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- August 1998

Here is information on Maury County TN Historical Society >Contact: Mrs. Alice Algood, President >Address: 804 Athenaeum St., Columbia, TN 38401 >Phone: (931) 388-5373 > >MCHS, founded in 1964, meets every odd month on the third Sunday. A quarterly publication is issued. Membership dues are $10 per year. > >Visit the Maury County TN Historical Society Web Site at: >http://www.maurywebpages.com/mchs/index.htm
Subj: Civil War Web Link
Date: 98-08-01 From: ROJO3@prodigy.net (Ron & Jo Anne Smith) If you have anyone that you are chasing during the Civil War period, check this link. http://sunsite.utk.edu/civil-war/warweb.html Ron Smith
Date: 98-08-02 From: gbduff@worldnet.att.net (gary g. duff) To: Genny1@aol.com Looking for these ancestors in the Fentress,Cumberland,Putnam and Overton Co.,Tn area. Willing to share. Any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Brenda Duff
1 Leander Miller b: 1854 d: August 28, 1910 . +Sarah Jane Ashburn b: 1859 d: December 31, 1919 .... 2 Elisha Miller .... 2 Mary Miller .... 2 Jimmie Miller b: June 14, 1874 d: February 27, 1952,buried at Campground Cemetery in Fentress County ....... +Alice ? Miller b: October 04, 1876 d: April 03, 1946,buried at Campground Cemetery in Fentress County .... 2 Rosabelle Miller b: 1878 d: 1977 ....... +Martin L.Todd b: 1875 d: 1963 .... 2 Hillary Miller b: February 08, 1881 d: April 16, 1970,buried at Campground Cemetery in Fentress County ....... +Ida ? Miller b: June 08, 1885 d: April 12, 1943,buried at Campground Cemetery in Fentress County Father: Mother: .... 2 Dillard Miller b: April 1882 d: December 13, 1954,buried in Fentress County at Campground Cemetery ....... +Cora ? Miller b: January 06, 1886 d: September 27,1954,buried in Fentress County at Campground Cemetery .... 2 Mitchell Miller b: May 18, 1885 d: May 10, 1960,buried in Fentress County at Campground Cemetery ....... +Etter Shellito b: November 18, 1894 d: September 25, 1970, buried at Campground Cemetery in Fentress County
Father: Frank M.Shellito/Shellatoe Mother: Laura J. Steelman
.... 2 William Burton Miller b: April 02, 1886 d: August 22, 1978, Clarkrange,Tennessee-Campground Cemetery ....... +Eliza Eller Shellito b: August 03, 1896 m: December 18, 1910
d:April 30, 1974 in Crossville,TN-Campground Cemetery
Father: Frank M.Shellito/Shellatoe Mother: Laura J. Steelman
.... 2 Charlie Miller b: December 11, 1892 d: March 10, 1932,buried in Fentress County at Campground Cemetery .... 2 [1] Joe M. Miller b: December 06, 1897 in Clarkrange,Fentress County,Tennessee
Email: gbduff@worldnet.att.net
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Date: Sat, 01 Aug 1998
From: Grover Pope <gcapope@USIT.NET> Subject: [TNMAURY-L] Churchwells Hi Folks interested in the Churchwell name; Robert Anderson Churchwell b May2, 1802 in Ky was the son of Richard Jr. and Nancy Napier churchwell. Nancy was the dau of William Napier,
a desc of Dr. Patrick Napier the 1615 immigrant from England to
Virginia.Robert Anderson churchwell lived in Harden Co. Tn. He died there on June 30, 1867, had a large family. One of his desc a Dr. Churchwell died there a few years ago. John Anderson was married first to Mary Johnson, secondly to Ann Rushing. I desc from John Anderson's brother John and Susan Elizabeth Duckworth Churchwell. They were married Maury Co. Tn. in 1817, live and reared a family south of Hohenwald, Tn. on the Wayne and Lewis Co. line, both are buried in the Dabbs Cemetery south of Hohenwald. John and Susan's son Anderson married Margaret Elinore Gullick of Wayne Co. lived on the Churchwell land south of Hohenwald, both buried in the Dabbs Cemetery near the Churchwell land. Anderson and Margaret Elinore had eight children, one dau Mary Isabelle married William J. Turnbow, this couple was my great grand parents. Grover Pope Dyersburg, Tn.
Email: gcapope@USIT.NET
Subj: Re: Goodman
Date: 98-08-02 From: bobh4810@prodigy.net (Bob Hensley) To: Genny1@aol.com Hi Nancy, No, I don't subscribe to the Goodman list, but would love to.
Yes, I need directions and would appreciate it if you would send them
to me. Thanks again.
Bob Genny1@aol.com wrote: > Hi Bob: > I should have asked if you know there is a Goodman email list?
> I subscribe to it....but didn't know if you did.
> If you need directions to subscribe, let
> me know, please.......Nancy Goodman in TN > > In a message dated 98-07-29 18:43:06 EDT, you write:> > << Subj: Re: Goodman > Date: 98-07-29 > From: bobh4810@prodigy.net (Bob Hensley) > To: Genny1@aol.com> > Thanks, I'll drop her a line. > Bob> > > Genny1@aol.com wrote:> > > Sheila, > > I got this query from Bob Hensley and didn't know if you knew him
> > or not?
> > Bob, I think Shelia has the same Goodman line. > > Nancy Goodman in TN> > > > Subj: Query > > Date: 98-07-13 > > From: bobh4810@prodigy.net (Bob Hensley) > > To: Genny1@aol.com> > > > GOODMAN,HENSLEY,EDWARDS,HIGGINS,GOODWIN,COX > > > > Drury Dobbins GOODMAN, b. 1807 in ______?, d. 1865 in Lewis Co., TN., > > married Martha Ann EDWARDS, b. 1810 in NC, d. June 1881 in Lewis Co., > > TN. They had the following children : > > 1. Ansel F.GOODMAN m. (1) Nancy A. COX, (2) Sarah H. COX > > 2. James GOODMAN > > 3. Unice GOODMAN m. John Wesley HIGGINS > > 4. William E. GOODMAN > > 5. Henry D. GOODMAN m. Celia S. EDWARDS > > 6. Alsemina F. GOODMAN m. Lewis L. HENSLEY > > 7. Sarah E. GOODMAN m. George W. GOODWIN > > 8. Drury D. GOODMAN > > 9. Martha GOODMAN > > 10. Wilson Whitfield GOODMAN > >> > Are there any connections ? Any and all information would be > > appreciated.Thanks > > Bob Hensley > > bobh4810@prodigy.net > >> -- > > " When all else fails, read the directions"
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Date: Sun, 02 Aug 1998 From: Jim Burgess <burgess@futureone.com> To: MULLINS-List Subject: Mullins of North Carolina Dear Mullins of North Carolina Researchers, Please feel free to visit Mullins of North Carolina Web Site. Trying to help Mullins who are descended from Thomas Mullins and Anne Malone. http://www.futureone.com/~burgess/mullins.html Thanks Jim Burgess
Email: burgess@futureone.com
Date: 8/3/98 From: netsrfr@swbell.net (charles stratton) To: Genny1@aol.com Searching for parents, etc. of James M. STAFFORD of Jackson County, Tennessee. James M. was born in North Carolina in 1810 and died before 1874 in Jackson County, TN. He married Elizabeth (?) who was born 1905 in North Carolina. Their children, all born in TN, were Jasper 1832-after 1910, John B. about 1835-1913 or 1914, Elizabeth 1836-(?), Amanda about 1838-(?), William J. 1840-(?). I believe James's parents were Joseph Stafford, SR. and Nancy (WHITLOW) STAFFORD, originally from Caswell County, North Carolina, but I haven't been able to verify. John B. and his (3rd, I believe) wife, Mary (Mollie)(Linville) STAFFORD were my great grand parents.
I have much information on John B. STAFFORD's descendents.
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Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998
From: "joyce hetrick" <joyce@mev.net> To: TNSUMNER Subject: [TNSUMNER-L] replies to "MY SUMNER KIN" Thanks to everyone who wrote me about the Sumner County kinfolks. Thre seems to be a lot of activity on the DORRIS line. For those of you who may have interest in this line, C. Eugene Dorris does a newsletter called Dorris-Net. Gene lives in China (unless he has moved again!) but his son and another cousin who is "circulation manager" can be contacted at: David Gibson 6528 Jocelin Hollow Rd. nashville, TN 37205 e mail <wnkm47a@prodigy.com> Gene's son, Will Dorris, can be contacted at 21-41 32nd St. Astoria, NY 11105 and e mailed at <wdorris@ny.poppe.com> Gene does an excellent job with his newsletter, traveling all over the world to collect information. the sumner County issue is the September 30, 1997, vol 3, issue 3. I advise any serious researcher of the DORRIS lines to get all the back issues though. He came to see me last year when he was on leave back in the US and we spent almost an entire night and day trading ancestoral information. He has probably the largest collection of DORRIS information in the world! He also has many other lines including the Houdeshelts. If any of your lines have a Dorris connection you still might get some good information out of Gene's newsletter. He covers co-lateral lines as well. If you have a connection through YANCEY TURNER I have a great deal of information on this line, back through the "bastardy agreement" when he was born the illegitamate son of Susannah Turner and Thomas YANCEY. Thomas traces back to the CAPTAIN THOMAS GRAVES line in 1609 Jamestown. Interesting family. Theda Womack, one of THE great researchers and historians of Sumner county put me onto this family line by finding that bastardy agreement. I also have a great deal of information on the family of RICHARD JOHNSON, the revolutionary soldier. And have his ancestory back for many more generations via the help of Erick Montgomery, another wonderful researcher and professional historian. ENOCH SIMPSON's line is another interesting line, and Erick has added a great deal to my knowledge of this family. Theda showed me the house where Enoch lived and was murdered in 1860. It still stands today with descendants of his still living there. I didn't hear from any ESCUE/ESKUE/ASKEW/ASKEY researchers or anyone with any solid information on the WILSON lines. Am anxiously awaiting a connection there. The CORLEY lines are also in both Wilson and Sumner Counties. Thanks again to the many people who responded.
Joyce Hetrick
Subj: Re:Casteel
Date: 8/4/98 From: tinad@newwave.net (Tina Dolin) To: Genny1@aol.com Please put my Query on your web! Looking for any info on the family of Noah Phillip Casteel, Born 1-25-1871, Died 1-16-1944. Married Amanda Walden in Bristol,Tenn on 11-26-1902. Had 3 children Gertrude 9-27-1903, Auburn b.4-18-1904, and Opie b.10-05-1906.
Contact Tina Dolin at tinad@newwave.net. Thanks!
-- Tina Dolin
Email: tinad@newwave.net
Subj: Weakley Family in America,by Francis J. Weakley,pub 1904
Date: 8/4/98 From: storypage@hotmail.com (JHM) To: Genny1@AOL.COM, storypage@hotmail.com Nancy, Have you ever heard of this book? I found it listed in A COMPLEMENT TO GENEALOGIES IN THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, compiled by Marion
I'm wondering if it followed the northern lines.
I have pinpointed my family in Cumberland Co, PA
--Jim Maroon
Subj: Cotton query:
Date: 8/4/98 From: anitagettler@webtv.net (Anita Rainey) To: Genny1@aol.com Searching for ELIZABETH LYONS born Perry Co TN (circa) 1810. Married CHARLES COTTON (circa) 1830. Who were their parents?
Anita Gettler Rainey
Email: anitagettler@webtv.net
Subj: Re: Weakley Family in America, by Francis J. Weakley,
pub 1904
Date: 8/5/98 From: kenpow@bellsouth.net (Ken Powers) To: Genny1@aol.com Hi, Nancy: Jim had written to me also, and I told him about the same as you did. Sam Weakley did not actually copy it in his book, but wrote a good analysis of the confusion it makes with our line. He makes the correction.
I told Jim I have read the book, but I will need to take another look to
answer some of his questions...
Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Keep up the good work!
Date: 8/5/98 From: sandysq@greencis.net (Sandra f. Eskew) To: Genny1@aol.com Hi Genny... I'd love to have my web site listed on this page https://sites.rootsweb.com/~tngenny1/genweb.html Thanks, Sandy Eskew http://www.greencis.net/~sandysq/index.htm SHARP, DENNIS, EASTER, CAMPBELL, PATTY and GOBS more in the ROANE CO., TN. area and beyond
Date: 8/5/98 Click here: ARVIL HANCOCK'S HOME PAGE HANCOCK, AVERY: Email:[Arvil Hancock]   arvilh@aol.com New information; updated on 9/27/97: Arvil's home page:
Subj: Re: Weakley Family in America, by Francis J. Weakley, pub 1904
Date: 8/6/98 6:28:29 PM Central Daylight Time From: kenpow@bellsouth.net (Ken Powers) To: storypage@hotmail.com (Jim Maroon) CC: Genny1@aol.com (GOODMAN, Nancy) You write: >So it is a different book, then. >The Cumberland County Robert is the brother of James II, who is my >line, and he seems to be around Cumberland Co for quite a while. I >don't see how they could be the same. Outside of that, does it cover >the PA Weakley's pretty well?< Yes, it's a different book. It purports to cover the period 1730 to 1904. It consists of 114 pages, including a couple for introduction and another one or so containing the will of James Weakley, the patriarch. There is a section concerning the "First Family", and sections for each of six generations thereafter. The 6th is quite sparse. Other than the introduction and the will, the book consists entirely of a listing of the descendants without any significant information about them. One would need to make a name connection in order for the book to be of any use, and then only to run the line of ascent. It is worth your trouble to locate it, however, and study it for whatever you might glean from it. Best Wishes!
Subj: Weakley's Notes
Date: 8/6/98 From: kenpow@bellsouth.net (Ken Powers) To: Genny1@aol.com (GOODMAN, Nancy) Hi, Nancy: TSLA has put all of Sam's (Samuel Anderson Weakley) notes on microfilm.
The accession number is 1330. There are 5 reels, as follows:
Reel 1: Box 1, folder 1 (I am abbreviating B1F1) to B3F3. Reel 2: B3F4 to B4F8. Reel 3: B4F9 to B6F23. Reel 4: B6F24 to the "Volume Wrapped Separately" --
the original manuscript of the book.
Reel 5: Oversized Maps, Drawer 2, Maps 1-12 to Addition B3F4. I made copies of the index to the Boxes and Maps; four pages.
I will send them to you, if you send me your snail address.
I think I have seen it on some of your emails, but it would take awhile
to locate it. So, just send it, and I will put it in my address book for
any future use there may be for it.
My time was limited today, but I took a little time to look at one of the
microfilm reels. I recall that you once said something about using the
files, that you might call for a folder and then find it contained only
one scrap of paper. The notes would take quite a lot of study to glean
anything of value; much of it being notations that standing alone don't
seem to mean anything. They are the kind of thing that one would need to
spend a day just browsing, without expecting to really harvest very much.
I hope this is helpful. Keep digging! =Ken= http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ridge/3779
Subj: Re: Suscribe to SurnameWeb
Date: 8/7/98 From: davidl@beckfamilies.com (David Beck) To: Genny1@aol.com The SurnameWeb http://www.surnameweb.org To Create a Link with a banner/button please see: http://www.surnameweb.org/linkto.htm To submit pages, comments, suggestions, complaints feedback@surnameweb.org To be added to the Surnameweb updates, listing recently added surnames
send an e-mail to:
SUBJECT:Suscribe to Surnameweb
Leave no message, I won't be reading e-mails with this subject. To be removed: SUBJECT:Unsuscribe Surnameweb Webmasters: Dennis Partridge, David Beck, Duane Cooley,
Linda Reuther, Tina Hughes, Loni J. Voorhis, Kim Hovey,
Kristin Schoonover.
Subj: Re: LANE Family in Wilson County
Date: 8/7/98 From: RobCOLL224@aol.com To: Genny1 Nancy -
I am writing regarding your LANE family connections.
I am the one that posted the LANE/LAIN inquiry.
I read your message and visited your web site.
Do you know if your Lanes are connected to mine?
I am positive on Harvey Shelton LANE. The line from there possibly goes:
Aaron LANE, John LANE, John LANE. Does any of this connect?
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks -
Robyn Lane Collins
Email: RobCOLL224@aol.com
Subj: Re: Weakley
Date: 8/7/98 From: matt@xanadu2.net (Betty Stout) To: Genny1@aol.com Genny1@aol.com wrote:> > Hi Betty: > Didn't know if I ever responded to the above query you sent me...
> however I do have it posted on one of my web pages..
> I am in contact with several other Weakley researchers and am sending
> them a copy of your query...
> ..wanted to see if you are still at the same address
> Nancy Goodman in TN > https://sites.rootsweb.com/~tngenny1/index.html GENEALOGY & TENNESSEE >>>------->>>
> Subj: Weakley family Date: 97-12-07 > From: betty@xanadu2.net (Betty & Zeno Stout) > I have been to your web page and am impressed. I have a Weakley line on my > husband's line that starts with James Weakley and Jane Wilson in Ireland about > 1700. Then on to Isabel b.1749 in Pa died 1827 in Ga. who married Stephen > Groves. > I also have a Goodman line--Henry born 1758 SC married Catherine Smithhart and > died 1833 Anderson County, Tennessee. Might these be connected? I have a > Robert Weakley in record as one of the children of James. He married Elizabeth > Gillespie by my records. > EMAIL: betty@xanadu2.net
Yes, i am still here and still stalled at the same place on the line. Been busy with many other things lately, but still hoping to find an ancestor.
Email: betty@xanadu2.net
Subj: Re: Neal, Ghoulston
Date: 8/7/98 From: goldstonw@apex2000.net (willis goldston) To: Genny1@aol.com Genny1@aol.com wrote: >>NOTE: Zephaniah NEAL is listed in the 1840 TN Census (WL-301). Enumerated in that Wilson Co. household: 11011000001-10100010001 - That is one male age 0 - 5, one male age 5 - 10, one male age 15 - 20, one male age 20 - 30, one male age 80 - 90, one female age 0 - 5, one female age 10 - 15, one female age 40 - 50, and one female age 80 - 90. =============================================== Hi again Nancy, I forgot to address the above topic. Do you have any clues to who all the people are in Zephaniah's household? I have pointers that indicate they may be his daughter, Elizabeth and her children. Deed records show Zeph. gave her 88 acres of land 1 year before he died. I believe it was the place where he lived. Have you seen the administration record of his estate? Any help will be appreciated much. Willis
Email: goldstonw@apex2000.net
Subj: Isaac Moore & Sarah Yarnell
Date: 8/7/98 From: MMoore1225@aol.com To: Genny1 I am searching for information for Isaac Moore born in Tennessee in 1828
and Sarah Yarnell Born in Tennessee in 1830.
Children: Robert Moore ,born1866 Charles Moore ,born 1854 Zerelda Moore ,born1857 John Yarnell Moore ,born1858--died1931 in Dallas , Texas William Moore born ,1868 Samuel Moore born ,1861 Lattimer Moore ,born1863 Benjamin, born 1865 I found them in the Hamilton County , Tennessee Census for1860 & 1870 I have reason to believe Sarah might be the daughter of Dr. John Yarnell
and Jane Brown.
Can anyone verify this for me or give me any sort of help??
Isaac Moore & Sarah Yarnell are my husbands Great Grandparents.
Any Information would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thank You, Mary Moore
Email : MMoore1225@aol.com Mail: Mary Moore 4210 OLd Valley Road Eagle, Idaho 83616
Subj: Fambrough
Date: 8/9/98 From: JimS1942@aol.com To: Genny1 To: Oneofsky1, KAKane, bobbye@madnet.net To: kenpow@bellsouth.net, Carole0631 Thomas Fambrough . 2   Thomas Fambrough Abt. 1727 - 1791 .....  +Mary Anderson ....... 3   Thomas Fambrough Abt. 1747 - 1827 ..........  +Sarah Walden 1753 - Bef. 1816 ........... 4   Bryd Fambrough 1778 - ........... 4   Anderson Fambrough 1782 - Bef. 1851 ..............  +Delilah Maxey Abt. 1792 - ............... 5   Thomas M. Fambrough Abt. 1812 - Abt. 1870 ..................  +Jane Freeman ............... 5   John H. Fambrough Abt. 1814 - ............... 5   Son Fambrough Abt. 1815 - ............... 5   Pendleton Smith Fambrough 1817 - 1901 ..................  +Sarah A. Christopher .................. 6   Thomas William "Tom" Fambrough Abt. 1844 - .....................  +Charity M. Bolling .................. 6   Martha B. "Matt" Fambrough Abt. 1846 - .....................  +Joshua Elder .................. 6   Lucy Ann Fambrough 1847 - .....................  +James M. Harris .................. 6   Newton Fambrough Abt. 1849 - .................. 6   Sarah R. "Sally" Fambrough Abt. 1863 - .....................  +George Watson
Email: JimS1942@aol.com
Subj: John Fambrough m: Jane Weakley
Date: 8/9/98 From: JimS1942@aol.com To: Oneofsky1, KAKane, bobbye@madnet.net, Genny1 To: kenpow@bellsouth.net, Carole0631 A request for your help please: (any info. you can supply is appreciated) I am in need of the names, dates & places of the "ancestors" of JOHN FAMBROUGH b.ca 1753; VA.; m. JANE WEAKLEY b.ca 1758; VA. I do not need the siblings, etc. (though it would be nice!) Just looking for straight *Pedigree Chart* information. Attached is a text file Pedigree Chart from my database, it contains little information, and "may be in ERROR"! ================================ 1.> others: ?? Fambrough 2.> his GGG-Grandparents: ?? Fambrough 3.> his GG-Grandparents: ?? Fambrough 4.> his G-Grandparents: ?? Fambrough 5.> his Grandparents: ?? Fambrough 6.> his Parents: ??? (father & mother names, dates & places) 7.> JOHN FAMBROUGH- Born: ca 1753 - Place: Halifax County, VA Marr: 1773 Place: Virginia Died: ? Place: Valley Forge, PA Spouse: JANE WEAKLEY- Born: ca 1758 - Place: Cub Creek, VA Died: ? Place: ? Thank you for your help, Jim Sargent, Easley, SC =
(spouse) Carole Faith FAMBROUGH =
Date: 8/9/98 From: VGMX05C@prodigy.com (MRS REGINA G PIPES) To: Genny1@aol.com Joseph GRIDER married Ann E. TUCK in Blount Co., Tn. 8 Jan. 1846. That is where I find my Joseph. On the 1850 Census of Blount Co., Tn. he and Ann E. 25 and Lucinda 5 mo. and Sarah 2 are living with the Harmon family. It states that Joseph is 35 years old and was born in N.C. In 1860 Census of Blount Co. it has
Joseph GIDER born in Va. age 54 and
Ann E. 36 born in Tn.,
Sarah E. 13,
Lucinda 10,
James E. 8,
Joseph H. (Houston) 4,
John W. 2 and
no name ( Francis Marion) 1.
Ann Eliza dies and on 24 Aug. 1868 Joseph GRYDER marries Harrriet LAMBERT in Blount Co., Tn.
In the 1870 Census Joseph GIDER is 55 born in Tn, Harriot is 25 born in
Va. ( I think they mixed the two birth places up)
Joseph's children living at home were
Sarah 22,
James 17,
Joseph 14,
Francis 11,
George W. 9 and
Henry C. 6 and it
also lists SIMPSON William R. age 7,
Joseph and Harriett have one son J. Sherman.
Joseph served in the UNION 3rd Regiment Company A Tennessee Infantry
Volunteers during the Civil War from 1862-1865.
On 14 Feb. 1880 Joseph died. He is buried in Greenback Tn., Loudon Co, Sinking Creek Cemetery. His tombstone reads GRIEDER. I would like to know where Ann E. is buried and I think John W. is buried in the same place since I only have him last listed on the 1860 Census as being 2 I am most interested in who Joseph 's parents are.
Email: VGMX05C@prodigy.com (MRS REGINA G PIPES)
Subj: Witt family
Email: htmmama@worldnet.att.net
Date: 8/9/98 From: joanach@wayfarer1.com (Joan Achille) To: Genny1@aol.com I am looking for information on Martha Frances SMITH who was born in McNairy Co TN in 1839. Her parents may be Richard SMITH and Martha WALKER. Martha Frances was in Stone Co Missouri by 1856 when she married George BYRD. She went to TX during the Civil War, a widow with 4 children. Any help appreciated on these Smiths of McNairy Co or any SMITH's of that county. Thank you. joanach@wayfarer1.com
Subj: Nora Elizabeth SAUNDERS, b: July 1872, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Date: 8/10/98 From: GENEFNT@aol.com To: Genny1 CC: jifent@teleport.com Looking for informaiton on Nora Elizabaeth SAUNDERS (middle name may begin with an "A"), she was born in July 1872 in
Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee. Name of parents unknown.
Nora was second wife of John Monroe HARDAGE, of Bismark, Hot Springs,
Arkansas. married before 1894 in Bismark, AR. She died in child birth,
19 April 1912 in Durant, Oklahoma and is also buried there.
Children: Myrtle Mary, born: March 1894 Margaret Addie, born: February 1896 Olene J., born: February 1899 William C., after 1900 Alfred Bryan, born after 1900 Louis, born April 1912 Please advise if you have any informaiton. Thank you.
Email: GENEFNT@aol.com
Subj: Dickson County TN
Date: 8/10/98 From: lbc@webweaverxxi.com (Linda Cole) To: Genny1@aol.com Hi Nancy, Just wanted to let you know I've moved the Dickson County website.
The new URL is
http://dctn.com/ Regards, Linda http://wdvl.internet.com/ http://psptips.com/ http://www.webweaverxxi.com/ http://www.cybertowers.com/selfhelp/ http://dctn.com/
Subj: Re: Lain/Lane connection
Date: 8/11/98 From: DGFerrell@aol.com To: Genny1 Nancy, Thanks for the keen eye. Maybe we can find Harvey's father, I notice he
has middle names for some of the children. Did settle one thing, most
records say Harvey "L" I noticed on his marriage certificate at one place
it looked like a L at another S.
Glad to know his middle name was Shelton. He is also listed in the census
records and his dtrs death certificate at "Tet." ?
Need to find the names of children of William, Aaron & Armstead LANE.
One of these is the father of Harvey Shelton LANE.
I have always suspected Aaron, he married Nancy MONROE in VA.
With Rob knowing the middle names of some of the children and one being
named Rufus Monroe and another Ransom M. all the more reason to work on
Aaron. William's wife was Ann DONALDSON and Armistead's was Sarah LEA.
Thanks again, Donna ====== Visit Heather Bowers' LANE Newsletter and Lane web page: http://www.genweb.net/~bowers/lane/index.shtml
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Date: Sun, 9 Aug 1998 From: JamCrock@aol.com To: CROCKETT-List Subject: [CROCKETT-L] James Anthony "Asher" Crockett I've posted to this list before, but I haven't really progressed with this guy since then, so I figured I should keep trying everything. I seek ancestors or amplifying information on Asher Crockett. He is listed on the 1820, 1830, and 1840 VA censuses and I have a copy of a marriage
record and a bounty claim submitted by his widow.
The Daughters of the American Revolution have him in one of their
publications as James Anthony Crockett, with "Asher" as a nickname.
The pension claim I saw had him listed as James Anderson, alias Asher
Crockett, with the claim submitted by his widow, Sarah Crockett,
nee Blankenship, daughter of Peter Blankenship.
Asher claimed to have been born in 1760 in Hampshire County, VA, married
Sarah Blankenship 11 September 1800 in Montgomery County, VA, died Wayne
County, VA (now WV) in 1845.
Asher served in the Revolutionary War in the Virginia line, doing two three-year enlistments. One story reads that he changed his name to James Anderson after leaving a cruel master to whom he had indentured.
After that,he joined the army under that name.
I and a number of other researchers are about to kill for information
about this guy, especially who were his parents, siblings, etc.
If anyone has any clue about this guy, we'd appreciate an input.
James A. Crockett JamCrock@AOL.com

Subj: Re: Hi from Nancy Goodman
Date: 8/12/98 From: BerniceDR@aol.com To: Genny1 I sure do remember you and I am still stuck in TN looking for my
ggrandfather John Wiley Daniel b May 8 1846 -
and Rubin Holms Freeling b May 6 1821.
I will certainly check out the places you suggested.
Good to hear from an old friend.
Bernice Riggs,
in AR
Subj: Giull or Guyll
Date: 8/12/98 From: RMatt84301@aol.com To: Genny1 Hello: My name is Rebbie, and we live here in East Tennessee real close to the
most beautiful mountains in the world!
I have a two fold question for you.
Your web pages are quite impresseive, and I can tell you know what you are
Ok, I am researching, the Matthews, here. Our oldest one here is John
Franklin Matthews. His dad, William, brought his family down from either
Va or Pa or maybe MD. We can't find the link anywhere.
Have you anything on a Matthews?
Number 2!
And this is the BIGGY! Is your Guill any relation to Guyll?
I have a Lee Alexander Guill, leaving KY, with his sons John and Willard
in the 1800's. His wife dies before they leave KY, then he dies en route.
We know absolutely nothing about Lee and his family.
Do you have anything on them? We have pratically searched every web site
there is, and are wearing the books out in all our local libraries!
Would greatly appreciate any info what so ever!! THANKS REBBIE
Subj: Chandler & Eddins
Date: 8/14/98 From: APrew39031@aol.com To: Genny1 I was very glad to see your web pages.
The Chandlers & Eddins are also my lines through the Roe Line.
I have a lot of family members from Wilson County, The Henderson's that
founded Henderson X Roads, that name has been changed.
Moore Stevenson, and the Bass family, are also lines that I am
Subj: Wilson Co. Families
Date: 8/14/98 From: kountryfolk@yahoo.com (Michael Andrew) To: Genny1@aol.com
Hi Nancy:
I recently have put a webpage on line.....my first attempt.....will be working to improve it....but, anyhow...thought perhaps you might take a look at my Hugueley line and see if you would want to include a link on one of your pages to my webpage. I know there are lots of researchers go through your pages for Wilson Co. ancestors. Thank you for your consideration. Kountryfolk@Yahoo.com Barbara Andrew Oklahoma
Subj: webpage url
Date: 8/23/98 From: kountryfolk@yahoo.com (Michael Andrew) To: Genny1@aol.com Hi: Just a quick note to give you my webpage url. I appreciate your adding a link. http://www.cwis.net/~andrew .... Thanks again. Barbara Andrew Oklahoma
Email: kountryfolk@yahoo.com
Subj: Re: Wilson Co TN email list
Date: 8/14/98 From: Scooper361@aol.com To: Genny1 Nancy, It's me again--..... my new address...
Sue Groves Cooper
(formerly SURLOK361@aol.com)
Subj: Col Robert Weakley/John Thomas
Date: 8/16/98 From: rettam@talleytech.com (Retta M. Lindner) To: Genny1@aol.com My ancestor, John THOMAS left will December 15, l803 Davidson County TN. The executors were listed as Col. Robert WEAKLEY and Joseph BROWN, Witt: Samuel WEAKLEY and John John JOHNSON. Does this mean his wife may have been a Weakley?
Do you have any information on John THOMAS in conjunction
with the WEAKLEY family?
Ester THOMAS m. a Ramsey (Henry?):
Sarah THOMAS m. Joseph BROWN,
Elizabeth m. Joseph B. PORTER,
Priscilla m. Adam Brevard HUDSON
and son Joshua THOMAS narried Nancy OVERALL.
I am trying to find out the name of the wife of John THOMAS and also where
the THOMAs family lived before coming into TN.
Thank you, I am,
Retta Roberts Lindner,
Email: rettam@talleytech.com
P O Box 806,
Carl Junction, MO 64834
417 649 6556
Subj: Whitehorse, TN
Date: 8/17/98 From: emyers@telepath.com (Evelyn Myers) Reply-to: emyers@telepath.com To: Genny1@aol.com Can you tell me if there is, or has ever been a Whitehorse, TN.
My family information comes up with that location and I can't find it.
This may or may not be near Middleton, TN in Hardeman County.
The name I'm looking for is Hodale. May be spelled different.
Also Bentle.
If you have any information, it would be so much appreciated.
Subj: John Corbett
Date: 8/17/98 From: pbbishop@erols.com (Paul Bishop) Reply-to: pbbishop@erols.com To: Genny1@aol.com Where would I look for information on someone born in Nashville, Tennessee. I am looking for John Corbett born about 1870's-1880's. His family owned paddle boats that were seized during the civil war. One boat was called the John Corbett. I know he moved to NJ and married Adah Harkrader. They moved to Brooklyn, NY and had their first child in 1901. If you could steer me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time, Barbara
Email: pbbishop@erols.com
Subj: Russom and Moore
Date: 8/17/98 From: jreed2@icarus.cc.uic.edu (Jeri Lynn Reed) To: Genny1@aol.com RUSSOM, MOORE--McNairy County TN Looking for information about my great-great-great grandfather, who may have been John Morgan Russom, born in Guilford County NC. I have info on a J.M. RUSSOM marrying an Eliza Ann MOORE in McNairy County TN in 1862. He already had a son by his first wife, Isaac Caldwell RUSSOM, b. 1849. His and Eliza Ann's children were Hugh Forest, Robert Lee and George (or John) Morgan. They all moved to Grayson County TX after the Civil War. He may be a CSA vet because there is a John M. RUSSOM listed as serving in the Army of Tennessee, 18th Cavalry, as well as a Henry RUSSOM in the same division, also served with something called "Newsom's". Have nearly complete information on the Texas adventures of this passel of RUSSOMS, am looking for the Tennessee connection. Please reply if you have any ideas. I posted some time ago but recently got more information, and have heard from some McNairy County Russoms but not made the connection yet. Jeri L. Reed University of Illinois-Chicago
Subj: Re: LANE Family
Date: 8/17/98 From: RobCOLL224@aol.com To: Genny1 Nancy, There is a LANE family Bible at the Sumner County Museum in Gallatin.
Do you know about it?
If not, it belonged to William Richard Lane, b. 16 May 1824 and married
Sarah Edmonia Green, b. 25 June 1832, m. 27 January 1848.
The oldest dates in the Bible are: John Lane, b. 29 Dec 1765 ,
sp. Martha Lane b. 25 Sept 1765, m. 10 July 1788.
Martha died 23 Feb 1839. Some other names are Nancy Drue, William Hill,
Isaac Hill, Jacob, Bennet, Elizabeth, another John, another Martha, and
George Washington. All of these are LANEs.
None of these are familiar to me. Do you recognize this family?
Robyn in Portland
Date: 8/18/98 From: Sothrnlace@aol.com To: Genny1 Cherokee. Will be happy to share information on this family. ....Thanks for your web page and the opportunity to post my queries. CONTACT:  Kay Haden 508 Fairliewood Drive Wetumpka, AL 36093 EMAIL:  khaden@mindspring.com Hi Genny, I am looking for Garrett's from Williamson and Davidson Counties TN. I have traced back to Thomas Garrett who was married to a Nancy W. (?) Thomas died in 1837 in TN. They had possibly 13 children: 1. Nancy GARRETT (married ? Hermeas) 2. Polly GARRETT (married ? Collins) 3. Patsy GARRETT (married ? Campbell) 4. Charles  GARRETT 5. Ransom Francis GARRETT,  ( my 3 g-grandfather Born 2-7-1814--Died 10-29-1865 in TX and was married to Lucy Ann DAVIS) 6. John GARRETT 7. Jacob GARRETT 8. Thomas GARRETT 9. Sarah aka Sally GARRETT  (married to Frederick Hobbs 2-22-1822 in Williamson County, TN) 10. Coleman W. GARRETT  ( married to Scina Rounsavall 11-20-1823 in Williamson County TN,
I understand that he died during the Civil War)
11. Luisa  GARRETT (married James Crouch 2-3-1835 in Williamson County, TN) 12. Aveline GARRETT 13. Unknown Garrett married to ? Brown Any information would be most helpful. EMAIL: Sothrnlace@aol.com
Subj: Stinnett, Yearout, Bolden
Date: 8/18/98 From: Werhere42@aol.com To: Genny1 Hi Will you please post this as a query? Robert Franklin Stinnett b. 10/15/1890 - Ethel Bolden born abt. 1900
married in Sevier County, Tennessee 6/20/1915.
Had the following children: Raymond 4/1/1916, Helen, Clara 1/22/1927,
and William. There was another child named Myrtle that died as an infant.
Ethel is buried in Dandridge, Tennessee. When Ethel died Grandpa took a
wife from Knox County, Lena Fowler Braden and they moved to NC and settled
there till his death.
Parents of Robert were William and Edna Yearout Stinnett. Other children
were Harriet b. 10/18/1894 who married Charles Rutledge (Ratledge)
marraige date: 6/21/1903. Lily, Mattie and Alice. One of the latter
sisters married a Romines and lived in Knoxville.
My mother , Clara was born in Kingsport, Sullivan County, Tennessee. As you can see this family had traveled quite a bit, making them very
difficult to get records on.
Any help at all on any of these families will be greatly appreciated,
as from any info I can run more searches. Please HELP!!
Email: Werhere42@aol.com
Subj: Pearce, Frazier
Date: 8/19/98 From: 3b2shr@csi.com (Executive Director) To: Genny1@aol.com Hello, Abigail FRAZIER m. ~1832 to Edmond PEARCE b. 29APR1808, d. 28FEB1863 of Scarlet Fever in a Federal Prison Hospital after refusing to enlist.Edmond was apparently born in west TN, moved on to Christian County, MO. I am intersted in any records relating to this person, any location for records concerning federal prisoners (he was a Quaker). They had 12 children: James Jefferson, Harriet, Minerva, Samuel, Abigail, Deana, Emma, Rose, Mary, John Henry, Lorenza and a doughtier. Lorenza apparently joined the union army and was KIA. If this appears to connect to your research, drop me a line. I have more information through James Jefferson to current day. Kevin G. Pearce, MPA Executive Director Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Hampton Roads 5690 Greenwich Road, #200
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
(757) 490-5437 Fax (757) 490-1208
Email: 3B2SHR@csi.com
Subj: Re: Neal, Ghoulston
Date: 8/19/98 From: MFallone@aol.com To: Genny1 In a message dated 8/6/98 6:00:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Genny1 writes: << most-Cuz!! Greg, Maggie & Willis: Don't know how much of a kinship it is though, but we will have to
figure it out!! Nancy Goodman >>
Hi Nancy - Enjoyed your post on the Goodmans and visited your home page, too -
I made a few notes that you provided on Ann Neal's children -
and when I have time, would like to enter more into my family tree.
I saved your homepage and figure I can get it from there when I have time.
Take care and if you want more of my data, please ask!
Your distant cuz' Maggie Fallone
Email: MFallone@aol.com
Subj: Re: Drake
Date: 8/19/98 From: Wdd72@aol.com To: Genny1 Thanks for your reply and for Bob's. I corresponded several years ago
with Bob Carver who supplied me with much info back then.
I used a lot of it and input his lineages into what I had.
He and I descend from common Drake ancestors but our lines diverge way
back there!
Is he online with AOL or still with Prodigy?
I'd like to see if his info has changed or been updated since we last
Subj: Coggin Research Team
Date: 8/20/98 From: ikcooper@elite.net (Ivaleine Cooper) TO: Genny1@aol.com (Nancy Goodman)... The following is the list of researchers on the Coggin family, that I have heard from thus far.
We are all descendants of John Coggin and Ann Powell
or Allyss Elizabeth Benson.
Mr. Roy Coggin is the newest person on my list, and has a book which may be of interest to the rest of you. You might want to send him your family information, and he can update his records on your immediate families. For those of you researching Martha and Samuel Thompson Clemmons, Martha' s mother is listed as Ann Powell For those of you that I sent information in the past, I have always tried to state that I did not have any proof of ancestry beyond John and Allyss. Roy has documented family beyond this, and the line does not go through Robert or Robert Sr, but through
William and Elizabeth Price >
John Jr. and Ann Moore >
John and Frances Bland.
I hope this will be helpful to everyone. I will answer questions if I can, but I am trying to refer you to a better source than myself. I look forward to hearing from you anyway. ---------- Kay Cooper Atwater, CA Coggin Descendants William Paul King (toto@primenet.com) Scott Fraser (SOFRASER@aol.com) Sandy Coggin Strickland (SStrick645@aol.com) Nancy Goodman (Genny1@aol.com) Mamie Shindledecker (Miss_Mamie@hotmail.com) Ken & Betty Cooper (kenbetty@telebyte.com) Kay Cooper (ikcooper@elite.net) Janet Cooper Ralston (jralston@cdsnet.net) Jacquelyn Bonds (jbonds@cswnet.com) Edna Harget (eharget@ldd.net) Donna Stadler (Dstadgen@aol.com) Darrell Smith (dlsmithjr@msn.com) Darla Bush (darbush@wizrealm.com) Carol Ann Tucker (catdot01@airmail.net) Carla Glendora Burroughs (carlas@cyberback.com) Bob (Brobpat@aol.com) Bill Ragsdale (Billrags@aol.com) Bill Mclaughlin (bill@wbcaustin.org) Barbara Jackson (Barb51@flash.net) Roy J Coggin (Rcogfran@aol.com)
X-Message: #1
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1998 From: David Goodman <dmg@bcpl.net> To: GOODMAN-List Subject: Re: GOODMAN Clearinghouse ...A GOODMAN query - GOODMAN, Isaac Abraham b. 1903 d. 1967;
possibly Charleston, SC -
has been added to the GOODMAN Clearinghouse. Hope it helps in your research. You might wish to look at Scott Warren's home page at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Valley/6206/ who lists an Isaac GOODMAN in the Carolinas -- Dave Goodman Baltimore PC Users Group http://www.bcpl.net/~dmg/baltopcug.htm The GOODMAN Family http://www.bcpl.net/~dmg/goodman.html The GOODMAN Clearinghouse http://www.bcpl.net/~dmg/goodman3.html VA.- GOODMAN; COLEMAN; GARNETT;GUTHREY; TURNER;ELLIOTT;
Subj: Bowker and Sensing
Date: 8/22/98 From: Corabell10@aol.com To: Genny1 Hello Genny: My name is Cora and I am from the Hayes family.
I know that our lines cross many times generation after generation.
My grandfather is sisters to Saluda Hayes and Elizabeth Ellen Hayes.
Saluda married Bud Bowker, you have her listed as Lydia or Lydie.
Elizabeth married Jim Sensing and they are the parents of Elanora Sensing.
If you would like to discuss this side of the family, I would love to do
so also.
Thanks, Corabell10@aol.com
Subj: Phillips Family
Date: 8/23/98 From: porschedreams@webtv.net (dionna miller) To: Genny1@aol.com I am searching for recent information, my fathers name is James(Jimmy) Phillips. His mothers name was; Sarah Jane Phillips. My mothers name is Myra Fay (adams) Phillips.I was born 11-1-1963 at Nashville general hospital, my parents were married at the time. I realize this is not the kind of inq. that you normally recieve, but this has been a long search, and I don't know were else to turn. Any information that you could supply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Dionna C. Miller (Phillips)
Email: porschedreams@webtv.net
Subj: NAME
Date: 8/23/98 From: STHYANKEE@webtv.net (GLORIA GLASGOW) To: Genny1@aol.com Have you ever run across any written reference to why so many of our ancestors from TN, VA,KY, who were born during the 1800's, had the given name of GREEN or GREENE, or GREENBERRY???
There has to be some historical reason for this.
Subj: Wise, Tillet
Date: 8/23/98 From: JWise89025@aol.com To: Genny1 Looking for family of my Grandfather Estill Edward Wise born in Bedford
Co. TN 1906 ?. Parents were James Henry Wise and Addie Bell Tillet
(or Tillett). They are buried near Flat Creek TN. I'm having absolutly no
luck finding anything in TN.
Thanks, Joe Wise
e-mail JWise89025@aol.com

Subj: Eddings, Lain
Date: 8/25/98 8:05:42 PM Central Daylight Time From: wade@chickasaw.com (Wade Drennan) To: Genny1@aol.com Nancy Goodman I am researching the Drennan family and am looking for the parents, grandparents ect of Catherine "Kittie" Eddings, b. 30 Sept 1795 I believe in SC, m William Drennan 14 Dec 1820, Wilson Co. Tn. d. 27 Jan 1875 Wilson Co. Tn. I am also trying to identify a Sarah Lain, m Benjamin L. Cluck. If you have any information I would sure like to recieve it. If you should need any Drennan info I would be glad to send it along. Thank you. Wade Drennan Email: wade@chickasaw.com
Subj: Query-Haggard-Roane Co.
Date: 8/25/98 From: MILOD1@aol.com To: Genny1 Hi,Genny! I am researching Kisire Haggard,b.7/22/1826,Roane Co.,Tn,D.4/25/1872,Ar. She married Milton Oliver,and her parents were Nathaniel Haggard and
Jane Leonard.
Any info that would point towards the Oliver connections would be greatly
Regards, Mo O'Neil (Oliver)
Email: MILOD1@aol.com
MAYO Date: 8/26/98 From: Tngal45@aol.com To: @aol.com (Genny1@aol.com) HI
My name is Judith Lynn Mayo - Broom -Jones.
I am searching my family roots and have found that my grandparents were
born in Jackson,Tenn. Would love to know if you have any info on the
Mayos ..
Judy Mayo Jones
Email: tngal45@aol.com
1050 Boy Scout Rd Hixson, Tenn 37343
Subj: Have some charts
Date: 8/26/98 From: abates@itexchsrv2.phx.mcd.mot.com (Allen Bates) To: Genny1@aol.com ('Genny1@aol.com') Nancy, Hi, ... I have kin all over there, but from what I was sent we mostly have info on the maternal sides of the family. Hardly anything on the Bates name for some reason. What I'd like to do is post it where anybody who may overlap can see it. Do you have or know of a chart or spreadsheet or something where I can fill in the blanks with our family info. I see where a lot of people type it all into the computer, but none of that is clear to me. They indent and put 1) and 2) and 3), but that's a lot of hooey to me because you can't follow it down to the next level. Maybe there is a site on-line which will take it? I can give you some of the names - Draper, Anderson, Apple, Bartlett and maybe
There was a Robinson from Virginia who married Anderson (also Va.) and they moved to Jackson Co. (TN ?) Anyway, can you give me advice on how to upload this in hopes of gathering more info? Also - What now? Do I just wait for relatives to contact me or what? I sent a bunch of e-mail to Bates' that had Tennessee connections, but haven't heard back from any yet. Thanks for your help!! Allen Bates
Subj: Clymore, Shannon, Evans
Date: 8/26/98 8:03:00 PM Central Daylight Time From: D3Dognite@aol.com To: Genny1 I am researching the families of CLYMORE, SHANNON and EVANS from the
Maury County and surrounding area of Tenn.
Anyone with similar interest, help or info woulkd be greatly appreciated.
I also have a great deal of info all since 1840 and will gladly share.
Dan Clymore
Subj: Re: Lance info
Date: 8/27/98 From: lance@beldar.com (Glenn and Lisa Lance) To: Genny1@aol.com Hi, My name is Glenn Morris Lance,from Courtland Va. I was wondering if you have any info on this surname. Ive been researching for some time.I do know the family is from Warren Co. and I have a lot of info on members but cant seem to put the puzzle together.
Any info you might have would be greatly appreciated!
Than you, Glenn lance@beldar.com
Subj: Dooley, Duley family
Date: 8/31/98 From: agdooley@mcia.com (agdooley) To: Genny1@aol.com Hi:
I'm searching for information on the family of WILLIAM HARRISON DOOLEY
born about l826, Claiborne Co., Tn. We think his father was Thomas Dooley and he had three brothers:
James Jr.; and
We think that the four Dooley boy's father was James Senior.
Any information on any of the above is appreciated.
Aubrey Charles Dooley.
Subj: Tennessee surnames webpage #2
Date: 8/31/98 From: WCook14024@aol.com To: Genny1 ...My grt grandfather James H. Hancock was born in Obion Co. TN. in
July 1847 and my grandfather William Rgile Hancock and twin brother
John R. Hancock, b in Obion July 31, 1871.
My grt grandmothers name is Mary Ann Polly Hutchinson.
I would like to be linked on your Tennesee page under Hutchinson and
Hancock url: http://members.aol.com/wcook14024/hancock.html
Main Page Cook's Hangout: http://members.aol.com/wcook14024/homepage.html
I have had you linked from my main page for some time now,
thank you,
Bill Cook
Subj: OZMENT- Tax List
Date: 8/31/98 From: mozment@pop.erols.com To: Genny1@aol.com Dear Nancy, Do you have access to early Tax Lists for Wilson Co., TN. If so, will you look up following: Richard D. and Elizabeth LeCompte OZMENT. Not sure of exact date, but believe it is probably 1820-1830.
If this is the same Richard who moved to Wilson Co., TN from Guilford Co.,
NC about that time, he may be my 4th Great Grandfather.
Just received this lead from John A. Ozment, Heywood, CA .
...You should have my FGS for Richard OZMENT which I snailmailed to you in Nov. 1997. Thanks for your help.
Best wishes,
Dwight W. Ozment mozment@pop.erols.com
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