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Subj: Re: MULLINS names in TN - send yours, if any
Date: 98-07-01 13:40:39 EDT
From: BReneau@ix.netcom.com
To: Genny1@aol.com (Genny1)
....Genny1 wrote:.....
> I would like to see who has MULLINS in Tennessee at any point, and if others will respond to the list and let me know, I will be glad to post a listing along with email address on one of my web pages for others to see.
> I would also like to hear from anyone else who has a web page with MULLINS on it, and will post the URL's on my page.

My MULLINS:> Green MULLINS, in TN, born in NC in 1845; he was in the Smith County TN census in 1880 with wife, Janie JOHNSON NAPIER, and their children.
> Contact me by email at: Genny1@aol.com  Nancy Goodman in TN

I saw your posting regarding Mullins in Tennessee.
My Mullins is Ellen M. Mullins, b. Sep 22, 1822 in Jefferson Cty TN, m Lewis RENEAU, d Nov 22, 1892, buried in Pleasant Hills Cemetry, Jefferson Cty TN.
I am trying to identify her parents.
Bob Reneau
subj: CRUM  Date: 98-07-01
From: Rlt818@aol.com
To: Genny1
I am seeking information on the family of my g-g-grandmother, Elizabeth Crum, b. April 2, 1875, in Maries County, Missouri.
Both her parents were born in Tennessee (county unknown). Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Avery, Cole, Allen:

Subj: AVERY  Date: 98-07-02
From: barkenco@webtv.net (Barbara Cole)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Searching for data on George AVERY and his family.
George b. NC d. 10-6-1853 Wilson Co., TN ;spouse, Elizabeth ALLEN married 1787 Pitt Co., NC.
Can anyone help me?
There were 6 children:
John Avery,
Allen Avery,
Ann Avery,
George Avery,
Sally Avery, and
William Avery.
Thank you so much for any little tidbit you can provide.

Subj: DANIEL-HUNTER   Date: 98-07-04
From: SSCS40B@prodigy.com (MRS SUE H AIRHART)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Looking for parents of Brilliant Ann Hunter, who married James C. Daniel about 1879 in Dickson Co.
J. C. and Ann Daniel are on the 1880 Dickson Co. Census.
Brilliant Ann Daniel died in 1893 of childbirth complications. J. C. Daniel marr. (2) Dora Scott in 1898 Dickson Co.
Of all the Hunters I have researched, none of them showed a daughter by the name of Brilliant Ann.....she is supposed to be buried in the Old Bellsburg Cemetery.
Have searched for HER parents to no avail.
Any help most appreciated.

Subj: Re: DANIEL-HUNTER  Date: 98-07-05
From: SSCS40B@prodigy.com (MRS SUE H AIRHART)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Hi Nancy,
I think I have looked at your Daniel page, but will check it again.
Brilliant Ann Daniel died in 1893 of childbirth complications. J. C. Daniel marr. (2) Dora Scott in 1898 Dickson Co. Of all the Hunters I have researched, none of them showed a daughter by the name of Brilliant Ann.....she is supposed to be buried in the Old Bellsburg Cem. ....
Take care, stay cool,

Subj: Re: DANIEL-HUNTER  Date: 98-07-07
From: SSCS40B@prodigy.com (MRS SUE H AIRHART)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Nancy, thanks for sending the info..[about Linda Cole's Dickson Co, page. with the Bellsburg Cemetery listing]
Mamie Davidson had told me a while back that Brilliant Ann Hunter Daniel was buried there, but nobody seems to know who Brilliant Ann's parents were!!! Mamie has a birthdate of 1857 for her, but, she and J. C. Daniel are on the 1880 Dickson Co census, he age 30, she age 20. If this is correct, she would have been born around 1859-60. She died in 1893.
Guess I am like a dog with a bone, smile.....I just can't let it go until I find what I am looking for.
Have a good day.

Subj: Re: Phillips/McKinney  Date: 98-07-05
From: HADGUY@aol.com
To: Genny1

I can not make an exact connection to your McKinney. However, Please note the William Mckinney Below. This may give you a lead.

Ancestors of George C. McKinney, Sr

Generation No. 1
1. George C. McKinney , Sr, born Abt. 1749; died 1843 in Overfield, Barbour County, WV. He was the son of 2. Cornelius McKinney and 3. Hannah Hopkins. He married (1) Mary James.

Children of George McKinney and Mary James are:
i. William McKinney.
ii. Nancy McKinney.
iii. Sarah "Sally" McKinney.
iv. George C. McKinney , Jr, married Margaret Harris July 11, 1834.
v. Margaret McKinney.
vi. Mary "Polly" McKinney.
vii. Thomas H. McKinney, born October 1769 in Loudon County, Va; died November 22, 1853 in Barbour County, West Virginia.
viii. Joseph McKinney.

Generation No. 2
2. Cornelius McKinney, born in Londonderry, Ulster, Ireland. He married 3. Hannah Hopkins.
3. Hannah Hopkins, born in Northern Ireland.

Children of Cornelius McKinney and Hannah Hopkins are:
1 i. George C. McKinney , Sr, born Abt. 1749; died 1843 in Overfield, Barbour County, WV; married Mary James.
ii. James McKinney.

Subj: Weakley Family  Date: 98-07-08
From: winter1@midwest.net (Jack Winter)
Reply-to: winter1@midwest.net
To: Genny1@aol.com
I like your material , it is so organized, being new to the Internet you would not believe the "trash" that I have viewed...another story.
Genealogy has been my hobby for many years and when I reach a dead-end, I work on my wife's side of the family.
Her family tree is the WATSON>some say England , others say Scotland>Virginia>Tennessee , Robertson & Cheatham County mostly>into Franklin & Williamson County, Southern Illinois by 1830 and they are still here...in mathematics they are great multipliers...
Jack, her husband.

Violet Mae ( WATSON) Winter, g-g-g-grandmother was Susan H. WEAKLEY, the daughter of Issac WEAKLEY.
NOTE: Susan , her husband Ehud WATSON, and two young daughters are buried here in Marion, Williamson County,Illinois. They are buried at the WATSON CEMETERY, about 2-miles from our home.
The present owner of the property which includes the Watson Cemetery, was trying to pull a fast shuffle with the Holiday Inn Corp., by playing dumb about the cemetery until my wife and I went to the mayor of Marion and explained the historical advantage of leaving the cemetery just the way it always was. Ehud, has a military marker for the War of 1812 , and the mayor helped kill the project...but the site and location of the cemetery is located on a rased mound , overlooking the Interstate complex & junction of Interstate I-24 & I-57...there is a plan to build a bridge over the Interstate and connect to the expanding Illinois Mall Complex.
From visiting the cemetery I would estimate approx. 30 or more graves and over the years vandals have destroyed many locations...makes you sick to see the present condition allowed to happen.
If you could provide some advice on how to block this project please advise.
Jack & Violet M. ( Watson) Winter ,
Watch Dogs of the vanishing cemetery.
12160 Cedar Grove Rd.
Marion,IL 62959
Email: winter1@midwest.net

Subj: Re: Middle Tennessee Mullins  Date: 98-07-08
From: lhawkins@3wave.com (lhawkins)
To: Genny1@aol.com
> From: Genny1@aol.com > To: MULLINS-L@rootsweb.com
> Cc: lhawkins <lhawkins@3wave.com>
> Subject: Re: Middle Tennessee Mullins  > Date: 8 Jul 1998
> Hi Lynn;
> I have Mullins in Middle Tennessee; however, mine were in Smith County, TN in the 1880 census, Green Mullins and his wife, Janie Johnson Napier. Wondered if you by chance have anything on a Green Mullins in your records? He was born about 1845 in NC.
> I have posted some info on mine and various other Mullins in Tennessee on a web page at:
If anyone wants me to add their Tennessee Mullins to the page, email me at:
> Thanks, Nancy Goodman in TN

> Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998
>From: "lhawkins" <lhawkins@3wave.com>
> To: MULLINS-L@rootsweb.com > Subject: Middle Tennessee Mullins
> Hi,
> I would like to hear from anyone doing research related to the Mullins family of the, Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee area, to maybe include Franklin Co., TN.
> My wife's ancestor was James H. Mullins, b. ca 1800-1817, who married Tilda JOHNS. Their known son John Bell Mullins, b. 1837, was inc harge of the Murfreesboro-Nashville Turnpike, pre-Civil War period to late 1890's.
> I'm trying to find the names of his parents and siblings. Also, any information related to Tilda Johns parents and siblings.
Thank You,
> Lynn Hawkins

Thanks for your message. Sorry, I don't have anything on your Mullins, in fact I don't have much of anything on the Mullins, since I'd have any idea who their related to, if we can find James H. Mullins' parents and siblings it might open some doors to related families.

Subj: Re: Middle Tennessee Mullins  Date: 98-07-09
From: TWThomason@aol.com
To: Genny1
Hi; I have my 2nd great grandfather William Thomason born to William Thomason and Sarah Mullins in Smith Co., TN around 1810. I have never been able to find anything on this family. Can you help in any way?

Tom Thomason

Subj: Re: From NancyG in TN  
Date: 98-07-09
From: bevans@syix.com (bevans)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Hi Nancy,
I'm glad you found me...my computer went down a few months ago and I lost everything, including my addresses. Your idea sounds like a good one.
Robertson Co. needs some sort of a spur...maybe a region, like southern KY (Logan, Warren, etc) to go into it, since most of the early history is connected to theirs. If several of us worked on it, I'm sure we could handle it..

At 09:30 AM 7/9/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Hi Barbara,
>I lost you when you left AOL; think we had talked about my Crockett line being in the same area as your COUTS in Robertson County.
We really need to start an email list for Robertson County, but since Montgomery and Dickson county don't have a list either, I am wondering how it would be to combine the three counties into one list....as I don't know if any of the three would draw enough interest to hold up on its own (at least to start with)
> I haven't said anything to anyone else about it, except for Carolyn Nelson who is working on the Dickson County 1850 census book about maybe doing a Dickson list. Let me know what you think about it....
> Nancy Goodman in TN
>Home page on Genealogy and Tennessee
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998
>From: bevans <bevans@syix.com>
>To: TNSUMNER-L@rootsweb.com
>Subject: [TNSUMNER-L] Couts and associates
>Hi~Still looking for Couts and allied families
Barbara Couts Evans
>Probable Parents: Dietrich "Teter" Couts (Kautz) and Sussana ?>
>John of Robtson Co. TN , Chrisley Sr. , Henry, Margaret (Gordon),
>Elizabeth (Mason), Mary Magdalene, William
>Spouse: Leah Stark Sarah Wright Sarah Freeman ?
>? Walter Stark EmelineEpps>

>COUTS, Byrd/Bird, Priddy, Wilson, Mosley, Mauer, Sexton, Brinkman
>Hutcheson, Schoonmaker, Farrell, Kettling, Wittmer, Johnson, Lane, Putnam,
>Nash, Eatmon, Phillips, Sloan, Hardin, Burnett, Barradall, Grant, Sweatt,
>Simpson, Bowles, McConnell, Page, Bowles, Austin, Collins, Oxley, Harper,
>Woodward, Beisner, Mills, Broyles, Raymond, Wyrick, Mc Clure, Kennard,
>Lyons, Valenzula, Donnelly, Engstrom, Beerly, Brown, Wilcox, Brown, Hausen,
>Renfro, Newman, St. John, Mc Neeley, Karleskint, Clements, Renfro, Meyers,
>Stewart, Middleton Hart, Dowdy Radell, West, Mildfelt, Clark, Freeman,
>Abbiatti, Davidson, herine Denise Wolfe, Heisey, Morris, Speer, Pritchard,
>Shaffer, Berrigan, Putney, Griger, Buckingham, Hogan, Barriga, Bates,
>Gibson, Pearcy, Miller, Osborne, Bartlett, Gipson, Hope, Irby, Baugh, Hunter,
>Austin, Marsh, Scott, Tate, Caldwell, Davidson, McPhail, Brewer, Stark,
>Chester, Drysdale, Malher, Earlywine, Choate (Shoates), Robinson, Welsh,
>Nieslanik, Swartzendruber, Philips, Doyle, Ruttman, O'Bier, Nichols,
>Warwick, Pickering, Williams, Thompson, Francis, Stapp, Brownlee, Draughon,
>Woodward, Hasbrouck, Gray, Swope, Bandel, Beaty, Leistiko, Barbre, Bowen,
>Beck, Lewis, Granicy, Hedrick, Sawyer, Morris, Hagler, Griffith, Bayless,
>Yazel, Yozel, Von Elling, Vahle, Fredrick, Moon, Martin, Infanger, Watson,
>Willcockson, Leibrant, Gentry, Hartley, Helm, Baker, Farmer, Eldridge,
>Harris, Thornton, Henderson Blood, Seybold, Wilson, Aspinwall, Kruse, Walsh,
>Parker, Tucker, Walsh, Kruse, Stivers, Frogge Lavey Leeper, Maxwell, Ellis,
>Sooter, Leeper, Vaile, Mathne, Hayter, Finley, Killingworth, Crouch, Sewell,
>Houston, Stokes, Sara, Newland, Stith, Walker, Holcomb, Frey, Acker, Pitt,
>Greene, Adams, Simmons, Brasilli, Graves, Adcox, Mitchell, Huddleston,
>Green, Burnett, Echols, Ranklin, Haston, Crabtree, Rowash, Offutt, Moore,
>Black, Randolph, Johnson, Conner, Wilison, Stewart, Kitros, Drake, & Reynolds

>COUTS, Collins, Caldwells, Lefevers, Derossett, Bowers, Pearson, Askew,
>Campbell, Hollenbeck, Meguiar, Fleener, Dyres, Wrights, Owens, Draughons,
>Appleton, Greene, Gibbons, Gwaltney, Mallon, Myers, Reed, Butcher, Grim,
>Davis, Lockwood, Benton, Boyd, Siddon, Moores , Andersons, Chriswell, Price,
>Sevrein (Levin), Minton, Hill, Winn, Hannah, Barnett, Buchanan, Strickland,
>Baird, Garrison, Bridgman, Penny, Jennings, Burdit, Kirby, Robinson, Ford,
>Page, Bandini, Simmons, Fields, Adams, Davidson, Gerlt, Marriott, Weaver,
>Palmes, Braden, Deferrari, Phelps, Lallier, Hartig, Caldwell, Barton,
>Childers, Dunn, Roderick, Peacock, Upham, Leon, Williams, Flanharty,
>Keith, Stockton, Ryan, Chessir, Middleton, Allen, Hill, Strodes, Dykes,
>Pulse, Dykes, Rollins, Bankhead, Bookout, Smith, Jackson, Evans, Lyons,
>Yaeger, Yaber, Callahan, Pfister, Allen, Baker, Tomlinson, Cox, Minton,
>Carmichael, Pearson, Moon, Onstott, Chapman, Strickland, Baird, Page,
>Mansfield, Jennings, Dorresett, Turner, Smith, Burdit, Bilyeu, Burton,
>Baker, Terry, Fehrenbacher, Harrolle, Ballinger, Baker, Hibbard, Baker,
>Underwood, Harris, & Ferguson

>MARGARET COUTS (GORDON?) ~Freeman, Stroades
>ELIZABETH COUTS (MASON ) ~ no known heirs

From: JSMINCE17@aol.com
To: Genny1

Subj: BRANHAM FAMILIES.Date: 98-07-10
From: JSMINCE17@aol.com
To: Genny1
Subj: Beech  Date: 98-07-11
From: Oneofsky1@aol.com
To: Genny1
Hi Nancy,
I would like to find out if there is a Victoria Beech connected to Lawson and Lilah Lee Beech on your homepage. Victoria Beech married William J. Gunter in Cheatham County, Tennessee on December 18, 1879. She was born: December 6, 1852 and died May 26, 1899. I am searching for her parents names and siblings. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

I have a homepage that contains some of the information that I have on my extend family. There are too many names to mention here. Most of them were from Cheatham, Davidson, Rutherford and Williamson Counties.
Oneofsky1's Home Page
Perhaps it might be useful to some who are searching these counties or surnames mentioned.
Thank you,
Subj: Re: Beech  Date: 98-07-11
From: Oneofsky1@aol.com
To: Genny1
Good Morning Nancy,
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I will keep the Beech names in mind and if I come across them, I will be sure to let you know.
Most of my family is in Cheatham and Davidson County, Tennessee.
The URL for my page is:
I will place a link to your page on mine.
Have a great day.
Dianne Hooper
Covington, Texas

Subj: GENEALOGY & TENNESSEE  Date: 98-07-11
From: sandysq@greencis.net (Sandra f. Eskew)
To: @ns1.greencis.net (Genny1@aol.com)
Hi Genny...
Thank you so much for your web site. Very informative!
I have tons of ROANE CO., TN. Ancestors.
My E-MAIL is:
Sandy Eskew sandysq@greencis.net
I'll add a link from my "Genealogy Links" page to yours
Thanks Again
Sandy Thompson Eskew

Subj: Re: GENEALOGY & TENNESSEE  Date: 98-07-12
From: sandysq@greencis.net (Sandy Eskew)
To: Genny1@aol.com
>Hi Sandy, and thanks for the kind words!!
> We have a mutual friend, Sandy Campbell, as I had seen some of your postings and sent her a copy because of the Campbell connection and she said she already knew you, or was kin or whatever....
> I will be happy to add a link to your page when I get back to editing my pages again....
> Tell me where your Dennis line is from? And do you know Jan Philpot? She is on one of the lists I am on and I know she has Dennis, but not sure where all, other than the Houston, Stewart, etc. area of TN.
> Also my friend Sue Airhart on Prodigy has a Dennis line....don't remember much on hers either, offhand.....but I can get you her email, or you can find it on the last page of queries I posted at:
>https://sites.rootsweb.com/~tngenny1/query13.html  (this page)
> Thanks again, Nancy Goodman in TN

Hi Nancy....
Thanks for the link... ; )
My Dennis line is from NC, Grainger Co., TN. , Roane Co., TN. LaCede Co., MO. and on to Payne Co., OK.
I don't remember a Jan Philpot..... but I have heard from so many folks... ;\ ; )
My Dennis line is Joseph Dennis, Sr. & Elizabeth Beeson's (Beason-Beasley)
dau., Elizabeth Dennis. She m. Meredith Sharp in Grainger Co., TN. in 1823
then moved to Roane Co., TN.
I'll check out the querie on Sue Airhart.... Thanks again...
Sandy Thompson Eskew

Subj: Re: NC & SC cemetery listings online  Date: 98-07-11
From: wcrews@mindspring.com (bill crews)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Hi Nancy -
That is indeed a great site.
You might want to check out BooksPlus at
for some other great folks who have volunteered to do free lookups. The site is realatively new but growing rapidly.
At 09:25 AM 7/11/98 EDT, you wrote:
>For those who are searching in NC or SC, you might check out the following URL which has a lot of NC and SC cemetery listings:
> Mr. Floyd has done a lot or hard work on these listings, and bless him, because he believes in SHARING, not selling!!
> Nancy Goodman in TN
>My home pages on GENEALOGY AND TENNESSEE: >https://sites.rootsweb.com/~tngenny1/index.html
Subj: LANE surname  Date: 98-07-11
From: greg.tomerlin@nashville.com (Greg Tomerlin)
To: genny1@aol.com
I saw your reference to the LANE name, and was curious to know if a Mary LANE (b. 1 Jun 1859 d. 8 Feb 1946) married to a Hardy PARKER (b. 13 Sep 1852 d. 6 Mar 1915) appear in your husband's records?
Hardy and Mary Lane PARKER had eight children:
Hannah M. PARKER
Ida Sophia PARKER
Hershel "Billy" PARKER
Maude Asaley PARKER
Otis Hardy "Dick" PARKER
Mary Elizabeth PARKER
I am searching for ancestors of Mary LANE and Hardy PARKER.
Ida Sophia PARKER (12 Dec 1879 - 8 Apr 1957) is my great-grandmother, and was married 13 May 1897 in Wilson Co., TN to Almerine Burnette "A.B." JENKINS (27 May 1874 - 9 Oct 1944).
Greg Tomerlin
Lebanon, TN
Email: greg.tomerlin@nashville.com

> May I post your note ...?
Please do. You can add anything I send to you to your page. In fact, if you think the information I have gathered on my other Wilson Co. ancestors will benefit others, I'll try to organize it and get it to you. I'm always willing to share what few little pieces I have found of this monstrous puzzle with anybody that wants it.
I have several lines that seem to have settled well in Wilson County. On my mother's side I have JENKINS, GEORGE, PARKER, TERRY, GLEAVES, LANE, HEWGLEY, ANDERSON and GREGORY. Unfortunately, a single or just a couple names are all I have on some of these lines (TERRY, LANE, ANDERSON and GREGORY).
However, I have numerous names and dates on the JENKINS, GEORGE and HEWGLEY lines. A lot of the Hewgley info is gleaned from Sue Francis Hewgley's research...
On my father's side, I have SHANNON, HUDDLESTON, VAUGHTER, LASATER and GHOLSTON. Again, some of these lines are filled with holes... others, not so much.
Thanks again,
Greg Tomerlin
Lebanon, TN

Subj: Couldn't connect/ Gloria Lovvo  Date: 98-07-11
From: Terry1729@aol.com
To: Genny1
I tried to send the following response to G L O V V O@aol.com and they said she was not a member.
I thought you might have forwarding information ;would you please try to get it to her?
If you can't would you please post the information?
My address is Terry1729@aol.com
Thank you so much,

Subj: MARLOW/MARLOWE  Date: 98-07-11
From: jmsloan@gower.net (John Sloan)
Reply-to: jmsloan@gower.net
To: Genny1@aol.com
Reseraching the Marlow/Marlowe families of Tennessee.
Kay Sloan
subj: Smith/Higgins/ married Haley Dills  Date: 98-07-12
From: calcfb@earthlink.net (kathy higgins)
Reply-to: calcfb@earthlink.net
To: Genny1@AOL.COM
Looking for information regarding my grandparents, my father's birth certificate states that a John Smith/Higgins married to a Haliey Dills in 1936; they were both 21, anyone with information. I would kindly appreciate.
Kathy Higgins
Thanks, have a blessed day...
Subj: Query  Date: 98-07-13
From: bobh4810@prodigy.net (Bob Hensley)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Drury Dobbins GOODMAN, b. 1807 in ______?, d. 1865 in Lewis Co., TN.,married Martha Ann EDWARDS, b. 1810 in NC, d. June 1881 in Lewis Co.,TN. They had the following children:
1. Ansel F.GOODMAN m. (1) Nancy A. COX, (2) Sarah H. COX
2. James GOODMAN
3. Unice GOODMAN m. John Wesley HIGGINS
4. William E. GOODMAN
5. Henry D. GOODMAN m. Celia S. EDWARDS
6. Alsemina F. GOODMAN m. Lewis L. HENSLEY
7. Sarah E. GOODMAN m. George W. GOODWIN
8. Drury D. GOODMAN
9. Martha GOODMAN
10. Wilson Whitfield GOODMAN

Are there any connections ? Any and all information would be appreciated.
Bob Hensley
" When all else fails, read the directions"

Subj: Anderson Chandler  Date: 98-07-13
From: ceb@mcsi.net (Charles Boetsch)
To: Genny1@aol.com
I saw your webpage on the Chandler family. I am wondering if you have any information on Anderson Chandler, born 1787 in NC, married Martha E. Anderson in Person County, NC on 17 March 1811, settled in Sumner County, TN about 1814, relocated permanently to Fayette County, IL in 1821.
Eddins Chandler and wife Huldah Sherrill from your page also settled in Fayette County at about the same time. I've often wondered if they're related somehow, but haven't found any connection.
Chase (ceb@mcsi.net)

Subj: Re: Anderson Chandler  Date: 98-07-13
From: ceb@mcsi.net (Charles Boetsch)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Thanks for the input. Please feel free to post the info about Anderson Chandler.
(Charles E. Boetsch ceb@mcsi.net)

Subj: LANE  Date: 98-07-14
From: DGFerrell@aol.com
To: Genny1

Looking for the father of Harvey L. LANE, b, 1824-TN mar Belzey Caroline HAGER,
04 Sept 1843. They lived in the 25th district of Wilson Co. His grandparents were
John & Mary CARTER LANE.
Sons of John & Mary were:
John LANE,
William LANE,
Aaron LANE,
Armistead LANE,
Willard LANE (did not mar),
Tyree LANE.
I know the sons of John & Tyree.
Who were the sons of William, Aaron, Armistead?

Subj: Re: LANE  Date: 98-07-14
From: VHULL@aol.com
To: Genny1
CC: DGFerrell, greg.tomerlin@nashville.com
CC: BJHB06A@prodigy.com, Lanehunter, Brobpat
In case anyone is interested, here are my Lane connections. If anyone has anything on Christian Smith, I'd love to have it.
Nancy, feel free to use as you see fit.
My major surnames of interest are EAKES, SMITH, WRIGHT, JONES and HEWGLEY families of Wilson County TN.
Vivian EAKES Hull VHULL@aol.com

Descendants of Christian Smith
1 Christian Smith
. +Margaret ???
..... 2 <B>Jesse Robert Smith b: April 29, 1816 in TN. d: July 16, 1907 in DAVIDSON CTY. TN.
......... +Martha Parton b: January 03, 1820 in DAVIDSON CTY. TN.
or NC d: July 03, 1881 in Burial Felix Gleaves Fam.Cemetery
(my ggg-gparents thru their daughter Permelian Smith who married Everette Haywood EAKES (veh))

............ 3 William James Smith b: December 14, 1837 in RURAL HILL, WILSON CTY. TN d: October 02, 1907 in RUTHERFORD CTY. TN (bur. Suggs. Crk. Cem)
................ +Martha Loutresia Castleman b: April 19, 1852 m: December 22, 1869 in Rutherford Co. TN d: July 16, 1901 in buried Suggs Creek Cem. Wilson Cty. Tn.
............ 3 Solomon W. Smith b: January 13, 1840 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co.TN d: March 01, 1864 in Rock Island, Ill Prison (Confederate) bur. R.I. Cem
................ +Rebecca Graves m: October 27, 1859 in Wilson Co. TN
............ 3 Christian C. Smith b: May 10, 1842 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN d: August 12, 1879 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN; bur. Suggs Cr. Cem.
................ +Mary Denton m: September 07, 1866 in Wilson Co. TN
............ 3 Daniel Boone Smith b: August 26, 1844 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN  (DOB is obviously incorrect*) d: April 08, 1885 in Nashville, Davidson Co. TN. bur. Mt. Olivet Cem.-Nashville
................ +Amanda May Vanhooser m: January 03, 1867 ............ 3 Temperance Jane Smith b: May 15, 1851 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN d: October 30, 1891 in Couchville, Davidson Co. TN. bur. Suggs Crk. TN.
................ +Joseph Henry Pugh b: July 02, 1859 m: November 15, 1885 in Wilson Co. TN d: September 18, 1934 in bur. Ballentine Fam. Cem. Granny Wright Lane
............ 3 Betty Elizabeth Smith b: September 07, 1853 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN d: August 21, 1944 in Donelson, Davidson Co. TN bur.Mt. Olivet Cem.-Nashville
................ +Green Allen Lane b: July 10, 1857 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson Co. TN m: May 16, 1880 in Donelson, Davidson Co. TN d: February 18, 1930 in Donelson, Davidson Co. TN (see below)
............ 3 Mary Persiller Smith b: March 15, 1855 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN d: December 26, 1894 in Couchville, Davidson Co. TN. bur. Suggs Crk. TN.
................ +Robert Burrell Castleman b: June 10, 1847 m: October 02, 1879 in Wilson Co. TN d: January 06, 1910 in Lookout, Hamilton Co. Tn.
............ 3 Eliza Frances Smith b: June 10, 1857 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN d: August 07, 1857 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN; bur. Suggs Cr. Cem.
............ 3 Martha Electa Smith b: April 17, 1860 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN d: August 03, 1932 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson Co. TN. (bur. Hollis Wright Cem.)
................ +John William Chadic Lane b: September 27, 1859 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson Co. TN m: December 25, 1879 in Wilson Co. TN d: June 07, 1932 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson Co. TN (see below)
............ 3 Joseph S. Smith b: December 12, 1864 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN d: July 30, 1915 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson Co. TN. (bur. Isaac Carver Fam.Cem.)
................ +Mary Bruce b: February 01, 1872 m: December 25, 1890 in Davidson Co. TN. d: August 08, 1950 in bur Isaac Carver Cem. Mt. Juliet, TN.
............ 3 Sarah Margaret Smith b: November 30, 1848 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN d: January 23, 1927 in Donelson, Davidson Co. TN bur. Suggs Creek Cem.
................ +Abraham L.(or D.) Williams b: March 09, 1846 d: November 02, 1916 in bur. Suggs Creek. Cem. Wilson Co. TN.
............ *2nd Husband of Sarah Margaret Smith:
................ +Newton Eakes b: June 19, 1846 in RURAL HILL, WILSON CTY. TN. m: November 30, 1866 in WILSON CTY. TN. d: October 16, 1873 in WILSON CTY. TN. burial Suggs Creek Cem.

Descendants of Green Allen Lane

1 Green Allen Lane b: July 10, 1857 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson Co. TN d: February 18, 1930 in Donelson, Davidson Co. TN
-+Betty Elizabeth Smith b: September 07, 1853 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN m: May 16, 1880 in Donelson, Davidson Co. TN d: August 21, 1944 in Donelson, Davidson Co. TN bur.Mt. Olivet Cem.-Nashville
..... 2 Ada Lane b: March 06, 1881
..... 2 Eva Mai Lane b: June 02, 1883
..... 2 Vallie D. Lane b: September 18, 1887
..... 2 Lillard Watson Lane b: June 15, 1889
..... 2 Larry Lofton Lane b: February 15, 1890

Descendants of John William Chadic Lane

1 John William Chadic Lane b: September 27, 1859 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson Co. TN d: June 07, 1932 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson Co. TN
. +Martha Electa Smith b: April 17, 1860 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN m: December 25, 1879 in Wilson Co. TN d: August 03, 1932 in Mt. Juliet, Wilson Co. TN. (bur. Hollis Wright Cem.)
..... 2 Jesse Allen Lane b: October 14, 1880 d: August 10, 1960 in bur. Hollis-Wright Cem.......... +Unmarried
..... 2 Joe Franklin Lane b: September 11, 1882 d: April 09, 1939 in bur. Hollis-Wright Cem.
......... +Cleo Clifton Walls m: March 18, 1938
..... 2 Nora Bell Lane b: July 27, 1883 d: April 01, 1969 in bur. Hollis-Wright Cem.
......... +Walter Bagarly m: October 09, 1906
..... 2 Ollie Mae Lane b: June 25, 1889 d: April 19, 1924 in bur. Hollis-Wright Cem.
......... +Lawrence G. McWhirter m: January 28, 1912
..... 2 Lula Maude Lane b: November 18, 1890
......... +Patrick Lemuel Carver m: July 11, 1925

Additions and corrections welcome. I have more on the Smith family and if anyone has interest.. but for the sake of space have included the LANE connections here.

Subj: Re:LANE/ DONNA & VIVIAN: Say hello: you are cousins!!
Date: 98-07-14
From: Genny1@aol.com
To: VHULL@aol.com
CC: DGFerrell@aol.com, Lanehunter@aol.com, Brobpat@aol.com
CC: greg.tomerlin@nashville.com, BJHB06A@prodigy.com
CC: Genny1
I checked in my family history program and find Donna and Vivian are third cousins, once removed!! Donna is third cousin to Viv's father!!
See below:
Vivian - this is from where you and I and Joel Dobson all exchanged gedcoms and found out you and Joel were both fourth cousins of my husband thru the Lane family.
(Billy doesn't have the Smith line; just the Lane line.)
By the way, I have lost track of Joel Dobson; his address on AOL is no longer good....                              Nancy

FIFTH GENERATION down from Christian Smith

70. CARRIE PEARL WRIGHT was born on 13 Sep 1891. buried Jim Smith family cem. on. Died on 25 Jan 1916. Buried in Central Pike, Wilson Cty. TN. She married LEWIS EDWARD SMITH on 3 Oct 1909. LEWIS EDWARD SMITH was born on 24 Aug 1887 in WILSON CTY. Died on 19 Oct 1969 in Wilson Cty. Tn. (Mt. Juliet Cemetery). They had the following children:
76. Clara Bell HAMBLEN was born on 28 May 1913. She married Grafton Lee GRAVES. Grafton Lee GRAVES was born on 27 Mar 1910. They had the following children:
+131 i. Donna Claire GRAVES

77. LENA BONER was born on 25 Mar 1885. Died on 23 Sep 1964 in buried Woodlawn Mem. Gard., Nashville, Tn. She married OGLE VERNON HEDGEPATH.
78. JOHN WILLIAM BONER was born on 9 Jul 1888 in Dec 4, 1923. Christened on 2 Mar 1913 in married 1st MAUDE JENKINS. Died on 10 May 1967. Buried about 1922 in married  2nd LILLIE ANN BANNISTER. He married MAUDE JENKINS on 2 Mar 1913.He also married Lillie Ann BANISTER about 1922 in TN. Lillie Ann BANISTER was born on 23 Jul 1889 in IN (Probably Warren Co.). Died on 4 Dec 1923 in TN. They had the following children:
132 i. JUNIOR BONER was born on 10 Nov 1923. DIED AS AN INFANT.

He also married OLLIE after 1923. OLLIE, died after 1923. They had the following children:
79. NORA BELLE BONER was born on 30 Sep 1893. NO CHILDREN. She married HERSCHEL J. BAGARLY on 27 Feb 1910. HERSCHEL J. BAGARLY was born about 1879. They had the following children:
137 ii. H.J. "BOOTS" BAGARLY
She also married John Anderson DIES on 27 Feb 1910. John Anderson DIES was born in May 1888. Died in 1967.
83. CLIFFORD DEWEY BONER was born on 10 Aug 1901. He married THELMA BAKER TOWNES on 18 Sep 1926.
84. ODIS ODELL BONER was born on 15 Oct 1903. She married ROBERT LOUIS THOMPSON on 8 Dec 1922.
85. LILLIE ANN GERTRUDE BONER was born on 6 May 1907. Christened on 23 Jun 1928 in married (1ST) PRICE HENRY GARVIN.She married PRICE HENRY GARVIN on 23 Jun 1928. She also married ROBERT CAMPBELL. She also married GRANVILLE ELLIS.
87. BYRUM OAKLEY EAKES was born about Dec 1902. He married JANIE ELIZABETH HAYNIE on 9 Jul 1922. They had the following children:
88. OWEN EAKES was born on 25 Oct 1905 in DAVIDSON CTY. TN. Died on 17 Nov 1986 in WILSON CTY. buried MT. jULIET CEM. He married MATTIE LUCILLE DIES on 8 Dec 1936 in married by a j.p. under a shade tree. MATTIE LUCILLE DIES was born on 30 Aug 1910 in WILSON CTY. TN. Died on 9 Sep 1992 in WILSON CTY. MCFARLAND HOSPITAL. They had the following children:
140 i. Ralph EAKES was born on 19 Aug 1939. UNMARRIED.
141 ii. BARBARA EAKES was born on 28 Nov 1943. UNMARRIED.
90. Maybelle EAKES was born on 26 Oct 1891. Died on 19 Mar 1969 in buried Mt. Olivet Cem., Nashville, Tn. She married GEORGE WASHINGTON STARNES.
Luther Eakes was my grandfather (Vivian Eakes Hull) and was a kind man with gentle eyes. My father, who is a man of many skills, says he learned everything at the feet of his father. Last address: 1910 Electric Avenue Nashville, Tn.

He married Alta Myrtle SMITH on 19 Jan 1913 in Bob Eakes Home on Stewarts Ferry Pike. Alta Myrtle SMITH was born on 9 Aug 1894 in Wilson Co. TN. Died on 23 Jul 1968 in Nashville, Davidson Co. TN. They had the following children:
+142 i. Mildred Opal EAKES
+143 ii. Smith Houston EAKES
+144 iii. Maxie Lee EAKES
+145 iv. Estel Ray EAKES
+146 v. Margaret Helen EAKES
+147 vi. Frances Lavonia EAKES
+148 vii. Luther Hoyte EAKES
92. Mary Sue "Suzie" EAKES was born on 28 Jan 1895. Died on 7 Sep 1941 in BURIED LEBANON CEM., WILSON CTY. TN.She married John Anderson DIES on 12 Jul 1913. John Anderson DIES was born in May 1888. Died in 1967.They had the following children:
She also married JIM PUGH.

93. Annie Cornelia EAKES was born on 20 Dec 1897. Christened in MARRIED 1ST WALLACE CARL BAKER. Buried in MARRIED 2ND HARV NOKES.

She married WALLACE CARL BAKER on 1 Sep 1912.They had the following children: +151 i. TYLER BAKER

She also married HARV NOKES after 1913.

94. Buford Turner EAKES Sr was born on 4 Oct 1899. MARRIED 2ND ALICE MAE MATTHEWS. Died on 1 Nov 1973 in burial Spring Hill Cem., Nashville, Tn. He married ALLICE MAE MATTHEWS on 25 Aug 1921. They had the following children:
152 i. BUFORD Turner EAKES Jr
153 ii. Thelma EAKES
155 iv. W. T. EAKES
+156 v. Edna EAKES
95. Willie Pearl EAKES was born on 15 Sep 1901. Buried Lebanon Cemetery, Wilson Cty. TN. Died on 26 Aug 1959 in Sanitarium at Bordeaux Hospital, Nashville TN. She married Lonnie "Chunk" RAYMER.
98. Louise EAKES was born on 29 Nov 1906. No Children. Died on 17 Jun 1950. She married JAMES T. "SHORTY" WEAVER on 30 Aug 1926.
99. Turner Houston , Jr. "Buster" EAKES was born on 4 Mar 1908. Died on 21 Feb 1963. Turner and wife Lucy lived on the old Banister home place with my great-grandmother Sarah Banister. I assume they were "boarding" with her. Mammy (Sarah) Banister thought highly of "Buster" He married Lucy WILLS on 16 Apr 1927.
100. Verna Edna EAKES was born on 10 Jan 1911. Christened in Sept. 1993 - living in Carthage Tn. with sister Katherine "Katie". (note by Vivian Hull)
She married Harry KNIGHT. She also married DAVE WHITE.
101. Eula Mae EAKES was born on 21 Nov 1913. She married WILLIAM JORDAN PETTY on 18 Jun 1948.
102. Katherine "Katie" EAKES was born on 28 Apr 1916.married 2nd VECOE WILLIAM LINDER. She married VECOE WILLIAM LINDER on 21 May 1932.
104. Roy EAKES was born on 3 Dec 1895. married 1st LOLA WRIGHT. Died on 11 Dec 1972; burial Mt. Olivet Cem. Wilson Cty. Tn. married 2nd ELLEN ?. He married Lola WRIGHT on 27 Nov 1919.
105. Vester EAKES was born on 7 Sep 1905. Died on 27 Apr 1941 in buried Mt. Olivet Cem. Nashville, Tn. He married Agnes HEDGEPATH on 3 Jan 1924.
106. Robert EAKES was born on 26 Jun 1900. Died on 15 Apr 1981 in buried Mt. Juliet Cem. Wilson Cty. Tn. He married Josie Mae TEMPLE on 12 Oct 1921.
107. HOWARD FINLEY EAKES was born on 19 May 1911. He married LESSIE MAE PEACH on 20 May 1933.
108. MURRAY DONALD EAKES was born on 5 Aug 1915. Died on 14 Feb 1970 in burial Mt. Juliet Cem. Wilson Cty. Tn. He married ROBBIE MAY on 22 Nov 1935.
109. Douglas Monroe EAKES was born on 10 Aug 1900. Burial Greenlawn Cem., Franklin Ky. Died on 14 May 1981 in Franklin, Simpson Cty. Kentucky. He married Nina Belle YOUNG on 10 Aug 1924.
110. Winfred EAKES was born on 27 Mar 1903.He married Sybel WILLS on 22 Oct 1927.
111. GLADYS EAKES was born on 15 Jul 1908. Buried Woodlawn Mem. Park, Nashville Tn. She married HARVEY F. "Deedy" NOKES.They had the following children: 157 i. TOMMY JOE NOKES was born about 1938.
112. MAUDE PEARL EAKES was born on 20 Sep 1896. Died on 19 Sep 1962 in buried Lebanon Cem., Wilson Cty. Tn. She married LOGAN THOMAS JENKINS on 27 Dec 1914.
113. JAMES DALTON EAKES was born on 21 Jan 1898. Died on 1 Oct 1976 in buried Lebanon Cem., Wilson Cty. Tn. He married NANNIE BELLE WEAVER on 27 Dec 1914.They had the following children:
158 i. Dorris EAKES
114. Virgil Elliott EAKES was born on 14 Mar 1900.He married Ovalena HEWGLEY on 29 Jul 1920. Ovalena HEWGLEY [S1]
116. LOLA MAI EAKES was born on 16 Mar 1909.She married STEVIE HUNT on 14 Sep 1930.
117. BEDFORD WASHINGTON EAKES was born on 3 Mar 1912. He married VERA KARLEEN LESTER on 20 Oct 1928.
119. HELEN MARIE EAKES was born on 6 Jul 1916. She married WILLIE CHESTER GRIFFIN.
120. Raymond Richard EAKES was born on 30 Jul 1923. He married Sarah Carmene HIGHT on 8 Aug 1946.
121. AZALEE EAKES was born on 31 Jan 1897. Died on 16 Apr 1980 in buried Lebanon Cem. Wilson Cty. Tn.She married LILLARD EDGAR JENKINS on 16 Jul 1921.
122. CHESTER FRAZIER EAKES was born on 19 Feb 1911. Died on 15 Aug 1965 in buried Lebanon Cem. Wilson Cty. Tn.He married MARY LOIS MARTIN on 20 Oct 1928.
123. BEATRICE WALDEN EAKES was born on 7 Feb 1912. She married ROBERT LEROY MARTIN on 30 Mar 1929.
124. MARGARET LUCILLE EAKES was born on 8 Nov 1921. She married HORACE L. GARRETT on 22 Dec 1945.
126. MILDRED LEE EAKES was born on 24 Jun 1923. She married DOUGLAS C. KIRKHAM on 7 Mar 1951.
127. MARYLN ANN EAKES was born on 27 Jun 1931. She married JOHN WILLIAM EZELL on 2 Jun 1951.

Subj: My COOPER/BEECH line/ 1st & 2nd gen.
Date: 98-07-15
From: Genny1@aol.com (Nancy P. Goodman)
To: greg.tomerlin@nashville.com (Greg Tomerlin)
CC: VHULL, DGFerrell, Genny1, BJHB06A@prodigy.com
CC: Brobpat
Hi Gang:
Wanted to see if any of the following rings any bells for any of you; could the ______Smith woman who was first wife of Joe Cooper be tied in with your Smith line, Vivian? There are also two other Smith marriages....

This is also where the Castleman and Hewgley lines fits into my husband's family.

I have YET to figure out why Joe Cooper and his son Martin are buried in the Buchanan cemetery on Elm Hill Pike in Nashville. I am told there are two Buchanan cemeteries around about there.... I don't know if Joe Cooper was connected to the Buchanan's or not....Bob, do you show anything?

I also have a file on Buchanan's that I sent to Bob Carver, and can send it to anyone else who needs or wants it??

FIRST GENERATION of Joe Cooper and Mary S. Beech family in TN:
1. Joseph William "Joe" COOPER was born in 1835 in Virginia (Cooper's Ferry, VA?). Died in 1892 in Nashville, Davidson Co , Tennessee. Buried in Buchanan Cemetery; Elm Hill Pk;Nashville. (From Franklin Tennesse? orginally from Virginia?.) Cooper family may have been in Maury County; and orginally may have been from "Cooper's Ferry", Virginia, according to Mae Osment Webster.

One note I have says "Cooper family was in Franklin TN.", but I have not been able to make any connections with the Cooper family there.

Joe Cooper married Mary Simphronia BEECH. Mary Simphronia BEECH [S1] was born on 12 May 1860 in KY. (She was daughter of Lawson BEECH and Lilah LEE...nothing else known of Lawson BEECH and Lilah LEE.)

Mary S. Beech was 10 years old when admitted to the St. Mary's Villa Catholic Orphanage on White Bridge Road, Nashville, TN on September 4, 1870. She was dismissed on May 4, 1872 to John Lewis of Pulaski, TN. Died on 5 Aug 1941 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. Buried in Donelson Church of Christ, Donelson, TN.


Listing of early members of Center Chapel Church of Christ which was halfway between Corinth Church of Christ and Mt. Juliet Church of Christ, included the following:
Bertie Castleman, wife Ida (Cooper), children, Macon, Eunice, Eudella.
Mrs. Mary (Beech) Cooper, children, Hugh, Harris, Ida, Gussie, Emmie, Laura (Laura married Delbert Goodman.)

Joe COOPER and Mary S. BEECH had the following children:
+2 i. Harris COOPER
+3 ii. Johnny C. COOPER
+4 iii. Emma COOPER
+5 iv. Ida COOPER
6 v. Andrew COOPER Twin; born on 4 Aug 1884. Nothing known about him.
+7 vi. Laura Louise COOPER Twin, born on 4 Aug 1884
+8 vii. Lula Augusta COOPER

He also married Mary ? SMITH ?. (this was his FIRST marriage) They had the following children:
+9 i. William J. COOPER
+10 ii. Nannie (Nancy?) COOPER
+11 iii. Hugh Woodall COOPER
+12 iv. Maggie COOPER
13 v. Martin COOPER was born in 1870. Died in 1892. Buried in Buchanan Cemetery; Nashville, TN; beside his father.

2. Harris COOPER He married Jawn (COOPER). (moved to St Louis (?) MO) They had the following children:
+14 i. Mary Ann COOPER married a WHITE
3. Johnny C. COOPER He married Ada THOMPSON. They had the following children:
+15 i. Oma COOPER, married a RADFORD
16 ii. J. A. COOPER
4. Emma COOPER She married Luther Burton OSMENT. They had the following children:
+17 i. Mae OSMENT, married Ben WEBSTER, no children
+18 ii. Jay OSMENT, married Allene _____; no children
5. Ida COOPER She married Bertie CASTLEMAN.They had the following children:
+19 i. Eudell CASTLEMAN, married Rufus Hewgley
+20 ii. Eunice W CASTLEMAN
+21 iii. Macon Ewing CASTLEMAN
She also married Elbert HUTCHINS.
7. Laura Louise COOPER Twin was born on 4 Aug 1884. Died on 26 Mar 1954 in Nashville, TN. Buried at Donelson Church of Christ; Donelson, TN. She married Delbert Houston GOODMAN on 30 Sep 1903. Delbert Houston GOODMAN was born on 6 Jun 1884 in Mt Juliet, Wilson, Tennessee. Died on 15 Oct 1972 in Nashville, TN. Delbert is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Madison, TN. They had the following children:
22 i. Attie May GOODMAN was born in 1905. Died in 1905 at 6 mos of age; on tombstone it says "Our Darling". (Carver Funeral Records book.)
+23 ii. Gladys GOODMAN
+24 iii. Goldie GOODMAN
+25 iv. Aubrey Douglas GOODMAN Sr.
+26 v. Malcolm GOODMAN
+27 vi. Herschel GOODMAN
8. Lula Augusta COOPER was born in 1887. Died in 1944. She married Richard Green GOODMAN. Richard Green GOODMAN was born in 1885. They had the following children:
+28 i. Ellie James GOODMAN
+29 ii. Helen GOODMAN
+30 iii. Richard Hugh GOODMAN
+31 iv. Roy William GOODMAN
32 v. Gletha GOODMAN (I) was born on 7 Dec 1911. Never married.
+33 vi. Marvin Buford GOODMAN
+34 vii. Ernest Green GOODMAN
+35 viii. Margaret Eloise GOODMAN
9. William J. COOPER He married<B> Eva"Evie" SMITH</B>. They had the following children:
+36 i. Addie May COOPER
+37 ii. Mauda Lee COOPER
+38 iii. Fanny May COOPER
+39 iv. William Joseph "Uncle Dunk" COOPER
10. Nannie (Nancy?) COOPER She married ? SMITH.
11. Hugh Woodall COOPER. Hugh married late in life, at about 50 years of age; no children. He married Mattie Pearl AKIN.
12. Maggie COOPER She married John BROOKSHER.They had the following children:
41 ii. Tillman BROOKSHER [S2]. Resided at 926 5th Avenue South; Nashville, TN in 1941.
42 iii. Mason BROOKSHER
+43 iv. Omer T. BROOKSHER Sr; lived in Adams, TN
44 v. Audie Lee BROOKSHER
+45 vi. LulaBelle BROOKSHER
+46 vii. Harlin W. BROOKSHER
47 viii. John D. "Buster" BROOKSHER

Subj: Re: Buchanan Cemeteries
 Date: 98-07-15
From: Brobpat@aol.com (Bob Carver)
To: Genny1
Hi, Nancy,
There are indeed two BUCHANAN cemeteries in that vicinity (Davidson County, TN). The first and smallest is the JOHN BUCHANAN cemetery which is located at or near the site of BUCHANAN's STATION of early Davidson Co. history. Not many graves there.

The second is the JAMES BUCHANAN family cemetery, the old one on Elm Hill Pike, to which reference was made. JAMES was the son of ARCHIBALD and AGNES BOWEN BUCHANAN, and he married LUCINDA EAST. The cemetery was primarily established for them and their descendants. Perhaps some non-related persons were permitted to be buried there. Back in the late 1950s when I copied tombstones, etc, the cemetery was probably in the supervision of the Whitworth sisters.

Here are the SIXTEEN children of JAMES and LUCINDA BUCHANAN:
(1) Archibald Buchanan (b. March 21, 1811)(d. September 7, 1841)
(2) Nancy Buchanan (b. July 1, 1812) married James C. Carter, November 9, 1833, DCT: Had five children, among them:
(a) Ed Carter, who married his first cousin, Jesse Ellis Bowen, daughter of Jeremiah Bowen II and Rebecca Susan Buchanan [this could be one place where the Coopers or their spouses might connect]
(3) James Buchanan (b. July 4, 1813)(d. November 26, 1896) married Amanda McMurry
and had four children
(4) Addison Buchanan (b. September 19, 1814) married March 8, 1847, DCT, Sarah Marshall Fleming (b. August 27, 1822)(d. July 12, 1850). She was the daughter of William and Mary Fleming. They had children.
(5) Martha Buchanan (b. October 1, 1815) married James Bucie and had two children
(6) Lucinda Buchanan (b. May 26, 1817) married Fulton F. Word, May 14, 1842, DCT,. and they had two children
(7) Edward East Buchanan (b. December 20, 1818)(d. October 8, 1876) married Sarah B. Whitworth, daughter of William D. Whitworth and Mourning Brantley. She was born May 30, 1830. Her parents had a son, John Whitworth, and a daughter, Missouri Whitworth, who both died unmarried. Their other two sons married two of Edward East Buchanan's sisters (see below). A third daughter, Martha Whitworth (b. April 18, 1832) (d. November 3, 1916) married William Giles Harding Page (b, March 26, 1830)
(d. January 20, 1905) and had issue.
Edward East  Buchanan and Sarah had ten children:
(a) Nancy Louzane Buchanan (1852-1853)
(b) Addison Malchiga Buchanan who married Annie Wright and had a daughter:
(i) Ida Buchanan who married a Mr. Ashworth
(c) Ida Eliza Buchanan who married William Boyd and they had 10 children, nine of whom:
(i) Bessie Lee Boyd
(ii) Edward Buchanan Boyd,. who married Nellie Adkisson and had two daughters:
(1) Kathleen Boyd
(2) Ernest Elvington Boyd
(iii) William Ross Boyd who married Nannie H. Williamson who was his cousin (a BOWEN descendant - there are two BOWEN families connected to these BUCHANAN'S:
the first is the MOSES BOWEN family, from whom AGNES BOWEN BUCHANAN, wife of ARCHIBALD, is a granddaughter; and the second is the JEREMIAH BOWEN family, from whom JEREMIAH BOWEN II husband of REBECCA SUSAN BUCHANAN - see below = I am descended from both)
(iv) Carrie Boyd who married William W. Tate and had two children:
(1) Mildred Boyd Tate
(2) Joseph Wharton Tate
(v) Nora Boyd
(vi) David Lipscomb Boyd who married Jamie Zellner
(vii) Thomas Brantley Boyd, who married Lucy Neal Compton and had two sons:
(1) Thomas Brantley Boyd, Jr
(2) William Compton Boyd
(viii) Nell Kathleen Boyd
(ix) Bowling Briggs Boyd married Katherine Ballentine and had three children:
(1) Bowling Briggs Boyd
(2) James William Boyd
(3) Elizabeth Lee Boyd
(d) Eddie Buchanan
(e) Lucy Thomas Buchanan (b. August 12, 1854)(d. July 13, 1912) married James Ridley (b. June 25, 1846)(d. August 25, 1916).
(f) Mattie Buchanan married Ed Zucarello
(g) Hattie Buchanan, who married Hugh Randolph
(h) Lee Buchanan
(i) Rebecca Buchanan, married Joe Hurt
(j) Edgar Elvington Buchanan married Laura Coleman
(8) Alexander L. Buchanan (b. January 7, 1820)(d. July 13, 1913) married Margaret M. Matlock (1826-1902) on May 31, 1845, DCT. They had nine children:
(a) Almira Buchanan (b. August 25, 1846)(d. November 20, 1915) married John M. Fleming (b. January 24, 1843)(d. June 14, 1928)
(b) William Archibald Buchanan (1848-1904)
(c) Gabriel Simpson Buchanan (b. 1851) married Mary McMurry
(d) Mary Ann Buchanan (b. 1852-1943) married her cousin, John Wesley Steele (b. Nov 23, 1831) (d. January 20, 1909) son of Samuel and Mary Binkley Steele (Samuel being son of Martha Buchanan, sister of James and daughter of Archibald)
They had four children:
(i) Pearl Steele (b. January 8, 1880)
(ii) Rhea B. Steele (b. January 29, 1883) (d. July 13, 1951, buried in Arlington Cemetery, VA) married Lucy Peck, Nov 4, 1917, and had a son:
(1) David Steele
(iii) Annie Moore Steele (b. September 24, 1887)(d. June 9, 1907)
(iv) Walter Holmes Steele who married Nina Hessey (one of my Hessey relatives, so I am related to both)
(9) Mary Ann Buchanan (May 16, 1821)(d. January 28, 1842)
(10) Rebecca Susan Buchanan (b. June 28, 1822)(d. May 1, 1900) married Jeremiah Bowen II - [see my BOWEN I Family]
(11) Elinora Buchanan (b. July 26, 1824) married Sam Brown and had 6 children
(12) Elizabeth Buchanan (b. July 15, 1825) married G. Wat McMurry (b. January 27, 1815)(d. September 26, 1899) and had six children, among them:
(a) Ann McMurry (b. July 7, 1856)(d. August 6, 1861)
(13) Miriam Buchanan (b. September 19, 1827)(d. August 13, 1908) married Edmund D. Whitworth (b. March 22, 1824/9 - unclear tombstone) (d. December 2, 1901). They had eight children:
(a) Frances Cecile Whitworth married Sam Frazier and had one son:
(i) Neal Douglas Frazier, a Methodist minister
(b) Annie Whitworth married Alphonso Goodlett
(c) Dr. William East Whitworth married Ethel Page
(d) John Whitworth (b. May 20, 1858)(d. February 2, 1906)
(e) Lucy Whitworth married William Ridley
(f) Mary Alice Whitworth died unmarried
(g) Edmund Daniel Whitworth, Jr, died at age 10 years
(h) Malchiga Whitworth (b. March 4, 1864)(d. June 1, 1939) married Mary Olive Dabbs (b. December 27, 1875)(d. March 2, 1963) and had at least two children:
(i) Malchiga C. Whitworth married Robbie Seaborn, daughter of Robert E. Seaborn and Sarah Laney Olds, and had 4 children
(1) Major M. C. Whitworth married Katie McDonald of Lebanon and had two children:
(a) Kerry Whitworth
(b) David Whitworth
(2) Sally Ann Whitworth married Bob Niederhauser. Had 2 children
(a) Terry Niederhauser
(b) Kathy Niederhauser
(3) Major William Edmund Whitworth married Sandra Cook
(4) Capt. Robert Dabbs Whitworth married Linda Gullette
(ii) Sally Miriam Whitworth married Richard R. Neil, Jr. and had two children
(1) Richard R. Neil III married Mary Ann Yost and had two children
(a) Ricky Neil IV
(b) Cindy Neil
(2) Sally Miriam Whitworth Neil married Ronald L. Sharpe and had:
(a) Niel Sharpe
(b) Lynn Marian Sharpe
(14) William Buchanan (b. May 10, 1829) married Themie Page. Had 5 children
(15) Harriet Buchanan (b. September 18, 1830) married William Stanfield and had one child
(16) Sarah Ann Buchanan (b. May 14, 1832)(d. July 20, 1913) married Malchiga Whitworth and had nine children: (I have their descendants)
Hope this is of help and interest.
Bob Carver

Subj: [LYNCH-L] Lynch line  Date: 98-07-16
From: BSF777@aol.com
To: LYNCH-L@rootsweb.com
Hello everyone,
Haven't gotten far on my Lynch line, back to MD. but not much luck in finding info. Here's what I have on my line:
John Lynch, b. abt.1800 in Md., d. 1829 in Gallatin Co., Ky. Married to Kesiah Powell Ogden.
Their child was:
James Thomas Lynch, b. Aug. 1830 in Gallatin Co, Ky. Married to Saluda Hood and C. Joyce.
Children with Saluda were::
John Logan LYNCH
Joel Jefferson LYNCH
Permelia E. LYNCH
James William LYNCH
William Allen LYNCH
Robert Lee LYNCH
Infant unknown LYNCH

Children with C. Joyce:
Homer Thomas LYNCH
All the children were born in Trimble Co., Ky. I have more to follow if interested.
Also check my webpage out at
Good luck,
Subj: Mullins  Date: 98-07-16
From: JMoore3672@aol.com
To: Genny1
Could you please link this page to your list of pages with Mullins families on them?
Ancestors of Larry Joe MOORE

Searching for the parents of John Mullins b abt 1843 in Scott/Russell/Lee VA who married Mary E Hunt in 1865 in Wyo Co WV. Marriage license states his parents were Solomon and Elizabeth _____ (NOT HALL) Mullins. John died in 1880 and Mary remarried in 1883 to a William Blankenship. John and Mary's children were: Richard, Lewis Franklin, George Washington, William, Sarah, Eliza, and Andrew Jackson born 1879. They lived in Mc Dowell and Wyoming Co, WV.
Any help appreciated.
Jerrie Moore
Thank you,
(Nice page..............full of Mullins (at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~tngenny1/mullins.html).

Subj: Re: Mullins in TN (or KY?) Date: 98-07-16
From: VHowery@aol.com
To: Genny1
Went to your Web site and read past emails there. I have a Elizabeth Mullins b abt 1767 in Va. She married Patrick Moore b abt 1768 Ireland married 1790 in VA moved to Abbesville Dist SC where had several kids. Moved to Wilson Co. TN abt 1806 and into Smith Co. where they homesteaded in abt 1810. They're buried on the homestead that is apparently in the Brush Creek Area. I live in MO  and was there 2 days ago but was raining so didn't get to search much. Elizabeth Mullins Moore died 1837 and is buried along with Washburns, Browns and Gwaltneys. They had connections to Lancasters and Coffees.
I have wondered numerous times if they connect to the Smith Co Mullins..
Tom Thomason and I are looking....
Subj: Greg Tomerlin Ancestor List Date: 98-07-16
From: greg.tomerlin@nashville.com (Greg Tomerlin)
To: Genny1@aol.com (Nancy P. Goodman)
CC: DGFerrell@aol.com (Donna Graves Ferrell), VHULL@aol.com (Vivian Eakes Hull), Lanehunter@aol.com (Lanehunter), Brobpat@aol.com (Bob Carver), BJHB06A@prodigy.com (Frank Laine)

Greg Tomerlin Ancestor List 16 Jul 1998
Name followed by death date and location of Death
JENKINS, Joseph Thomas Arrington d. 2 May 1957 Davidson Co., TN m. 7 Dec 1924 @ Wilson Co., TN
GEORGE, Carrie Lee d. 1 Dec 1986 Wilson Co., TN

Great Grandparents:
JENKINS, Almerine Burnett "A.B." d. 9 Oct 1944 Wilson Co., TN m. 13 May 1897 @ Wilson Co., TN
PARKER, Ida Sophia d. 8 Apr 1957 Wilson Co., TN
GEORGE, Charlie Mizel d. 20 Dec 1960 Wilson Co., TN m. ___________ @  ____________
TERRY, Jessie Ann d. 30 Nov 1944 Wilson Co., TN

JENKINS, Henry Thomas d. ca 1869 Wilson Co., TN m. 27 Dec 1853 @ Davidson Co., TN
GLEAVES, Martha Ann Virginia d. 3 Jan 1882 Wilson Co., TN
PARKER, Hardy d. 6 Mar 1915 Sumner Co., TN m. ___________ @ _____________
LANE, Mary d. 8 Feb 1946 Sumner Co., TN
GEORGE, Judithan/Jitherton "Jed" d. 18 May 1927 Wilson Co. ?, TN m. 30 Nov 1874 @ Wilson Co., TN
ANDERSON, Eliza John d. 9 Jan 1918 Wilson Co. ?, TN

JENKINS, William Harris d. 8 May 1855 Wilson Co., TN m. 1 Feb 1812 @ Fairfax Courthouse, VA
HUGHLEY, Jemima d. 6 Sep 1880 Wilson Co., TN
GEORGE, Presley d. 11 Jul 1887 Wilson Co., TN m. 24 Dec 1841 @ Wilson Co., TN
PORTER, Diana H. (PARTIN) "Dicy" d. 16 Nov 1886 Wilson Co., TN
GLEAVES, James R. d. 9 Dec 1865 Davidson Co., TN m. 12 Jan 1823 @ Davidson Co., TN
WOOD, Elizabeth "Eliza" d. 25 Oct 1872
ANDERSON, Meedes P. (Meads) d. 25 Jun 1891 Wilson Co., TN m. 23 Dec 1844 @ Wilson Co., TN
BASS, Milberry "Milly" d. 16 Jan 1898 Wilson Co., TN
------ END -------
Of course, any and all additions and/or corrections are welcome.
Greg Tomerlin
Lebanon, TN
Email: greg.tomerlin@nashville.com

Subj: Re: Buchanan  Date: 98-07-16
From: wolfslair98@ficom.net (Willie Smith)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Yep! ... I went to another provider. That's my posting! Got any more Buchanan info?
Will Smith
Email: wolfslair98@ficom.net
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From: Genny1@aol.com <Genny1@aol.com>
To: wolfslair98@ficom.net <wolfslair98@ficom.net>
Date: Thursday, July 16, 1998 8:18 AM
Subject: Buchanan
>Hi Will:
> Is the below posting yours? Didn't know if you had just changed email addresses or not...I am on TNROOTS list also, and had copied the below information.
> I do not have Buchanan's myself; however, I sent this note to a cousin, Robert Powell Carver, and got a reply back from him with some info so just checking to make sure it is yours before I send his note.
> thanks.......Nancy Goodman in TN>

>>From - Fri Jul 25 21:28:35 1997
>Reply-To: "Willie D. Smith" <rebelyell@CAFES.NET>
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>From: "Willie D. Smith" <rebelyell@CAFES.NET>
>Subject: Buchanan
>Comments: cc: va-rots@leo.vsla.edu
>Date: Sat, 26 Jul 97 01:17:09 +0000
>>Here's some Buchanan data I feel some of you may be interested in:
>James Buchanan Sr.
> Died June 9, 1761 with will: page 84, Volume 1 in Vol 3, #379. William Buchanan administrator. Identifies the following children:
>sons: Alexander, Archibald, John, William, Robert, George, David.
Daughter: Rebecca
>John Buchanan - was born 1738 and died in 1788 in Davidson Co. TN. He married Jane Trindle circa 1758. She died after 1787. He migrated from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, settling near Guilford Court House (present-day Greensboro) N.C. He later moved to the Watauga settlements and went to Kentucky with an overland party in 1778. with his wife and sons: Alexander, Samuel and John Jr. He built a station at French Lick Bluffs (later called Fort Nashboro) in 1779. He served on the first grand jury on October 7, 1783. By 1788 he had returned to the Mill Creek area called Buchanan's Station. There he was killed by Indians in his own house while sitting with his wife by the fireplace (Rev. Mss, B.H.S., DCM, 1790, pt 1, pg 29: and Guild, pg 209; DW I, pg 7 and pg 59).
> Alexander Buchanan, son of John Buchanan Sr. Joined Robertson party at Powell's Valley and came overland to the French Lick. He was mortally wounded by Indians during the attack on French Lick Station (also known as the First Buchanan Station) on April 2, 1781, and died a short time later (W. 32S, 314. Also, Carr, pg 14).

>John Buchanan Jr., brother of Alexander Buchanan. was born January 12, 1759 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He arrived with the Donelson flotilla on April 24, 1780. He married 1st, Margaret Kennedy who died in childbirth. He married 2nd, Sally V. Ridley on October 15, 1791. He defended Buchanan's Station during an Indian attack on September 30, 1792. John was security for Samuel Barton, the first Entry Taker. He died in Davidson County, TN on November 7, 1832.>

>Archibald Buchanan - brother of John Buchanan Sr. Born 1748. He married Agnes (Bowen) McFerrin, the widow of James McFerrin, about 1760. Agnes's brother William Bowen, was the maternal grandfather of Tennessee Governor William Bowen Campbell.
>Archibald died in Davidson County, TN, in 1806. His children were:
>Martha Buchanan - Married Andrew Steele in Rockbridge County, VA about 1780.
James Buchanan -Born July 16, 1763. Came to Tennessee with his parents by 1785.
>He married Lucinda East (born December 11, 1792 - died April 15, 1865).
>James died in Davidson County, TN on February 14, 1841.
>More later.....
>Will Smith

Subj: Re: LANE/ DONNA & VIVIAN: Say hello: you are cousins!! Date: 98-07-17
From: Lanehunts@aol.com
To: Genny1, DGFerrell
CC: greg.tomerlin@nashville.com, Brobpat
CC: BJHB06A@prodigy.com, VHULL
In a message dated 98-07-14 14:48:47 EDT, Genny1@aol.com writes
<< 113. Charity RICKS was born on 13 Oct 1771 in or 1770; Edgecombe Co. NC . Baptized in TN. Died on 22 Feb 1863 in Wilson Co. TN; Rural Hill. Buried in Lemuel WrightCem;TN. near 2081 So. Mt. Juliet Rd. Wilson Co.
114. William EDDINGS Sr was born on 21 Apr 1758 in Durham, England (or Culpeper Co VA). Died in Apr 1841 in Wilson Co TN (or 3 March 1841). Rev War soldier; Virginia militia; North Carolina Continental Line as quoted in Partlow's books on Wilson Co TN.
115. Rebecca CHANDLER was born on 19 Feb 1765 in Henry County, Va. Died on 31 Jul 1842 in Rural Hill, Wilson Co. TN.

152. Godfrey HOOKER, died in 1729.
153. Elizabeth Mary SWAIN
160. Robert SMITH was born in at sea. Died in Guilford Co NC.
161. Mary
163. Mary
164. Joseph RANKIN
168. George HAMILTON was born about 1722 in probably PA. Died in 1796.
169. Francis BROWN was born about 1725 in probably PA. Died in 1792.
174. George HAMILTON was born about 1722 in probably PA. Died in 1796.
175. Francis BROWN was born about 1725 in probably PA. Died in 1792.
224. Lemuel WRIGHT was baptized in Planter. Died on 8 Apr 1796 in NASH CO. NC [S2].
225. Lucreecy (WRIGHT)
226. Lewis RICKS was born about 1741 in Nash Co. NC. Died about 1776 in Served and died in Revolutionary War. >>

I have Ricks in my family, who were also in Edgecombe, NC. Feel free to email me.
I have about 40 pages worth of Ricks' notes that was put together by a Ricks researcher. I will look yours up.
Heather BOWERS
Subj: CROSSLIN family search Date: 98-07-17
From: kandjcross@juno.com
To: Genny1@aol.com
CC: QAXZ87A@prodigy.com
Dear Genny,
I have started research on my father's family tree. My grandfather, John Thomas CROSSLIN was born 02 February, 1884, in Bedford County TN, reportedly in or around Bell Buckle, to Alex, Sr (or Alexander, Sr) CROSSLIN and Mary (Chadwell) CROSSLIN.
I have no birthdates or birthplaces for my great-grandparents, or even if they were born in the same locality as my grandfather. I do know he had two brothers, James (or Jim) CROSSLIN and Alex, Jr (or Alexander, Jr) CROSSLIN. I do not have any further information on them.
The only relevant information I have is my grandfather moved away from Bell Buckle after he was an adult, to the Florence AL area and met his future wife, Lela Angeline ___ (maiden name not known, since there has been some controversy surrounding that, in that she may have been adopted at a young age.) The only viable names I have heard are either DICKERSON or PENICK. I strongly feel she was from Cherokee Indian ancestry. The Florence AL is where my father Hugh Alvin CROSSLIN was born in 1916 as well as some of his brothers and sisters.
The entire family moved to the Nashville TN area with the exception of my uncle, John Thomas CROSSLIN, Jr, who stayed behind in AL. My grandfather. John Thomas CROSSLIN , Sr. died on 23 July 1884 at the age of 68 and is buried with my grandmother, in Spring Hill Cemetery in Madison TN. She died in 1962.
If anyone has information, or know of someone who may, please contact me, 
Ken Crosslin,
or by postal mail at
1640 Aaronwood Drive.
Old Hickory TN 37138-4250.
Thank you.
Best regards,
Ken Crosslin
Subj: Starting point for the Taylor Family Date: 98-07-17
From: dtb29@mindspring.com (David Taylor Brown)
To: Genny1@aol.com
My mother, now dead, had researched her Taylor history back to Wales and Scotland. Her work has been lost and I am now trying to reconstruct her work and would appreciate any help you can give me. It is necessary to note that I am a neophyte in genbealogy.
The best place to start is with my grandfather. He was a lifelong resident of Knoxville, TN.  Had a business, Woods,Taylor and Cox, which he lost during the depression of '29-'30. He was an active business and civic leader and lived at 1642 Highland Avenue. He was a member of the Highland Avenue Presbyterian Church. 
His name was Walter Priestly Taylor, married Ednda Coile, had 3 children Dave, Annie Joshephine, (my Mother) and another Daughter, who died in early childhood.
There still exists a public housing development, in Knoxville, which is named for him; Walter P. Taylor Homes.
I would appreciate any help, or guidance, that you can give me concerning him and his antecedents.
Many thanks -
Subj: Morrison  Date: 98-07-17
From: rohardin@sheltonbbs.com (Richard Hardin )
Reply-to: rohardin@sheltonbbs.com
To: Genny1@aol.com
I am currently reseaching John Franklin Morrision. He was born July 16, 1864 in Tennessee married May 24, 1896 in probably Wayne Co. Tennessee died August 16, 1948. His parents: Merida Morrision and Lydia Catherine Hardin. John's wife's name is Eula Agnes Keeling. Born January 16, 1865 in TN died June 11, 1921
they had three children:
John Franklin Jr. Morrision Born 1897
Edward Louis Morrision Born 1898
Eula Morrision
Richard Hardin
Subj: Hardin  Date: 98-07-17
From: rohardin@sheltonbbs.com (Richard Hardin )
Reply-to: rohardin@sheltonbbs.com
To: Genny1@aol.com
I am researching William George Hardin, born January 1897 in Tennessee. His parents: Stephen Nathanial Hardin and Mary J. Clay,
William's wife's name is Anne Owens.
they had one daughter. her name is Clara Hardin
Richard Hardin
Subj: Re: Buchanan  Date: 98-07-17
From: wolfslair98@ficom.net (Willie Smith)
(To): Brobpat@aol.com (Bob Carver)
(CC): Genny1@aol.com
Wonderful to meet another cousin!! I am descended from ol' Archibald through his daughter, Martha Buchanan who married Andrew Steele. I still believe those Steele's who were in old Fincastle and Washington Counties of Virginia on Clinch and Holston Rivers are Andrew's relatives, since I also find Archibald Buchanan and other Buchanans in the same area at the same time! One of my cousins does not believe this, but the evidence is obvious.
Would love to have anything you care to send me on Buchanans, Bowens, Campbells, their ancestors and descendants - ESPECIALLY Governor Campbell. I ran for Governor of Tennessee in 1994 as an independent candidate. Guess it is hereditary! :-)
3176 Hillsboro Hwy #24,
Manchester, TN 37355

>Hi again Will:
> Here is what I got from Bob Carver (brobpat@aol.com) regarding the Buchanan's and he's got a note at the end for you...sending him a copy of this, too..
> Nancy Goodman in Hendersonville, TN
>Subj: Re: another file/Buchanan
>Date: 98-07-12 20:22:07 EDT
>From: Brobpat@aol.com
>To: Genny1
>Hi, Nancy,
>Perhaps MR. Will SMITH does not have this bit of information.
>JAMES BUCHANAN, SR., whose will was probated June 9, 1761, Augusta Co., VA, was a merchant living in the Walker's Creek section of that county and was a cousin of Col. John Buchanan the surveyor. He was married twice: |
By his first wife he had all of his children, except the last two mentioned sons:
>ARCHIBALD BUCHANAN, one of the sons of JAMES and MARTHA, built and lived in what was known as "The Old Blue Brick" mansion in Donelson. There was an article in the Nashville paper many years ago (1950s probably) which featured the old place, written by Ed Huddleston, the article being second in a series he was writing. It is titled: GLIMPSES of DONELSON -- The Booming Community Water, Soil, Space Provide Magic Formula -- Give City Expansion Room
>There is a picture of the old mansion and the modern house which was built on its foundation and with some of the bricks. The location of the BUCHANAN home was at what is now 2851 Blue Brick Drive in Donelson in what was then called the Clover Bottom subdivision...but it is close to Highway 70 and Stewart's Ferry Pike on the right as you go toward Percy Priest Dam on the Pike.
>I have considerable information on the descendants of ARCHBALD and his two sister wives: NANCY and AGNES BOWEN, daughters of JOHN and LILLIE McILHANEY BOWEN, and granddaughters of MOSES and REBECCA REESE (REECE) BOWEN, the immigrant ancestors.
>I also have lots of information on WILLIAM BOWEN CAMPBELL's descendants. These are all relatives on my mother's side...but...CAMPBELL's son, DR. JOHN CAMPBELL, bought one of our family homes, the WINFORD home just west of Lebanon on US 70, and just west of Bethlehem Methodist Church...Pa Winford [BENJAMIN WASHINGTON GRENADE WINFORD and his wife, HARRIET  HENRY HARRIS] built the place. I was fortu nate in being able to go through the house last March as the new owners were getting it ready for occupancy. Previous owners, >I found out, have left with the house, photographs of each set of owners!
>I will be happy to share what I have with my Cousin, Mr. Smith!
Subj: Re: Cooper/ 3rd generation  Date: 98-07-17
From: GRagdoll@aol.com
To: Genny1
Hi Nancy,
I don't see anything in your information that matches up with my family info. I have printed a copy of it and will look through it a little deeper. I have some records copied that I can also check and see if I see any reference of Joe Cooper or his family. I'll let you know if I find anything.
Good luck searching!
Gayle Ragland

Subj: Doak, Donnell  
Date: 98-07-20
From: bjhappy@pacbell.net (Betty)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Dear Nancy,
In checking out your site I found follow up data on Alanson F. DOAK & Adeline DONNELL - will send along the descendant line hope it doesn't arrive too "scrabbled" I can't solve that problem. My interest in that line is a couple of generations down from A. F. & Adeline and after their arrival in Hickory county MO. Mary E. DOAK (1861-1940) m/LaFayette B. DAVIS (1852-1935) Their daughter, Bertha (1880-1973) married Jacob A. SANDERS (1876-1912) Jacob was an older brother to my maternal Grandfather, Marvin W. SANDERS (1881-1962). I have been in touch with a Alanson F. DOAK descendant, Kristin Melvin <Kjmelvin@falcom.cc.ukans.edu>.

Descendants of Robert DOAK
1 Robert DOAK
. +Martha FOSTER
..........2 Alanson F. DOAK b: 6 Aug 1805 in Wilson Co TN d: 22 Mar 1882 in Cross Timbers, MO, bu/Walker Cemetery
.............+Adeline DONNELL m: 18 Jul 1826 in Wilson Co TN/James Foster, JP; T. S. Donnell, BM d: 11 Feb 1861 in Hermitage(Hickory)MO, bu/Walker Cemetery
...................... 3 Samuel H. DOAK b: 28 May 1827 in Wilson Co TN d: 20 Feb 1867 in Hickory Co MO, bu/Walker Cemetery  
.........................+Mary Ann SALISBURY Father: Isaac SALISBURY
...................... 3 Robert F. DOAK b: 23 Jun 1829 in Wilson Co TN d: 7 Apr 1914 in Cross Timbers, MO, bu/C. T. Cemetery  
......................... +Minerva F. DICKERSON b: 28 Oct 1833 m: 4 Dec 1851 in Hickory Co MO d: 16 Jan 1911 in Cross Timbers, MO, bu/C. T. Cemetery Father: Richard DICKERSON
.................................. 4 Daughter DOAK b: Abt. 1851
.................................. 4 Osean M. DOAK b: 3 Jul 1854
.................................. 4 Alanson F. DOAK b: 14 Sep 1855 in Hickory Co MO d: 25 Dec 1925 in Cross Timbers(Hickory)MO,bu/C. T. Cemetery
..................................... +Ofi Jane BRAKEBILL b: 9 Mar 1867 in Hickory Co MO d: 13 Jan 1952 in Cross Timbers, MO,bu/C. T. Cemetery Father: James A. BRAKEBILL Mother: Mary A. MOSER
.................................. 4 Richard D. DOAK b: 31 Jul 1858
.................................. 4 Mary E. DOAK b: 29 Aug 1861 in Cross Timbers(Hickory)MO d: 28 Feb 1940 in Hermitage, MO, C. T. Cemetery
..................................... +LaFayette B. DAVIS b: 26 Dec 1852 in Warsaw(Benton)MO m: Abt. 1770 in Hickory Co MO d: 1 Feb 1935 in Hermitage(Hickory)MO, C. T. Cemetery
.............................................. 5 Bertha DAVIS b: 14 Nov 1880 d: 5 Jul 1973 in Hermitage(Hickory) MO, Hermitage Cemetery  
................................................. +Jacob A. SANDERS b: 30 Dec 1876 in Hermitage(Hickory) MO m: 15 Dec 1912 in Hickory Co MO d: 27 Sep 1948 in Hermitage(Hickory) MO, Hermitage Cemetery Father: Jacob Henry SANDERS Mother: Nancy Johnson ROBINSON
.......................................................... 6 Mary Johnson SANDERS b: 12 Aug 1913 in Hermitage(Hickory) MO d: 9 May 1992 in Hermitage, MO, Hermitage Cemetery ............................................................. +Benjamin M. MCBRIDE b: 1913 in unknown d: 22 Oct 1966 in Kansas City(Jackson)MO, Forest Hills Ceme
.......................................................... 6 Jacob Davis SANDERS b: 12 Nov 1923 in  Hermitage(Hickory) MO
............................................................. +Joyce R. CRUMM b: 21 Nov 1929 in McCloud, OK m: 12 Jun 1954 in Kansas City(Jackson)MO Father: Ira A. CRUMM Mother: Lola M. HUBBARD
......................................................................7 Steven Dean SANDERS b: 10 Oct 1956 in Kansas City(Jackson) MO
......................................................................... +Mary C. HENSLEE m: 19 Mar 1984 in Ft Worth, TX
..................................................................................8 Zachary Nigel Henslee SANDERS b: 9 Jan 1992
......................................................................7 Kerry Leigh SANDERS b: 7 Mar 1959 in Kansas City(Jackson)MO

+William Clarkson ARMSTRONG b: 12 Apr 1958 in St Joseph, MO m: 10 Mar 1984 in Kansas City, MO Father: Mother:

Subj: LANE Cousins   Date: 98-07-21
From: Lanehunter@aol.com
Hi All,
First I wanted to email all of you, since you all descend from Thomas Lane SR of Jamestown, VA. I may be able to go back one more generation on the Lane line. I found some refrences that stated our Thomas was a descendant of Thomas Lane the immigrant who came to Jamestown by 1609, he was considered a Planter. Anceint Planters are those who came to Jamestown, VA, 3 years or so before the Jamestown Massecure, which was in 1622. I will let you all know what I come up with. I need to verify this one way or the other. I will contact the Anceint Planter Association which is on line to see if they have any information for us.

The Newsletter will go out either the end of this week or the beginning of next week. Can you please send me your full name and address so I can make sure what I have is correct. Even those who aren't subscribe to the newsletter as of yet, can you also send me your addresses?

In the future what my plan is for the Lane web site, on the descendant of Thomas Lane SR., is I would like to include each of your lines down to about the late 1800's. I would rather not list the living due to privacy.

What my plan is, on the page of Thomas Lane SR., I want to do the following: For example, if you descend from Jesse Lane and Winifred Aycock, I would create a seperate page for your line, and list you as the submitter and contact person. If you would like to be involved with this let me know! It sure would add a lot to the web site:)
Your Cuz,
Heather Bowers

Date: 98-07-21
From: DGFerrell@aol.com
To: Genny1

Need info on LANE/WILKERSON connection.

1860 Census
LANE, Robert M. 46, Mariah 46, Albert WIILERSON 18, Josephine WILKERSON,11, Wl-189-460

(same farm #)

LANE, H.L.(Harvey L.) 36, Caroline (Belzey Caroline HAGER) 35, Mary J.14 (ma John H. HAMBLEN), Robert 12, Rufus M. 10, Rans M. 8, Zeblon B. 5, Eliz.3, George L.3/2, Wl-189-460)

1870 Census

LANE, Robert M, 56, Mariah 56, Lucinda WILKERSON 28, Mary Elizabeth WILKERSON 9.

(next door)

LANE, "Let" (Harvey L.) 45, Belza C. 43, Robert M. 26, Rufus M. 18, Ransford 16, Zeblon 12, Parolee 11, Geo. L. 10, Fannie 8, Harvey 5, Johnson 3.
Son Zeblon Baird LANE married Mary Elizabeth WILKERSON, 07 Nov 1876.
She was the dtr of Lucinda BURTON who ma James W. WILKERSON who was
killed during the Civil War, 13 Dec 1862 at Fredricksburg, VA.

Lucinda B. WILKERSON (widow) mar. ______? LANE. (can not find a marriage record) do not know if she had children by LANE.

Lucinda Burton Wilkerson Lane married 30 Oct 1883 Albert V. WILKERSON.

Albert V. WILKERSON first ma Cordelia A. LANE 02 Nov 1867, dtr of James Houston LANE & Martha Jane MARTIN. Albert & Cordelia had the following children: Robert H., Rebecca, Emond, Willie C. & maybe one other.

Were James W. and Albert V. WILKERSON brothers? Albert was living with the

Lanes in 1860 and James' widow & child was living with them in 1870. Albert's parents were James WILKINSON & Rebecca HESTER ma 09 Jan 1839 Ru Co. Albert was b in Rutherford Co. They both were in the Civil War, 7th TN Co I.

Who was Robert M. LANE & Mariah? Could Mariah have been a WILKERSON, I find no marriage record on these two in TN.

I can not find James, Albert, Josephine in any household in TN, yet Albert's parents ma in RU and Albert was born in RU. Did both parents die & the children went to different households, James ma & went to war, Albert & Josephine went to live with Robert & Mariah LANE.
Why, what relation was Robert and/or Mariah?

Robert & Mariah evidently had no children of their own.
Donna Ferrell

Date: 98-07-21
From: Marg81036@aol.com
To: Genny1

Hi. Love all of your work,Genny!
Is any one searching or know whar happened to MARY LEA who married my gggrandfather ABRAHAM HUGHES in RHEA CO. 1821? IN 1828 he married EATHER REASOR. I would like to know more about MARY LEA. Any info. would be appreciated.
Marjorie Hughes Gray

Subj: John W. McKinney  Date: 98-07-23
From: DBryan 9@aol.com
To: Genny1
My name is Emi Bryan and I'm looking for any information on my ancestor John W. McKinney, born around1840's, and father of Giles Lee McKinney of McKinney, Texas.

Subj: Re: John W. McKinney  Date: 98-07-23
From: DBryan 9@aol.com
To: Genny1
Thanks for the reply. John W. McKinney married Polly Ann Coffey.

Subj: Re: John W. McKinney  Date: 98-07-24
From: DBryan 9@aol.com
To: Genny1
Thanks again. I just realized that I made a mistake and there is no W. in the name, so it's John McKinney, born around 1840. His children were Joe, Giles, Johnny, Wiley and Mollie.
Emi Bryan

Subj: Re: MULLINS  Date: 98-07-23
From: PWL006@aol.com
To: Genny1

My Green MULLINS was in Maury Co. TN in about 1831, he died in Hickman Co. after 1870. He was married 3 times, 1st to Mahala Alford, then Margarette Daimwood of Maury Co., my Great great grandmother, and then Josie Litton Edgins, his daughters sister-in-law. He had children by Alford and Daimwood. By his age on the census (not 10 yrs. difference from one census to another, he was born around 1810. I don't know anything else about where he came from ( NC in census ) or who his parents are.
If you find anything on my Green  Mullins, please E-mail me.
Kenneth Litton

Subj: Ownby Clan  Date: 98-07-23
From: LStromb685@aol.com
To: Genny1
My name is Leonard Strombergh, my mother is Myrtle Evelyn Ownby.
Found your page by pure accident, all I can say is wow what a page; it is great.

I have been trying to put together my own family list when I found yours. How can I give some information about my Mother's side?

My uncle Mallon Ownbey passed away this past June as well as my brother Victor. I have a whole list of children on my mother's side I would like to share as well as her sister Bea Ownby Pryor. If you would like to talk about it I would love to talk to you or we can E-mail it.
I live in Rossvile, Ga On the Chattanooga Line. I also have the first two volumes on Mountain Ways and sure would like to get hold of Vol. 3.

If I can be of help please write. Sure would like to know more about the Ownby and Ogle clan.

My email address is LStromb685@aol.com
Be glad to hear from you.
My address is:
Leonard Strombergh
297 Mitchell Lane
Rossville, GA 30741
I am first generation American on my father's side Victor Frederick Strombergh, he was from Norway. I am at a stale mate with his line.

Subj: Re: Ownby Clan  Date: 98-07-25
From: LStromb685@aol.com
To: Genny1
Hi Genny,
Thank you for your quick response. It will take me a few days to get all the information I want to give you. I will be talking to my mother on monday she is 80 and I want to get all the information I can while she is still with us.

By the way the date of death on James Wesley is incorrect it should be 1953 instead of 1933. I remember when he died as I was six years old, the rest is correct I gess it was a typing error.

I'll talk to you soon and thanks again.

Subj:  Revolutionary ancestor  Date: 98-07-26
From: Hattjacq@aol.com
To: Genny1
I am researching my patriot ancestor, James Mcknight Sr. He is included in Will book No.1 of Rutherford Co. Tennessee. I have no dates or names of wife or children, but do have copy of N.C Accounts as proof of service in the Revolutionary war.
Just need names and dates, and any help or ideas would be appreciated.
Where is Rutherford Co.
I am in Texas. Thanks
Subj: Mayo Family  Date: 98-07-26
From: autry@aeneas.net (Autry Max)
To: Genny1@aol.com
I am searching the Mayo Family that lived around Coneto Creek near Tarboro, North Carolina in the 1800's.
Andrew Jackson Mayo came to Tennessee between 1840 and l850 and married Martha Hicks daughter of Spencer and Mary Hicks and settled in Gibson Co. TN.
His father was William Mayo and mother was Abba Andrew who lived near Tarboro, NC.
I am looking for William Mayo's father. William (born 1800) and Abba Mayo (born 1805) had nine children
Mary Mayo,
Andrew Jackson Mayo,
Martha Ann Mayo,
Sally Ann Mayo,
Elizabeth Mayo,
Susan Mayo,
Ageneas Louiza Mayo,
William Henry Mayo and
Margaret F. Mayo.
This was found from "Abstract of Wills of Edgecombe Co. N. C. 1733-1856.
I would appreciate any information on this family
Evelyn Mayo Autry
4033 North Main Street
Milan, TN 38358
901 686-7332

Subj: Lane's in Tn  Date: 98-07-24
From: dedwards@dycon.com (The Edwards)
To: Genny1@aol.com
I am searching for my ggmother's family. Her name was Hattie Lane and she married Richard Rodgers in Dyer County,Tn in 1892. Her mother's name may have been Jenny.
Do you have any Lane's in this area or by these names?
Subj: Mt. Juliet, TN  
Date: 98-07-24
From: abates@itexchsrv2.phx.mcd.mot.com (Allen Bates)
To: Genny1@aol.com ('Genny1@aol.com')
I am trying to get some info on the Bates family right there in your ackyard.
What info can I give you to help?
Allen Bates

Subj: RE: Mt. Juliet, TN  
Date: 98-07-28
From: abates@itexchsrv2.phx.mcd.mot.com (Allen Bates)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Hi, maybe I was assuming too much. I thought you were in Mt.Juliet, Tn for some reason. And I figured you had to have heard of them.Sorry! There were and are a lot of Bates kin there. My grandfather Bethel was married to Ruby, I believe and I think her name was Draper. I don't know, we just called them Ma'am and Pap. I figured that anybody from Mt. Juliet would have known the name, just because the family was so large (9-11). They were married in January 1909 and had their first child, Percy, in October 1909. My dad, Henry Allen, was born in 1926. He was the youngest.
Where I  am trying to get to in all this is to confirm or clarify a story I heard when I was little about three Bates brothers leaving North Carolina and heading west. One made it to east , middle and west Tennessee. So, if true, we have branches in Chattanooga or Knoxville and Memphis as well. I know that my dad had an uncle or g-uncle in Salem / Ash Flat area of Arkansas.
My other objective is to find out about my grandmother and to confirm or not what I remember hearing about her, which is not much. I think her family was also from N.C. and one of their surnames was Apple.
Any help would be appreciated,
H.Allen Bates (I dropped the Junior after my dad died.)

Subj: RE: Mt. Juliet, TN
Date: 98-07-28
From: abates@itexchsrv2.phx.mcd.mot.com (Allen Bates)
To: Genny1@aol.com ('Genny1@aol.com')
Thanks!! I'll keep you posted as to how it's going.
Like I say, I still have a lot of kin there and they, I'm sure, have more details, names, etc. than I.
My father was the only one of the children to move any distance away. I think Sis was the next farthest and she was in Lebanon. I grew up in Wichita, KS and we would visit most summers. It seems as I recall a kid named Lane asking my sister out. I'd be willing to bet your cousins know mine and will be a great help.
 I wish this was more accurate and I don't recall Sis' real name or the order they were born in except for Percy first and Gatty next to last and then my dad.Percy
Sis married a surname Thurman
Lil (Lillian) married a surname Eakes - now re-married Howard  
William Thomas known as W.T. or just T.
Ruby Pearl married a Grills Foster (Grills died last week)
Henry Allen
There were two others, I believe. An infant, named? (maybe not named), and a boy, Raleigh, who died at around the age of sixteen.  I would guess that most anybody who has been around Mt. Juliet for any time would know most of this, but like I say I'm trying to go back to how they got there. Not that they were a prominent family or anything. Far from it, I doubt they fit on the society pages, but they should be known by sheer numbers. I recall another story of them winning a bag of flour at the county fair for having the largest family. One cousin told me Pap had been the strongest man in Wilson county, even though he didn't look like it. But, I don't say this to put anyone off. They are the ramblings and the musings of a childhood looking for something to associate. Well, this turned into more than I intended. Sorry. I just meant to say thank you. So I will.
Thank You,
Allen Bates

Subj: RE: Mt. Juliet, TN  
Date: 98-07-28
From: abates@itexchsrv2.phx.mcd.mot.com (Allen Bates)
To: Genny1@aol.com ('Genny1@aol.com')
....From what I remember Lil's husband, Lucian, I think, was a Sheriff or Deputy or volunteer or something. Kids memories, it was probably not even that glamorous.
Now, here is where I could get into trouble. If I were to forget a cousin or something, but I'm talking a generation almost ahead of me. When I was very young, my cousin Dot (Dorothy?) took me took school. So there was her, and Jim and Gary and David Eakes and I hope I didn't leave any out. These names may ring a bell with Vivian as cousins on their Dads side of the family, or possibly cousins to her parents generation.

Subj: HICKS, JONES in Tenn.
Date: 98-07-25
From: RDoncarlos@aol.com
To: Genny1
Seeking information on family of Reuben HICKS b. 1808 in Tenn. Married Miriah JONES b. 1812-15 in Tenn. Married in 1830 in Maury Co. Tenn.
Had following children on the 1850 Tenn. Census in Perry Co.:
Josiah  HICKS 19
Mary HICKS 16
William HICKS 14
Martha HICKS 10
Cornelia A. HICKS 9
Sarah D. HICKS 5
Louisa F. HICKS 1
On the 1860 Census they are in Weakley Co. with a little girl named Susan Oakly age 3 months living with them.

On the 1880 Census, they are still in Weakley Co. and have a son named Ruben Perry HICKS age 12.

I know Ruben Perry HICKS married Margaret N. PINCHBACK in 1847 in Maury Co. and Bettie LATIMOR in 1882 in Obion Co.

Cornelia A. HICKS has 2 children with her at her parents home in 1880, L.E. BUNCH age 13 and William T. BUNCH age 11. She married J.W. BRUNDRIDGE in 1872 and had Doroh BRUNDRIDGE 1874.

Any one with any information, please get in touch with me. I have hit a brick wall with this family!
Any help appreciated,
Thank you.
Rita (HICKS) DonCarlos

Date: 98-07-22
From: 11911@prodigy.net (Betty Hoyt)
To: genny1@aol.com
I am trying to find the parents and birthplace of my G-Grandfather, WILLIAM  LARIMORE. Family Bible indicates he was born in TN. - probably around 1823.
He married Elizabeth Harris (1/4 Choctaw), 1843, Cole Co., MO. I have  interesting family stories about him if anyone is the same family line. Name could  also be spelled Larrimore or Larramore.
Betty Hoyt

Subj: CUNNINGHAM/TUCKER  Date: 98-07-24
From: oliver@theshop.net (chris oliver)
To: Genny1@aol.com

CUNNINGHAM/TUCKER: I am seeking information on David Cunningham - Born ca l8l6 in Hardin or McNairy County, TN. He married Jane Tucker ca l836. He died in ca l896. He had at least l0 children. He is buried in Miche, TN - Carter Cemetary. He was a member of the Masons in Adamsville, TN (Lodge #338). He joined the lodge in l888. His father may be Thomas Cunningham.

Jane Tucker - B. ca l820 in TN. She died in McNairy or Hardin County, TN. Her father may be George or Thomas Tucker.

Children of David Cunningham and Jane Tucker Cunningham are: Francis, Aaron, Elver, John, James, Joseph, David Matthew (m. Sarah Emeline Smith - l8 Nov. l875), Nancy, Mary and William. Some of the children moved to LaMar County, TX in ca l888. All the children were born in TN.
Any information would be appreciated.
Pat Oliver
9905 Lakeshore Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK 73l20

Subj: hello Genny
Date: 98-07-25
From: cajun@tecinfo.com (cajun)
To: Genny1@aol.com
I have talked to you before about my William Henry Chandler b ca 1827
William Henry Chandler married a Matilda Graves/Chandler 29 Dec 1855 in
Wilson Co Tn.
I have also found out that Matilda Graves married a James H
Chandler in 1853. So I was thinking that these two Chandlers could be kin some how.
Do you have any info on these two Chandlers men? So I guess it
would be William Henry Chandler married a Matilda Graves/Chandler/Chandler.
still lost

---Posted by cajun blue on October 13, 1997
I am looking for any information on William Henry Chandler b.1827 in Tn d.1915 in Montague Tx. His first wife was Matilda Graves b.1830 in Wilson County Tn. William and Matilda was married on 12/29/1850 in Williamson County Tn.From there they moved to Il.In this marriage were four girls Alice, b.1859 in Il. Ida, b.1861 in Il. Ola, b. 1863 in Il. Cleo, b.1865 in Il d. 1955 in Tx. After the war he moved his family to Montague Tx.
After Matilda died William married Sarah Dougthy. b.1860 in Mo d.1923 in Chandler Ok. They had one son William Virgil Chandler b.1894/96 in montague Tx.
d.1980 in Tx.William V Chandler married Lillie Bell Turner in 1913. Lillie bell b.1896 d.1924 in Chandler Ok.
William Virgil Chandler and Lillie Bell Turner Chandler had two children
William James Houston Chandler b. 1914 d. 1930's.
Ruby Jewel Chandler Hogue b.1916 in Bristow Ok d.Waller Tx in 1957.

I am looking for the parent's of William Henry Chandler

Subj: Weakley County, TN. History Book  Date: 98-07-25
From: jcrider@rnet.net (Janice Crider)
To: Genny1@aol.com

The Weakley County Genealogical Society is working on a Weakley County TN History Book to be publish. Their will be history of the county and also family biographies. If you are interested in this book, please e-mail me for information.
Janice Crider

Subj: E-mail Address Changes  Date: 98-07-25
From: qhensley@intplsrv.net (Quinlin & Roxie Hensley)

Dear Family, Friends, and Acquaintances,
This is to let you know that we have changed servers and our e-mail has changed.
Quinlin's e-mail:
Roxie's e-mail:

Also Roxie's Genealogy Site has moved and at this time has been scaled back to only a listing of Researchers. Until I can get time to make changes and updates this is all I will have on the site.

This is the new address of my scaled down site.

Please make changes in your address books and bookmarks as the old address is only good for one more week....Thank you for your patience.
Quinlin and Roxie Hensley
Altus OK
Quinlin's e-mail:
Roxie's e-mail:

Subj: Dickson County, TN  Date: 98-07-25

from Cheryl Adams
County Coordinator Dickson County Web Page

Co-county coordinator Stewart County Web Page

Stewart County Colist owner w/ Jan Philpot

TNGenWeb County Select Web Page

Subj: Hewgley Genealogy  Date: 98-07-25
From: hewgleywma00001@webtv.net (William Hewgley)
To: Genny1@aol.com
CC: hewgleywma00001@webtv.net
I am dabbling in Hewgley genealogy and am wondering what data you have on the Hewgleys. I have website
to identify my aunt's publications on the Hewgleys as well as several other surnames.
Currently I am in contact with several other Hewgley descendants and we are hard at work trying to piece together the origins of our immigrant ancestors. Their names were Abraham, Charles, Job and Jacob Huguelet. What data do you have on these brothers?
I look forward in hearing from you and learning about your areas of interest as regards the Hewgleys.
Best wishes,
William Hewgley
William Albert Hewgley;
318 Shady Ln.;
Kingston, TN. 37763;
Tel.: 423-376-4169;
email: hewgleywma00001@webtv.net
Personal Data:
Subj: Lane/Lain Date: 98-07-28
From: Rlaneb1@aol.com
To: Genny1
Hi Genny,
I descend from Cannon Hill Lane/Lain married to Fannie Crisp.
I wondered if they might be related to your Lanes. I think his father might have been a minister.

Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998
From: JPayne5744@aol.com
To: CROCKETT-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: [CROCKETT-L] Robert Rutledge 10/13/1761and Catherine

Does anyone know the following lineage?
Please let me know Catherine Crockett's line if so.
                                              Joe Payne

1. George Rutledge b. abt 1690 County Tyrone, Ireland married Nellie Gamble (dgt of William Gamble). Note: We are still trying find out if Nellie is actually Mary Gamble. So Nellie is not proven at this time. known child of George and Nellie Rutledge:
2. William Rutledge b. abt Jan 7, 1728 County Tyrone, Ireland, married 1751 Augusta County, VA to Eleanor Caldwell b. abt 1732. William d. August 16, 1790, Augusta  County, Virginia Children to William and Eleanor (Caldwell) Rutledge  
3. Robert Rutledge b. October 13, 1761, married Catherine Crockett (I have no record of this marriage in my database *Joe Payne)  
3. Jean Rutledge b. abt 1755  
3. Mary Elizabeth Rutledge b. abt 1760  
3. Nancy Rutledge b. January 18, 1754, married Robert Cowan
3. Genl. George Rutledge b. April 13, 1761, married Annis Armstrong (dgt of   William Armstrong II and Mary Caldwell) d. July 1, 1761, Augusta Co., VA. Children of George Rutledge and Annis Armstrong were:
4. Mary "Molly" Caldwell Rutledge b. December 4, 1790  
4. William Rutledge b. February 1, 1789, m. Matilda Rhea
4. Pricilla Rutledge b. January 27, 1792, m. David Maxwell
4. Eleanor "Nelly" Rutledge b. February 6, 1794, m. Benjamin Powel (brother of  Samuel Powel who married Mary "Molly" Rutledge)
4. Sarah "Sally" Rutledge b. March 15, 1795
4. George Washington Rutledge b. January 25, 1798, m. Sarah Caswell Cobb
4. Elizabeth "Betsy" Rutledge b. November 16, 1799, m. David Larkins
4. Annis/Annie Armstrong Rutledge b. December 27, 1804
4. Nancy Rutledge b. March 22, 1806
4. Louisiana Armstrong Rutledge b. June 8, 1809, m. Samuel M.Hughes
4. Jane "Jennie" Rutledge b. Nov 2, 1801 m. William Anderson (their daughter Adaline Anderson would marry Col. George McClellan) Mary "Molly" Caldwell Rutledge (dgt of Gen. George Rutledge) married 1806 in Hawkins Co., TN to Samuel Powel (Judge) b. July 10, 1776, Norristown, PA d. August 2, 1841 Rogersville, TN. Mary "Molly" died 1867 Tennessee. Children were
5. Samuel Jackson Powel b. September 27, 1821, married Mary Elizabeth Armstrong (Dgt. of William Armstrong IV and Mary "Polly" (Young) Armstrong).
5. George Rutledge Powel b. 1807
5. Oliver Hazard Perry Powel married Sarah Russell
5. Mary Elizabeth Powel married Samuel Shaver (the famous TN portrait painter)
5. William Rutledge Powel married Eliza Ruth Fain
5. Annis Rutledge Powel
5. Benjamin Franklin Powel
5. Thomas Jefferson Powel
5. Robert Thomas Powel
This information given me by Mara Harris. I am sure that this is the same Hughes, Crockett and Rutledge families of East Tennessee but cannot find the connections
Joe Payne.
Crockett website

Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998
From: JPayne5744@aol.com
To: CROCKETT-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: [CROCKETT-L] Genl. George Rutledge
As many of you may have seen there was an error in the death date of Gen.George Rutledge, hero of Kings Mountain. He died 1813 in Sullivan Co., Tn.
Joe Payne

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