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Ghost Towns

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What is meant by "Ghost Town"?

Sadly, many of the towns that our ancestors resided in and many times were the founders of-- are no longer there. They are, perhaps, just a lonely barn or store; sometimes just an old sign marking what once was a major "going concern". But it could be that group of old buildings down the road. You know, the ones overgrown with weeds and bushes..It could also be the site of just a few old broken houses or maybe an old long abandoned church or store..

There are six classes of "Ghost Towns", but we are mainly concerned with the first four.
A...Scattered rubble or site where nature has reclaimed the land.
B...Roofless buildings or partially demolished buildings.
C...Boarded up or abandoned buildings, no population.
D...A community with many abandoned buildings and a small population of residents.
E...Historic community or town, functional, but much smaller than in its boom years.
F...A restored town, state park, or replica of an old town, community or fort.

Banta Bethany Park Brey
Cope Crown Center
Exchange Gasburg
Hall Herbemont Hynds Hyndsdale Lake Valley

Little Point Mahalasville Matthews Minetree
Plano Rattsville Taggarts Vansyckles Wakeland
Waverly West Salem Whitaker Wilbur Williams Crossing

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County Coordinator

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