenton Herald Democrat 1898-1921
Herald Democrat 1924-1925
Trenton Weekly Gazette 1922-1967
The Herald Gazette 1968-1999
Bradford 1929-1931
Western Union 1837-1839
Trenton Journal May 13,1841
Star Bangled Banner 1848-July 1850
Trenton, August 1854
Other, 1858,1859,1861,1871,1876
Humboldt Courier 1862-1916
Milan Exchange 1869-1884
submitted by Rick Tucker


Old Living Man October 1, 1875
submitted by Sarah Armistead


Below are links to On Line Transcriptions:

Trenton Herald Democrat: Murder of John Bell Cooper 1898

The Rutherford Register

The Rutherford Register Jan 2, 1914

The Rutherford Register Jan 30, 1914

The Rutherford Register Jan. 3, 1934

The Gibson County "Daily Bulletin"

The Courier Chronicle, Humboldt, Tennessee

The Tri-City Reporter

The Humboldt Headlight

The Humboldt Grange

The Soldier's Budget, Humboldt

The Messenger (Humboldt)

99th Birthday Celebration of Susan McCaslin Hammonds 1929
(from the Milan Exchange)


The Gainesville Register 1881, Gainesville, TX
(some Gibson Co. TN folks moved to TX)

The Arkansas Independent 1849   
(A great Wagon Train article)

Present Day Newspapers

The Messenger

The Milan Mirror Exchange

The Humboldt Chronicle