Where from and How they got to Gibson Co. TN
submitted by Gibson Co. researchers

James Wilson Migration from Sampson County, North Carolina
submitted by Marilyn Wilson Stroh

WEST family migrated to Gibson Co., MO from Bladen Co., NC between 1832
and 1936.
Myra Chambers

Early 1700's Gloucester Co. Virginia to West Tennessee
by Jere Cox

The Thetfords arrived in Gibson Co. ca
1827 traveling from Trigg/Caldwell, Kentucky, having earlier settled in Ky
ca 1810, moving from So. Carolina, and Georgia
The Charles, Jeremiah and William Williams families also arrived in that
time frame, assertedly from Alabama.
Does anybody have suggestions or examples how the two extended families may
have traveled: by wagons, by boat, what routes, etc.
submitted by Tom Davis