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Some Wilson County TN Surnames,
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From: DGFerrell@aol.com (Donna Graves Ferrell)
Nancy, you are going to keep on until you find you are related to ME.
If your husband Billy is related to Eudelle Castleman, we are related. Eudelle's 3rd g-grandparents are my 4th g-grandparents. John & Martha ___Castleman,
me via son Henry;
Eudelle through son Benjamin. This is on my mom's line.
My g-grandmother was Melzourie Hewgley via Jacob, James, James Wallace, Melzourie married Francis M. Cawthon (Frank). Dad's line.
Subj: Lane/Wilson County TN Date: 98-04-22
From: Genny1
To: Docward@aol.com
CC: Lanehunts, BJHB06A@prodigy.com
Hi Donny:
You left the following message on my guestbook on my home page at:
Let me know who your Lanes are in Wilson County and how you descend?
I am sending a copy to Heather at LaneHunts@aol.com, and Frank Laine at BJHB06A@prodigy.com.
Nancy Goodman in TN
Date: 21.4.98/0:44
Donny Ward (Docward@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:
I am also decended from the Lanes of Wilson County,Tn. Looking for Lain, Lane, Ward, Patterson.

Subj: Re: Lane/Wilson County TN  Date: 98-04-26
From: Docward@aol.com
To: Genny1
Della Lane grandmother b.1868. Denny Lane g grandfather b.Dec. 1836.
Minerva Patterson g grandmother b.Nov.1837.
I believe Ancil Lane to be gg grandfather
.I am new at genealogy and computers.
Any help would be appreciated.

98-03-05   From: jhouse@webwide.net (J. W. Housewright)
To: Genny1@aol.com

Mrs. Goodman,
My name is Jesse Carol Holloway. My mother was Iva Bernice Ozment, daughter of Bowen Hasque Ozment of Drew County, Arkansas. It is obvious from a study of some material you had on your web page that I am of the same line of Ozments as your husband in the Eddins line.
My mother was descended from both of the Ozment brothers (Alfred and James H.) who came to Drew County in the early 1800s. I don't have as much time to spend on my family tree as I would like; but I have nearly 50000 names in my family file at the present time. Along with the Owen and Raley lines in myfathers family, I have some names going back to well before 1000 AD. I would be interested in corresponding with you and others regarding the Ozment/Eddins/White family.
My E-Mail address is somewhat restricted by my employer; but I can be reached through email at work to:
JHOUSE@webwide.net (attn: Jesse Carol Holloway)

From: (Mike Andrew) Date: 98-02-16
Hewgley Family Genealogy
Reply-to: Kountryfolk@Yahoo.com
To: Genny1@aol.com
My g-g-grandfather was George W. Hewgley who married Rachel Drennan Dec.18, 1823 in Wilson Co., TN. George's father was Abraham I think. He and his wife were living maybe in VA when George was born. George and Rachel migrated to Hickory Co., MO sometime around 1850. I am looking for descendents of this family.
I may be emailed at Kountryfolk@Yahoo.com
Thank you very much.
Benjamin REEDER 1828-38 res.Wilson Co.TN John WALKER 1840 Overton Co.TN res. Date: 98-02-18
From: oranbrigham@mail.utexas.edu (E. Oran Brigham)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Saw your TN site on Internet International Directory: Please add this query to your Tennessee queries.
Feel free to edit query as you see fit.
Vangee Brigham
10909 Legends Lane
Austin TX 78747-1220
email: oranbrigham@mail.utexas.edu

1828-38 Wilson Co.TN > 1840 Overton Co.TN
Seeking info on 1828-1838 Wilson Co.TN resident,Benjamin REEDER
Benjmain REEDER Revolutionary War Vet found living in household of John WALKER in Overton Co.TN in 1840.

page 157 ---1840 CENSUS-- OVERTON CO. TN
Rev. War Pensioner: READER, Benj. Age 80 (b.@1760)
Name of head of family with whom pensioner resided June 1,1840:
John WALKER **.

REEDER, Benjamin -- Maryland Line, R17331,
applied for pension in 1837 in Overton Co.TN
Soldier lived in St. Mary's Co.MD at enlistment
and lived there 7 years after the Revolution
then moved to King William Co.VA for 20 years
then to Overton Co.TN.
Believe same Benjamin REEDER as on 1828-29 Wilson Co.TN TX lists.
Wilson Co.TN adjacent to Overton Co.TN
Lebanon, Wilson Co. TN Tax List 1828-29
REDER, Harris 47 acres
READER, Edwin 117
READER, Benj 360

Wilson Co. TN Tax List 1827-29
Capt. Barkley's Co.
REDER, Harris 47
READER, Edwin --?--
READER, Benj 360

Capt. Barkley's Co.
p.265 Acres
REDER, Harris 47
READER, Erwin 117(?) difficult to read
READER, Benj 360

LDS I.G.I File MARYLAND Page 10,979 lists a:
Elizabeth REEDER spouse of John BOND mar.@1764 St. Mary's MD
Elizabeth REEDER as relative of John REEDER/Ann WARREN
**Benjamin REEDER as relative of John REEDER/Ann WARREN
John REEDER son of Simon READER/Virtue (Vowles?Bowles?)READER
Benjamin REEDER mar.1782 Susannah BOND St.Mary's MD Saint Andrews Par.
Milley REEDER mar.1802 Bennett *WALKER St.Mary's MD
Penelope REEDER mar.1806 James *WALKER St.Mary's MD
Vangee Brigham
10909 Legends Lane
Austin TX 78747-1220
email: oranbrigham@mail.utexas.edu

Date: Tue, Feb 3, 1998
From: Fam tree1@aol.com
Any of these names sound familiar from the Wilson and Sumner areas?
Mora Bennett,
William Jordan Bennett (civil war vet),
Martha Virginia Rogers,
Richard Baxter Bennett,
Elizabeth Chandler,
Asa Graves Rogers,
Sarah Ann Paulina Chandler,
Josiah Chandler,
Sarah Eddins,
Jordan C. Chandler and
Elizabeth Avery
Any info on any of these people????
email me,
Brian McLaughlin

Date: Tue, Feb 3, 1998
From: Fam tree1@aol.com
Direct lines
Asa Graves Rogers- Wilson County married Sarah Ann Paulina Chandler 1839 Richard Baxter Bennett - Wilson County married Elizabeth Chandler 1828
William Jordan Bennett - civil war vet from Wilson County married Martha Virginia Rogers
Jordan C. Chandler - originally from Franklin NC, married Elizabeth L. Avery married in Wilson County 1817
Mora Bennett - born in 1875, married Joseph Knox McLaughlin in Illinois died at 107 years old in 1982 in Jennings, Indiana
Other relatives from mid 1800s in Wilson and Sumner County:
Richard's and Elizabeth's kids
Josiah J. Bennett
Henry Bennett
Wincy Bennett
Judith Bennett
Sarah Bennett

Asa and Paulina Rogers kids
Joseph Rogers
Jordan Rogers
James Rogers
John Rogers
Thomas Rogers
Elizabeth Rogers
Rosalice Rogers
Mary Rogers

Jordan C. and Elizabeth L. Avery Chandler's kids
John W. Chandler 1814
Francis Asbury Chandler 1820
Elizabeth L. Chandler 1828
James Chandler 1836
John W. Chandler 1835
Marshall Chandler 1838

Date: Tue, Feb 3, 1998
Fam tree1@aol.com
Direct lines
Asa Graves Rogers- Wilson County married Sarah Ann Paulina Chandler 1839
Richard Baxter Bennett - Wilson County married Elizabeth Chandler 1828
William Jordan Bennett - civil war vet from Wilson County married Martha Virginia Rogers
Jordan C. Chandler - originally from Franklin NC, married Elizabeth L. Avery married in Wilson County 1817
Mora Bennett - born in 1875, married Joseph Knox McLaughlin in Illinois died at 107 years old in 1982 in Jennings, Indiana
Josiah Chandler and Sarah Eddins, married 1784 in Virginia
Other relatives from mid 1800s in Wilson and Sumner County:
Richard's and Elizabeth's Bennetts kids
Josiah J. Bennett
Henry Bennett
Wincy Bennett
Judith Bennett
Sarah Bennett

Asa and Paulina Rogers kids
Joseph Rogers Jordan Rogers
James Rogers
John Rogers
Thomas Rogers
Elizabeth Rogers
Rosalice Rogers
Mary Rogers

Jordan C. and Elizabeth L. Avery Chandler's kids
John W. Chandler 1814
Francis Asbury Chandler 1820
Elizabeth L. Chandler 1828
James Chandler 1836
John W. Chandler 1835
Marshall Chandler 1838
Any info on any of these people????
email me,
Brian Mclaughlin at: Fam tree1@aol.com

Date: Tue, Feb 3, 1998
From: Fam tree1@aol.com
George Avery married Elizabeth Allen in 1788 in Franklin, North Carolina; their daughter Elizabeth married Jordan C. Chandler 1817, who was also born in Franklin moved to Wilson County Tennessee later....James Avery and Mary were both born in mid 1700s in Bute Co. NC and are George's parents.

any info, email me....I'll trade and I have lots more information

Brian McLaughlin at Fam tree1@aol.com

Date: 98-02-21  
Eddings research
Hi - I learned from Stan Davis that you have info on the Eddings line from NC>TN>MO.

My husbands line is as follows:

Joseph Eddings - b.1764 NC, d. 1848 Keyburg, Robertson, TN married Ann 1787 in Caswell, NC
Their children:
Rebecca Eddings, 1788
Martha Eddings, 1791
Conny Eddings, 1794
James Eddings, 1796
Jonathon "John" Eddings, 1798, married Rebecca Mason .
They had Pleasant Matthew Eddings 1827 Robertson, TN who married Susannah Rogers 1848 in Greene,MO.
Their children included Sarah A. Eddings b 1863 who married Richard Jesse Peck in 1883 in Webster Co. MO.
Elizabeth 1802
also married Elizabeth Holcomb
Their children:
William Eddings, b. 1806 NC - died 1874 in Williams, IL
Sarah Eddings 1807
Joseph Sidney Eddings 1811
Mary Eddings 1815
Nancy Eddings 1817
Isaac Eddings 1819
If you have any info on this family, please let me know.
I am at: payrollmel@aol.com

98-04-12 22:14:59
From: Brobpat@aol.com (Bob Carver)
I have actually spent most of my time on my maternal Winford-Babb-Tarver-Powell line and have made some slight progress; and on the Crudup-Temple line on Dad's side.

I have pretty well determined that Rebecca Temple, wife of John Crudup, and mother of Robert, Elisha Battle, Bennett, and John Crudup, was the daughter of Robert Temple and his wife, Elizabeth Powell. She was the daughter of Dempsey Powell.
  Robert was perhaps the son of William Temple, Jr, and his wife, Elizabeth Chamblis (Chamnis) and grandson of William Temple, Sr., and Mary Tatum, daughter of Samuel Tatum and his wife, Ann Moor, daughter of John Moor.
As for the Goodmans, I do wish I (we) could find the connection between the Richardsons and the Goodmans in Greene County! Are we correct that Robert Goodman who married Martha Richardson in Wilson County is the son of Robert Goodman, who married (2) Rhoda Landrum? and was father of Stephen?
(editor's note: this question was answered in a long email from Ron Goodman ...
Bob  Carver
Subj: Re: Wilson County TN surnames    Date: 98-05-14
From: Brobpat@aol.com
To: Genny1@aol.com

Here are my family names...I am including my Davidson County TN ones as most of them also intermarried with Wilson County families:
Carver, Allen, Goodman, Jarman, Swingley, Lea, Lord, Stratton, Bowen, Scholl, Alexander, Davis, Buchanan, East, Branch, Crudup, Wright, Guill, Temple, Hessey, Hewgley, Hughes, Rives, Richardson (?) Alford, Drake, Curd, Lumpkin, Watkins, Small, Koonce.
Bob Carver

Subj: Re: Wilson County TN surnames  Date: 98-05-14
From: Brobpat@aol.com
To: Genny1@aol.com
Second installment!
Powell, Winford, Babb, Taylor, Hunt, Cartmell, Gleaves, Tarver, Smith.
I have lots of material on the collateral lines in most of my families.
Bob Carver

Subj: Re: Green County TN/Goodspeed History   Date: 98-06-17
From: RonGoodman@aol.com
To: Genny1
I had seen this information in the book at one time, and took some notes, as some of the same names are related to the Greene Co., Goodmans, esp. Henry Conway.

Henry Conway was the father of the Thomas Conway who was Security for marriage of Amos I. Goodman to Sarah Conway, dau. of Thomas, Blount Co., TN 1801.
Henry Conway was Capt. 14th VA, Cont. Line in the Rev War, and I have copies from recent National Archives visit, of his pension & widow's claims filed in Greene Co., TN, where Henry Conway held large amounts of land on Lick Creek, certainly near the Goodin / Goodmans, as established by several recorded NC Land grants in TN.

The Moore name also appears as Amos Moore Goodman, son of Amos I. Goodman and his 2nd wife, Mourning Jones. I have been unable to identify any Moore family connections, so perhaps the prominence of the Moore family in Greene Co., TN may have something to do with this.

I received the following in re: a query to some folks listed in the Bedford Co., VA web site, with Richardson connections:
Subj: Re: Richardson - Bedford Co., VA, ca 1700s    Date: 6/15/98
From: scothron@blue.net (Steve Cothron)
To: RonGoodman@aol.com
The Richardson information I have was taken from a manuscript written by Mrs. Bennette Richardson Dinwoody of Salt Lake City, Utah in 1972.
In it she includes her research of wills & land grants in Bedford Co., VA for her Ancestral Richardson Family.
This indenture made 25 Nov 1766 between John Richardson and Susannah, his wife, of Bedford County and Zachariah Neal of said county for the sum of 15 pounds etc. on the Branches of Elk Creek etc. 
The above named wife, Susannah, of John Richardson is named as daughter of Ralph FUQUA as his married daughter, wife of John Richardson; will dated 6 Nov 1765, proved 24 July 1770. Green County Tennessee.

Will of John Ritshidson (Richardson) 18 Aug 1794
First of all, I will and bequeath that my land be divided between my son Johnathan & Obediah. It further names his wife, Susannah, and children: Elizabeth, Mary (youngest), Joseph, Jesse, Zillir and Fewquay.
Executors names: Susannah his wife and Fewquay his son.

I decided not to write all of the will, if you need a copy I will have to send it through snail mail if you will give me you address. Hope this helps.
To which I responded:
This is certainly the family I have been searching for!! Thanks.
I would like to have a copy of John Richardson's will, as well as the Ralph Fuqua will, if you have that.
I am also related to the Fuqua family, by my G-G-G-Grandmother, Celia Fuqua Reynolds, dau. of John Fuqua (d. 1796, Bedford Co.) and Anna Harrison. They also had a son Ralph.
My snail mail:
Ron Goodman
4407 Sunnycrest Dr.
Jacksonville, FL 32257
More that I have found on John & Susannah Richardson & family:

26 Feb 1748 John Richardson sold 60 ac & plantation in Louisa Co., VA to John Haggard,
Wit. Thos. Lipscomb, James Howard, Benj. Dumas.
Deed also signed by wife, Susanna Richardson.
Louisa Co. Deed Book A.
Benjamin Dumas owned a mill & dam adjacent to the property of Benjamin & Samuel Goodman in Louisa Co., purchased from same.
John Richardson apparently spent Rev. War in Bedford, VA militia, (Col. Jno. Richardson?).

NC Land Grants in TN, 1778-1791: recorded in Greene Co, 1787
#1687 Thomas Goodin (Goodman) 150 ac Lick Cr.
#1709 Thomas Flippin 200 ac n. side Holston R.
#1718 " " " " "
#1805 John Terrill 200 ac n. side Holston R.
#1825 Benjamin Goodin (Goodman) 230 ac. Big Gap Cr.
#1867 Benjamin Goodin (Goodman) 400 ac. Lick Cr.
#1894 Wm Terrill Lewis 5,000 ac N side TN River
#1914 John Richardson 240 ac. Lick Cr. (near Nolachucky R.).
#1967 Benjamin Goodin (Goodman) 120 ac Swan Pond Cr.
#1995 James Goodin (Goodman) 200 ac Lick Cr.
#2190 Henry Conway 300 ac n side French Broad R. (and others on Lick Creek)
#2286 Benj. Goodin (Goodman) & Joel Lewis 600 ac Lick Cr.
... others to same individuals in various Greene Co. locations ....

Bef. 1795 John Richardson Died. Greene, TN Co.Ct. Minutes No #/391. Will entered. Wife Susanna Richardson, executrix. This is the will you mentioned.

As to the Richardson / Goodman connections:
In Tennessee Tidbits, 1778-1914, Vol. 1, compiled by Marjorie Hood Fischer, found:

Aug 1790, Greene Co., TN Court Minutes, #/170. Robert and Amos Goodman, children of John Goodman, were ordered committed to the care of John Richardson until further orders.
Stephen and Sarah and Rachel Goodman were committed to the care of Jos. Richardson.
The above named Joseph Richardson had married Susannah Goodman, dau. of John Goodman, July 1, 1790.

Blount Co. TN (formed from Greene Co) Court minutes, Nov Term, 1804, #B/32: Orphans Joseph Richardson, 11 yrs & 5 mo, and Drury Richardson, 7 yrs & 4 mo, bound to John Black Cusak until they are 21.
These are probably the sons of Joseph Richardson & Susanna (Goodman) Richardson. The Drury Richardson name is interesting, as it may connect Susannah Goodman to the Drury Goodin/Goodman, signer of the Watauga Petition of 1777, and also the Drury Goodman line of TN that also frequently contains the Ansel Goodman name.

Obediah Richardson married Sarah Jane Goodman in Greene Co., TN, May 16, 1797, and they removed to Barren Co., KY, where Obediah died before 1810, as Sarah Goodman, widow of Obediah Richardson, married that year to Mathias Harper in Barren Co., KY, Security by Matthias Reynolds, deacon of Green River Church (Bapt.), and husband of Martha Goodman. They married in Bedford Co., VA before removing to Barren Co., KY.

18 Nov 1788, Rev. John Goodman (b. abt 1761) officiated at the marriage of Martha Goodman and Matthias Reynolds, performed in Bedford Co., VA.
John and Martha were probably related.
Martha was probably related, perhaps an aunt, to the Amos I. Goodman, b. 1782 in Bedford. and son of the John Goodman who d. 1790 in Greene Co., TN., as Amos I. Goodman later removed to Barren Co., KY, and settled very near to Matthias Reynolds, as established by Barren Co., 1810 census, which was not alphebetized, but appears to be in household order as originally taken.

Matthias Harper, Matthias Reynolds and Amos I. Goodman all appear as close neighbors in 1810 census of Barren Co., KY., and Matthias and Martha Reynolds and Goodman families were members of Green River Bapt. Church of Barren Co.
Edward Reynolds and his wife Celia Fuqua, and other Fuqua and Reynolds families were also members of this church.

Close knit families, indeed!

Subj: Re: Green County TN/Goodspeed History  Date: 98-06-18
From: Brobpat@aol.com
To: Genny1
Dear Nancy,
Thanks for the info on the Richardson-Goodmans....We are slowly getting there.
I really haven't poured over this for minute details, but it would seem to help support the idea that ROBERT GOODMAN, son of JOHN, went back to Bedford Co., VA, where he married ANN NEAL, daughter of ZEPHANIAH NEAL.
According to data I got from the FTW-WFT files,
ZEPHANIAH NEAL was born in 1753 in Bedford Co., VA, and married there about 1778, Elizabeth "Betty" Neal .
He died June 3, 1845 in Wilson Co., TN, and is listed as a soldier in the Revolutionary War.
ZEPHANIAH NEAL was the son of
DANIEL NEAL (O'NEAL), born 1721,
living in his youth in Charles Co., MD, and married MARY DODSON (HEUTON/HEWTON).  
DANIEL NEAL was son of
ELIZABETH "BETTY" NEAL was born about 1755 in Bedford Co., VA, and died about 1840- 43, in Wilson Co., TN.
She was the daughter of ZACHARIAH NEAL and his wife MARY.
ZACHARIAH was a brother of DANIEL NEAL, above.
I was at first leery of the idea that ROBERT would have gone back to VA to get married, but in two of my families, men did go back to VA for various and sundry reasons.
Accord- ing to the CARTMELL family histories, NATHANIEL CARTMELL (b.1794), my gt-gt-gt-gd father, went back several times to visit relatives in Frederick Co., and JAMES DRAKE, father of AlBRITTAIN and gdfather of SOPHIA VALENTINE DRAKE ALFORD, died in Richmond, VA, and his will was written there, even though he was then living in Nash Co., NC.
Since the GOODMANS and their relatives liked to intermarry, I guess he wanted to continue the tradition????
I have been hard at work on so many of my lines lately.
I have found that ROBERT HALL JARMAN (1781-1849) was son of ROBERT JARMAN (which I knew) and PHILOPENA KOONCE (which I didn't).
She was probably the daughter of GEORGE KOONCE, JR.,  gddaughter of GEORGE, SR, and gt-grdaughter of JOHN KOONCE, SR., and his wife, ALICE (ALICIA/ALISIA), the immigrants from Germany and who were killed by the Inidans not long after settling in NC.
ROBERT HALL's wife, SUSANNAH SMALL, was the daughter of REUBEN SMALL and his wife, CATHERINE, who we think was also a KOONCE, and perhaps sister of PHILOPENA
...the KOONCES, SMALLS and JARMANS were intermarrying "fools", too!
REUBEN SMALL was the son of AMOS SMALL and his wife, SARAH SLOBOCK (which is written ALL sorts of ways).
She was probably the daughter of JACOB SLOBOCK, as she and AMOS witnessed his will in Carteret Co., NC, October 13, 1755.
[I need to get a copy of the will].

AMOS SMALL was son of BENJAMIN SMALL and his wife, MARY KNIGHT, probably daughter of JOHN KNIGHT.

All of the new info I have dug up since Christmas!
I have listed it here, since many Wilson Co., families have connections.
[Winsetts, Gibsons, Pattersons, etc.]
ETC is my favorite word it seems this morning.
After 40+ years I have finally gotten on the right track in locating my mother's paternal line.
The ALLEN family is a difficult one. But my great aunt Grace Allen Hurt (whose mother was a CASTLEMAN), told me that her grandmother was MARTHA JANE HAGAN, the daughter of JERUSHA ENSLEY and her husband, WILLIAM H. HAGAN. And that the brother of JERUSHA was ENOCH ENSLEY of Davidson Co.
Well, some of this was correct and some wasn't.
MARTHA JANE was the daughter of JERUSHA, but not by WILLIAM HAGAN. Seems she married about age 15 to MILTON SHOLL, in 1815 in Williamson Co., TN. He was probably the son of ISAAC SHOLL and his wife, CHARITY ELLEDGE, both of whose families are closely related to the BOONE family.
MILTON abandoned JERUSHA, leaving her with two children (one being MARTHA JANE) and went to KY where most of the SHOLL and BOONES had settled, before moving on to MO and IL.
JERUSHA in 1828 married WILLIAM HAGAN.
JERUSHA was one of three children (the other two being PARKER ALEXANDER and MARTHA (PATSEY) ALEXANDER) of HENRY ALEXANDER and his second wife, NAOMI.
His first wife was RACHEL NORMAN, who was probably his first cousin.
NAOMI was the daughter of JOHN DAVIS of NC (Tyrrell/Bath?) who held property in Davidson and WIlliamson Co, TN, and gave a tract to her and HENRY.
At least one son, JOHN, Jr., also came to Middle TN and was a surveyor listed on many of the late 1790 and early 1800 deeds and grant records in Davidson Co.
NAOMI DAVIS first married EDWARD ENSLEY in Tyrrell Co., NC, and had two children: a son, ENOCH, and a daughter, JOANNAH.
EDWARD died and NAOMI married secondly, HENRY ALEXANDER in Tyrrell Co. They moved to Davidson Co, bringing the two ENSLEY (ANSLEY) children with them. After HENRY died prior to 1808, NAOMI married yet a third time, ARTHUR BLAND.
I have the ALEXANDER family back to ANTHONY ALEXANDER and his wife, ANNE, whose eldest son, ANTHONY, JR, was born in 1690 in Berkeley (later Perquimans Precinct) NC.
Again, many Wilson Co. families are related to the above families.
The various County Heritage Books of NC are gold mines of family history if you have not discovered this.
Also, several books by Joseph Watson and Margaret Hofmann are excellent sources for NC roots of Wilson Countians.
More later....

Subj: Re: Green County TN/Goodspeed History  Date: 98-06-18
From: RonGoodman@aol.com
To: Genny1
Feel free to include this information in your web site & share with anyone who may be able to help solidify these connections.
I have not had an opportunity to work on my site much since early April, and it will probably be a while longer before I can integrate my most recent findings, including corrections to some of my earlier surmises about the Goodman family connections in Bedford.
Also note that my web pages may be best accessed at the following:
Although the old aol site is still up, it is actually just a link to this site. I am still waiting for my ISP to implement support for FrontPage webs, so not all of the advanced test search and interactive features of this site are fully functional yet, but based on the version I run on my own local server, it should be a great place for Goodman & related researchers to share information, without requiring a lot of maintenance on my part.
Please share this url with Bob, if you have not already.

Subj: Re: Green County TN/Goodspeed History  Date: 98-06-19
From: Brobpat@aol.com
To: Genny1
Hey, Nancy!
I think we've got it!....
In the Wills and Inventories of Wilson County, 1843-1848, p. 211, there is the will of ZEPHANIAH NEAL, made July 18,1843, and probated October 8, 1845.
In it he mentions:
(1) son, Daniel Neal
(2) son, Jesse Neal
(3) son, John Neal
(4) daughter, Elizabeth Gholdston
(5) relationship not stated, but probably other children, as they are to share equally in the balance of the estate:
(a) ANNA GOODMAN's heirs (names of them not given)
(b) Polly Brooks
(c) Charles Neal
(d) Zephaniah Neal
and then renames:
(e) Daniel Neal
(f) Jesse Neal
(g) John Neal
He names Eli Gholston as his executor.
Witnesses to the will were Andrew Eskew and Richard Ozment.

In Partlow's abstracts of the Deeds, DB V, p.145 -
ZEPHANIAH NEAL to my daughter, ELIZABETH GHOLSTON 88 acres in Wilson County.
Witnesses Richard Ozment and Eli Gholdston. Dated September 23, 1842.
From same source, DB Z, p. 49-50 -
JOHN NEAL, NANCY NEAL, JESSE NEAL, NOAH NEAL, WILLIAM RAY, MARY A. RAY, JOHN MONROE, and NANCY MONROE, the heirs of ZEPHENIAH NEAL as the children of DANIEL BEAL, deceased, to WILLIAM J. ROGERS their interest in a tract of land.
ZEPHENIAH NEAL left three sons DANIEL NEAL, JESSE NEAL and JOHN NEAL. CHARLES NEAL of Indiana sold land at the request of the legatees. Dated September 15, 1852.
If you do go to Lebanon, would you check the estate settlement records for ZEPHANIAH NEAL?
"ANNA GOODMAN's heirs" should show up in some form receiving their share of the estate.
This should (I hope, I hope) be the missing clue to solve the identity of ROBERT GOODMAN's first wife and prove it was ANN(A) NEAL!
Thanks again!
Bob Carver

Subj: Re: Green County TN/Goodspeed History  Date: 98-06-19
From: RonGoodman@aol.com
To: Genny1
The Richardson-Goodman Bedford Co. connections are already bearing more fruit.
I received by mail today, a copy of a transcription of the will of John Richardson, 18 Aug 1794, Greene Co., TN.  
In this will, he mentions his youngest daughter Mary, and the will is witnessed by Mary King, probably that daughter, vis: Mary Richardson King.
Also witnessing were John Price and John Guss Jurot, with their X marks.
I have seen the Mary King name before, as wife of Charles Goodman of SC.
Their dau. Nancy Goodman, b. 1809, married Fielding Jeter of Bedford Co. (Our Kin, History of Bedford Co., VA), and they had:
Sarah Ann JETER,
Charles Whitfield JETER,
Mary Elizabeth JETER,
Susan Wesley JETER,
William Andrew JETER.
Fielding Jeter also had a brother, Littleton Jeter.
Children of Nancy Goodman Jeter and Fielding Jeter from LDS IGI computer data.
The Mary King that married Charles Goodman, was probably not the Mary King who witnessed the will of John Richardson in 1794, who was married, and probably at least 21 years old, but may have been her daughter, who according to my IGI info, was b. 1787. Charles Goodman b. 1785 in SC, and d. 1852, Shelby Co., TN.
Ron Goodman

Subj: MORE on BEDFORD CO., VA  Date: 98-07-04
From: Brobpat@aol.com
To: Genny1
Happy Fourth, Nancy!
Here are some new things I found last Thursday at the IN State Library. I am also sending by attachment some VA marriage bonds of interest to some of our mutual families in Wilson County.


EDWARD LAIN, (signed LANE) and SARAH WHITTLE and JOHN GOODMAN and MARY his wife to ANDREW GREENHORN 29 July 1763, 155 acres adjoining RAGLIN and BOSWELL.
A note states that this may have been of 148 acres, once it was surveyed.

JOHN RICHARDSON to JOHN MITCHELL - November, 1784 - a deed for 140 acres, witnessed by JAMES DABNEY, THOMAS CHRISTMAST (sic), RICHARD RICHARDSON.
A note states that "JOHN RICHARDSON's wife, ELIZABETH, was also a grantor; her release was taken at home. Deed dated 4 November 1784. Christ- mas (sic) and Richardson proved it at December Court 1784. p. 58

From WHITTEN, Vol. II, Will Abstracts of Bedford Co, VA.

Will of JOHNATHAN RICHARDSON - dated 5 October 1772
son - Jesse - 200 acres of land I now live on
son - Thomas - 200 acres of land on upper part of my land joining to home tract
son - Amos - 100 acres of land on lower part of said land
son - Joseph - I had by my first wife, 30 shillings sterling
my wife - Anne - all my movable effects in her possession till my children are of age, then to be divided equally among May, Nancy, Aimy, Jesse, Thomas, and Amos
executrix - my wife, Anne
witnesses - John Proudford, Joshua Morgan and Ann Morgan
proved 24 May 1773 - pp. 44f

Will of RANDOLPH RICHARDSON - "of Russell Parish and in the County of Bedford" dated 18 May 1782
wife, Lucy Richardson
after wife's death or marriage, all to be sold and divided equally among all my  children that is now "aliveing" - only my four youngest sons, Randolph, John, Benjamin, and Clinton Richardson, my desire is that each of them to have 10 pounds paid to them as they shall arise to the age of 19 years old
and the remainder equally divided amongst "all my Children both first and last"
executrix: wife, Lucy, and son Richard Richardson  
witnesses, Arthur Cooper, Joseph Young, Marget (sic) Young
Returned 28 October 1782. Samuel Gilbert and Thomas Pate security for Lucy's bond as extrx. pp. 428-429
ZACHARIAH NEAL - inventory and appraisement - not dated In obedience to an order of Bedford April Court
A negro man named Peter
[following not clearly identified, perhaps bond servants)
1 man, Jeremiah, three yrs to serve
1 girl, Dinah, two yrs to serve
1 girl, Lucy, four yrs to serve
(note: the name "Frank" has been written, crossed out and the name "Jeremiah" written above.)
Household goods, livestock (including 21 sheep) farm equipment
Included: 1 gun, 33 lbs dirty wool, 50 gallon still and worm, 14 still tubs
Appraisers: John L. Cobbs, William Callaway, Peyton Leftwich
Returned 28 June 1802 - p. 359-60
CHARLES NEAL - Account Current
Administratrix - ANN WRIGHT
Mentioned: "To 1/3d of the appraisement 13.19.4 (lbs, shill,pence) To an outstanding debt due by DANIEL NEAL exclusive of interest 21 lbs
Notation: when settled the Commissioners referred to "an Outstanding Debt of 21 lbs due by DANIEL NEAL's Exclusive of Interest" Signed 24 January 1803 by James Gwatkin, Benjamin Moore, Charles Stewart, Thomas G. Logwood.

I also have several records on RALPH and JOHN FUQUA.
Bob Carver

[Earle S. Dennis and Jane E. Smith, MARRIAGE BONDS OF BEDFORD CO., VA, 1755-1800, GPC, 1981]

JAMES BRANCH  & FRANCES TERRY 10-9-1789 - James White, surety;
Consent of Polly Terry, mother. [p. 3]

JAMES BRANCH  & MARTHA MINOR 4-23-1792 - Edmund Goode and William Minor, sureties [p. 9]

MARY BRANCH & CHARLES MOOREMAN 8-28-1781 - Littleberry Leftwich surety; Consent of Mary herself. [p. 47]

MARY BRANCH & JACOB WADE 10-31-1800 - George Stone, surety [p. 75]

PLEASANT BRANCH & JENNY MASTEN 2-14-1781 - Peter Forqueron, Jr, surety [p. 8]

SALLY BRANCH & EDMUND GOODE 11-19-1791 - James Branch, surety,
Consent of Susannah Branch, mother of SALLEY. [p.24]

VERLINCHE BRANCH & BENJAMIN PARKS 3-28-1774 - Arthur Moseley, surety [Verlinda?] Consent of Oliver (sic) Branch,   father. [p. 54]

ADAM CLEMENTS & AGNESS JOHNSON ?-27-1765 - Joseph Anthony, surety - p. 13

SAMUEL CLEMENS & PAMELIA GOGGIN 10-23-1797 - Samuel Hancock, surety; certificate that Pamelia is of age - p. 15

AARON FUQUA & ELIZABETH CARTER 1-25-1796 - Moses Pullen, surety, Consent of Merry Carter, father of Elizabeth - p. 22

CALEB FUQUA & MILLIE ABSTON 11-24-1800 - Moses Fuqua, surety [p.22]

MOSES FUQUA & DELPHIA HOWARD 12-23-1800 - Joel Estes, surety
[p. 24]

WILLIAM FUQUA & SARAH PRATHER 2-12-1769 - Thomas Prather, surety
[p. 24]

JOHN GOGGIN & LUCY BRANCH 9-8-1777 - Stephen Goggin, surety;

Consent of Olive Branch, father of Lucy - [p. 27]

SARAH GOGGIN & THOMAS DOUGHERTY 6-15-1778 - Stephen Goggin, Sr
surety [p. 27]

STEPHEN GOGGIN & SUSANNA TERRY 9-25-1772 - Robert Donald, surety

DAVID GOODMAN & NANCY DEAL 2-11-1789 - Thomas Phillips, surety;

Consent of Sarah Parker, mother of Nancy Deal - [p.25]

MARTHA GOODMAN & MATTHIAS REYNOLDS 11-18-1788 - Charles Reynolds, surety - [p.56]

surety; Consent of BARTLETT GOODMAN, father of RHODY. [p. 15]


surety; Consent of ZEPHANIAH NEAL, parent of ANN. [p.25]

RUTH RENNOLS & JOHN THORP 10-15-1791 - David Thorp, surety'
Consent of Charles Renols (sic), father. [p. 70]

ALEXANDER REYNOLDS & JEMIMA BRIGHT 12-29-1790 - Charles Bright, Jr, surety; Consent of Charles Bright, Sr   father of Jemima [p.56]

B(D)ETSEY REYNOLDS & JOHN MILLAM 11-7-1799 - Joel Salmons, surety;
Consent of John Reynolds, father,. [p. 46]

CHARLES REYNOLDS & NANCY PALMER 12-18-1799 - Jesse Lockett, surety;
Consent of Benjamin Palmore (sic), father of Nancy. [p.59]

FRANCES REYNOLDS & JAMES PAGE 3-13-1787 - William Stewart, surety;

Consent of William Page, father of James; Consent of Charles Reynolds, father of Frances. [p. 54]

JOHN REYNOLDS & NANCY MILLAM 3-14-1800 - Jesse Bradley, surety;

Consent of Zachariah Millan, father of Nancy. [p.54]

NATHANIEL REYNOLDS & ELIZABETH ANN BOWYER 5-1-1795 - Adam Boyer (sic) surety, [p.58]

OBEDIAH REYNOLDS  & POLLY PEATROSS 11-24-1798 - James Peatross, surety
[p. 56]

SABRINA REYNOLDS & JAMES MARKHAM 1-29-1787 - Jesse Reynolds, surety
[p. 45]

SISLEY REYNOLDS & GEORGE WIGGINTON 12-22-1788 - Joseph Durry, surety; Consent of Sisley herself.
[p.not copied]

BARNETT RICHARDSON & ELIZABETH MARTIN 4-13-1789 - Finch Criddle, surety;
Consent of Thomas Martin, father of Elizabeth. [p. 60]

BETSEY RICHARDSON & SAMUEL AYERS 10-27-1794 - John Cundiff, surety,

CATY RICHARDSON & REUBEN MASON 2-22-1790 - John Board, surety;
Consent of Margaret Richardson, mother of Caty. [p. 48]

GEORGE RICHARDSON & MOLLEY THURMAN 8-25-1794 - John Thurman, surety

JAMES RICHARDSON & MARGARET CALDWELL 8-29-1780 - John Richardson, surety;
Consent of George Caldwell  "the match between my daughter
Margaret and Daniel White is broak (sic) off." - [p.60]

JOHN RICHARDSON & MARY WILLIAMSON 5-9-1798 - Stephen McPherson, surety; Consent of John Williamson,  Sr. [p. 56]

JOHN RICHARDSON & NANCY MARTIN 2-18-1793 - Charles Cooper, surety;
Consent of Thomas and Rachel Martin. [p. 56]

JOSHUA RICHARDSON & MARY SNOW 1-12-1788 - Anderson Milton, surety; Consent of Thomas Arthur, Sr., for Mary Snow, his step-daughter. [p.58]

NANCY RICHARDSON & ANDERSON MILTON 11-26-1787 - Joseph Richardson, surety; [p.42]

SARAH RICHARDSON & JAMES NEWMAN 5-9-1798 - John Richardson, surety; Consent of Joseph Richardson, father of Sarah. [p. 50]

WILLIAM RICHARDSON & POLLY FINNEY 9-15-1796 - John Finney, surety; Consent of Peter Finney, father. [p.59] 

WILLIAM RICHARDSON & RACHEL MANN 1-26-1795 - Charles Caffrey Martin, surety; Consent of Rachel herself.   [p. 56]
Subj: Re: MORE on BEDFORD CO., VA  Date: 98-07-06
From: Brobpat@aol.com
To: Genny1
In the Bell book on Louisa Co. Records, I found some very interesting records pertaining to people named CARVER.
While we have only been able to prove that our Wilson Co., founder, THOMAS CARVER (d. 1821) was eldest son of WILLIAM (d. 1814, Caswell Co) I am trying to connect these two to the people listed in the St. Paul's Parish Register of Stafford Co., VA.
Some of the pertinent births and marriages listed there,
THOMAS CARVER to MARY CLIFT, November 10, 1727;
WILLIAM CARVER, son of THOMAS and MARY CARVER, born July 5, 1737; (no marriage listed for this WILLIAM, but) THOMAS CARVER, son of WILLIAM and SARAH CARVER, born November 2, 1757.

Between these dates, I find JAMES CARVER, THOMAS CARVER, and ARCHIBALD CARVER all in the records of Louisa Co., VA.
JAMES and THOMAS CARVER are mentioned in the Deeds of Louisa Col., VA, 1762-1803, p. 4.
Lewis BURWELL deeded 400 acres to ARCHIBALD CARVER, Sept 20, 1751, p. 1.
Deed from Edward CLARK to ARCHIBALD CARVER proved, Nov 25, 1760, p. 8.
Law suit Roger DIXON vs ARCHIBALD CARVER & GEORGE ROEBUCK, dismissed, Sept 14, 1762, p. 45.
ARCHIBALD CARVER appointed one of three commissioners for a road to be established.
April 10, 1764, p. 76.
An attachment against ARCHIBALD CARVER dated/recorded August 14, 1764, p. 91f.

It has long intrigued me that my ancestor, ARCHIBALD CARVER (b. 1810), the son of WILLIAM (1781-1856) and his wife, ANNIS LEA, who were married in Person Co., NC, in  October, 1808, and WILLIAM being son of THOMAS (d. 1821) and his first wife, CLARA (CLARY), whom I think was CLARY LORD (b. January 12, 1762), daughter of WILLIAM and FRANCES STRATTON LORD, received a name that is completely "foreign" to the rest of this particular CARVER or LEA family.

Since Stratford Co is in the Northeastern corner of VA, it could well be that they stopped off in Louisa Co., VA before moving on to Orange/Caswell/Person County, NC.
Just thought I would throw this out to other relatives interested in the CARVER ancestry.
Subj: Re: MORE on BEDFORD CO., VA   Date: 98-07-08 13:44:26 EDT
From: Brobpat@aol.com
To: Genny1
Hey, Nancy!
I have found some great news! At least it is news to me.
I have found that the MICHAEL GLEAVES family cemetery is still in existence and contains about nine or ten graves.

It is located on the property of DuPont northeast of the DMT, Old Hickory facility.
Are you familiar with this graveyard?
The Wilson County Gleaves families are descendants of MICHAEL and RACHEL GLEAVES or are the descendants of his brother, WILLIAM, of Wythe Co., VA.

According to an e-mail just received this morning from Dennis GLAVES, this is information on the GLEAVES/GLAVES family.
Mr. GLAVES is a direct descendant of MICHAEL's younger brother, MATTHEW, who spelled the family name GLAVES.

MATTHEW GLEAVES, SR. and his wife, ESTER (sic) were the parents of at least five children:
(1) MARY;
(4) ESTER; and
A sixth possible child, ELIZABETH, is listed in a 1771 lawsuit, but Mr. GLAVES believes that this was ELIZABETH TURK GLEAVES, the wife of WILLIAM.

Mr. GLAVES thinks that MICHAEL was married more than once, as there is mention in an early 1780s tax list of MICHAEL with an "infant Mary Dorcas Gleaves." This woman later married JOHN DAVIS in Davidson Co., TN, August 4, 1798.

Hi Bob:

... I didn't realize any cemeteries were on the duPont property, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Do you know if it is accessible to the public? Wonder how we could find out, and maybe I can check it out for you if it is. I will make some phone calls to Old Hickory and see what I can find out.
I got some new info on one of my mother's lines yesterday, a very nice gentleman, Bob Puryear, who is a retired Metro employee, got my notes about my Johnson-Mullins line in Smith County, and lo, and behold, when he went to the State Archives, he looked them up in the 1900, 1910, and 1920 census records. He said there are books with the census info in the reading room at TSLA; one reason I don't get into the census records is because I don't deal well with microfilm, I have to take my glasses off and stick my nose right down on the film in order to read it!!

So I guess I'd better get myself down to TSLA and see what they have new!!

Anyway, wanted to see if you have anything on BARTON in Wilson County...Bob Puryear's line..he said there is a small graveyard in Wilson County with Gabriel Barton, wife Jane Johnson (whose mother was Eleanor Johnson), and in the same cemetery are Anna Robertson Barton, granddaughter, 1 year old, plus graves for William BAIRD and Mary Robertson Baird, plus another grave for Sarah Robertson. I looked in the Baird info I had (not my line, just happened to have it) and didn't see them, but wondered if by chance you had anything on them.

Subj: Carver email list  Date: 98-07-06
From: Genny1
To: Brobpat
Hi Bob:
This showed up on a list I subscribe to; didn't know if you would be interested in subscribing to it, but thought I'd pass it along, just in case.
........trying to catch up on reading all my lists I subscribe to!!
CARVER. The RobertCarver mailing list is for confirmed descendants of Robert Carver, who immigrated to Plymouth Colony by 1638, to discuss and share information on this ancestral line. Mailing address for postings is robertcarver-l@rootsweb.com.
To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes)
as the only text in the body of a message to
robertcarver-l-request@rootsweb.com (mail mode)
robertcarver-d-request@rootsweb.com (digest mode).
Subj: GLEAVES  Date: 98-07-09
From: Brobpat@aol.com
To: Genny1
Hi, Nancy,
I have written to Ed Gleaves and he is sending me what he has on the family!
Having been away from the area so long, I am no longer sure of street names and such, so I would not be able to tell you for sure how to find the cemetery. Perhaps Vivian Hull could help.

As for the BARTON cemetery, I am not familiar with it. When I copied the tombstones in various cemeteries around the Mt. Juliet-Leeville to Davidson Co., line, years ago, I did not come across it. It is probably in what was the 3rd Civil District in 1850.
Here is what I have on the BARTON family:
Edmund Crutcher, John W. Peyton and Walter Carruth appointed administrators of SAMUEL BARTON. [QCR, 1816-1819, 9-17-1817, p. 171]
In a legal record dated 12-14-1796 on p.16ff. SAMUEL BARTON gives title to more than 12,000 acres of land in WCT to "my 7 children: JANE BRADLEY, wife of JOHN BRADLEY; MARGARET BARTON; SAMUEL BARTON; ELIZABETH BARTON; JOSEPH BARTON; STEPHEN BARTON: and GABRIEL BARTON."
Stephen Barton married Eleanor Baird (Beard), 2-14-1807, with Zebulon Baird (Beard) bondsman.
GABRIEL BARTON married JANE JOHNSON, 12-28-1819, with Samuel Calhoun, bondsman.
Benjamin Coats v GABRIEL BARTON, Peggy Barton, John Barton of WCT; Thomas Dooley and wife, Elizabeth, William Woodward and wife, Jane, of LA: Joseph Barton departed this life intestate in 1820 leaving his brother the said GABRIEL BARTON; the infant children of Samuel Barton, deceased, to wit:
the said Peggy and John, the said Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Dooley, and the said Jane, the wife of William Woodward, his heirs. Joseph Barton died in LA
[CCR, 1821-1830,, p. 11f]
Joseph Barton of Hempstead Co., AK Territory, to Benjamin Coats, a tract of land.
[CCR, 11-6-1819, p. 12f]
Samuel Barton is in default as guardian of John Barton, a minor heir of Samuel Barton, deceased. Alexander Beard is charged with mismanaging the administration of the estate. [CCR, 1833-1837, 10-?-1832, p. 8ff]
James Turner v Alexander Baird. The said Turner was one of the securities for Alexander Baird as administrator of Samuel Barton, deceased. [CCR, 1830-1833, 5-9-1831, p. 139f]
Alexander Beard of the AK Territory to Margaret Barton and John Barton, heirs of Samuel Barton, deceased, for 170 acres on Round Lick Creek. [DB K, p. 433ff]
Ann Barton, Margaret Wilson and John B. Barton to John C. Lash for 174 acres on Round Lick Creek for the use of Jemima Lash, wife of Harmon Lash, during her  lifetime. [DB Q, 8-9-1834, p. 77f]
Ann Barton, Margaret Wilson and Joseph L. Wilson and John B. Barton to William Shanks for 80 acres on Round Lick Creek. [DB Q, 9-26-1820, p. 78f]
Ann Barton, Margaret Wilson and John B. Barton to Henry Heath for 143 acres on Round Lick Creek. [DB Q, 4-14-1834, p. 80f]
John B. Barton and Ewing Wilson to William Davidson for 183 acres on Round Lick Creek which was part of a 470 acre grant to John Barton and J.L. Wilson. [DB Q, 6-28-1836, p. 485]
James Turner to GABRIEL BARTON, guardian of John B. Barton, an heir of Samuel Barton, deceased, for 81 acres on Round Lick Creek. -DB R, 7-2-1832, p. 119f.]
JANE JOHNSON who married GABRIEL BARTON was the daughter of ALEXANDER JOHNSON, whose will is dated 5-3-1811 and proved 9-7-1811 [1802-1814, p. 263]
wife: Eleanor JOHNSON
daughter: Mary (JOHNSON) Cahoon (sic)
son : Robertson JOHNSON
son: John JOHNSON
son: Daniel JOHNSON
son: William JOHNSON
executors: son, John JOHNSON, and Thomas Cahoon (sic)
witnesses: Benjamin Alexander and Anderson Tate
Will of Eleanor Johnson - dated 7-2-1841; proved 8-31-1854 [1853-1858, p. 109f]
son: John JOHNSON
son: Roberson (sic) JOHNSON
daughter: Mary (JOHNSON) Calhoun
son: Daniel JOHNSON
daughter: JANE BARTON and her children:

and all others she may have hereafter
grandson: E. D. Johnson
executor: Daniel Johnson
witnesses: James D. White and Stephen McDonald
Hope this helps.
Bob Carver
***** I have also information on Stephen Barton

Some Wilson County TN LANE, LAINE, GOODMAN and HOLLOWAY Marriages:

1817 August 30 GOODMAN Boswell & BUMPASS Mary
1817 March 17 GOODMAN Rhody & PERRY Turner
*1820 February 20 GOODMAN Robt Jr & RICHARDSON Martha  
(*this is Bob Carver's Goodman line)
*1810 July 17 LAINE Tryry (Tyree) & LIGON Nancy
(*this is my husband's Lane line)

1825 December 03 LANE David & LANE Lucy E
1828 June 23 LANE Eliza & PUCKETT Charles Jr
1817 March 24 LANE Elizabeth & JONES John C
1828 January 11 LANE Elizabeth & WILKERSON Wm
1828 May 08 LANE Jane & CLIMER William
1826 July 11 LANE John B & ARNOLD Nancy
1825 December 03 LANE Lucy E  & LANE David
1832 February 14 LANE Orenia & ESKEW Alfred
1824 December 28 LANE Patsey & CLAE Elijah
1809 October 05 LANE Patsy & MARTIN John
1820 October 25 LANE Polly & ALSUP Wm
1832 January 09 LANE Sarah & EDWARDS Stokes
1824 March 02 LANE Thornton & HARALSON Fanny
1825 March 23 HOLLOWAY Ezekiel & SHANNON Jane
1825 May 25 HOLLOWAY Martha & OZMENT James
1826 July 19 HOLLOWAY Sally & TERRELL Richard
Some more selected Wilson County TN marriages:
1825 April 12 GOLSON Martha  & JOLLY William
1812 August 28 GOLSTON Charles  & NEEL Elizabeth
1814 August 28 GOLSTON Charles &NEEL Elizabeth
1815 October 18 GOLSTON Sally & WRIGHT Robertson
1828 August 02 NEAL Sarah & CLARK Clabourne
1819 January 28 NEAL Polly & ROWLING Richardson
1828 August 02 NEAL Amy & SMITH Daniel
1819 March 04 NEAL Joseph & SMITH Sally
1809 March 27 NEIL Drucilla & VICK Samuel
1823 October 24 NEIL Ashley & WATER Elizabeth
1811 March 06 ONEAL Rachel & SPRING Aaron
1823 February 11 ONEIL Oliver & TAYLOR Elizabeth
1820 November 06 OSMENT Jas & OSMENT Levena
1811 August 21 OSMENT Rachel & SHANNON Robert
1814 September 12 OSMENT Polly & SULLIVAN Hallam
1817 July 16 OZMENT James & EDDINGS Elizabeth
1816 September 14 OZMENT Polly & SULLIVAN Hallan
1820 March 08 PUCKET Polly & HODGE Jas W
1824 July 28 PUCKETT Elizabeth & ALLMAN Soloman
1826 December 04 PUCKETT Lucy & BAILEY James S
1819 December 28 PUCKETT Elizabeth & BRIANT John H
1818 December 23 PUCKETT Patrick R & COCKE Martha
1825 November 19 PUCKETT Martha & SIMS James T
1818 July 07 RICHARDSON Doratha (Dorothy)  & ADAMS William
1820 February 20 RICHARDSON Martha & GOODMAN Robt Jr
Some Greene County TN marriages:
GOODMAN Susanna & RICHARDSON Joseph 01-JUL-1790
CONWAY Christopher & WARREN Martha 04-JUN-1793
CONWAY Susanna & CONWAY Thomas 09-FEB-1792

NEAL Thomas & HULL Abagail 25-NOV-1824
NEIL Elizabeth & HAYS Charlie 25-MAR-1822
ONEAL Margaret & PASSON George 13-JUN-1786
ONEAL Mary & CARPENTER John 10-FEB-1787

RICHARDSON Hannah & HAMPTON William 15-NOV-1788
RICHARDSON Joseph & GOODMAN Susanna 01-JUL-1790
RICHARDSON Lydda & MATTHEWS Obadiah 01-APR-1786
RICHARDSON Rachel & RICHARDSON William 25-NOV-1784

Not posted yet!!! 
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