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Assorted notes and postings on the HOLLOWAY Family, mostly of Tennessee, for the benefit of those researching this family in Tennessee.

Subj: Holloway


Seeking ancestry and descendants of Levi HOLLOWAY and wife Judith.
Levi came to Wilson Co., TN from Bertie or Martin Co., NC about 1806.
Ezekial HOLLOWAY m. Jane SHANNON in 1825,
Levi HOLLOWAY m. Elizabeth MARKS in 1837,
Richard HOLLOWAY m. Unice M. SHANNON in 1833,
John HOLLOWAY m. Mary CARRAWAY in 1833,
Martha HOLLOWAY m. James Ozment in 1825,
Sarah (Sally) HOLLOWAY m. Richard TERRELL in 1826.
All marriages were in Wilson County, Tennessee.
The family lived near Gladeville in an area that came to be called Holloway.
Anne T. Sloan
Submitted on Wed Sep 16 1998

partial index to The Primal Families of the Yellow Creek Valley:
Hague, Haggerty, Hale, Hall, Halliburton, Hamilton, Hamsley, Hannah, Hardesty, Hardison, Hargis, Harkreader, Harrell, Harris, Harrison, Hass, Hassell, Hatcher, Hatfield, Hart, Hayes, Heaney, Heard, Heath, Heathcott, Hedgepath, Hendrix, Henry, Hewlett, Herring, Hickman, Hicks, Hickerson, Hill, Hilliard, Hinds, Hinson, Hinton, Hodges, Holcomb, Holder, Holland, Holloway, Holmes, Hollt, Hood, Hooper, Horner, Horton, Hortense, Howell, Howlett, Hudson, Huff, Huget, Hughes, Humphries, Hunt, Hunter, Hurt, Hutton, Hyde.

Date: 96-03-06
From: Jsholdaway@aol.com
To: Genny1

*** Response to your Message Board Posting ***

I am desperately seeking information on a David A. Holdaway (Holloway) from Tenn.
Born circa 1800 and married to a Mary Hash thereafter. They moved to Grayson Co. VA and I am stuck at this point.
Can you help?
Post to me at jsholdaway@aol.com.

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Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998
From: FKing97635@aol.com
Subject: Re: [TNWILSON-L] Re: TNWILSON-D Digest V98 #61 [Confederate Veterans]
Hello everyone,
Here is the rest of the list of the Confederate Veterans of Wilson County.
... H. R. Holloway
(See the rest of this list at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~tngenny1/wilson7.html )
...Here is the list. Hope someone you are looking for is on it
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Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998
From: "Matthew Van Hook" <vanhook@swconnect.net>
Subject: [TNWILSON-L] RE: Wilson Co TN/Early Dutch too
(In list of ancestors:)
... Holloway
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Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998
From: LaJoMo@aol.com
Was there a Quaker settlement in Sumner County? If so, where do I get information?
Is anyone familiar with the names Mitchell Holloway married Catherine Valentine 1824 in Sumner Co? They had a daughter Mary who married Samuel Sanders in Sumner in 1842. Thanks for any information you can give me.
Joyce Sanders Moore
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Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998
From: liz <liz@ultravision.net>
Subject: Re: [TNWILLIA-L] Fitzgerald family
Sue B. Oden wrote
:> > Bill Timmons, Liz and Pat,>
> I found the Fitzgerald family Bible last fall in the possession of William
> Fitzgerald Dodson, one of my neighbors. He graciously let me copy the
> records. I am getting ready to have Noel Matthews put them on the
> Williamson County Bible page. There are so many John Fitzgeralds and Bird
> Fitzgeralds, etc. it is so confusing.>
> The John Fitzgerald who married Ellendor (Ellen) was a Sr.
> John Fitzgerald, Jr. married Frances (Fannie) who I believe to have been a Mays.>
> John and Ellendor children:
Bird b. 1803,
Elizabeth b. 1806,
Polly (Mary) b. 1811,
Nancy b. 1814 and
John, Jr. b. 1816.>

> John, Jr. and Frances children:
Bird F. b. 1844,
Elizabeth (Bettie) b.
1851, Nancy (Nannie) b. 1853 and
Mary (Mollie) b. 1856.>
> Sue Oden
> Williamson County

Hi Sue,
I really need to talk with you but need to locate some papers that are out of file first. I am descended from John Sr. but have never been able to determine just which children go with which wives. Therefore, I have not put but a few of the many children in my data base.
 I descend from John's son Christopher who was born in Halifax Co., VA. He later moved to Williamson Co., TN. The area in which he lived later became Maury Co.
The only wife I have found proof of is Jane Holloway.
She is the mother of Obediah and I don't know who else. I have heard of several other possible wives but no one has offered proof before. This is exciting to finally have proof of something.

Who does your neighbor, William Fitzgerald Dodson, descend from? I also have Dodson's.
My great grandfather, Jesse H. Fitzgerald married Susan J. Dodson. I have made a DAR supplemental line on Thomas (Second Fork) Dodson. I have so many questions but need to find my notes before asking them.....
Was John Sr. in the Rev. War? I know there was a John Fitzgerald who served under Washington but don't expect it could be our John.

The children I have entered are Garrett, Christopher, Edmund, Susanna, and Obediah. There are about 13 more.  
Had saved your message to answer when I got things together. But, couldn't wait when I heard (about) Family Bible!
Liz Pierce
Email: liz@ultravision.net

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Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1998
From: "Frankie" <rfranks@cyberhighway.net>
Subject: [TNSUMNER-L] BRICK WALLS - Mitchell & Holloway
Hello there!
My brickwalls are:
Elizabeth HOLLOWAY, b. 13 Jan 1795 in NC m. Risley DEFREES 21 Dec 1821 Sumner Co, TN d. 13 May 1874 Sumner Co, TN

Brickwall #2:
Elizabeth MITCHELL, b. Mar 1799 Virginia m. 7 Jul 1817 Sumner Co, TN to Elisha ROBERTSON d. 20 Dec 1872 Sumner Co, TN
Anyone else working on these lines?
(Linda DeFrees Franks)
Soda Springs, Idaho

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Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1998
From: MVanhoose@aol.com
To: MULLINS-L@rootsweb.com
Subject: Caswell Co., NC File
Here is Caswell County, North Carolina.

.......Caswell County NC Deed Books 1777-1817. Abs by Katharine Kerr Kendall.;
Southern Historical Press, Inc. Easley, SC, 1989.

p. 165: Deed Book J. p. 195-6: John McCollum Sr of CC to Robert MULLIN of same, for 200 lbs, 180 Acres on e side Hogan's Creek. 16 Apr 1795.
Wit: Josiah Settle, Thomas MULLIN, David Settle.

p. 204: Deed Book L. p. 178-9: Josiah Womack and Abraham Womack of CC to Wm Bethell of Rockingham Co., NC for 150 lbs, 100 acres on Hogan's Creek adj Robert MULLIN, ....... Wit: RobertStubblefield, RichdBethell.

p. 205: Deed Book L. p. 205: Henry Cox ofCC to Wm. Bethell of Rockingham Co., NC for 100 lbs 91 acres on hogan's & Moon's Creeks adj Henry PERKINS, Samuel Walker, Robert MULLIN land he had of Wm. Walker..... Wit: r.Bethell, Nat Stubblefield, John Matlock.

p. 217-8: William Walker of CC to Robert MULLINS of same, for 59 lbs 15s., 59 3/4 acres both sides Dixe's Ferry Rd adj James Orr, John Humphries. 23 Oct 1799. Wit: John Humphries, Robt Mitchell.

(lots of Hills, Holloway, some Triplett).....

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Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998
From: Dkhil@aol.com
Looking for info on:
1). William and Richard TERRELL (1800-1850's); both born VA
2). Levi HOLLOWAY,Sr., born in NC and wife Judith, born in VA
3). family of Nancy COMER, (married to William TERRELL 27 June 1801 in Halifax Co VA)


Subject: [TNWILSON-L] Holloway
RE: X-Message: #6
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998
From: Dkhil@aol.com
Dana Hill wrote:
>Looking for info on:
1). William and Richard TERRELL (1800-1850's); both born VA
2). Levi HOLLOWAY,Sr., born in NC and wife Judith, born in VA
3). family of Nancy COMER, (married to William TERRELL 27 June 1801 in Halifax Co VA)
Hi Dana,
Wonder if you could post more on your Holloway family in Wilson County?
Somehow or another, my husband's ancestor, Martha E. Lane Goodman, was related to the Holloway's, as she and her brother were named in either Levi Holloway, or Ezekiel Holloway's will (This was mentioned in one of Thomas Partlow's books, but I don't have my papers in front of me, and can't remember which) as "grandchildren", but I do not see a connection in the info I have on this line, through the marriages I have listed.
Nancy Goodman in TN

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Date: Sun, 6 Sep 1998
From: Dkhil@aol.com
Subject: [TNWILSON-L] HOLLOWAY in Wilson Co TN

1850 Census, 12st Civil Dist. Wilson Co TN
pg 479 family 644
Levi HOLLOWAY, age 78, $4000, b in NC
Judith , age 81, b in VA
Levi age 39, b in TN
Elizabeth , age 38, b in TN (Elizabeth MARKS, m 24 d Jan 1837, Wilson Co)
Sarah , age 13 or 15, b in TN

cont on pg 480
Noah HOLLOWAY,age 9, b in TN
Martha, age 7m b in TN
Francis, age 5, male, b in TN
Joseoph age 3?, b in TN

p480, fam 645
Ezekiel HOLLOWAY, age 46, b in NC
June (Jane), age 49, b inTN (Jane SHANNON, m. 24 Nar 1825 in Wilson co TN)
Levy age 20, b in TN
Frances age 19, female, b in TN
Sarah age 14, b in TN
Thomas, age 12, b in TN
Carrill age 9, female, b in TN
Andrew age 5, b in TN

p480, fam 647
Richard HOLLOWAY, age 40, $600, b in TN
Unicey, age 38, b in TN (Unice M. SHANNON, m. 9 July 1833 in Wilson Co TN)
Juda age 12, female, b in TN
Levy age 8, b in TN
Martha age 5, b in TN
Margaret, age 3, b in TN

1860 Tennessee Census Polk Co, 10th dist
page 464, fam 1384
Noah HOLLOWAY, age 40, occ-M.L., b in NC (I believe Noah to be a son of Levi and Judith HOLLOWAY)
Rachel, age 40, b in NC
William age 14, b in NC
Louisa age 12, b in NC
Martha age 10, b in NC
Susan, age 8 , b in NC
John FOSTER, age 49, Farmer $200, $500, b in NC (enumerated w/ family)

1860 Wilson Co, TN Dist 21, Lebanon P.O.
Pg 434
Levi HOLLOWAY, age 49, farmer, $7040, $2580, b in TN
Elizabeth age 48, b in VA
Noah age 19, b in TN
Martha age17, b in TN
Frances age 15, female, b in TN
Joseph, age 13, b in TN
Mary age 9, b in TN
Benjamin, age 6, b in TN
Levi HOLLOWAY, Sr., age 82, farmer, $0, $3305 , b in NC
Judith,, age 91, b in NC

Richard HOLLOWAY, age 50, farmer, $10220, $7185, b in TN
Unice age 48, b in TN
Levi, age 18, b in TN
Martha age 15, b in TN
Margaret age 13, b in TN

P 434, fam 258
Ezekiel HOLLOWAY, age 55, farmer, $5000, $4660, b in Nc
Frances age 28, female, b in TN
Thomas age 21, teacher, b in TN
Harriet, age 18, b in TN
Andrew, age 14, b in

other marriages in Wilson Co
Elliot T. HOLLOWAY to Rachel WILLIAMS, 26 Feb 1819
William A. D. JONES to Emeline HOLLOWAY, 22 Aug 1850
John HOLLOWAY to Mary CARAWAY, 21 June 1833
James OZMENT TO Martha HOLLOWAY, 26 May 1825
Martin STEED to Missouri J. HOLLOWAY, 8 Jan 1850
Robert A. GREGY to Sarah Jame Elizabeth HOLLOWAY, 15 Nov 1849
Richard TERRELL to Sally (Sarah) HOLLOWAY. 21 July 1826

Email: dkhil@aol.com

From Nancy Goodman's notes:

Some Wilson County TN LANE, LAINE, GOODMAN and HOLLOWAY Marriages:

1817 August 30 GOODMAN Boswell & BUMPASS Mary

1817 March 17 GOODMAN Rhody & PERRY Turner

*1820 February 20 GOODMAN Robt Jr & RICHARDSON Martha (*this is Bob Carver's Goodman line)

*1810 July 17 LAINE Tryry (Tyree) & LIGON Nancy (*note by Nancy Goodman - this is my husband's Lane line)

1825 December 03 LANE David & LANE Lucy E

1828 June 23 LANE Eliza & PUCKETT Charles Jr

1817 March 24 LANE Elizabeth & JONES John C

1828 January 11 LANE Elizabeth & WILKERSON Wm

1828 May 08 LANE Jane & CLIMER William

1826 July 11 LANE John B & ARNOLD Nancy

1825 December 03 LANE Lucy E & LANE David

1832 February 14 LANE Orenia & ESKEW Alfred

1824 December 28 LANE Patsey & CLAE Elijah

1809 October 05 LANE Patsy & MARTIN John

1820 October 25 LANE Polly & ALSUP Wm

1832 January 09 LANE Sarah & EDWARDS Stokes

1824 March 02 LANE Thornton & HARALSON Fanny

1825 March 23 HOLLOWAY Ezekiel & SHANNON Jane

1825 May 25 HOLLOWAY Martha & OZMENT James

1826 July 19 HOLLOWAY Sally & TERRELL Richard

Some more selected Wilson County TN marriages:

1825 April 12 GOLSON Martha & JOLLY William

1812 August 28 GOLSTON Charles & NEEL Elizabeth

1814 August 28 GOLSTON Charles &NEEL Elizabeth

1815 October 18 GOLSTON Sally & WRIGHT Robertson

1828 August 02 NEAL Sarah & CLARK Clabourne

1819 January 28 NEAL Polly & ROWLING Richardson

1828 August 02 NEAL Amy & SMITH Daniel

1819 March 04 NEAL Joseph & SMITH Sally

1809 March 27 NEIL Drucilla & VICK Samuel

1823 October 24 NEIL Ashley & WATER Elizabeth

1811 March 06 ONEAL Rachel & SPRING Aaron

1823 February 11 ONEIL Oliver & TAYLOR Elizabeth

1820 November 06 OSMENT Jas & OSMENT Levena

1811 August 21 OSMENT Rachel & SHANNON Robert

1814 September 12 OSMENT Polly & SULLIVAN Hallam

1817 July 16 OZMENT James & EDDINGS Elizabeth

1816 September 14 OZMENT Polly & SULLIVAN Hallan

1820 March 08 PUCKET Polly & HODGE Jas W

1824 July 28 PUCKETT Elizabeth & ALLMAN Soloman

1826 December 04 PUCKETT Lucy & BAILEY James S

1819 December 28 PUCKETT Elizabeth & BRIANT John H

1818 December 23 PUCKETT Patrick R & COCKE Martha

1825 November 19 PUCKETT Martha & SIMS James T

1818 July 07 RICHARDSON Doratha (Dorothy) & ADAMS William

1820 February 20 RICHARDSON Martha & GOODMAN Robt Jr

Some Greene County TN marriages:

GOODMAN Susanna & RICHARDSON Joseph 01-JUL-1790

CONWAY Christopher & WARREN Martha 04-JUN-1793

CONWAY Susanna & CONWAY Thomas 09-FEB-1792

NEAL Thomas & HULL Abagail 25-NOV-1824

NEIL Elizabeth & HAYS Charlie 25-MAR-1822

ONEAL Margaret & PASSON George 13-JUN-1786

ONEAL Mary & CARPENTER John 10-FEB-1787

RICHARDSON Hannah & HAMPTON William 15-NOV-1788

RICHARDSON Joseph & GOODMAN Susanna 01-JUL-1790

RICHARDSON Lydda & MATTHEWS Obadiah 01-APR-1786

RICHARDSON Rachel & RICHARDSON William 25-NOV-1784

Further info on Wilson County families can be found on my web pages at:

or at:


Email me at:Genny1@aol.com

Subj: Hickman
Date: 10/11/98
From: bjhappy@pacbell.net (Betty Hickman Minnick)
To: Genny1@aol.com

Dear Nancy,
I have a marriage date of 18 Oct 1854 for Lucretia VIVRETT born about 1834 and Levi Durham HOLLOWAY...nothing more on this couple.

Lucretia was the d/o, Henry VIVRETT (1803-1856) & Polly HICKMAN (1806-1834), mother Polly may have died at Lucretia's birth?
Polly was the younger sister to my ancestor Snowden HICKMAN, Jr (1803-1852);

John W. JOHNSON (1811-1868) m/1840, Martha HICKMAN b. 1819 - trying to prove her parents;

John W.'s brother, Mathias JOHNSON b. 1825 m/1849, Tennessee Sarah Elizabeth HICKMAN b. 1828 - trying to prove her parents;

Ruth Hannah SKEAN m/1865, David Mullins LAIN, s/o, Christopher LAIN & Lavina JOHNSON -

Ruth Hannah SKEAN was a niece to my ancestor W. C. HICKMAN
(tie in is with W. C.'s 1/2 sister Winnie J. VAN HOOK's line);

Virginia LIGON (1850-1844) d/o, R. L. LIGON & Roseline L. DeJARNETTE m/1869,

Berry Jacob VAN HOOK (tie in is with W. C.'s 1/2 brother Joel N. VAN HOOK's line.

Betty Hickman Minnick

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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998
From: sean <bridge@avana.net>
Subject: [TNWILSON-L] Bridges, Cherokee -Wilson
I am looking for any & all info available on John A. Bridges b. approx. 1802 in VA. He married Ester (or Easter) Unknown. Ester was most likely Cherokee. They had several children. One of their children was probably born in Wilson Co. TN in 1831-1832. The family later shows up in Marion Co. TN at Looney's Creek.
John A. Bridges was probably related to some of the other Bridges folks who came from VA to Wilson Co. TN area.
George Washington Bridges (1831/2 -1910) m. 1. Obedience Holloway
and married 2.. Rosantha Steele He is buried at Deerhead Cove, Alabama (near Trenton, GA)
I am not only looking for my Bridges connections in Wilson Co. TN but also wish to correspond with anyone with Cherokee connections in Wilson Co. TN area....also interested in the following surnames: Ridge, Ross, Young, Holloway, Picket, Pryor, Eskew/Askew, Hicks.
Thank You,
Sean Williams
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Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1998
From: Beverely Phillips <beverely@idsely.com>
Subject: Lost Phillips
This is a repost.....are these Phillips aliens and they just appeared in here in the late 1800's

> Hi,
> It has been sometime since I have posted. I was wondering if anybody had info on these Phillips: >
> Lloyd Eugene Phillips (birth certificate looks like it says Engene Phillips, really hard to read the hand writing, and not sure when he got the name Lloyd because it was not on there). b.10-15-1914 in Vanore Tenn. d. 8-19-1993 in Ely Nevada >
> His father is William Paris Phillips b.1-6-1887 Kansas??. d. 5-24-1935 at Steptoe Valley Hospital (coronary) on his death certificate it says his father is Thomas Phillips b.Tenn and no record for a mother. It also says that it was charged to a L.P or T.P. Phillips. Cannot decide if it is L or T. If anyone knows of these Phillips I would appreciate any info. Even info on where I might be able to look to find info.>
> I do know that William Paris PHILLIPS married Anna HOLLOWAY and that Lloyd Eugene married Dorothy Bess Mccoy. He was previously married and had 2 daughters. With Dorothy he had 2 sons. >
> Anyway Thanks in advance. Hope to hear from someone....
> Bev.-
> beverely@idsely.com
> http://www.idsely.com/~phillips/

Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998
From: Linda Hogan <LRHogan@AOL.COM>
Subject: >>>>>>>>>>Holloway, Proffitt Wise County, VA and E. TN
Does anyone have this family in their tree? There is a chance that they were related to the Melungeon people. Any help with ancestors would be appreciated.

Descendants of <> Holloway
1 <> Holloway
. +Lillie Proffitt
.... 2 Walter Edward Holloway b: July 31, 1904
.... 2 Robert Holloway
.... 2 Brother Holloway

From Clemmons family history book:

VI. Etheldred Clemmons, Jr., was born 1820; died 1862, Wilson Co.; married Irene Thornton, Mar. 18, 1841, Wilson Co.; she was born 1821, probably N.C. died Aug. 1900, Wilson Co. ; daughter of Seth and Nancy (Poe) Thornton. Their children, born Wilson Co.:

A. William Henry Harrison Clemmons born 1841/42 died Civil War

B. Alexander Porter Clemmons b. 1843 d. 1863

C. Nancy Elizabeth Tennessee Clemmons b. 1845 d. 1915
Nancy Elizabeth Tennessee (Tennie) Clemmons, born Aug. 19, 1845; died Sept. 4, 1915; married Joseph N. HOLLOWAY, Aug. 19, 1866, Wilson Co.; he was born Jun. 18, 1846; died Mar. 16, 1924, Wilson Co., son of Levi Holloway, Jr. and Elizabeth (Marks) Holloway. Tennie and Joseph are buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery.

D. John Houston Clemmons b. 1848 d. 1915

E. Sarah Frances Clemmons b. 1849 d. 1943

F. James Allen Clemmons b. 1851 d. 1950

G. Mary Emeline Clemmons b. 1853 d. Unk.

H. Millard Fillmore Clemmons b. 1855 d. 1926

I. Louisa Jane Clemmons b. 1860 d. 1938

J. Irene Catherine Clemmons b. 1862 d. 1931


James Neal Brown Clemmons, born Aug. 18, 1847; died Mar. 10, 1917, Wilson Co.; married Mary E. Holloway Oct. or Nov. 6, 1870, Wilson Co.; she was born Feb. 20, 1851; died Oct. 3, 1896, Wilson Co.; daughter of Levi Holloway, Jr. and Elizabeth (Marks) Holloway.

James, shown in records as J. N. B., and his family lived in Dist. 21 of Wilson Co. It has been said that he was a peddler of produce, making trips to Nashville to sell his products. He was also a farmer. He and his wife Mary are buried in Rocky Valley Church Cemetery.
Their children, born in Wilson Co.:

a. Albert Brown Clemmons, born Jul. 26, 1871; died Oct. 22, 1944 Wilson Co.; married Susan Artie Ann Clemmons, Jul. 26, 1893 Wilson Co.; she was born Jan. 14, 1874; died Feb. 15, 1949 Wilson Co.; she was a daughter of William (Billy) and Nancy Caoline (Castleman) Clemmons. Albert and Artie are buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Lebanon. This couple and family are also shown in this Chapter under III. William Clemmons, brother of above IV. p. 87

b. Martha Jennine Clemmons, born Oct. 25, 1873; died Nov. 18, 1878. She is buried in Holloway Cemetery.

c. Viola W. Clemmons, born Dec. 28, 1875; died Dec. 31, 1966, Wilson Co.; married William L. (Bill) JARRELL, Mar. 18, 1900, Wilson Co.; he was born Feb. 28, 1878; died Jan. 4, 1957; they are buried in Memorial Gardens, Lebanon.

d. Jacob Franklin (Frank) Clemmons, born Jun. 20, 1878; died Nov. 6, 1974, Wilson Co.; buried in Memorial Gardens, Lebanon. Never married.

e. Joseph Edgar Clemmons, born Mar 15, 1881; died Oct. 10, 1964; buried in Memorial Gardens, Lebanon. Never married.

f. Jessie M. Clemmons, born Dec. 29, 1885; died Oct. 27, 1964; married Arthur BAIRD, Dec. 11, 1913, Wilson Co.; she is buried in Memorial Gardens, Lebanon.

g. Mary Kidder (Mamie) Clemmons, born Jul. 6, 1889; died Dec. 21, 1903, Wilson Co.; buried in Rocky Valley Church Cemetery.

h. Amy Eudora Clemmons, born Oct- 3, 1891; died Jun. 22, 1979, Wilson Co.; buried in Memorial Gardens, Lebanon; married James SHORTER, Jan. 20, 1924, Wilson Co.

i. Ridley Larrimore Clemmons, born Aug. 9, 1894; died Jan. 1, 1985; buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery; married Willie Washington Wright, Aug. 81 1915, Wilson Co.; she was born Jan. 6, 1898, Dekalb Co., Tenn.; died Feb. 28, 1966, Wilson Co.; she is buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Lebanon; she was a daughter of James and Rosie (George) Wright.

To: ALL Date: 09/03 (95?)
From: YGCT44A PATRICIA COUTS  (Note: need current email address)

Joseph Burchfield on the 1830 census in Jefferson Co. Does anyone have any info about his parents? He was married to Susan Holloway. He was the father of Elijah Burchfield. Any info about his other children?

Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998
From: norgni <norgni@WORLDNET.ATT.NET> (Note: this is not a valid address..)
Subject: Hanner

Seeking info on this ellusive Hanner family.
Jasper Newton Hanner was b TN and mar Harriett Holloway. Their dau Mary Belle Hanner mar Thomas James Smith, of Liberal, Seward Co., KS.

Levesta Jane Hanner was b Knoxville, TN, 1849. Her parents were William Newton Hanner and Elizabeth Callahan.

Seeking ascending info on this Hanner line.
Ron Yielding

Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998
From: Tom & Carolyn WARD <tcward@columbus-ks.com>
Subject: 1850 TN Census Look-up
Hello from SE KANSAS

Hate to ask, but would some kind soul check the 1850 index for me and see if there is a Joshua WARD listed.

My best guess would be that he was in the Rutherford Co TN area. There is a deed entry in the Rutherford Co records where --

From Rutherford Co TN records
Deed Book 4 p 412 February 23, 1850
Joshua WARD deed to William SPENCE for $550 interest in estate of William WARD deceased late of Rutherford Co TN -- I hereby covenant with the said William SPENCE that I have an interest in the real and personal estate of the said William WARD deceased as one of his heirs in right of my father Michael WARD deceased. Registered March 1, 1850.

If Joshua is found, I'm desparate for the full listing with children and places of birth of Joshua and his parents.

Thanks, and always willing to share or help when I can.
Tom & Carolyn WARD in SE KS
P.O. Box 77
Columbus, KS 66725-0077
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James (Eng, VA, KY, IN, IL, AR, KS),
Kiker/Keicher (Ger?, PA, TN, MO, KS),
Atwell (IL, AR, KS),
Dunaway (KS,TN),
Smith (IN, KS, MO, MS, PA),
Badger (PA, IL, NB, KS, ?),
Lee (MI, MO, KS, ?),
Holloway (TN,IL,AR,MO),
Hartline (NC,IL,MO)
and related families.

Subj: Holloway/Lain
Date: 11/30/98
From: asloan7@earthlink.net (Anne Sloan)
To: Genny1@aol.com


I have a rather cryptic note to myself in the margin of a family group sheet regarding Martha and James Lain. There may have been a Jane Holloway who married a Lain. She was the daughter of Martha Holloway and James Ozment.
I have a copy of Levi Senior's will (the original is in my brother's lockbox as part of the papers my father had in his safety deposit box). It names Martha and James as the children of Jane who is listed as one of the children of Levi's daughter Martha.
(don't be confused by two e-mail addresses--this one is at my home)


Subj: Re: Holloway/Lain
Date: 12/1/98
From: Genny1
To: asloan7@earthlink.net

In a message dated 11/30/98 5:54:37 PM Central Standard Time, asloan7@earthlink.net writes:

<< Subj: Holloway/Lain
Date: 11/30/98
From: asloan7@earthlink.net (Anne Sloan)
To: Genny1@aol.com

I have a rather cryptic note to myself in the margin of a family group sheet regarding Martha and James Lain. Their may have been a Jane Holloway who married a Lain. She was the daughter of Martha Holloway and James Ozment.

I have a copy of Levi Senior's will (the original is in my brother's lockbox as part of the papers my father had in his safety deposit box). It names Martha and James as the children of Jane who is listed as one of the children of Levi's daughter Martha.

(don't be confused by two e-mail addresses--this one is at my home)

Anne >>

Hi Anne, and thanks.......
I appreciate your note and posted it to the Holloway page, so I won't lose it........
This adds to the puzzle even more.....then I was reading some of the email I had on Wilson County stuff and came across this that Lon Martin and Bob Carver had sent me.....

If you see anything else about "Jane" let me know please....I show Mary Jane Ozment/Osment as first wife of James Allen Lane/Lain, and as mother of Martha and James, BUT had her as daughter of Richard Ozment, and far as I know, Richard and James are brothers.....and to add to the confusion there is a Richard D. and a Richard S. Ozment and people have their kids mixed up.....

This was info I had gained thru a cousin's research papers at the Mt Juliet Library, so I have not verified it for myself. I rarely ever get to Lebanon to do research, even tho I have a son living there.....go to visit him, and no time to go to the library, etc...

Bob and Lon's notes follow.....

thanks again, NancyG

====Subj: Re: [TNWILSON-L] Re: TNWILSON-D Digest V98 #45
Date: 9/26/98 3:49:47 PM Central Daylight Time
From: LonRMartin
To: Brobpat, Genny1

In a message dated 9/26/98 11:43:59 AM Central Daylight Time, Brobpat writes:

> There were apparently two contemporaneous men in Wilson County named JAMES  
> HARRISON OZMENT/OSMENT. In the extended CARVER FAMILY is the following
> branch:
> JOHN C. OSMENT/OZMENT, b. October 5, 1839, d. July 11, 1908, married AMANDA > C. WRIGHT, b. March 4, 1834, b. August 25, 1902, daughter of HOLLIS WRIGHT
> and ELIZABETH LIGON. John and Amanda are buried in the Hollis Wright Cemetery
> on Hollis Wright Rd, off Central Pike. Their son was:
> JAMES HARRISON OSMENT b. September 11, 1853, d. 1927, married EMMA
> (Emily) A. CLEMMONS, b. March 12, 1857, d. November 23, 1897, daughter of
> WILLIAM L. CLEMMONS and his wife, ELIZABETH LEA CARVER. They were married > December 20, 1876 in Wilson Co. They are also buried in the Hollis Wright
> Cemetery. Their children were:
> (1) IRENE OSMENT (b. October 26, 1878)(d. 1879)
> (2) JAMES HARRISON OSMENT (1879-1879)
> (3) CLARA OSMENT (1880-1904)
> (4) LENNA OSMENT (1882-1905)
> (5) HORACE OSMENT (b. May 7, 1885)(d. 1962) married Laura Meyers
> (6) NELL OSMENT (b. July 12, 1888)(d. August 4, 1967) married Thomas Ernest Weston
> (7) ELOINE OSMENT who married Omar A. Weston
> (8) JOHN LEE OSMENT (1896-1904)
> I have the children of Horace and Nell if you are interested.
> Bob

Dear Bob,

I am very interested in having the children of Horace and Nell. I am trying to complete as much as possible on the Ozment/Osment family. On these James Harrison Ozment(s), I have found five or six in the familiy branches. I am trying to straighten out the records on these. On top of this I have found two James H. Ozments (Sr. and Jr.) whose middle name was Henry the James Ozments, I won't even mention there were so many. So you can see how "messed up" our Ozment tree is and how confusing it is to some people.

I thank you very much for your time and effort in helping me. All is appreciated. As you can see, I did not have as much as you sent me on this branch. If I may be of help to you please let me know. Thanks again. I am making a cc of this note for Nancy Goodman for her website.


What I had:
Descendants of James H. Ozment
Generation No. 1

1. JAMES H.3 OZMENT (JAMES2, RICHARD1) was born 1801 in Guilford County, North Carolina, and died August 29, 18491. He married MARTHA HOLLOWAY.

The family Bible list her as dying on April 28, 1849. This would be 2 months after having her last child. A person may wonder if it wasn't complications after giving birth. Her husband, James died 4 months after her. Sarah, the oldest took care of her brothers and sisters after their parents had died. She is listed as the head of household for the 1850 Wilson County census.

2. i. SARAH H.4 OZMENT, b. March 28, 1826; d. December 05, 1895.
ii. J. A. S. OZMENT, b. October 07, 18281.
iii. MARY I. OZMENT, b. August 21, 18301
3. iv. JOHN C. OZMENT, b. October 05, 1832, Wilson County, Tennessee.
v. CLEOPATRA T. OZMENT, b. August 05, 18341; m. CHARLES H. COOK.
vi. LEVI J. OZMENT, b. September 26, 18361.
vii. MARTHA E. OZMENT, b. January 09, 18391.
viii. RICHARD G. OZMENT, b. March 16, 18411; d. Bef. 1897; m. ANN REBECCA WRIGHT.
ix. MARTHA H. OZMENT, b. June 01, 18431; d. March 19, 19241.
x. MARTIN H. OZMENT, b. Abt. 1844.
xi. JOHN W. OZMENT, b. February 28, 18491; d. June 10, 18591.

Generation No. 2
2. SARAH H.4 OZMENT (JAMES H.3, JAMES2, RICHARD1) was born March 28, 18261, and died December 05, 18951. She married JAMES M. OZMENT January 06, 1851 in Wilson County, Tennessee1, son of ELI OZMENT and SARAH OZMENT.

Children of SARAH OZMENT and JAMES OZMENT are:
i. ELI J.5 OZMENT, b. March 19, 1852; m. (1) JOSEPHINE BROWN; m. (2) ALMIRA AMOS.
ii. MARTHA J. OZMENT, b. May 25, 18551.

3. JOHN C.4 OZMENT (JAMES H.3, JAMES2, RICHARD1) was born October 05, 1832 in Wilson County, Tennessee1. He married AMANDA C. WRIGHT2, daughter of HOLLIS WRIGHT and ELIZABETH WRIGHT.

Children of JOHN OZMENT and AMANDA WRIGHT are:
4. i. J. HARRISON5 OZMENT, b. September 11, 1853, Wilson County, Tennessee.

Generation No. 3
4. J. HARRISON5 OZMENT (JOHN C.4, JAMES H.3, JAMES2, RICHARD1) was born September 11, 1853 in Wilson County, Tennessee4. He married EMMA A. CLEMMONS, daughter of WILLIAM CLEMMONS and ELIZABETH CARVER.

|Goodspeed's History of Wilson County, Tennessee, pub. 1886, reprinted 1971, p. 1111:

J. Harrison Ozment, an enterprising farmer, was born September 11, 1853, in Wilson County, Tenn., and is one of three children born to John C. and Amanda (Wright) Ozment. The father was born October 5, 1833, (the family bible shows October 5, 1832, which is the date I use, Lonnie) in Wilson County, and is a farmer by occupation. He is the owner of about 100 acres of land, and is now living in the Twenty-fifth District. The mother was born March 4, 1834, and is the daughter of Hollis and Elizabeth Wright. Our subject was reared in Wilson County, and received a practical education in the country schools. In 1877 he began farming for himself, and December 20, 1876, Emma A. Clemmons became his wife. She is the daughter of William L. and Elizabeth (Carver) Clemmons, and was born March 12, 1857. Mr. and Mrs. Ozment are the parents of three children: Clara, Lenna, and Horace. Mr. Ozment has a fine farm of 200 acres in the Twenty-fifth District, and is a gentleman in every respect. He is a Democrat in politics, and a consistent member of the Missionary Baptist Church. Mrs. Ozment is a member of the Christian Church.

In the 1860 Wilson County census he is listed as James H., 7 years old.
Children of J. OZMENT and EMMA CLEMMONS are:


1. James Ozment Family Bible 1851-1924.
2. Goodspeed's History of Wilson County, Tennessee published 1886, reprinted 1971 page 1111.
3. Joseph M. "Sonny" Hardaway, Jr..
4. Goodspeed's History of Wilson County, Tennessee published 1886, reprinted 1971 page 1111.

Subj: Holloway
Date: 12/1/98
From: asloan7@earthlink.net (Anne Sloan)
From: "Anne Sloan" <asloan7@earthlink.net>
To: Genny1.aol.com
Subject: Holloway
Date: Tue, Dec 1, 1998

Dear Nancy,
Let me try to muddy the waters even more. Levi Sr.'s will states:

"Seventh, I give and bequeath to my daughter Marthas children Eighteen hundred dollars to be equally divided between them, provided none of my money should be lost, that is to say, Sally Francy [as best I can make out], John Patra James Green Harrison and James [or Janes ] two children Martha and James Lain to have their Mothers part"

I have left the punctuation as it is in the original.

I also have a letter addressed to Levi and Judith Holloway from James and Martha Ozment dated 31 January 1845 from Batesville , Arkansas.  

As you probably know Levi recorded a grant in 1813. We have the grant and it was originally issued in 1806 to Henry Dunalow for Revolutionary service.
The original warrant was purchased by Daniel Cherry from Dunalow's daughter and sold to Levi. The Tennessee grant to Levi was issued to Levi on 13 July 1810 and mentions a survey made in April 1808. Dunalow was from Bertie County, NC but I believe Levi's family may have been from Martin Co., NC.
There is a Levy Holloway in a1789 (I think) tax list for this county but not in the census. I also have two references Levy in the Martin Co. Abstracts of Deed Book A, 1774-1787. He witnessed a deed in Feb. 1775 and was listed among bordering property in a deed in Oct 1784 along with Jesse Cherry and Job Cherry.
Hope this gives you more food for thought.

Subj: Holloway

# 13 CREEK

I am researching the surname CREEK. My GGG grandfather was Killion CREEK who married Margaret HOLLOWAY in 1769 in Va. Killion had 15 children. Catherine, John, Nancy, Solomon, Jacob, Abraham, Isaac, David, Lavisa, Susanna, Killion, Jr., Thomas, James, Philadelphia and William W. CREEK. Any info at all on CREEK's would be appreciated. I believe all CREEK's are related. This CREEK name was German. It was originallly spelled GERIG (this is arrived from the signature of Killion CREEK). Or at least it looked like it was spelled like that.
Macon Co TN is next door to Monroe Co. KY and that is where my GG grandfather John CREEK raised his family. Some surnames that married into the John CREEK family are LUCKETT, FLETCHER, LEE, DENISON, NEAL, O'BANNON and WILLIAMS.
Surnames that married into the Isaac CREEK family are BUTRUM, AGERS, LEE, WOODCOCK, GREEN, MCPEAK, and LLOYD.

Patricia Lee Creek Roberts
-- 2420 Dunn Drive, Decatur, IL 62526
Submitted on Sat Jan 31 04:36 08 EST 1998

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